It was sinking, and sinking fast. Jack was stuck on the slab of rock, the heat was quickly getting to him, since he was used to such cold temperatures. Not the temperature of molten rock. His movements were sluggish as he tried to get to the highest point of the slab, the furthest away from the lava he was currently sinking into. He would have used the winds to lift him up and away from this hell hole, but he didn't have his staff with him. The infernal Pitch had taken it and dumped him here. Panic had already set in once he landed here. He was frantically looking around to find some way to get off this platform. He had to shed his hoodie, it was far far too hot to wear it anymore, the frost had already melted on it. He saw the lava rise ever so slowly as the platform sunk. He finally accepted his fate as he let the platform sink the rest of the way, taking him with it.

Jack Frost was no more.