The Two Musicians

Chapter 1: The Pianist and The Violinist

By Silver Chessboards


Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger unknowingly share a great passion for music. After Ron cheats on Hermione with Lavender, she runs away sobbing and ends up in the deserted corridor on the sixth floor. A hauntingly beautiful classical piece coming from inside of an abandoned music room intrigues her. Seventh year. Post War.

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Song in this Chapter: When Winter Comes by Chris De Burgh

Hermione Granger could still remember the day she received her first violin as a child. She had been four, a small soft thing with huge brown eyes and a love for fairy tales. It had been her birthday and her father had returned home from work with a large wrapped up present. The wrapping paper had been red with a neat bow tied at the top and a gold ribbon. She remembered how she had opened it and squealed, rushing to hug her father around the legs. She smiled at the thought of the memory as she dipped her quill into the black inkwell sitting atop the desk.

She was in the library, seated in her favourite corner located at the back where no one would disturb her. She doubted that anyone would for she was in the musical section where there were countless volumes about great muscians such as Beethoven and Mozart. She slowly drummed her fingers against the mahogany as she studied the bars and notes she had managed to pen in her free time. She was writing a piece. It was a Saturday and all the other students were at Hogsmeade so she doubted that she would be interrupted. She had never wrote a complete piece before, just a few unfinished melodies. Mostly just half a page or a full page, but this time she was determined to compose a full length piece.

She scribbled a few notes onto the bars before carefully folding the piece of parchment and slipping it into her pocket. She would write more later when she wasn't busy reading a book. She smiled softly as she took a large green volume off the stack of books sat on the desk. She flipped it open, her fingers running across the smooth parchment. The familiar musty scent surrounded her as she read. Her eyes skimmed across the page, taking in every word. She loved moments such as this. When she was alone with no one to distract her she could slowly thumb through the pages with leisure, allowing the time to slip through her fingers like sand.

Hermione glanced at her wristwatch, it was almost time for dinner. The students had probably already returned from Hogsmeade. She smiled at the thought of seeing Harry and Ron. She and Ron had been dating ever since the war ended and she was incredibly happy having him as a boyfriend. She had started fancying him when she was in third year and somehow her feelings had never died down. Heaving the stack of books into her arms, she made her way down the aisle slipping the thick books back into the shelves.

She then headed out of the library, smiling. The sunlight that shone through the tall windows warmed her pale skin. She had been in the library since morning and her fingers had felt numb after hours in the cold atmosphere. Her mary-janes made soft clicks on the floor as she walked through the deserted corridor. Everyone was probably at dinner for she was the only soul walking along the corridor. She stopped in her tracks, frowning as she heard a peculiar sound.

It sounded like...a moan?

Her frown deepened as she turned the corridor. Then she saw it. Her breath hitched in her throat. Her eyes widened and the book she had been clutching fell to the floor, making a loud slap as it came into contact with the ground. Her mouth was slightly ajar and she had unconsciously placed a hand over her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Against the wall, snogging, with their hands all over each other were Ronald Weasley and Lavender Brown. She didn't realise that she had been crying until she felt a drop of salty liquid touch her hand. Ron's blue eyes widened as he saw her and he hastily shoved Lavender away from him.

"Hermione, it's not what you thi–"

But she didn't stay to hear anymore of what he was going to say, she turned and ran.

Her fast footfalls echoed in the empty corridor, she didn't know where she was running to anymore. She couldn't see properly as tears clouded her vision and she could vaguely make out staircases as she hurried up the steps. She just wanted to put as much distance as possible between her and the redhead. Merlin, she had loved him so much and he cheated on her with Lavender Brown of all people! She felt a burst of anger in her chest as she thought of the other girl.

She finally stopped, leaning on a wall for support as she slowly slid down, her knees buckling under her. She didn't feel like running anymore, all she wanted to do was cry her heart out. She could hear her sobs in the empty corridor, vivid among the silence. Except that it wasn't silent at all.

She could hear the melody of a piano behind two white doors. She closed her eyes listening to the music. The classical music somehow calmed her in a way as she furiously wiped her eyes with her sleeves. She had to stop crying, she just had to. But somehow, the tears wouldn't stop. She looked up to see the door to the music room swing open

Draco Malfoy flexed his fingers, hearing them make a satisfying crack. He had been playing the piano for already an hour and his fingers were exhausted. He remembered the tiresome days when he had to sit in front of the grand piano in one of the many living rooms in the West Wing of the manor and practice. He had been only five when introduced to the colossal instrument, he remembered how he had been excited at the prospect of something new to learn.

His piano teacher had been strict, yes, but that was one of the reasons he was extremely skilled. As he grew older, he learned to love the instrument even more. It was like a safe haven for him, where he could retreat to to play to his heart's content especially after he got a bad scolding from his father.

He reached for his satchel, removing a slip of parchment from it. He had already finished the first three bars of the piece and was struggling with penning the next. He had been working on the piece in his free time, but was currently stuck with the part he was writing. He sighed, running a hand through his tousled locks as he stared at the parchment. It had been hard enough to find time to play with the copious amounts of homework the teachers were giving them. He retrieved a quill and wrote a few notes before placing it back into his satchel. He turned to the grand piano, closing it's lid gently.

He was in an abandoned music room on the sixth floor. He had discovered it just recently and had often visited to play the grand piano in the middle of it. There were countless of other instruments that he had no intention to disturb at all. When he had first stumbled across the abandoned room, it had been covered in cobwebs and dust, with the curtains torn and the lights broken.

It appeared to have been unused for perhaps a decade or so. But he had neatened it up with a few flicks of his wand and muttered charms so that it was adequate for his needs. He slung his satchel over his shoulder and walked across the room, his shoes clicking on the smooth marble. Taking one last look at the music room, he turned and opened the door. It swung open slightly and he slipped out.

He stretched his hands aboved his head, relaxing his muscles. The music room was located in a deserted corridor which hadn't been disturbed for perhaps a decade until he came along. He then became aware that someone else was there, sobbing. He frowned as he saw a head buried between two arms. It was a girl by the looks of her, probably his age. She had bushy brown hair and had her knees up to her chest. She was dressed in a red plaid shirt with small white buttons and dark blue skinny jeans. She looked up at him, her brown eyes round and rather puffy around the edges. He then realised it was Hermione Granger.

His frown softened as soon as he saw that she had probably been crying for a long time. Tears streamed down her face and her nose was slightly red.

"Malfoy," she said, her voice croaky.

"Granger," he nodded. Without saying a word, he retrieved a silk handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to her. After all, even if she was a muggle born, he had been brought up to be the perfect gentleman. She took it from him and dabbed her eyes with it, sniffing. He watched as she then tried to stand, her knees weak. She cried out in pain, collapsing back to the floor.

It was then that he noticed that she had injured her foot, badly. His brow furrowed. She whimpered in pain, trying once again to stand but failing. Then she blacked out.

Draco immediately scooped her up in his arms, her limp body warm against his skin. He then headed to the Hospital wing with the unconscious Gryffindor.

After several questions from Madam Pomfrey, he was allowed to go. Sighing, he returned to the sixth floor to retrieve his satchel which he had carelessly left on the floor. He picked up the bag, slinging it over his shoulder. As he turned to leave, he noticed a piece of parchment on the floor. Curiosity getting the better of him, he picked it up, unfolding it. It appeared to be an incomplete music composition. The ink was smudged slight and the parchment had been crinkled at the edges. His eyes scanned the parchment for a name, there appeared to be none. Flipping it over in his hands, he then saw a name written neatly in black ink.

Hermione Granger


Bars - The line grids that can be seen on piano music sheets

Notes - The musical signs that are drawn on the bars. These help a musician to play an instrument. There are seven names for notes from A to G as well as sharps and flats which are the black keys.

Piece/composition - A work of written music

That sums it up. This is just a little bit of information for those who do not play an instrument, just in case there is confusion.

Author's Note

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- Silver Chessboards