Mocks and Smocks

SUMMARY: Smocks wasn't a big contribution to the club, but that didn't mean that she wasn't a full-fledged member. Bossun suspected she was here just to laugh at them. OC

Chapter 1: Prologue

Smocks was Kongo Sora before she joined Sket Dance.

She was given the nickname Smocks because that was the first word Bossun blurted out when he first saw her. He didn't even know why he yelled "Smocks!"; he said it was an impulse thing.

When she said that she wanted to join Sket Dance, Bossun and Himeko were practically jumping with joy. Finally! They had a kohai joining the team! Switch, on the other hand, was furiously typing "Yahoo!" and "Hoorah!" while his expression remained stoic.

When they asked why she wanted to join, she shrugged and said, "Your club introduction was interesting."

Himeko and Bossun traded wary looks. Their club introduction was the epitome of major failure. It was also humiliating—very, very humiliating, in fact. What was so interesting about their skit?

The first assignment they did this year was to recover a girl's lost bracelet. Apparently, the girl lost it yesterday while she had gone to tennis practice. She said that she could not remember where she last placed it.

It took them four hours to find the bracelet, and the one who found it was the client. "Oops, it was in my sports bag this whole time," she giggled sheepishly.

After that, everyone went home. Smocks left, looking rather tired and exasperated.

The original Sket Dance members were worried that Smocks would quickly grow bored of the club and that she would want to resign being a member. But that didn't happen. The first-year stayed with them for two weeks, at least, and did all the mundane jobs alongside them, like helping the janitor unload boxes or finding more lost items.

The others were still worried though.

Bossun, fed up worrying, adopted an indifferent approach. "Whatever. We're here to help people, not to make sure that Smocks is entertained. If she doesn't want to be part of it, then she can leave," he said.

Two weeks eventually became a month. One month became two.

Smocks still stayed with the members of Sket Dance and hadn't made any indication that she wanted to resign out of the club, unless her usual small frown was supposed to be perpetual evidence.