Hey guys. I still exist. Im trying something new here-hope you enjoy!

Tashigi turns in bed once again and groans.

Sleep will not find her. Giving up, she sighs and climbs out of bed. She pads her way to the ship kitchen, seeking out a soothing tea, but something catches her eye.

An old newspaper lays on the table. On it, she sees a picture of the Strawhat Pirates standing on the roof, staring at Enies Lobby. Their looks are full of worried determination.

Tashigi sits down and lifts the paper, focusing her attention on a certain swordsman. His look is the fiercest, by far, as if he can smell victory. If she did not know any better, Tashigi would describe his look as blood lust.

But she does know better.

She understands that is not only thrilled for a fight, but that the so-called Demon wants to protect his nakama.

The thought makes her drop the paper on the table.

She thinks of how he fought to protect her and all of G-5. He was not only concerned with blood or his nakama, but for innocents who were supposed to be his enemies. All the while, his sword his at his side. Almost as if mocking her. Judging her.

She does not understand why it has to be that man. Why he has to be part of that crew. Why they are pirates.

They do not do wrong, technically.

She looks again at the sword and realizes that it is doing so much more than she thought: it is doubting her.

For who is she to take away what another uses to protect?