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Death is Only the Beginning

A/N: This story is written as a collaboration by both Xo BellaItalia oX and SayianInuQueen26. We hope that you enjoy the story and look forward to reading your reviews.

Chapter 1
(Isabella's OOV)

Sitting at the desk, I took a final look around my bedroom. In about two days I will be on my way to Forks, Washington. From what my mother says and from what I remember when I used to go there to visit when I was a child, it is the wettest place on earth. Of course, since we are in Arizona, it feels like the driest place on earth.

My mother, Renee, and her new husband, Phil, were packing for their trip. Phil was a baseball player and Renee loved to travel, however with me around, she was stuck at home. So after seeing how unhappy that she was I told her to go with Phil the next time he left and that I would go visit with my father, Charlie Swan.

When a knock sounded on my bedroom door, I jumped out of my chair startled with my hand pressed to my chest as Renee walked in with a smile on her face. I loved my mother, but raising her was part of my problem. Sometimes I felt as though I was a 30 year old woman in a 17 year old girl's body.

Sighing mentally I smiled at my mother. "You guys heading out?" I asked her walking over to my open suit case. I was also packing even though I would be leaving in two days while Phil and Renee were leaving tonight.

"Yeah," she sighed. "Phil wants to get there early." She came over and placed her hands on my shoulders turning me around. "I hope that you will be careful around here. You know that Susan's daughter, Tami, was just taken last week."

I nodded in understanding. Tami was my next door neighbor that went hiking in the desert as she often did for fun but this time she never returned. They found her bag with blood on it and had determined that she was killed and dragged away by coyotes. Though, I thought that something wasn't right about their conclusion, because I saw a tall beautiful Mexican woman following her about two days before she disappeared.

I smiled up at my mother letting her know that I heard her. "I know mom," I told her as I kissed her cheek.

"Come on Renee!" Phil called from the bottom of the steps. "Bella will be fine. She is almost 18!"

Renee sighed as I giggled at the whole display. "Just be careful." She told me with an exasperated sigh as she dropped a kiss on my forehead.

"I always am." I told her still smiling. Renee just shook her head as she turned and headed out of my room.

It's not that I don't love my mother. It's just that she likes to hover. Hearing Renee and Phil head out of the house, I smiled and ran down the stairs. Yes, I told mom that I would be careful however I had a little trip to the desert planned in order to bring a little piece of Arizona with me to Forks.

I slipped on my boots and grabbed the house keys. I knew that Renee and Phil were already gone because Phil was big on being early. I exited the house and locked the door before I pocketed my keys. I didn't have a car and was calling a cab to pick me up for the airport. So I was walking.

I had grabbed the small hand planting shovel along with a small pot and placed them in a bag that I had waiting for me, sitting on the front porch. I picked it up and frowned as I looked up with a weird feeling running through me. I could have sworn that I felt some one watching me. I looked around the yard, but I couldn't see anything aside from the miles of desert around my street. Shaking my head I walked across the yard and into the desert.

I was rather glad that we lived where we did, that way I could take a walk the desert anytime that I wished. Tami and I would normally go together however after she was taken the police in the town wanted everyone to stay out of the desert.

From what I could remember there had been over 11 missing persons within a week. Tami was the last one as far as anyone knows. Renee was worried that I would be taken however the kids that were taken were a little younger than me. Where I am going to be 18 in a couple of months, Tami and the others were all younger than 17. I believe that the youngest was about 14 or 15.

The heat of sun felt good on my skin since I was not going to see the sun in about two days. Shaking my head I started my search. I knew that I needed a small cactus that way I could take it with me. As I looked I couldn't help but feeling as though someone was watching me. I raised my eyes and scanned the horizon. I squinted because I could have sworn that I spotted something in the distance that was sparkling. Shaking my head once more I figured that it was just the sun reflecting off of the horizon and kept my eyes open for the perfect cactus.

It took me no time at all to find a small green cactus that was a little further out than I normally would go. As I started to dig the cactus up I felt my phone vibrate. Sighing I picked it up and flipped it over. Renee. I knew that she would call to make sure that I was safe. Hitting the send button and placed it to my ear.


"Hi honey, Phil and I made it to the airport and we will be leaving shortly." Renee told me over the phone. "I just wanted to make sure that you were ok."

I couldn't help the sigh that escaped my mouth. "I'm fine, mom." I reassured her. "I'm just outside getting some sun." I snickered quietly.

"You're not in the desert are you?" She asked accusingly.

"No mom." I told her in a sing-song voice. "You told me to stay out of the desert and I am." I hated lying to my mother, but I was a big girl and could take care of myself.

"Alright sweet heart," Renee said softly. "Please, just be careful."

"I will." I told her as she hung up.

I closed my phone and wondered why she would call when I only saw her less than a half hour ago. Shrugging my shoulders, I went back to what I was doing. The sooner that I dug up this cactus the faster I would be able to head back home.

(Maria's POV)

I stood next to my newest member. I had picked about 10 teenagers that ranged in all different ages. I didn't like to have many women in my ranks, because they would usually form a romantic relationship, or worse, they'd find their mate and it causes nothing but problems within my army. Just like the Captain and his mate.

I snarled as I thought back to the Major. He let the newborn go because his second in command had fallen in love and found his mate in one of the newborn women. Love was for suckers. All it did was make you weak. Thus the reason I was picky with the girls that I did change. They were usually loners and had very few people to worry about them. Of course grabbing them from broken homes was also a plus. Most of the girls hated that their parents were split and I would take them in, giving them love and comfort. Of course they had to do what I say, but if they did their life would be a lot easier. Tami had asked if I would grab once more girl; Isabella Marie Swan.

"Is that the girl?" I asked glancing at Tami.

Tami's bright red eyes gleamed in happiness. "Yes that is Isabella, Mistress."

She told me as she turned her eyes back to Isabella. "When will we grab her?" She asked not taking her eyes off her.

"Soon, my dear," I patted her on the arm. "The further in the desert that she goes the easier it will be to abduct her."

Tami nodded. "From what Bella told me she is getting ready to head up north to Washington State." I nodded keeping my eyes on Isabella.

As soon as she received a phone call from who I assumed was her mother I would take her and change her. She was rather interesting because with Tami's power the girl should be out already, however whatever power this Isabella has is blocking Tami's.

I had found out that Tami had the gift of illusion. She could make you see or feel anything she wished. However for some reason with Isabella Tami was unable to work her gift.

I smirked as the young girl hung up the phone and turned to Tami. "Head home and get the room ready." I smirked. "Isabella will be with you shortly."

Tami nodded before she turned and headed back to the house. I turned my eyes back on the girl that was far away off in the distance towards civilization. I knew that she saw us however she didn't know it just yet. She had spotted us right away but with her human mind she dismissed the thought of anything following her.

I smirked and I moved closer. The girl's scent was rather spectacular. It was the right amount of roses and rain. I smiled as I slowed down to human pace as I approached her. I knew that she would be scared. All humans were scared when the first meet a vampire. It's just in their nature.

I stopped far enough away that way she still could not see me, but I could hear what she was saying. She must be speaking with her mother because it was a mature female tone on the other end.

"I'm fine mom. I'm just outside getting some sun." I could hear the girl snicker all the way from here. Why couldn't the mother hear her?

"You're not in the desert are you?" The mother asked.

"No mom. You told me to stay out of the desert and I am."

"Alright sweet heart," The mother told her softly. "Please be careful."

"I will." The young girl told her mother before she hung up.

I smirked as I walked closer to her at a human pace. I didn't want to scare her. However, I know that she had seen me following Tami. I had no idea how this girl found out about that, but I would soon find out. Then she would join my army of newborns. If she proved her worth, then I might let her live past their one year mark. Some newborns are allowed to live longer because of their gift, strength or speed. If their senses are the only thing that is still heightened then I would put them down unless they can prove of use. I am not as cold hearted as I was with the Major and Captain however I was still the most feared Southern War Lord in the south.

(Bella's POV)

I almost had the cactus dug up when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I didn't know how I knew, but I felt as though something was coming. I looked up and spotted a shadowy figure in the distance. It was coming towards me.

I stood slowly with the small shovel in my hand. I had no idea who this could be that was coming out of the desert, but I would rather die fighting than die in fear. I would never let anyone take me because I was weak. My father was the Chief of Police in Forks and my mother sent me to Tae-Quant-Doe for self-defense.

In about a few seconds I felt my world shift as the woman stood in front of me with bright red eyes. She had not been standing there before. Where did she come from? I had no idea what I would do against this woman but I knew that it was the one who followed Tami.

I narrowed my eyes at her and took my stance. I could tell that she was fast because I believe she was the shadowy figure that I saw in the distance. I just prayed that I could beat her.

"Where's Tami?" I asked coldly. I would not go down without a fight. I flipped the hand shovel over in my hand and held it like a dagger. "I saw you following her two days before she disappeared."

The Mexican woman started to circle me. I kept my eyes on her just in case. Rule number one: NEVER let the enemy out of her line of sight.

"She is safe, mija." She cooed towards me. I almost gagged.

"I'm not your little girl." I spat at her. "I am an adult and will not go down easy." I could tell that my statement amused her.

"Oh sweet girl," She stopped and smiled. "I will take your life just like I took Tami's however..."

That was all it took as I ran towards her I brought the shovel down where her heart was however I was caught in mid-air by her hand around my throat. I dropped the shovel to grab her arm. I froze mid kick because of her cold texture of her skin. My eyes snapped to hers and widen.

"What are you?" I gasped out from the lack of oxygen.

She slowly lowered me to the ground but kept her hand around my neck. "I am what they call a vampire." She smiled and I saw that her fangs began to extend to the point where they were longer than any human's. They almost looked like cat's fangs. "I came here because Tami wishes for you to join. I would have said no but there is something about you that I can't pinpoint." She looked me over as she held me.

I knew that it would be no use in fighting. Even though I thought this woman was crazy, for some reason I believed her.

"When?" I choked out. Her eyes snapped to mine in an instant.

She smiled widely as she brought her face closer to mine. "Now." Then she lowered her head faster than I could see and bit my neck.

I felt myself fall to the ground however the burning feeling was something that was worse than death. I also felt her bite the other side of my neck as well as my wrists, ankles and over my heart. I could hear her murmuring something, but I didn't understand what she was saying. The only thing in my mind was the intense pain that I was feeling.

I struggled to think around the pain however it did no good. I kept my mouth clamped shut as I burned. I could feel the wind brush by me. I wondered if she had picked me up and took me with her.

If she did, would anyone try and find me?

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