"You don't want to race a rabbit, Frostbite."

The forest was cold. Bunny was outside, looking for a boomerang he had lost. He endlessly muttered about his numb feet against the cold snow as he scanned for his weapon. It had slipped out of his hand the wrong way when he tripped, and soared out of sight. He hadn't made it far before a certain teenage guardian slipped from the branches and landed in front of him with a smile. Startled, Bunnymund took a pace back, but just as quickly flattened his ears.

Jack smirked, straightening up and twirling his staff in his right hand. He slowly paced, twirling on the balls of his feet. "Excuses from the Easter Kangaroo? What a pity. Too afraid to race-"

"Naw' hold on a minute." Bunny crossed his furry arms, growing frustrated. "Who said I was making excuses? You want a race? I'll give you a race." He smiled darkly.

Silence followed with Jack pretending to be deep in thought. He looked at the sky, rubbed the back of his neck, and silently swayed. He then whirled around to face Bunny with a child-like grin. "Alright! But there are rules!"

The giant rabbit's eyes flicked up with indifference. "What kind of rules? Does it involve me tyin' my paws together? Or blindfoldin' me?" He asked sarcastically, crossing his arms.

Jack's reply was mere laughter. He stuck the end of his staff in the snow and leaned on the crook of it. "Ah, c'mon Bunny," He motioned with his hand, "if everyone could make holes in the ground, you'd have competition out there." He caught Bunnymund look at the ground under his paws, making Jack smile. He straightened up to lay out the rules. He counted on his fingers. "No holes for you, no flying for me, and we race to the edge of the woods. Deal?"

Bunny didn't hesitate befor giving an approving smile. He stood straight up, ears flicked upwards. "A fair racer, then! Alright, you're on. But don't say I didn' warn ya mate."

Jack grinned, taking his weight off of his staff. "Perfect." He replied, calmly facing the forests. "On your go or mine?" He coyed, already beginning to stroll towards the edge of the woods to the starting line. He casted a confident glance into the woods.

Bunny seemed to smile. "You know what? Your call." He motioned with his fuzzy paw, his ears flicking with confirmation. He was going to win anyway. He'd rather have a little fun with it.

"Alright." Jack nodded his head with a smile. He twirled his staff in his hand and faced it forward. "On your mark..."

Bunny leaned down, preparing himself into a position to spring into speed. "Don't get cocky, Frostbite." He warned with a devilish smile.

"I'll keep that in mind. Get set..." He leaned closer to the snow blanketed-ground.


Jack swung his staff around, creating an ice path to which he skated across, keeping the crook infront of him to keep the path continuous. He let out a cry of joy, smiling at the wind flickering against the locks of his white hair. He turned his head and found Bunny beside him, paws treading through the snow with crisp speed. "C'mon, pick up the pace!" Bunny yelled the complaint with a grunt and a grin.

"I don't see you going any faster!" Jack retorted, balaning on his ice path with ease. He gave a visible shrug for emphasis, laughing all the while.

Bunny nodded with a smirk. "You'll eat your words, Frostbite." And with that, he pushed himself into top speed, ripping past Jack. The teenage guardian let out a chuckle of amusement, and twirled his staff to the side. His ice path followed, curving into the air to make a loop-ty-loop. He ripped forward, going faster until he was in sight of Bunny. With his free hand, he froze the ground beneath the pooka, watching as his paws scrambled for balance.

"Gotta keep up!" Jack grinned as he loop-ty-looped over Bunny and split forward.

Bunny collapsed to the cold ice, taking a second to catch his stolen breath. He then flicked his ears up and smiled. "So that's how ya wanna play, huh?" He twitched his whiskers. He crawled off the ice, delicately placing his paws into the cold snow, and reached for his boomerangs, twirling them in his paws. He leaned his arm back, and then shot it forward, letting the boomerang rip through the air towards Jack.

The boomerang slapped against the teen's staff, knocking it from his hand. His ice path ceased, and Jack slipped off, plummiting to the snow banks while his staff slid through the snow farther away. He tumbled forward, landing deep in the snow.

Bunny sped past him, ears flat to help his speed. He didn't give a retort or reply as he passed the other guardian. Jack sat up and brushed the snow off of him, turning his head to where his staff lay. He took a look ahead, watching as Bunny dissapeared from sight. The forest ended not much farther up.

Jack raced back and grabbed his staff. That was when he got an idea. He looked up at the swerving branches of the trees above him, and grabbed a lower branch. He climbed up to the peaks of the trees, where he could see all trees in his viewpoint. He could even see the end of the woods farther up. From there, he raced from branch to branch, eyes wide with excitement. He wasn't sure how far ahead Bunny was.

But, for this moment, he didn't care.

The teenage guardian danced across the treetops, under the full moon that shed light over the blankets of snow. Jack nimbly set each foot on each branch, careful not to slip. He wasn't sure how long he had been running before he found the edge of the forest. He could have been running for hours, or mere moments, but he knew that calling this race was worth it.

He paused at the last branch that sat at the edge of the woods, and leaped down into the snow. He shook the snow from his shoulders and looked around for Bunny. Had he won? He smiled with excitement that lasted only seconds. Bunny's figure stepped forward, paws crossed as if he had been waiting. "Like I said, Frostbite, you don't wan' to race a bunny."

Jack smiled, crossing his arms behind his neck. Even though he was out of breath, he managed to look relaxed and happy. "Nah, I liked the race. It was pretty fun." He then opened his eyes and grinned. "Doesn't mean I'll win though."

Bunnymund twitched his whiskers with a playful smile. "Then you can come an' race me wheneva' you like." He offered, giving Jack a playful punch in the shoulder. "And maybe one day, you'll even become a challenge!"