This was requested by someone, but I totally forgot who. Sorry! And I am taking request again, by the way. I'm sorry if I don't do a request, but I can't exactly find inspiration to make a story out of every idea. Just keep trying with new ideas if I don't end up doing your request! :)

It was a cold January afternoon for the children who left the schoolyards. They raced home with smiles and laughter, their feet sinking in the snow at each step. Two children ran together, a boy about the age of fifteen holding the hand of his six-year-old sister.

Jack Frost watched from the roof of the school, looking on to the two children he knew so well. Jamie was growing up. Sophie was as well, but she was still a young child. The teenager dangled his legs from the roof as he watched the two, his mind drifting. A large part of him doubted Jamie ever forgot him. Once reaching a certain age, children tend to shake off the belif of the guardians and other magical beings. But Jamie was certainly different.

And so, Jack stood up and let the wind take him after the two. He spread a snowfall as he flew, smiling like a child. A few of the kids looked to the sky and gave excited cries at the snow. One or two of the younger kids raised their heads and spotted him, and he smiled. The number of children who put their faith in his existence slowly grew. It would take time.

He flew to the skies above Jamie and Sophie. The six-year-old raised her head and pointed. "Look, it's Jack!" She yelled out. Jamie lifted his head.

"Jack!" Jamie grinned, raising his free hand and waving. Jack felt happiness nip at his heart. Jamie still believed. With a woosh, Jack swam through the skies, shedding snowflakes over the children as here came down towards them and planted his feet in the snow.

"Hey! Been a while, huh?" Jack twirled his staff.

"I wish I could see you year round!" Sophie spoke up, motioning with her small hands.

Jack gave a sad smile. "I know. But I'm not allowed in these parts during the summer months."

Jamie gave a sheepish smile. He wished he could see Jack all year round as well, though he knew the town would be miserable with snow every day through summer months. He shrugged it aside and grinned. "I'm glad your here now, though! We can have some fun, like old times!" He smiled, his hand still grasping his little sister's.

"Yep!" Jack agreed with a smile, waving his staff and pulling himself into the air once more. He scooped up a snowball and threw it at Jamie, who took a step back and laughed. Releasing his little sister's hand, he scooped up his own snowball and threw it at Jack.

Sophie giggled and raced towards a mound of snow, picking up a handful of snow and awkwardly throwing it without balling it up first. It shattered before it hit Jack, and the teen paused and walked over to her. "Here." He offered, crouching down to her eyelevel. He took her wrist gently and helped her pick up a mound of snow. "Now rub your gloves around it like this." He picked up his own mound of snow and balled it up in his hands, smiling. Sophie copied his movements, forming a somewhat solid mass to throw. "There you go!" He grinned.

"Thanks Jack!" She smiled, pulling her arm back and throwing the snowball at his face. It splattered, making Jamie and Sophie break out into laughter. Jack whipped the snow from his face with a playful grin and twirled his staff, creating a dozen snowballs at once and letting them fly towards his friends. They let out yells of excitement before tumbling backwards in the snow.

Jack laughed and flew upwards, grabbing a tree branch and swinging from his arms. Jamie sat up, balling a handful of snow and aiming it at the teen, who stayed put so Jamie would hit him. It broke apart on contact with Jack's chest, and the Guardian let out a laugh of excitement. He shook the branch he held on to, making a pile of snow slide off the evergreen leaves and fall over Jamie, half burying him in the snow already accumulated on the ground. Sophie let out a laugh, pointing and giggling with her messy blonde hair swirling with each movement. Jack tossed a small snowball towards her, letting it hit her shoulder. She laughed and made a new snowball, feebly throwing it at the guardian.

Jack let it hit him, and let go of the branch, landing in the mound of snow under him. The snowball fight continued in a rigorous activity, laughter echoing with each toss and break.

"Jack!" Jamie called out with a smile after a few minutes, making the teenage guardian turn around. "My mom wants us to be home soon." He explained with a small frown. In other words, they had to say goodbye. Jack frowned, putting his hand in his hoodie pocket.

Sophie frowned in return. "But Jamie!"

"Remember last time we were late, Sophie?" Jamie frowned, though it was obvious he wanted to stay. He raised his head to the Guardian. "Jack will be here all season to play with us, right Jack?" He asked, half expecting a yes, and half hoping for one.

"Yeah, of course." Jack answered with a smile.

"Thanks again for the snowball fight." Jamie thanked, holding his sister's hand once again.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" He asked, twirling his staff with one hand and retreating his other hand into his hoodie pocket.

Jamie frowned, his eyes looking at the sparkling snow under his feet. "Because... I'm growing up. I wasn't sure if I can keep believing in you. Even my friend's have already begun to lose their belief in you and the other guardians." Jamie blinked, looking back up at Jack. "I was afraid I really had stopped believing, and I just told myself I did to keep the memory alive for Sophie."

Jack frowned, but gave Jamie a pat on the shoulder. "You were the first to believe in me. I don't think your belief will break so easily." He assured, growing a small smile. Sophie began to grow impatient, pacing in her spot.

Jamie gave a small smile in return, feeling his arm beginning to tug from his little sister. "See you tomorrow?" Jamie asked hopefully, smiling with the child-like excitement he once had.

"Tomorrow it is." Jack agreed, giving a smile as he twirled his staff, picking up the breeze towards Jamie's home. Jamie finally gave in to Sophie's tugging, following her home with a fast pace. Jack stood there, watching his first believers as they went home with a small smile. "See you tomorrow." He promised.