Mom and dad, I'm leaving today. I'm not coming back. It's nothing you did. I just have somewhere I need to get back to.

I'm sorry I'm not saying this to your face, but you wouldn't let me go. You would only talk me out of it; we both know it.

You won't understand why I have to leave. I barely understand it, myself.

I can't promise I will keep in contact with you. Where I'm going…I can't be sure I'll ever talk to you again. I am so sorry about that.

Keep Brian out of trouble. Let him know it's not his fault. I never blamed him; I still don't.

Don't wait up for me and don't mourn me. I'll be OK, I promise.


I folded the letter back up and set it in my lap. There were faint tear stains on the paper, though I wasn't sure if they were from my brother or my mother. I wheeled myself into the kitchen and put the letter back on the table, which was uncharacteristically cluttered.

My mom was curled up on the couch in the living room, though from her position I wasn't sure if she was watching TV or sleeping. She had been doing a lot of both since my brother's disappearance right after he came out of his coma.

Dad wasn't home, either, though I wasn't sure where he was. Mom thought he hung out in bars, getting drunk, but he never really gave us an answer. He would just come home late – about midnight, most nights – and head to bed.

I went over to the sink and managed to grab a glass from the dish drainer without much trouble. I rolled back over to the refrigerator and pushed the glass against the ice dispenser, switching the dial to water and pouring myself a glass.

I took small sips, not wanting to overwhelm my bladder. Going to the bathroom was the worst part of losing my legs, though I had never even considered that aspect of it when I was able to walk. My face screwed up into a grimace as I pressed the glass to my lips, allowing the cool water to slosh over my exposed teeth. I sat the half-drank glass back on the counter and started to roll back to my room.

A stack of mail caught my eye and I paused, turning my chair and rolling up to the table to take a peek and see if anything came for me. I put the pile in my lap and rolled back so I would have room to read. There wasn't much here that was interesting. A cable bill, a couple junk mail flyers, and a hunting magazine all flipped through my hands and ended up back on the table. The last piece I had kept in my lap for last, as I had read the name it was addressed to.

Davis Marks.

My head looked up at my brother's door, which remained closed and untouched since his disappearance. My eyes landed back on the letter, which had the Lambert Airport's logo and return address stamped on the envelope. I stuck my finger under the sealed flap and tugged gently, ripping open the seal and exposing the inside.

I pulled out the folded paper inside and smoothed it out on my lap, reading through the 'notice,' if the headline was anything to go by. My eyes scanned the body of the letter quickly, hitting on key words and making me gasp as the letter fell out of my hands and tumbled off my knees and onto the floor.

It was a notice from the St. Louis airport about my brother's truck being parked in the long term parking lot several days after his prepaid limit. They had tried to call the phone he listed, but got no response, so they had sent this letter to notify him that the truck would be towed at his expense.

Images of my half-forgotten dream flashed in my head, of the last time I had really had a normal life. I had had the dream more than once; the dark movie theater where we had gone to see the last Twilight movie was nearly always the stage for it to play out. Sometimes there would be other people in the theater, their silhouettes bland and indistinguishable. Other times, I was alone.

But the one that was different involved Davis. The look on his face was absolute shock as he looked at me, looking at him. The details elude me now, but I remember him trying to convince me he was actually talking to me – as if we were sharing a dream. The dream was lucid, and so I told him that's what it was; just a dream – there was no way he was really there.

He said something excitedly about his truck, as though it would convince me absolutely that he was really here. I didn't understand him at the time – as soon as I had woken up I had only given the dream about two minutes of serious thought. I believed him now.

He was OK.

-Questions and Answers-

Why didn't Davis kiss/have sex with/marry Tanya? They were mates, right?

Yes. They are mates. Davis didn't do those things because that's not his character. He worries and lives inside his head most of the time, but he is largely oblivious to the feelings of others, unless those others make their feelings known. Davis does love Tanya, but that love isn't expressed with kisses and sex in this story.

Why did Davis all of a sudden decide to leave his family and go back to the Twilight universe?

I was originally going to write this scene in more obvious, but as it is, it's kind of implied. During the chapter where Davis dreams he's in the movie theater, watching his face on the screen doing nothing but peering into the camera, it was a reference to how much time he spent doing nothing in his real life. Davis spent much of his time on the computer, and would have spent much of his life doing the same mundane things he has always done had he remained in his world. He realizes this, on a subconscious level, and this is why he is so driven to getting away from it all.

What about a sequel?

I said there wouldn't be one, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe. That's my official answer. I have a lot of other ideas, though, so it might never happen.

-What A Tangled Web We Weave-

This is just a fair warning. The rest of this 'chapter' is basically me handing the behind-the-scenes plots and hidden references that make up the backbone of this story. If you don't want the mysteries handed to you on a platter and are content with this story the way it is, read no further. Here be spoilers.

If you haven't read up to chapter 8 in Unstoppable Force (my other Twilight fanfiction), you might want to also reconsider reading further. Spoilers for that chapter and below are here as well.

You have been warned.

As you were reading, you have probably come across a scene, action, or character that was never fully explained later on. There are several references from my other story, Unstoppable Force, that show up in this story.

Minor References to Unstoppable Force

In chapter 12, Davis goes into the kitchen to get himself a drink. He pulls out one of many Mountain Dews from the crisper, a soda the Cullens have, even though Jacob, the only other person besides Davis who drinks human beverages, prefers cola and beer. This is a direct reference to Emily Ambrose's love of Mountain Dew.

In chapter 13, Davis wonders into the garage and finds a stockpile of cars. One of them, the furthest one back, is covered up and has a layer of dust on it. This is a nod toward Emily's Dodge Viper, though it could just have easily been the car the Cullens gave Davis for Christmas.

In chapter 24, while Davis is changing, a small snippet of one of his delusions involves a river of liquid mercury crashing into Emil Brock's parent's car. The mercury is a nod toward Emily's own 'liquid metal' delusion while she was changing into a vampire.

In chapter 23, we see a strange man interacting with Davis while he's dreaming about the movie theater again. The man seems to be bleeding from his chest, but no explanation was given and we never learned his name. This man is, in fact, Dr. Virgil Stein, who aided Emily Ambrose in her complicated system of changing into a vampire and was later murdered by her.

These are all well and good, and there is one more major reverence I haven't covered yet, but I need to explain a bit more so you'll understand the context.

Multiple Universes, Multiple Car Crashes

In this story, you see two distinct universes: our world versus the Twilight world. But that's only on the surface; there are actually many, many others, all linked together through Davis.

In the first chapter, Davis watches a movie at the theater and is involved in a car crash afterward, which sends him to another universe. This is a common theme throughout the story. The very next time Davis sees a movie in the theater, he is involved yet again in a car crash, which sends him back to his real universe.

The third time he watches a movie, there is no crash. This breaks the trend, but sets in motion the series of events that would lead Davis back to the Twilight universe permanently.

Emil Brock, the host body Davis uses through most of the story, was also involved in a car crash, leaving him comatose and allowing Davis to have a convenient body to inhabit.

This detail is extremely important.

Directly after the second car crash Davis is involved in, after seeing the movie with Tanya, he is dropped in an empty city-scape with Emil, and later a copy of himself. After a few seconds, Emil disappears, leaving Davis wondering where he went. The duplicate Davis tells him he 'went back home,' but Davis thinks that's unlikely, since his body is comatose and probably dead.

But that doesn't matter. The duplicate Davis meant he was going to the place he had been while he was in a coma. The place he considered home was no longer the world he was born in, much like Davis found his world to be alien to him after living with the Cullens.

There are multiple versions of Davis. Some of them look just like him and others have different identities (Emil Brock). All of them, though, are displaced in different universes that are not their own.

In chapter 24, when Davis is changing and is delusional, another delusion involves him and another copy of himself revolving around a single movie theater chair. After a moment, the duplicate sits down and sighs in relief before our Davis is hit by a car. Musical chairs, anyone?

What we're hinting at here is the reshuffling of all the various and possible versions of 'Davis' in the multiple universes, all stepping into another universe entirely. There had to be a starting point and there had to be an end, which is where the largest Unstoppable Force reference comes in.

Emily Ambrose: Agent of Chaos

Davis dreams about the accident that killed Emil's parents and left him in a coma, but he cannot see what caused the accident.

He hears Emil's parents talking about 'selling it' and 'accepting the offer.' Mac, Emil's dad, tells him he would be glad he kept 'it' when he wanted a job.

Mac Brock owns Brock Labs, the laboratory Emily Ambrose acquires in Unstoppable Force. In that story, it is left rather vague as to how it was acquired, though it is implied Emily simply buys the lab. That's obviously not the case, as Mac rejected Emily's offer.

Since there was no way they would sell, Emily killed the entire family in a 'car accident,' which set in motion the series of events that led to our Davis eventually migrating to the Twilight universe. This is also why Davis sees the liquid mercury crush Emil's parent's car in his delusion as he's changing into a vampire.