Chapter 1 – Perfect Wedding Day

It was such a beautiful day in Forks Washington. It honestly wouldn't have been more perfect. It was exactly the most perfect day for a wedding; August 13th.

"Bella don't smudge your make up again, if I have to touch your eyes up once more I'm going to scream." Alice scolded harshly.

"Sorry Alice I can't help it. Did you see my mom's face when she mentioned passing down the hair piece to my daughter? I can't have kids Alice. Edward is changing me when we get back from our honeymoon. I don't even know what to tell her when we don't start popping kids out like she thinks we will." Bella all but whispered.

Alice gave her 'sister' a look of sympathy. "I know, believe me I really do know. Rosalie has wanted children for years, she hates being a vampire. Look you guys go and enjoy your honeymoon, when you get back I promise I'll have thought of something you can tell your mom about not having kids." Alice gave Bella a reassuring smile. "Now turn around and look in the mirror. You're a masterpiece."

Bella smiled softly as she turned towards the mirror; the beautiful white gown. She never thought of herself as beautiful, but the white wedding gown just made her feel pretty. She couldn't believe how it looked on her or how it made her feel.

"Edward's going to love it." Rosalie informed Bella as she walked into the room. "You look really beautiful."

Bella looked back at Rosalie and gave her a tight smile. Bella never had been one of Rosalie's favorite people, even after they decided to get engaged and once everyone had voted for Bella to be changed to be part of the family. Rosalie had even been slightly miffed with Emmett that day when he voted yes for Bella's changing. Emmett was always impartial to everything, but he knew changing Bella wouldn't exactly make his brother happy, but he also knew Bella was his perfect soul mate. They were like magnets drawn to each other in every sense. They were literally perfect for each other.

"Bella?" A familiar baritone voice called as a knock on the door followed it.

Rosalie made a face as she walked over and opened the door. "Emmett she's not ready so stop asking."

Emmett chuckled as he leaned over and kissed his wife's cheek. "Jeez babe, I just wanted to let her know everyone is ready when she is."

Bella nodded as she looked down at herself. "Well nothing else is going to be getting into this dress; let's get going dad."

Charlie looked down at his daughter. He couldn't believe she was eighteen and getting married. Edward Cullen wasn't his favorite person in the world, but if she was happy then he wasn't going to stop her. He'd make sure she knew she always had some place to come back and live if things didn't work out, but he'd never stop her.

Muddy blue eyes looked out the window. Kate couldn't believe her flight had a layover in Colorado. If she was lucky she'd make it to the reception. She wanted to strangle the lady across the counter for her chipper attitude and fake smile. Actually she wanted to give her a free flying lesson out the window and onto the tarmac below the airport. It was a good thing she'd changed into her dress at the Seattle airport, by the time she'd reached Forks, she wouldn't have had time to change and showing up to her older sister's wedding in jeans wasn't going to happen.

The spaghetti strapped royal blue/ light blue colored dress went to just above her knees, it had an embellished bodice and empire waist and the skirt was blue satin over several layers of sheer material. She had gone to a specialty shoe story for her three inch heels with open toes and they buckled around her ankle. Her dark auburn hair was left down in waves as it reached her waist line.

She wished her Ford Focus rental could've sprouted wings and flown her to Forks a lot faster, but she was never so happy when she finally found the drive way to the Cullen's home. She got out as she grabbed her cell phone and set the alarm on the rental.

"You look like you're lost." A voice said to the right of Kate.

She looked over and saw a gigantic guy in a suit. "I guess I sorta am lost."

"You here for the wedding?" He questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I was supposed to be here for the wedding earlier this morning, but my flight from New York had a layover in Colorado effectively ending my arrival before the wedding. How much of it did I miss? I mean am I even still in time for the reception?" Kate asked hopeful.

"Are you a guest of the bride or groom, because I'm the groom's brother and I don't think you're from our side of the family?" He chuckled.

"Ah, so are you Emmett or Jasper?"

"Emmett, and you are?" Emmett asked inquisitively.

"What I don't look like my sister?" Kate laughed.

Emmett's eyes widened. "You're Bella's little sister Kate?"

Kate smiled as she shook the large man's hand. "Katherine Swan, nice to meet you Emmett Cullen."

Emmett's boisterous laughter cut off everything. "Oh my God you have coordination. You have MORE coordination that your sister could ever dream of. How did Bella not get any of that?"

Kate couldn't help laughing with the rather big guy. "I take more after our mother and she's more like our father." Kate was taken by surprise when Emmett scooped her up in his arms and gave her a huge bear hug.

"It's really good to meet you Kate. I can't wait until the others see you." Emmett laughed as he placed her back on her feet and she laughed. "I'm guessing you want to see Bella first."

"Please, if it isn't too much trouble?" Kate watched as he shook his head and had her follow him around to the side of the house. As they rounded the corner near the tree line of the forest that surrounded the gigantic house which she noted was nearly made out of all windows her muddy blue eyes landed on a figure the same height as her in a long flowing white wedding gown. She was being twirled around by some equally large guy who was only in jeans and a light pink button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows.

Kate watched as the two got into a heated discussion before she watched the guy grab her sister, she started to say something when a guy pretty much appeared out of nowhere and wrapped his arm around Bella protectively; suddenly a small guy jumped on him and he threw him off like a flea, then two guys barreled out of the tree line and grabbed him, he shook them off like they weighted nothing and then a rather large guy came out and addressed him they had words and the guy Bella had been dancing with jammed his shoulder into the larger guy and disappeared in the trees. Kate watched as everyone else followed.

Kate smiled even from a distance she could tell her sister was as happy as she'd ever been. "Still scaring off your dance partners with your two left feet Bells?"

Kate watched as Bella's head snapped around as she extracted herself from the guy's arms that had the tuxedo; she'd have to bet that would be the infamous Edward Cullen and smiled.

"Kate? Kate if that isn't you I'm going to blow a gasket." Bella took off running over as the two girls laughed and embraced each other. "You were supposed to be here earlier. God, you being here completes everything. Mom said you were coming but when you didn't show up I just figured you got a new lead and couldn't make it." Bella confessed.

Kate pulled back as she looked her sister up and down. "I swear I was going to be here earlier but I got stuck in Denver Colorado, the layover was annoying."

Bella hugged her little sister once more. "Who cares I'm just glad you made it finally. I'm sure Alice or Esme has someone filming it. How long are you going to be here?"

Kate smiled. "I've got a couple of months before I have another audition, so I'll be kicking it at La Casa Charlie's." Kate cocked her head to the side. "What was with the shady steroid pushing group who appeared out of the trees and then disappeared back into the trees?"

Bella laughed softly as she linked her arm with her little sisters and gathered part of her dress as they began to walk over towards the man in the black tuxedo. "That was just Jacob Black and his…friends."

"Oh, the infamous Jacob Black; God you guys were so annoying when we were younger." Kate smiled. "You guys have known each other since you were kids with your friggen mud pies."

Bella laughed again as we approached the guys in the tuxedo. "Edward this is my little sister Katherine. Kate this is Edward."

Kate shook his hand. "So you're the one who is responsible for my big sisters happiness. I owe ya one Edward. I owe you big time." The trio walked back to the reception Kate had never been so happy to see her mom and dad as she rushed over and hugged her mom and was squeezed by her dad.

She honestly couldn't have been happier to be in Forks. It had been a LONG time since she'd been there. She was definitely going to enjoy her small vacation from school in New York.