Mocks and Smocks

SUMMARY: Smocks wasn't a big contribution to the club, but that didn't mean that she wasn't a full-fledged member. Bossun suspected she was here just to laugh at them. OC

Chapter 11: About Her

Takemitsu Shinpei didn't know much about Kongo Sora other than what he had seen or heard about the girl. Sitting somewhere in the far back, he would occasionally catch her nodding off during a lesson, and if she wasn't taking a nap she would be doodling in her notebook. It was surprising to see how little she paid attention in class yet pull off higher-than-average scores on tests.

She wasn't stupid, but she didn't particularly strike him to be smart either.

The girl was involved in Sket Dance, a club that devoted itself to contributing to students and staff when in need, or so he heard. It was funny because Kongo Sora didn't appear like the type who would bother putting the effort in helping anyone, and yet he would see her with her fellow club members trying to find a girl's lost jewelry or cleaning the hallways for the janitor. Maybe the second-years force her to help? He wouldn't know.

They called her Smocks, those three club members, for whatever reason. They would often barge into class 1-D, holler out an enthusiastic "Smocks!" (well, two of them would; strangely, the third carted around a laptop and wouldn't speak), and drag her out of the room. Eventually, everyone started calling her that. Smocks.

He couldn't see her as a Smocks—she was more of a Dozer than a Smocks—but played along. He started seeing her as Smocks instead of Kongo.

She was quiet and kept to herself. Whenever someone came up to her, she would respond woodenly, as if she didn't know what would be the best way to respond. She was awkward and, from what Shinpei knew, afraid. He did know, for a fact, and understood. He used to be in the same predicament, after all.

He was naturally a loner, so it didn't really bother him when the others excluded him.

It did, however, bother him to see others exclude her.

That was what Shinpei didn't understand. Why did it bother him so much? He didn't know her personally, and it was the same with her. They didn't talk to one another even once. So why?

He still didn't understand after he befriended her. But, somehow, he was fine with that.

Sometimes Smocks told him what Sket Dance did. It ranged from typical to interesting to absurd—it amazed him how eccentric the members of Sket Dance were. Sometimes they teased each other, like how Smocks would make fun of how he liked Reality Maji (it wasn't crap; it was a good show!) or how he would joke about her lack of social skills (and she would retort back of his own sociability, which was equally lacking). Sometimes they would sit in silence because they didn't have much to say. But that was alright because they were fine with that.