~*Bloody Wings*~
*~Chapter One~*
*~Epov*~ Pg 1
It was a cold, wet day in Forks, and the sun was Hiding from everyone. Specifically, we were hiding from it. Well, for today, at least. For you see, we Cullens can't go out in the sun- it would show the humans what we really are. Vampires. Blood-sucking, un-human, evil beings. That's how I see it, at least. The rest of my family think we're apart of something bigger, something more.. beautiful.

I made my way upstairs, trying to ignore the annoying voices of my family bouncing around in my head. As I burst into my room with my faster-than-lightening speed, Alice screamed at me with her mind. 'Edward! I told you to go down by the stream! You idiot, she's going to die, because of you!'

I chuckled silently in my head, Alice was going nuts! There's no way in hell that we would be able to take care of a human child- not when Jasper is around. "Alice, just let nature take it's course!" I yelled down to her. "Edward!" She burst through my door, looking very pissed off.
She grabbed me by the ear, and drug me by it down the stairs. It didn't hurt, but I decided to humor her. "Ow! Alice, stop it! That hurts!"
She huffed, and turned around. "Oh, shut up, you big baby!


She turned on her heel and ran (With me) toward the stream that lay about a mile away from the back of our house. She moved at a breakneck speed, easily getting us to the stream in under five minutes. I heard her before I saw her- she was crying. Why didn't I just listen to Alice in the first place? Her cry was shrill and loud, but at the same time... beautiful.

Alice sped up, and I saw her. She was adorable! She had a small tuft of mahogany hair atop her head, chocolate-brown eyes, and...she was...Naked. "Aw, crap, Alice! How can I get her home if she's Naked?" Alice looked at me like I had three heads,and told her I ate a human for breakfast.

"Edward...USE YOUR SHIRT!" I looked down at the baby at my feet, She was freezing! "Shi-." I cursed under my breath; took off my shirt, and wrapped it around her. I looked at where Alice used to be, and sped off in the direction she'd sped off to also. I cradled the baby up against my chest, trying to keep her warm.
She shivered from the coolness of the air; the rain not much help in keeping her warm and dry. "Edward! You're too slow! Hurry up!" Alice was about 15 feet away from me, but I didn't argue with her about the speed or distance, because Alice would make me regret it. So, I sped up so Alice wouldn't change from a nice sprite into a scary monster.
It only took us about twenty minutes to reach the house, Which was good, considering the precious cargo. The little girl in my arms

scary monster.
It only took us about twenty minutes to reach the house, Which was good, considering the precious cargo. The little girl in my arms rm and dry, now. Carlisle and Esme were home, so there was no escaping explaining this one. (Thanks to Alice)
"Edward, you'll love her, I swear! Just let me explain this to Carlisle..." I stopped for a short moment, and stared at her. "Alice... you better! I don't want to get in trouble, so you'd better start explaining!"
Carlisle and Esme must have heard us fighting, because they ran outside. They saw the small human girl in my arms, who was still sound asleep. They looked at eachother, then looked At Alice. When their gaze fell on me, I became scared, my eyes widening in fear. Before Carlisle had a chance to even take a breath, the small girl woke up and started crying. "WHAAA!"
I was paralyzed, and couldn't move an inch, I had no idea how to stop the crying! "Edward! Give her to me, I'll make the crying stop." (My vampire mother, Esme, had been through alot before Carlisle changed her. She had thrown herself off of a cliff, because her son died.
He was only two, and died from the flu.)
I handed Esme the baby, hoping that she would stop her crying. "Edward, she's just hungry, you watch her while Alice and I head to the store for some formula for her." I nodded, too busy judging Carlisle's reaction to the girl. Esme handed her back to me, and I held her close to my chest, trying to keep her warm. Her crying had stopped, which for now, was good.

Carlisle turned and looked at me, and finally he spoke. "Edward.. we can't keep her. It's too dangerous for her, what if Jasper loses control? What about when she's older? Who is going to watch her during the day? You know that my place is in the hospital, and Your and your sibling's to go to school. She can stay until I can figure out what else to do about her." As he finished his 'speech', I felt an uncomfortable tug at my long-dead heart. I looked down at the small beauty in my arms, and knew I couldn't ever let her go. No. Not without a fight. I'll leave and take her with me, if I must. Anything to keep her.


I had to hurry, Before Alice saw what I had decided, I couldn't let Carlisle take her from me. I had to take her away from here, to somewhere safe. Somewhere nobody would ever find us.


Denali, Alaska.