"Hey, baby. It's over," JJ says as she packs up her briefcase.

"Over? How over?"

"Wittier's dead. Unfortunately not before he killed his wife. But we did manage to save the last woman he took."

"Thank God for that," Emily says as she runs a hand over her sleeping son. "You all flying back tonight?"

"Tomorrow morning. Rossi and Morgan are driving back down. And it will give the locals time to clear my shooting as good."

Emily pauses. "You…you killed him?"


Emily steps out of Henry's room, not wanting to have this conversation about death in a room of life.

"What are you not saying, Jen?"

JJ sighs. "Please, Em, can I tell you in person? It would mean a lot to me if I could."

Emily bites her lip. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just…a bit bruised but fine. Please, let me explain tomorrow, okay?"

Emily sighs and nods. "Okay. I love you, Jen. Whatever you have to say all I care about is that you are alright. Trust that, baby."

JJ squeezes her eyes against the tears that well in them. "I do, Em. Swear."

"Call me if you need to, Jen. I don't care what time."

"I will. Spence, Hotch and I are heading to dinner then the hotel. I'll call you before I go to sleep."

"Good. I'll be awake. I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

"I love you, too, Emily Prentiss," JJ says, her voice choked with emotion.

At 2:30 Saturday afternoon Emily hears JJ's car pulling into the driveway. She smiles at Henry, who she is building blocks with.

"I think I hear Mommy!"

Henry leaps up. "MOMMY!"

He runs towards the garage door. Before Emily can correct him, the front door opens. He skids to a stop and spins around. "MOMMY!"

JJ steps inside and drops to her knees. He races into her arms giving her a big hug and kiss. Emily notices the way she winces as she holds their son.

"That's not from the accident," Emily says to herself. Suddenly she knows she's really not going to like hearing how the case ended.

She walks up and listens to Henry give JJ a run down of EVERYTHING she had missed the last 4 days. When he finally stops to take a breath, she runs her hand over his head.

"Hey, Champ, mind if I give Mommy a hug?"

Henry shakes his head and steps away. Emily offers her hand to JJ and pulls her up. She sees the haunted look in her wife's eyes. Emily strokes a hand through her hair.

"Whatever it is, all that matters is you're home," she assures her wife.

JJ nods, tears in her eyes as Emily pulls her close. The hug, the support, the love…all serve to steady the blonde.

"I love you, Em."

"Love you, too, baby."

It is not until both children are down for the night that JJ finally tells Emily exactly what happened up on that cliff. Emily's stomach does a summersault.

"Oh, baby." She holds her wife close. "I am so proud of you for stopping that bastard and saving that woman. You truly are my hero."

JJ laughs through her tears. "I never even thought, Em. Not until they were getting ready to pull me up and the ledge gave way. How the hell it held on as long as it did I…I just don't know."

Emily kisses her wife's temple. "Don't try to figure that out. Just be thankful it did. No what if's, remember?"

JJ nods against Emily's shoulder. "I remember."

"Come on. Let me get a look at the damage you did to that sexy body."

JJ grins. "You just want to get me naked."

Emily grins, happy to see the spark coming back in JJ's eyes. "Maybe. You complaining?"

JJ leans up and kisses her wife. "Mmmmm…never."

Emily helps JJ get her shirt and bra off. The brunette winces at the deep bruising under JJ's arms and across her shoulder.

"Oh, my sweet love," Emily mutters. As she eases JJ's pants down, she sees the bruises across the tops of her thighs. "Oh, Jen…"

JJ strokes her hand through Emily's hair. "I'm okay, Em. I promise."

Emily looks up at her wife. She runs her hands up and down JJ's legs. "You're beautiful, Jen. Always."

Emily leans forward and places a gentle kiss between JJ's legs. JJ moans, her fingers tangling in Emily's hair. Emily kisses her way up JJ's body, her hands placing gentle caresses everywhere they can reach. JJ moans at the attention lavished upon her. She grabs Emily's shirt.

"Off. Now. Please. Need to feel you."

Emily is quickly stripped. She eases her wife down on the bed and starts to tenderly kiss all the bruises that mar the golden skin of her wife. JJ moans, her body arching up.

"Em…please…don't tease…not now…please…"

Emily wants 2 things: to take her time loving her wife and to obey her wife's wish. Those wants countermand each other…so she chooses JJ. She slides her hand between JJ's legs, finding her wife already wet and ready.

"Oh, Jennifer…"

Her mouth captures her wife's. Their tongues dance together, both gently and urgently. Emily gently thrusts one finger into her wife. JJ moans. Emily pumps in and out, adding a second finger as her palm rubs JJ's throbbing clit. She breaks the kiss and stares into cobalt eyes.

"I love you, Jennifer Prentiss. And I am so proud to be your wife."

JJ grabs Emily by the back of the head and pulls her down into another kiss as her hand moves between them, finding Emily also wet and ready. She pushes into her wife, matching her tempo and depth.

"OH! Oh, Jen!" Emily mutters against her wife's mouth.

Their tongues start to spin and reach in time with their hands. In just minutes both women come, their screams of ecstasy thundering into each other's mouth. As they come down from the high, Emily sits up and stares into her wife's eyes.

"Te amo, Jennifer."

"Now and always, Emily."

They kiss again. JJ then rolls them so she is on top. "I need more, Em. Please."

"Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Jen. That's always been my vow to you."

JJ kisses her wife again, then starts to work her way lower. She gently kisses her wife's breasts, then continues lower. Emily moans, her legs spreading as JJ settles between them. Emily arches up as JJ drags her tongue up her wife's center. JJ's tongue dives in deep, twirling and licking as Emily writhes below her. When she sees Emily's clit full and ready she sucks it into her mouth as she pushes two fingers into her wife. She thrusts her own center against the bed as she works her wife with her mouth and hand. She uses her free hand to work her own clit. And when she knows Emily is close she adds a third finger, pushing Emily over the edge.


JJ comes just from her wife's response and a few flicks of her own clit. She slowly crawls back up. She stares down into Emily's eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

JJ lays down, her head on Emily's shoulder. Emily holds her close, kissing her temple. It isn't long until she feels the expected tears.

"Don't cry, Jennifer. The worst didn't happen. You're here. Everything will be okay."

JJ just nods, letting her wife's words and heartbeat soothe her to sleep. Once she is asleep, Emily kisses her temple.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, baby. You are my rock. I love you so much."

Finally able to let her tears flow freely, Emily cries herself to sleep knowing how close she'd come to losing her wife.