Title: House of Cards

Author: GEM

Date: 11-12-12

Pairing: Olivia/Fitz

Rating: T

Summary: Olivia's world is crumbling around her. Fitz let Olivia go. They vowed to go their separate ways, but all roads lead to Fitz. Olivia/Other Olivia/Fitz

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Chapter 5

Edison was sitting at his desk when his secretary came in. "I have a Mr. Doyle to see you sir."

Edison looked up from the briefing memo he was reading. "Does he have an appointment?"

"No Sir, but he says he has information regarding the assassination attempt and an Olivia Pope you might be interested in."

At the mention of Olivia's name, his interest peeked. "Send him in."

"Senator Davis." Hollis approached the desk with his hand outstretched. "I trust you are well after the events of the last few days."

"Yes, Thank you. I wish the same could be said for President Grant."

"Yes, Tragic." Hollis sat down.

"How can I help you, Mr. Doyle? My secretary said you had information I might find interesting."

"Ah, yes well you see sir. As the newly coined Senate Majority Leader I thought you might find these tidbits of information about One, Olivia Pope and the Grant Administration interesting. This sheet will give you an overview, but there is more where that came from; for the right price."

Edison reached across the desk and took the paper. "Proposition totals, Vote Tallies, and phone records from the White House. All the calls were made to a number he knew well. Olivia's apartment and most were made after midnight.

"Why would I find these interesting?"

"Let's not beat a dead a horse. You are the Majority Leader, you have power now that you never had before. You weren't' my first choice Senator, but you'll do. You see you know that number on those phone records don't you?"

He's calling her. she's calling him. The pipeline vote tallies you have in front of you are the price for my helping the Great Senator Majority Leader take down the President of the United States, his wife, his administration and most of all his girlfriend." Hollis hand him a sealed envelope this is all you have to do.

Edison's eyes grew big. "Why do you want to destroy the Grant Administration. You were one of his biggest contributors. What make you think I'm ready to throw Olivia to the wolves?"

"It is true Senator. I was one of Grant's biggest contributors but if you are going to give people money well, people like me expect certain things in return. If we don't get those things then, we go looking for new friends."

Senator Davis regarded Doyle for a moment. There was something about him Edison didn't like. He knew about Olivia and Grant and it made him see red every time he thought about it. He told Olivia days ago that he would help put them back together. Truth be told his heart was in a million pieces. He wanted Olivia to hurt like he hurt." Edison put the envelope on his desk. If Grant didn't wake up soon the country was faced with the impossible task of having Sally Langston as President of the United State. He may not like Fitzgerald Grant, but the country wasn't ready for a right wing, nut job as President of the United States.

Edison stood and began to walk around the office. "I have one more question Mr. Doyle. If you have all this information I would imagine you have gotten your hand dirty. What happens when your name gets drug into the fire of an investigation into Presidential Impeachment.

"You're correct in you assumptions sir. But I assure you, I will only be signed. I will not be badly burn. I will not be as burned as you were by Miss Olivia Pope.

Are you in Sir?

"I'm in. I have some information of my own.

Hollis stood up with a smile on his face. "Don't do anything with any of the information until you hear from me. Have a good day Sir. We will talk soon."

Olivia had stayed with Fitz for three hours before getting a bone chilling call from Harrison and then from Cyrus. The call meant she was needed back at the White House. Sally was playing hardball. Harrison had not been able to find Huck for the last twenty four hours. The shell casing had not turned up any prints but the shooter was caught walking away from the area on a nearby surveillance camera.

When Liv arrived at the West Wing an aide greeted her at the entrance with the last reports from the secret service and FBI. She flipped open the folder and her heart landed in her throat. She walked through the West Wing straight to Cyrus' office. She reached the door the and knocked.

"Any news from the hospital?" Cyrus asked when she appeared in the doorway

Liv didn't say anything she just sat down, shell shocked, in the chair across from Cyrus.

"Liv?" Cyrus came around the desk and placed a hand on her shoulder. He was feeling sick again just taking in the look on her face. Something was wrong. "Liv?"

Olivia had the FBI briefing folder grasped firmly in his hand. "He shot him...I trusted him...I took him in and he tried to killed the love of my life." Olivia began to hyperventilate.

"Take a breath...take a deep breath." Cyrus rubbed her back. " I think Hollis is definitely behind this. I think he's setting this person up to take the fall just like he did with Lindsey Dwyer. I know the person of interest in Fitz's case. I think he is setting us all up to fall and he won't hesitate to use everything and everyone against us.

Cyrus took the folder and looked at the surveillance photo. " Are you sure you know this man?"


" I believe you Liv. I believe you're right about Hollis too. We all need to watch our backs. We need to protect the ones we love." Cyrus gave her a knowing look.

"We need to protect Fitz. He can't know about our connection to Hollis. He can't know about my connection to this person of interest.

"Of course Fitz can't know about Hollis. We all know that. That part of our deal has never wavered."

Olivia nodded. "I have to fix this." pointing to the picture in the folder.

He's the most wanted man in the country, Olivia. You can't fix this. He shot and killed Britta and he critical wounded the President.

"I don't believe he did any of that. Yes, he is a trained killer but none of this feels right. I know you think I'm crazy but someone had to put him up to this. He knows I have a close bond with the White House. He would never intentionally hurt anyone associated with the West Wing because of that...unless...

"He was threaten, or You were threaten...would he do something like this if the person threaten you? Would he do it to protect you?

Olivia could only respond with a nod She knew deep in her heart Huck would go to the end of the Earth for her so would Fitz. She finally found her voice after a couple of minutes of contemplation. "I have to go brief. Joyce can't handle the stress right now. She was close to Britta.

"Is that why you came back?" Cyrus asked.

Olivia took Cyrus' hand. "Partly, but mostly, I need to be close to him...the memories we shared and I knew that I could not leave you all to do this by yourselves. You need me right now. I left the team once. It was right at the time yet felt wrong after I did it. You need me now...he needs me now. This is where I belong. " Cyrus squeezed her and nodded. "Did I hear Sally Langston brought in David Rosen? Olivia asked.

"Yeah, the country is going to hell and fast thanks to Langston."

"She was doing fine for about three minutes."

Cyrus smiled "Which three minutes?"

" The three minutes she stood on the ground arguing with the Service about coming to the White House. After that all bets are off.

Olivia stood up and walked toward the door. She had her hand on the knob and turned back to Cyrus. "Hollis won't be pleased to see David in these halls.

"I agree. Are you okay to brief?"

"Yeah, I'll brief and then head back to the hospital. "I need to be close to him for my own piece of mind. Call if you need me."

Olivia made it back to the hospital two hours later. Mellie had been into see the President during her absences which somehow pleased Olivia. The press had been asking tough questions about Mellie since this ordeal began. Mellie choice to stay be her husband's side and get over her initial shock at his appearance would help them immensely

She snuck into the room, after Mellie had left, and sat at the side of the bed and curled up by his side. She knew if probably wasn't best, but after what she had just learned and told the press; she needed to be close to him. She feared that when he woke up and learned who had done this to him she would lose him forever. Olivia took his hand and laid her head quickly and gently against his bandaged chest. She needed to hear his heartbeat to believe that this was real and he was really alive. It was beating he was alive. She smiled through her knew hot tears and fell asleep listening to the beating of his heart.

It was warm. He wasn't cold anymore but everything hurt like hell. He opened his eyes but the light was too much. He closed them as quickly as he opened them. He tried to open his eyes again a few moments later. He had to open his eyes. He had to see her. He had to see his Livie.

He opened his eyes the second time and took in his surroundings. The "Iron Lady...Ice Queen wasn't here...that was a good start. His chest and shoulder felt like they were on fire and he had one hell of a headache. The only thing he couldn't figure out was why he was so warm.

He looked down at the person at the side of his bed and got his answer. Olivia. She was sitting in a chair closed to his bed with her head laying close to him and her arms draped over his chest below his bandages. "Olivia." His Voice only came out as a whisper. She didn't stir. "Hey" He tried again this time lifting his arm and brushing it across her cheek; it hurt like hell, but the contact with Olivia made his pain go away.

She felt a something soft brush against her but she didn't want to open her eyes and enter back into the hell she had been living. Then she heard him. "Hey, are you just going to sleep all day?" Her mind had to be playing a trick on her.

She stirred and finally got up enough courage to open her eyes. She wasn't prepared for what she was greeted with. He blue gray eyes were staring deep into the depths of her own eyes. She smiled and wept at the same time as she leap for the chair and wrapped him safely in her arms. "Fitz." Olivia could no longer hold back her tears. He wrapped his single uninjured arm around and held her as she wept.

"Don't cry, my sweet baby. Don't cry." Fitz winced in pain. "Liv, you have sit up baby. My chest can't take much more of this.

Olivia sat up quickly at the side of the bed and started to wipe her tears away and collect herself. "I'm sorry...did I hurt you?" She began to fuzz over him and check his bandages for blood. She couldn't take seeing anymore of his blood.

Fitz reached up and pulled her forehead to his I'm fine, sweet baby. You didn't hurt me. He kissed her lightly on the forehead. and wiped away a stray tear. "Just sit here with me, hold my hand, and tell me what happened.

Olivia stood up. "I should call Cyrus. Sally has been driving him crazy. He will be happy to know your awake." She reached for her purse and began search for her phone. Fitz felt and familiar sharp pain in his chest. She was avoiding. She didn't want to be around him-alone. He let her go before all of this happened and now she was running away again. He had to stop her.

"Olivia...No...I just want you." Olivia turned around quickly with her phone in her hand.

"Fitz, we have to..." she walked over to his bedside. "Sally is playing hardball in your office. You have been in a medically induced coma for almost a week. We still don't know what effects the bullet to your brain will have on you. I have to give Cy, some good news."

Fitz stared into her deep brown eyes. He reached up and took the phone from her and turned it off. "Not yet...No doctor, no staff, and no Mellie. I just want you." He took her hand. "I need you. "

Olivia sank down and sat at the edge of the bed holding onto his hand. She could never say no to him. "Okay." Olivia whispered.

The sat staring at each other for a few minutes before either of them spoke. It was as if they were both afraid they were dreaming and other would be gone the moment they looked away. Fitz broke the silence. "Are the kids okay?"

"Karen and Gerry are fine...the Service got them back to the White House and safe right after..."

"What about Mellie?"

"Mellie..." How was Olivia supposed to explain that Mellie had all but given up hope on him until Olivia spoke to her and got her to speak to the American people. It didn't stop Sally the Great from marching into the Oval Office like the world's greatest conqueror. As Verna once put it so eloquently, Mellie is well Mellie. Fitz waited for Olivia to answer. "She wasn't hurt and so far the baby is fine. She finally allowed the doctors to check her out.

"Good that's good. I...my family is safe. We fought right before did you know that?" Olivia squeezed his hand. "Mellie wanted to go home. She didn't want to get out of the car. She said...th...Fitz's eyes began to roll back in his head and Olivia jump off the bed a screamed as he body began to violently shake.

The Secret Service Agents guarding the ran in followed closely by the medical team. Olivia watched in horror as Lesley calmly directed the nurses. The room was blurry and going in slow motion. She had him back if only for a few minutes and he seemed fine and now he was gone again.