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Ch. 12: The Canine Summons

Naruto stared down at shadow and under closer inspection noticed that it grew. The shadow continued to grow until it was about twenty feet high in the air. From the shadow Naruto could see four giant red orbs that seemed to stair right at him. He was petrified, he couldn't move and he was starting to get scared. Once the shadows stopped growing they started to dissipate. What he saw left his mouth hanging off its hinges. Where the shadow had covered a giant two-headed black dog with blood red eyes stood emitting a pressure unlike any Naruto had felt, and that was saying something sense he hung around Kurama.

The large dog then looked at Naruto with all four eyes and said "Fox be quite and let me do the talking."

Naruto stair absolutely flabbergasted, "You know about Kurama-sensei and that we share telepathic communication?"

"I said we have been watching you haven't I?" Naruto simply nodded. "Well I assume this is the point where we introduce each other, but sense I already know all about you and you're abilities I will tell you a little about myself, my clan, and what you will have to do in order to be worthy of being our summoner. My name is Orthros and I am the technical boss of this realm. My older brother is the ruler of this realm and is considered the sage summon, his name is Cerberus. My clan is that of the hellhounds and we have not had a contract holder since the very early ages of your world's history. We are the keepers of the door of death and the path to the after life, the Shinigami's companions and most trusted servants. We control the powers of fire and earth to an unfathomable degree and have the ability to shadow travel and shadow cloak. We can also travel back and forth form hell or heaven at our discretion, and our most powerful ability is the ability to summon the Shinigami without the consequence of loosing our souls. Well only my brother and myself have this ability for it consumes an immense amount of energy. But now I am just blithering so let us cut to the chase. We are a mighty race, one that even the mighty dragons fear and revere. Now I am just blithering, do you understand what happens when you use a summoning jutsu without a contract?

Naruto was confused by this questions and it showed on his face as he answered, "Don't you then perform a reverse summon and appear in the realm of the beings that are most similar to yourself?"

Orthros laughed, a deep heavy sounding one, "No, no, no my boy that couldn't be any more incorrect. Before you can understand this I must say that time here moves considerably slower than that of your realm. All of the summoning realms are connected; you see we live on a different plane that you. View it that summoning connects our two planes together and that the different clans are like different countries." Naruto gave a nod signaling that he understands what's going on. "Well for every hour passes in your world a day passes hear. So when you perform a reverse summoning all of the bosses get a signal and we meet in order to discus who will obtain this summoner."

Naruto's eyes opened wide at that, "So you're saying that you decided to take me on as your summoner?"

"Yes young one but we had to fight off both the foxes and the toads. You see both laid claim on you, the foxes because of Kurama and the toads because of your heritage. In all honesty the only reason we obtained you was because of the Shinigami."

"What does the Shinigami have to do with this?"

"Well you see Shinigami, Kami, and Yami are the main powers of the universe."

"Who's Yami?"

"Who's Yami?" Orthros looked like he was just floored. "Are you telling me you do not know who Yami is?"

"Ya, is that a bad thing?"

"What are humans teaching their young these days." The great hellhound muttered under his breath. "Well to put it simply Kami and Yami are brother and sister. Kami is the keeper of heaven and Yami is the keeper of hell. They are the creators of this universe and watch over it. See it as Kami being the loving mother and Yami being the stern father. Don't get me wrong though, both are kind people but they will not leave evil unpunished. Now the interesting being is Shinigami. He is not actually a god he is a servant to Kami and Yami. There has been several Shinigami's throughout history and we have served each and every one. And it seams as though the current one is ready to retire."

"Retire? Can a Shinigami do that?"

"Yes they can, but one after they have served a minimum term of one hundred thousand years."

Naruto whistled at this. "That is a long time Orthros-sama, now what does that have to do with me?"

"Well it turns out that Shinigami has decided who his successor will be and we are to take him on as our summoner for his training."

Naruto just stared at him now. 'No fucking way.' "You have to be kidding me, the Shinigami wants me to be his successor?"

"Yes and that is the reason that we have chosen you to become our summoner. Now this is also your choice, would you like to become our summoner?"

"I have to think about this, and I also have no idea what a Shinigami does. It would help if I could talk to the current Shinigami," he added that last part under his breath

Then Orthros smiled, "I thought you would never ask." And with that an enormous chakra pulse came from the two-headed hellhound. Then the area became darker, if that was possible, and a dark voice came out of the darkness. "So Orthros how has your talk with young Naruto been?"

Orthros bowed to what looked like a shimmer in the dark, "It has been going well and I have just told him about possibly being the next Shinigami."

"Very good, now I take it that you, Naruto, have questions for me."

Naruto was seriously freaking out at this point. The Shinigami himself was before him and was not here to take his soul, but rather offer him the position of Shinigami. "Y-y-yes, I was wondering was it worth it?"

A deep but lighthearted laugh came from all over, "I feared the same thing when I was offered the position. To be honest it is a pain sometimes but over all yes it is. You get to watch over the world, you can see into the future, well to an extent. And you will be able to communicate directly with Yami-sama and Kami-sama. But even more importantly you get to have a major influence over the world. Plus it is a major power trip," he added in the last part and chuckled.

Naruto chuckled a little at this, loosening up to the lighthearted Shinigami. "What will happen to me if I accept the position?"

"Several things will happen but you will not have the same power as myself until your physical body dies. First and foremost you will obtain the ability to collect souls. This will add to your power by a small margin and you will also obtain all of their abilities, bloodlines included. But the only way to do this is to kill the individual your self. You cannot claim a soul someone else took. Secondly you will be able to summon myself into battle but that will come at the cost of a soul that you have collected, the most powerful one to be exact. You will loose the power you have taken form that soul as well. Thirdly and finally you will obtain a scythe. This weapon will become your partner and have a consciousness. It will be with you and grow with you become more powerful as you do. These are the blessings given to a demishinigami and in return you must serve Kami-sama and Yami-sama for a minimum of one-hundred thousand years."

Naruto was completely floored. 'All of that power on top of having the hellhound summon! What did I do to get so lucky.'

The Shinigami just laughed, "That is because you are pure of heart and strong of will. One such as you only comes ever hundred thousand years or so. Yami and Kami samas must have made it that way…."

"So you can read my mind?"

"Well no shit squirt it comes with being one of the most powerful being in the world. But no you will not have this power."

"Damn. Well I've got one final question for you Shinigami-sama."

"What is it child?"
"Will I be able to see my loved ones when they die or will I be forced to watch the world and wait out the hundred thousand years to see them again."

A feeling of sadness washed over Naruto, "No, I am afraid you will not. The obligation that the Shinigami has to the world is too great for us to make stops in heaven for chitchat. It has been one hundred thirty six thousand years sense I last saw my wife. There isn't a day that I don't miss her but this is my duty and I will serve it my best. I will be able to spend all of eternity with her once I retire, so what is a couple hundred years?"

Naruto felt bad for the Shinigami and decided that even if he would have to wait a hundred thousand years to see his loved ones he would take the post as Shinigami. "I, Uzumaki-Namikaze-Hatake Naruto accept the position as demishinigami and will spend the next hundred thousand years in the service of Yami-sama and Kami-sama."

Once that was said the shape of a hansom young man with jet-black hear appeared. He was average height and had a lithe frame. He wore a black trench coat with a grey shirt, black pants and black dress shoes. On his back was a scythe about the same height as he was. "Then I grant you the name demishinigami and I bless you with the powers the title comes with." With those words Naruto felt a sudden rush of power. He shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. When he opened them he saw the man with a smile on his face and the giant two headed heal hound waging his tail with what seemed to be a gin. Naruto smiled at them both and turned to the Shinigami, "So when do I get my bad ass scythe?"

The Shinigami laughed, "You don't just get to have a scythe boy you have to make it."

Naruto just looked dumb struck. "What do you mean I have to make it? I have no idea how to smith."

Orthros laughed at this, "Well it looks like you better get started, now doesn't it."

"Well who do you recommend?" the blond haired demishinigami asked.

"There is a man who will teach you the ways but you will have to find him yourself. You will come across a blue man and another with red eyes during your trip in the lands of fire. One of them will have an older brother that forged the seven swords, six of which are complete. Their wielders were known as the most powerful swordsmen in over a century. This man is the one who will teach you. And there is a special technique that must be performed in order for you to have a sentient weapon. He knows it and will teach you how to perform it."

Naruto nodded, "Ok so all I have to find is some blue guy and a guy with red eyes and ask them if they have a brother who smiths. Shouldn't be to hard."

"Well now that that is taken care of I will see you later. I have to get back to work," and with that he disappeared.

"Now I believe it is time to take you to see Cerberus."

"The sage summon guy?"

"Yes, he is in possession of our summoning contract and will tell you more about what it means to be the summoner of the hellhounds."

-With Haku-

Haku was wandering around a frozen forest. Surprisingly she was not cold, in fact she felt very comfortably here. 'Guess this is due to my bloodline,' she mentally shrugged. She just kept walking around waiting to come across some being. After what felt like thirty minutes she heard a rustling in the bushes. She looked over to where the sound came from and saw a massive silver white wolf come out. The wolf was easily larger than a horse and the silver sheen of its fur gave it a beautiful dangerous look.

The wolf walked right up to her and gave her a quick sniff. Then she lowered her head, "Welcome Haku-san to our domain I am Shimo, I am here to bring you to our camp." Haku nodded and let the large wolf lead her to the wolf clan's camp.

"So I take it you picked me to become your summoner?"

"Yes Haku-san, that is the case. How did you come up with that conclusion? Not many humans know of the ways of the summons."

"It was kind of easy to conclude since you already knew my name," at this she smiled.

The wolf laughed, "I guess that would give it away now wouldn't it."

The two continued to talk for the rest of the trip and quickly made a bond. Once they reached the camp Haku was amazed at the beauty it. The camp was a colossal cave, the ceiling easily reached up several miles high. In side the walls were covered in crystals and many pools lay threw out it. You could hear the sound of puppy yips, laughter, and also that of water cascading down from the walls. Haku smiled. Shimo noticed and smiled at her newfound charge, "I see you like our home."

Haku looked up at her and nodded her head. When they entered everyone looked over at the two, some bowed there heads a little, the pups waved their tails and started to run around in excitement. Shimo lead Haku to the end near a large waterfall. If you looked carefully at the waterfall you could tell there was an alcove behind it. Shimo sat down and looked expectantly at the waterfall and the rest of the pack quieted.

To Haku's surprise the water seemed to part on its own volition and out came the largest thing she had ever seen. The wolf before her was at least twice the size of GamaBunta, who she had seen once thanks to Jiraiya. He had pitch-black fur with flex of silver around his muzzle. The giant wolf looked down at her and gave a smile, well what she took to be a smile. "Haku welcome to our home. I am glad you have been able to join us. My name is Kuroshikon and I am the ruler of this realm. You seem to know what all is going on so I will make this quick, would you like to become our summoner?"

"Yes, it would be my honor." At this she felt a push of chakra form Kuroshikon and a VERY large scroll appeared before her.

"In order to become our summoner you must open that and sign it with your own blood. Now I will tell you this now, I have the ability to see into the future and I can tell that you will become our greatest summoner in all the years that our worlds have been connected. Because of this I will allow you to sign this contract in correlation with Shimo so that she will be directly connected to you. This means that she can summon herself from this plain into yours without any costs. This will allow her to stay with you at all times and you will be able to form a deeper bond and become summoning partners. Do you accept?"

"Yes, Kuroshikon-sama."

"Good then open the seal." She did so. "Shimo cut your paw and press it to the empty summoner spot. Then Haku sign the contract over her paw print and it will be done." The two performed the ceremony and smiled at each other.

"I guess there is a reason I was the first to find you," Shimo said with a small smile.

"Yes, I had planned that now Haku there are several things I must explain to you before you leave."

-Back in the human realm-

Jiraiya was currently hiding in a tree overlooking the recently build hot spring. He sat there giggling like a schoolgirl when he felt a familiar presence land next to him.

"Jiraiya-sama I hope you aren't staring at my wife in the hot springs. I may not be able to stop her from killing you if she sees you."

"What fun is there in peeping if you don't take any risks," the old hermit said in an off hand manor, "Plus you bagged yourself a hot one kid. So what does the mighty Chakage want?"

Kakashi was a little confused on how to react at first. He felt honored that his idol thought he had a hot wife but was also pissed of that he was staring at HIS wife. So he just smacked him upside the head. "That was for peeping on my wife. Now I want to talk to you about my son's training trip."

Jiraiya was rubbing the spot where Kakashi had just hit. "That hurt you bastard," he growled, "So what do you want to know?"

"Well since you are headed out for four years, will you all be coming back during that time? The wife is worried about him."

Jiraiya smirked, " Don't you mean that you are going to miss the brat? And I'm sorry but no. This is a time were he will need to focus and he will mature faster if you all aren't around. He doesn't know me that well so he will be able to reshape himself and become the man that he wants to be rather than the one that he has been. Think about it, when you, Anko, and Naruto left the Konoha you were given a fresh start. You are live and act differently here than you did back in fire country. This is his chance."

Kakashi looked a bit sad but he understood what the super-pervert what talking about. "I'm not going to like it but I see why you are doing it. What all are you going to do while your out?"
"Well I'm getting on in years and people in my profession don't normally live as long as my sensei did. So I'm planning on giving him my abilities as an intelligence gatherer and all of my resources to the brat to carry on my legacy."

Kakashi was very surprised by this, "Are you sure? You know that Konoha will be beyond pissed off at you and when they find out they will label you as a traitor."

At this Jiraiya nearly busted a gut laughing. "I am a traitor to that village, you know it as well as I do. They lost my allegiance after they tried to kill you and Naruto. But I have a genius plan to downright fuck over Konoha and make it so that Naruto becomes my apprentice in their eyes," he almost giggled he was so excited. "You see I plan on wondering around for a bit, BUT I will bring the boy into Konoha under the guise of a boy I found and took under my wing. We can have him become a ninja in Konoha and basically do exactly what I do. Plus it will give him a chance to have the complete ninja experience."

Kakashi started to smile, "You may be a pervert but you are genius. But we have to come up with a back-story and also be able to ether hide my son's abilities or cover them up. He has too much chakra for a child his age and those seals you gave him just made him inhuman. I mean seriously I was sparing with him the other day and ask if he would release his movement speed restraints. That was a mistake on my behalf, the boy seemed able to perform the Hiraishin without even using Minato's three pronged kunai."

Jiraiya was surprised by that, "Really he is that fast? His father came up with those seals and had them on permanently except for emergencies. He told me that they increased his speed and strength my leaps and bounds but I wouldn't have thought that they could have this much of an effect on someone. I mean I even have one but I couldn't reach that sort of speed if I tried. Are you sure about his abilities?" Kakashi simply pointed at his Sharingan for confirmation. Jiraiya simply suck his head, " I should have guessed. But to answer your question about hiding Naruto's abilities I have already come up with a plan. He doesn't."

Kakashi looked flabbergasted, "But Jiraiya, if he doesn't hide his abilities Danzo may try to turn him into one of his mindless drowns or even worse kill him as a liability."

"Kakashi, don't worry about it. Naruto isn't stupid enough to show off that much. But who are we to say that he can't have some fun? I am planning on putting him in the chuunin exams that are to be held there in the next few years. He will be their earlier going on small missions with the chuunin hopefuls and once he obliterates the competition we will leave and go on another adventure. I plan on training him to becoming the most powerful shinobi this world has ever seen, one powerful enough to challenge the abilities of the Sage of the Six paths."

"He has the potential too, of that I am certain. But I can say I'm going to miss him and I am sure that Anko is going to throw a fit later on. She has been bringing up the topic of having a child of our own so maybe it is time to have another child crawling around the house."

Jiraiya smirked, "Another child being raised by the great Sharingan no Kakashi and his wife the Koburakouhi no Anko. I have been wondering why you two haven't popped out a little one of your own."

"Well with raising Naruto, fighting off hunter-nin, creating a new hidden village, and preventing Anko from killing you has kind of kept us rather busy over the years. But now that we have settled down and the hunter-nin have left us alone for the past couple of years I believe it is about time to create a new Silver fang."

The two continued to talk amiable for several hours until two chakra bursts could be felt just underneath the tree the two ninja where standing on. They both jumped down preparing to see what news the two would bring. To the right a blast of black flames shot out of the earth and Naruto walked threw them to appear before them. Well walked isn't the right word for it. He was riding what seamed to be a wolf with jet-black fur and glowing red eyes. To the left a wall of ice appeared and Haku came out riding a pure white wolf. They both looked at Jiraiya and Kakashi and in tandem said, "I now have a contract."