Ah, Fanfic…it's been awhile. I generally like to write my own works but I'm experimenting here.

I'm doing the 100 themes challenge with original poems, my OC's and OP. Just to see what happens ;) I don't know how often I'll update or if I'll finish this but…yeah. Enjoy

And no, I do not own these amazing characters.

Gol D. Roger is sick.

So sick in fact, that no one could figure out what is wrong with him. Is there a cure? His Crocus wished, oh how he wished, because no doctor wants to fail his captain. No one wants to fail his captain.


They'd found One Piece, they'd conquered the Grand Line, they'd done the impossible. So why should they have to stop now?

Roger smiles at his crew, knowing they'll be upset with his decision, but satisfied of the times they had. He couldn't be happier. He couldn't be prouder. His crew was his family and they'd done well . He'd turned the world upside down and reached the impossible dream.

His life was fulfilled.

He tells his crew that it is time to disband. They argue for hours but eventually Roger convinces them. He is the captain, after all, and what he says goes. He tells them to keep up their fulfilling lives and to never forget the days they shared together. He wishes them happy futures. One by one, on various islands, the crew leaves.

Rayleigh is the last one remaining.

Roger and he go to a bar, where he tells his first mate his plan. He is going to turn himself in.

"That's crazy." Rayleigh protests. "Why would you do such a thing?"

Roger downs some more rum and laughs. "I should be dead already, partner. My life cannot get better, I can accomplish no more. I am satisfied."

Rayleigh looks at him and shrugs. "Alright, Captain."

The Pirate King stands up tall, finishes off his bottle, sets it down and walks a few feet away. He turns his head with a big smile on his face. "I'm not going to die, partner."

And that was the last the Dark Knight saw of his captain.

The first mate cried, laughed and drank more than ever on the day of Roger's execution.

If he had to choose the best part of the day, it'd be when Roger told the crowd to find the treasure. He challenged the world, up until the swords pierced him. And even then, he smiled.

Never was there a man Rayleigh admired more. He never did forget those days on the Oro Jackson nor did he forget his old ways.

He just changed a little bit. He watched as the new pirate era took over. He compared each captain to his, and was always unimpressed. He hid from the military and tried to be peaceful.

Until, of course, he met Monkey D. Luffy.

Then, Rayleigh's spirit was set aflame once again.