This is short, sweet, and to the point. Also, for those of you who would like me to write a story for you, I have run out of ideas and would love to get some from you guys. Right now I have a request from someone but I would be more than willing to do more. Just one rule, no slash! I'm not a fan and can't really write romance anyways. Anyway, have fun, and enjoy.


There is a difference between a home and a place you live. I have lived by the lake for my whole immortal life. But it wasn't my home. A home is with family and friends. A place you build together, somewhere that keeps you all close. I've never had a home, and I was so sure that I never would.

The Guardians gave me the home I never had. And for that I am eternally grateful. If it wasn't for them I'd still be out on my own, always looking for food, hardly getting any sleep, and knowing that someone could attack me from anywhere.

But now I have a family and a home, I don't need anything moreā€¦


After the battle everyone had celebrated, the Guardians had a feast and Jack and Jamie had a snowball fight soon afterwards. Everywhere that was hit with the snow storm had a wonderful snow day, everyone going out and playing. And just for kicks, Jack made it snow for the last time that year. He then decided it was time to head off, to get out of this hot weather that was approaching. He was going to go to the South Pole but North had insisted that he stay with him. Jack agreed but said he'd be leaving as soon as fall hit.

Months passed and the Guardians grew closer. They met up more and talked with each other a lot. They told stories and drank hot coco together. They were just happy that they were still all okay. Even though it been months since the attack they were all still a little jittery.

It was mostly because of Jack's death. They weren't sure what had happened or how it happened but Jack had come back. After a few weeks they finally got him to tell them. Apparently the drug that Pitch had put in him was completely made of darkness. When Jack had died and the sun hit him the drug vanished with such a jolt that it got his heart going again.

He knew this would happen and that was why he didn't want his death to affect anyone.

Spring ended and summer passed in a flash. The winds picked up and leaves started changing as fall approached. Jack had taken his leave soon after. Returning to his lake and refreezing the lake which had defrosted a little during the summer. But his ice had held and he wouldn't let anyone fall in.

The months passed and still no sign of Pitch showed. No one really actually knew what happened it him. The decided he was dead after a while. The shock from Jack's powers finally taking down the spirit of fear. But still, you can't outrun fear. Eventually Pitch would return, but weak and still unseen of course.

Fall leaves fell to the ground and it began to become colder. Jack let snow fall on the first day of December that year. It felt good using his powers again. But still he had a job to do, and snow didn't spread itself. On his first Christmas with the Guardians they had their annual Christmas Party, but it seemed much livelier with Jack running around, freezing elves and tripping yetis.

As the party drew to a close North offered Jack a permanent home there at the Pole. Jack was reluctant at first, but after some persuasion from all the Guardians he accepted. And now, as Jack stared out of his window, making frost pictures on the glass, he couldn't help but look up at the moon and smile.

His name was Jack Frost, how did he know? The moon told him so. He didn't know what he was supposed to do, or why he was there, until now. He was a Guardian and he would protect the children of the world.

He never minded the cold, was always surrounded by darkness, loved the night, had relied on the light, snow was his element, knows how it feels to be isolated, knew the beauty of a fire, has known tragedy, hates when he is weak, has defied death itself, found a family, and created a home.

Jack Frost was the Spirit of Fun, and his story has come to a close.

And done, anyway, if you guys want a story, like I said, just review and I'll see if I can use your idea.