Wolf Heart

Haunting Memories

The nightmare had come to haunt her again. At first it was just a Saturday morning and Sasha had won the last soccer game of the season.

She is a brown haired girl with dark blue eyes, never wore makeup, avoided dances, and one of the most independent girls in her grade. In sixth grade she exceeded all her classes, except English, loved to read, draw, and write. She loved all animals, but her favorite one of all, wolves.

Her mother, Marie, had given her a simple necklace with a single wolf the size of a quarter carved out from a pale pink stone for her birthday. It was the day before the accident, when Marie told Sasha that the stone was carved out by the Dakota Indians, one of their ancestors. Although, Sasha had so little Indian in her nobody would be able to guess. She wore the necklace for good luck during the soccer game, luckily the coaches hadn't notice to tell her to take it off. They had won game against the unbeatable Red Dragons until that day when the White Wolves defeated them. They cheered and celebrated, but Sasha left early, since she wasn't much of the party type.

While driving back home Sasha fell asleep in the back and Marie drove down the highway. Neither of them knew what was about to happen in the next few moments. A black truck next to the grey car Sasha and Marie were in swerved from side to side on the highway. Then the unexpected happened. Whoever was in the black car made a hard left, slamming into Marie's car. Sasha instantly woke up from the sound of screeching of metal against metal and the smell of burning rubber. She could see her mother trying to slow down but the other driver had them pinned against the stone wall next to the highway. Glass shattered and bits of rubber and metal flew. Both the mother and daughter were focused on the driver but Sasha couldn't get a good look of who was pinning them. She saw her mom's eyes widen as the other driver suddenly veered away. She didn't even have time to think why when suddenly they crashed into the cement wall.

Sasha woke with a start. Sweat beaded down her neck. Lightning flashed from outside followed by roaring thunder soon after.

She fell back in bed and cried. Every detail from two years ago still burned in her mind. Like a scar over her heart to remain forever. There was so much blood, and Sasha was surrounded by large chunks of shredded metal. The interior was shredded and smoke filled the air. The entire time, Sasha didn't have a single scratch. Not one drop of blood, not a single broken bone, not even a scrape, but perfectly fine. Marie wasn't so lucky. The horrible sight of her mother was still fresh in her memory. She passed away on October 27, 2009.

Tears flowed down Sasha's cheeks as she listened to the thunder crack and rain pound the windows. It seemed like it happened that day. The scar never faded, it deepened each time she had that dream. Which was nearly every night the pain came back. Ever since the accident, Sasha wore the wolf necklace because she was wearing it during the car crash, and part of her felt as if it was because of the necklace, she wasn't hurt. It made her feel closer to her mother's spirit somehow. It made her feel more complete. She thought of all the memories of her and her mom, and the day she first wore the wolf necklace when she was five for a day. It was faint, but Sasha remembers seeing a bloodthirsty cougar, and a pack of wolves. The rest she couldn't quite remember. Her parents told her it was just her imagination, but at a young age, Sasha wasn't really known for having a big imagination.

The next morning Sasha got dressed, ate breakfast and so on to get ready for school. There was two weeks left of school, and she thought she might be able to survive that. Once she was ready her dad drove her down to the bus stop.

Halfway down the hill, a shiver ran up her spine, like someone was watching her. Turning her head around, she saw nothing but the woods, the house, and a flash of dark grey disappeared into the brush. It looked like an animal, but wolves didn't live this far down south of Minnesota. Could've been a coyote, maybe a really big one, or maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe…