A/N: A lot of people were worried that since I didn't leave a cliffhanger at the end of the last story that I am done with my little AU. No worries! As long as the voices in my head keep talking to me I will keep writing. :o)



On Emily's second week back, Garcia gets a call just before 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

"FBI BAU Penelope Garcia," she answers professionally…since it's coming in from outside the building.

"Is this Agent Garcia?"

She grins since this mistake is made a lot. "It's Technical Analyst Garcia. I work with the BAU agents."

"Ah, right. Sorry," the woman says.

"No problem. Happens all the time. How can I help you today?"

"You and a Dr. Spencer Reid came out to see us last Spring about some pictures that had been found. We…we ignored you. We were wrong."

Garcia's jaw had dropped open. "Oh…oh my God. You have evidence we were right?"

"You could say that. We had a bad wildfire here over the summer. Burned for days, thousands of acres scorched. State scientists heading up to check on growth and regeneration in the forest found bodies. Lots of bodies. Autopsies showed signs of torture before they were killed." She takes a deep breath. "And we matched 3 so far to the women you all presented to us."

"Oh, God…how…how many?" Garcia asks.

"So far they've brought 22 bodies out of the woods. Forensic teams are still working on exhuming more. It was some bastard's personal cemetery up there and had the fire not happened it would still be in business. One of the other bodies we ID'ed was a girl that went missing in August about a week before the fire."

"Shit. Okay, let me get your name and number. I'll talk to Chief Hotchner and be back in touch with you with our ETA."

"Thank you, Agent Garcia. Uh, I mean, Analyst Garcia."

Garcia get the detective's information and then hurries to Hotch's office, stopping long enough to grab the case file out of the watch bin which is now in her office. Emily is standing at the copier when Garcia hurries by. The brunette glances down into the bullpen.

"Case up, guys."

Reid and JJ look up as Garcia makes her way into Hotch's office. They immediately start to prepare their desks for quick pack up in case they are leaving. Emily takes her copies back to her desk, automatically prepping for travel…before she remembers she won't be going. She looks up and sees Reid staring at her with concern. Emily gives him a grin.

"Oops. Forgot."

He chuckles. "Don't let Rocky hear you say that."

Emily smiles and nods. JJ grins at her wife.

"She should make sure her wife doesn't hear it next time, too."

Emily just winks at JJ as Hotch walks out of his office with Garcia. "Team, conference room now."

In minutes they are gathered as Garcia keys up the information she and Reid had presented to the authorities.

"You all might remember Reid and I having to go to Big Sur last March regarding some pictures that were found. Well, fast forward to early September and a wildfire that tore through that area which unearthed the burial ground for the unsub they didn't believe existed. They have 22 bodies so far and evidence of more. Forensic teams are still at work in the area."

"Holy shit," Reid mutters and gets up quickly, leaving the conference room.

Morgan looks up sharply. "Tell them to stop until we get there. It will help to see it as it was found."

Hotch nods. "I made that call already."

"And I made a note to make sure to say that next time I get a call like this," Garcia assures him. "Sorry about that."

JJ smiles at her. "This is a new type of case and you're still in your learning curve."

Garcia gives her a grin. "So far in addition to the 3 Reid and I presented, they have 5 more victims for us, including one woman who went missing right before the fire. And so far all the women have gone missing from San Francisco."

Emily is staring at the photos. "If you can get me everything on the bodies they've identified and the ones your initial investigation turned up I can start a victim profile."

Hotch nods. "Good idea. We need to know who these women are and how they came into the unsubs universe. Wheels up in-"

Reid walks back in with two large accordion files. He sets them on the table and looks around. "It was my bottom drawer case."

All the agents nods, understanding there is always that one unsolved case that can't be let go of until it is solved.

Emily sits forward. "Can I assume you have victim profiles on the women you and Garcia ID'ed?"

"Yes. Those are the files still in my desk."

JJ stares at the two huge files on the table. "Then what are these?"

"Like crimes, other unsolved murders, missing women who match the victim-type in the pictures, my thoughts on what the hell happened in those woods to those women."

Hotch nods. "We'll take them with us. Garcia, start your magic. Emily, get on the victim profiles, make sure to get the new information from the detective. Rest of you, wheels up in 30."

The team nods and separates to get ready to go. From her desk, Emily sees JJ stare at her 2 electronic picture frames a moment.

"You okay, Jen?"

JJ nods. "I will be. Funny, I've been away since she was born. But it feels weird to go with you and her here. It makes no sense to feel this wonky about it."

Emily smiles. "Maybe not. But I was the same way about you and Henry."

JJ finishes putting files in her briefcase and picks up her go bag. She looks at Reid as she tosses Emily her car keys.

"Spence, can I hitch a ride with you to the airstrip? Just need to stop and see Rocky first."

Reid nods. "I'll meet you downstairs."

Emily walks JJ to the elevator. "You be safe."

JJ smiles. "Always."

Emily laughs. "Right. You do realize I know this team as well as you, right?"

JJ grins. "Well…I always try to be safe."

"That I can believe." Emily pulls her into a hug. "See you in a few days, Mrs. Prentiss," she whispers in her ear.

"I can't wait, Mrs. Prentiss. I love you," JJ whispers back.

"I love you, too."

They share a quick, simple kiss as the doors to the elevator open. Emily waves as the doors close. As she walks back to her desk, Reid is frowning.

"Reid? Everything okay?"

"I have a lot of codes in my notes. I figured that way if we did get called in no one would be biased by my speculations." He looks up and meets Emily's eyes. "You are probably the only one that would understand them without a key."

She smiles. "Handsome and smart. You're a double threat, Reid." He grins. "I'll make my own profiles first then cross them with yours. Sound good?"

He nods. "Yeah. Hopefully you'll find what I've missed. I kept feeling something was staring me right in the face but I couldn't see it."

"Maybe I'll see it and together we can get justice for these women."

"I hope so. See you, Em."

"Bye, Reid."

Soon Emily is the only profiler on her team left. She takes the information Garcia had on the identified remains and starts to prepare her murder boards.

In the day care center, JJ lifts up Rocky and gives her a kiss. "You be good for Mama now, okay? Make sure she gets some sleep. And don't you go growing too much while I'm gone." She gives her another kiss. "I love you, Rocky."

She gently places her back in the crib. She winds up the musical mobile and smiles as Rocky seems to reach towards it. JJ runs her hand through her daughter's dark locks.

"So beautiful. I miss you already, sweet girl."

Quickly, like pulling off a Band-Aid, JJ turns and hurries out of the day care center. She meets up with Reid just as he gets off the elevator and together they make their way to the airstrip for the flight to California.