Ch. 1

Konoha's great loss

In a secret room hidden form everyone Namikaze Kushina was giving birth. She was told by doctors, years before, that if she were to have a child then she would loose her life; but her desire to be a mother out weighed her fear of death. Now inside the room were four people: the Yondaime, Kakashi, the doctor, and Kushina her self. Namikaze Minato sat next to his wife holding her hand both proud and heart broken about what was happening. Kakashi stood next to the entrance and watched as his father figured shared the last few moments of his wife's life, Kakashi's mother figure. After what seamed to be an eternity they herd crying witch meant that the child was born. The doctor handed over the baby boy to his mother for the first and last time. She looked at him and tears rolled down her face. With her last breaths she said, "I love you Naruto and I will always be looking down at you with love. I know you will do great things." With that she closed her eyes never to open them again.

Minato was crying because the love of his life had just passed away. He looked at his wife and whispered, "Watch over him and me my love. I will raze him to become the greatest ninja of all time." He smiled upon looking at his son and lifted him up. "You are such a loud little squirt, I can only hope that I can handle you." After that he looked at Kakashi and the two men shared a moment of silence for the now departed Kushina.

"I'm sorry for your loss sensei" Kakashi said.

"I am too but the only thing I can do now is raise Naruto how Kushina would have wanted him to be razed."

Before Kakashi could respond Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime, came running in shouting, "Minato you have to hurry the nine-tailed fox has just appeared and is about to destroy the village!"

The Yondaime stared at Hiruzen, shocked to say the least. He handed Naruto to Sarutobi and rushed outside to see what was happening. He saw Kurama taking out half of the forest on its way to Konoha. "This is not good and there is only one way to stop this." He turns to see Sarutobi standing next to him. "I have to seal the Kubi inside Naruto."

Sarutobi was flabbergasted to say the least. "But why? We could find another child, why put your son threw such an ordeal?" the Sandaime asked.

"I would not ask others to do something I would not be willing to do" responded the Yondaime as he took his son and rushed to the battle field.

-Out side the city wall-

"What is the status report?" shouted the Minato to an Anbu captain standing near by.

"We have already lost over a hundred men, the damned fox is just to powerful" the Anbu replied not asking why his leader was carrying a baby into battle.

"Ok pull everyone out I will deal with him by myself."

"Yes sir" the Anbu then proceeded to call everyone out of battle.

Once everyone was gone a large cloud appeared and after it dissipated a giant toad with a vest and knife sat staring down the Kubi. "So the fox has come" stated Gamabuta.

"Yes and I need you to keep him occupied while I prepare for the seal."

"Ok but I wont be able to hold him for long he is much more powerful than I am."

"Just buy me five minutes that's all I ask" while saying this he started a long and very complicated set of hand seals. The two extremely large animals collide and the earth shook with such intensity that picture frames fell off inside the houses in the city. Then all of a sudden the fox disappeared and so did the toad. The Yondaime and Naruto go plummeting to the earth with no toad supporting them. But Kakashi and Sarutobi save them both at the last second. Naruto was crying in Kakashi's arms, he didn't like dropping from a hundred feet in the air. And the Sandaime was now holding the deceased Minato. Sarutobi had his head bowed and a single tear came down, something he had not done in well over fifty years.

"Sensei is dead?" Kakashi questioned trying to sooth the squirming and screaming Naruto.

"I am afraid so Kakashi, I am afraid so."

"Well well well isn't this a lovely gathering we have hear" came a dark voice from behind Kakashi. Both ninja jump up, Kakashi holding Naruto in a defensive position and Sarutobi in his famous monkey tijutsu pose.

"Who are you and what are you doing here" stated Sarutobi in a tone that dared the mystery man to attack.

"That is no way to address a friend of your beloved sensei now is it Hiruzen-kun?" cooed the dark figure.

"What are you talking about everyone from the age of my senseis are old and decrepit you look younger than me" shot off the professor pissed off at the familiarity that the young man addressed him.

"I am hurt that you wouldn't recognize me Hiruzen-kun, but I can see that you really don't know who I am well let me tell you. My name is Uchiha Madara, the rival to the Shodai Hokage" the self-proclaimed Uchiha said in a mocking tone.

"That is not possible Madara died in his fight with the Shodai" Kakashi stated in disbelief.

"Oh but Kakashi I am Madara and I did not die at the hands of Senju-san, but I nearly did." Madara said his voice trailing off as though remembering a distant memory.

"Well if you are Madara why are you here and how have you lived for so long?" questioned the Sandaime.

"Well I won't answer your second because of the first" Madara dead paned. "The reason is I have come to destroy Konoha but my planed was ruined by the Yondaime when he sealed my weapon inside that boy." Both Konoha ninja stared in shock at the nuk-nin. "And now I will kill the boy and release the Kubi so that my dream will be realized!" yelled Madara charging at Kakashi with a kunai.

"No you won't!" screamed the third appearing in front of Kakashi blocking the kunai with his infamous monkey staff. "Kakashi switch me places and stall him for a few moments, he is too powerful and there is only one way to do it."

"Yes sir" Kakashi performed a substitution jutsu and was now holding a kunai blocking Madara and the Sandaime was holding Naruto. Bizarrely the boy was quiet as though he understood the severity of the situation. While the two Sharingan users were squaring off Sarutobi started a long and complicated set of hand seals. All of a sudden Kakashi flies past Sarutobi caused by a vicious kick from Madara. But before the Uchiha could make his next move the God of ninja finish his hand sequence and a ghostly figured appeared behind the third.

"Madara, I don't know how you have survived for so long but this ends now!" Sarutobi exclaimed as the Shinigame plunged his arm threw the old Hokage and latched onto Madara dragging the man's soul out bit by bit. But something went wrong for the Sandaime intended to seal Madara into himself taking the man out with him but Naruto giggled. Sarutobi looked down and the boy and smiled but at that moment the seal on Naruto's stomach started to glow and when Madara's soul was over the boy the soul was sucked into the spiral shaped seal. The third was surprised because he never herd of something like this happening but he only had a moment because the next he knew he was inside the death god's stomach. He saw Minato and immediately began reprimanding blond grinning fool.

-Back out with Naruto and Kakashi-

Kakashi was stunned to say the least. He just witnessed the loss of two of the greatest ninja of there generations in only an hour. Then he froze 'Did Naruto survive!' the silver haired scare crow thought but his fears were squashed when he herd some more giggling coming form the side of the once great professor. Kakashi walked over to the body of the third and picked up the babe. "I promise upon the graves of all my precious people that I will raze you to become a man your parents would be proud of." With that he summoned a dog and sent him with a message that both kages had died and to come and collect the bodies. Kakashi took one more look at his sensei and a single tear fell from his face. "Good by sensei, I will protect your son like he was my own."


Next time see who the next Hokage will be, what is the fate of the young Namikaze, and how will this effect the rest of his life.

Tell me how I did please this is my first ever literature piece and I am curious to whether or not I did well. Also I apologize for any grammatical mistakes that I may have missed I am dyslexic and the finer points of grammar evade me.

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