Beginning notes: Twilight, its characters, and sequels are property of Stephenie Meyer.

Also, for those of you who have not seen the last Twilight movie: you should probably not read this until you have seen it or don't care about spoilers.

-Chapter 1: Event Horizon-

I stepped out of the jeep and into the frigid night air and moved my hands further up the sleeves of my jacket, silently cursing its lack of easy-to-access pockets. Brian slammed the driver's door and placed his carton of candy on the roof, rummaging through his pockets for god-knows-what. I waited for Brandon to haul his ass out of the back seat before reaching for the small soft cooler that was lying on the floorboards. Pulling the top open with a rip of the Velcro, I tossed one of the bottles of Game Fuel to my brother before taking mine out and discarding the cooler in the backseat again.

"You guys brought sodas again?" Brandon's large form whined at me, looking back and forth between Brian and me. Concessions here were always overpriced and I got the feeling Brandon was regretting not buying one at Walmart.

I shrugged and clipped my glasses on the collar of my shirt before shoving my bottle of soda in the hidden pocket of my jacket. I also put my packet of Dots on the outside pocket of my jacket, which stretched to the limit and very nearly didn't close.

"Davis," Brian asked, moving around the vehicle to stand with us. "Who's getting the tickets?" He waved the online receipt in his hand and looked from Brandon to me and back again.

"Brandon would love to do it!" I volunteered for him, grinning as he shot me a dirty look. Brandon wanted to see the movie, sure, but he didn't like people knowing he was going to see the movie. He flat out told Brian and I that he would not go see the movie unless there were more than two total people going. If he was the one who got the tickets, it would make him even more uncomfortable.

Oh yes, it was the opening night for Breaking Dawn, part 2 and we three guys were seeing it – alone. Saying it like that, it almost sounds like it's an achievement; and considering the previous rotten films in the saga, it's not far from the truth. The truth is we were fans – oh yes, male Twilight fans – and it had become something of a tradition to watch each iteration the night it was released.

Now don't go filling your head with mental images of us. We're not flamboyant or gay – at least I don't think Brandon or Brian are – and we don't participate in any TEAM: PERSON hogwash. I'm a fan of supernatural media in all its forms, so it was only natural for me to read a book about vampires when so many people were talking about it. To be honest, I didn't realize Twilight was a 'chick flick' until I actually got into the theater for the first movie. Talk about an awkward moment when the entire female audience – practically the whole theater – started screaming about Edward having his shirt off.

"Let's go down this line of cars to get to the end of the line," I suggested, pointing out the line of people outside the theater that was beginning to wrap around the corner. We didn't have Brandon's obnoxious sister here this time to shield us from the onslaught of curious eyes as we entered the crowd's line of sight, so it was best to come in from behind and spare ourselves the embarrassment.

"Uh, yeah," Brandon agreed after getting a look at the line. "You got room for my candy in your jacket, Davis?"

"Hmm…" I pretended to think and patted the pocket my soda was in. "Nope, that's my glasses case." I patted the side pocket where my delicious Dots resided. "Another glasses case. Yeah, I can squeeze your case in on my other side." He handed over his box of candy and we continued on toward our doom.

"Are we getting popcorn?" Brian asked?

"Fuck no," I answered, imagining what the queue would be like if the line to get in was this bad. "That's what we brought candy for."

For the next few minutes the three of us discussed absolutely everything under the sun – from Breaking Bad to Halo 4 – except anything related to Twilight. We didn't want to draw the more enthusiastic fans into our personal space bubble after all, and talking about other things made us seem like people with more taste than to go see a Twilight film. Unfortunately, the moment became even more awkward than it already was when Jurassic Park came up.

"Yeah, I was pretty stoked when the trailer started and it showed the scenes from the original Jurassic Park," I explained to the other two. "I was sure it was going to be Jurassic Park 4, but it turned out to be that piece of shit Jurassic Park 3D!"

"I know what you mean," Brandon said. "I was pretty pissed, too. There's no way I'm going to see that first movie again just for the 3D."

"Speaking of Jurassic Park 4," Brian cut in. "Did you know there's going to be hybrids in it?" Immediately, at least three people ahead of us in the line turned around at the sound of the h-word.

"In Jurassic Park 4?" I questioned, trying to clue in our curious neighbors that we were not, in fact, gossiping about Renesmee. "Hybrid what? Human and Dinosaur?"

"Yep," Brian confirmed, completely oblivious to being in the spotlight. The line moved forward a few feet and our small group shuffled forward, waiting to get inside the theater.

"So," I paused as Brian maneuvered the jeep out into the street. "That was really bad."

"What did you expect?" Brandon questioned from the backseat as we drove down the nearly empty highway. "The movies suck compared to the books."

"Yeah, but I figured they could do a good job this time," I said, gripping the handle above my head as Brian took a corner a little faster than he should have. "I mean, the film was split up into two and it still felt like the director was sprinting toward the end."

"I thought the same thing," Brian said, adjusting the heat, which was getting a little too warm for my taste. "But I thought the fight scene was pretty awesome."

"It was the only redeeming quality of the movie," I rolled my eyes at what Brian considered awesome. "But it still wasn't enough to make it worthwhile. My favorite part – honestly – was listening to the audience's reaction to most of the main characters being killed off."

"Yeah, that was pretty funny." Brandon laughed. "Too bad that wasn't the real ending."

"Well, they had to stick with the source material," I explained. "They're allowed a small margin of creative license, sure, but that 'vision ending' was way too over-the-top to be considered canon."

"Canon?" Brandon questioned.

"Stick to your day job," I quipped, giving him a smirk. "But I was pissed that they went through the whole fight scene – which was seven-to-ten minutes, easy – and then just said 'oops, just kidding!' and took it back to before the fight started. They could have scattered that action around the first half of the movie or actually tried to make the confrontation as tense as it was in the book."

Before I knew it, we were back at Brandon's house and he was leaving for the night. I'm pretty sure the sucker had to work tomorrow – luckily I didn't have any classes on Friday so I was set. Brian and I waved him off and headed back out to the highway to continue our short drive home.

"You good to drive?" I asked. It was usually my responsibility to drive home after late-night showings in the theater – which we went to with surprising regularity.

"Yeah," Brian replied, speeding up to 55 MPH and turning on his brights. "The show started at ten instead of midnight, like it usually does, so I should be OK." I nodded and fiddled with the radio. It was really too bad that I had forgotten my charging cable for my iPhone. We could have been jamming out to Billy Joel or the Pokemon theme instead of listening to bad song after bad song. Brian opened his mouth to speak to me, turning his head slightly to the right.

He never saw the deer.

The large furry body slammed into the windshield and Brian flinched at the wheel and I jerked forward from the decrease in velocity. I'm not sure how or why, but all too soon the ground was on the roof of the jeep for a split second and then it was gone – and then it was back. For a moment the world revolved around our vehicle, and I felt as though I were riding a roller coaster. My limbs locked into place as the cliff face tumbled closer and closer toward our crumbling jeep and I didn't have time to scream.

And then it was quiet.

The smell of blood and gas was in the air. My ears were ringing, but I could still hear the whining of the steaming engine. The inside of the car was too small now – much too small. Where was the door?

"Brian?" No reply.

And then the cold crept in, and the moonlight fading through the ruined glass flickered and died.

I let go...

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"Think about it, hero!" -Green Goblin-