My first Rise of the Guardians fic; I hope you like and that the characters aren't too OOC. I may change the title, so if you have a better title name for this story let me know.

Teenage Days

"So why did you bring me up here, North?" Jack Frost asked as he walked with Nicholas St. North down the halls of North's workshop.

"I've called you here for a very important matter," North said as they walked down a hall with many rooms; Jack knew North kept these rooms furnished for the other Guardians or whoever else would visit the old man.

"Is it Pitch? Has he escaped?" Jack asked, his mind running wild with what could be so important that North had to summon him to the North Pole.

"Pitch? No, no," North said and stopped in front of a door which Toothiana and Sandy were standing in front of.

"Bunny, would you please come out?" Toothiana said in a gentle voice to the door.

"What's up with the Easter Kangaroo?" Jack asked, confused now.

Sandy turned to him and began to make pictures in his dream sand. Bunnymund appear in the sand only for a door slamming to replace the picture. This confused the young winter spirit even more.

"Bunnymund has locked himself in his room and won't come out, we've tried everything to coax him out," North explained, sighing. "He has never done this."

Frost smirked. "You called me here because the Kangaroo is being moody?" he asked.

"You don't understand, Jack," North told him.

"Bunny screamed, Jack. A scream like none we've ever heard from him," Tooth explained, a worried tone entering her voice. "We all ran to his room, but we've found it locked and he refuses to come out."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "So you called me here to do what exactly?"

"Why, to get him to come out of course!" North said loudly. "We all know that you can force Bunny to do things he doesn't want to."

Jack sighed, "Fine, I'll give it a shot." He walked over to the door and knocked loudly on it. "Hey, Bunny! Stop PMSing and get out here!" he called a smirk on his lips, thinking that would surely work.

A shuffling sound met the frost spirit's ears, but otherwise there was no noise coming from the room.

"Give me some room," Jack said as another idea came to him. The other Guardians gave him room and Jack touched the door hinges with his staff, freezing them solidly. He then hit them hard with the staff shattering the hinges, causing the door to creek open.

"I'm coming in, Kangaroo!" Jack called out to the Pooka as he casually walked in to the room, the others stayed behind.

The room was dark inside, but the winter spirit easily spotted a large shape under a bundle of blankets on the long bed that was in the room. "Are you sleeping, Kangaroo?" Jack asked as he stalked over to the bed.

"Go away, Jack!" the muffled replied shouted back. Jack raised an eyebrow at this. No, it wasn't anything new to be told to go away by the Pooka, but Bunnymund's voice sounded a bit strange to his ears.

"Come on, Bunny! You've got everyone worried about you," Jack said as he leaned on his staff, looming over the mass under the blankets.

"Just go away, Jack!" the Pooka shouted back. Now Jack could hear his voice clearer, he was certain the Easter Bunny's voice had changed.

Curious, Frost tugged at the blankets. "Nah, I'm not leaving. Not until you come out from under there," he told the bunny.

"Just. Bloody. Leave. Me. ALONE!" Bunny yelled from under the blankets.

"Nope! Now come on out from under there!" Jack said as he tugged harder on the blankets.

Bunny tugged back which in turn caused Jack to tug harder. This is useless. Jack thought as this was getting him no where. Then an idea came him and he stopped tugging. "Fine! I'm leaving, you can mope all you want by yourself, Kangaroo!" he said, but did not move.

He heard Bunny made a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Jack grabbed two fistfuls of blankets and tugged with all his strength. The blankets flew off and Jack steadied himself before he fell to the ground from the force.

He looked over to Bunny, a smirk of triumph on his lips, but when his pale eyes met the Pooka, he gasped.

There on the bed where E. Aster Bunnymund should be was a very tall teenage boy with tanned skin, green eyes, and gray-ish blue hair with darker blue streaks. He was also utterly naked.

"Bunny?" he gasped in surprise as he stared at the naked boy with wide eyes. He felt his cheeks flush at the sight.

But his flushed cheeks were nothing compared to the blush the teenager, no Bunnymund Jack's brain supplied, held as he tried to cover his naked body with his hands.

"I can't take it anymore. What's going on in here?" North exploded into the room, Tooth and Sandy at his heels. "Bunny? Is that you?" he asked, shock clear in his voice, as his eyes landed on the teenager in the bed.

Tooth let out a shriek and fled the room. Sandy, concerned for the female Guardian, went after her.

"You're… human," Jack said, barely above a whisper.

"Yes, it bloody appears I am. Now both of you, GET OUT!" Bunny shouted, his cheeks reddening, if that was even possible, as his fellow Guardians continued to stare at him.

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