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Death is Only the Beginning

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(Tami's POV)

However, the moment was shattered when a foreign scent reached my nose. I hissed, pulling back slightly and spinning around, pushing Alice behind me. Using my gift, I unceasingly sent him an illusion of us running away from him, but the vampire didn't seem to fall for it as he remained where he was, looking around him in all directions as if we were still there, but hiding.

"Tami?" Alice whimpered.

"Quiet!" I hissed in a low whisper.

I crouched and found that the vampire was no doubt a scout and was trying to find us, looking around him in all directions. However, as long as I kept using my gift on him, I would be able to keep Alice and myself safe.

"Call for Edward." I ordered her as I kept my eyes locked on the vampire before me.

Chapter 32:

(Bella's POV: Just Finished Hunting; 5:00PM)

Jasper and I were running back to the house when I came across a scent that I knew only too well. It was one of Enrique's scouts. I remembered smelling him at the battle, but he was in the trees somewhere, hiding.

That coward.

Snarling, I darted to the left as Jasper rushed after me. I knew that he was concerned, because of the worry he was projecting at me.

I stretched my shield over his mind that way we could speak without letting anyone know we were near.

'Jasper?' I called to him mentally. 'Can you feel any emotions that are not any of the family's?'

Jasper was at my side now and I could see a frown marring his handsome face. 'Yeah, he's suspicious 'bout somethin''. His eyes cut to mine. 'I can feel Alice and Tami's emotions, an' they're scared.'

I snarled as I pushed myself to run faster. 'Enrique's scout is in the area. He's no doubt working for either Maria or Enrique.' I informed him as I could start to feel Tami's gift working as it tried to penetrate my shield, but wasn't able to get through to me or Jasper.

I spotted them as soon as I was close enough and threw a shield around the two of them just as Tami collapsed in exhaustion from using her gift for too long. The vampire spun around, his eyes were fixed on Tami and Alice, as I saw Edward leap through the air and rush the scout. Jasper flitted over to help him as I went to Alice and Tami's side. Tami was checking over Alice and Alice was checking Tami over to make sure that neither of them were hurt.

I kept the physical shield wrapped around them as Rosalie and Emmett suddenly came barreling through the trees. Emmett rushed over to help Jasper and Edward build a fire as they rip him apart, while myself and Rosalie kept our eyes open for any more spies who could be in the area.

'You ok?' I asked Tami through my mental shield as I kept my eyes on the trees, searching for any more possible threats.

'Yeah, just a little shaken up.' There was a pause and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was smiling down at Alice. 'I was just worried for my Allie.'

'I'm glad you're alright.' I told her, cutting off the link as I pulled the shield back around myself.

Jasper, Edward and Emmett had ripped the scout apart and was about to start a fire when I had an idea.

"Wait!" I called as I rushed forward. "Don't burn him just yet. Put his torso and head back together." I ordered as I saw Jasper and Emmett turn and frown.

"Why darlin'?" Jasper looked worried. "We need ta kill 'em before anymore show up. I'm sure Edward was able to retain any useful memories." His eyes were darting all over the place.

"I want to see who sent him. He must not have been thinking about that while you guys were tearing him apart." I narrowed my eyes down at the pieces of vampire in front of me.

Jasper and Edward seemed to get what I was saying, however Emmett was a little slow on the up take. "You might be right." he winked as he helped Edward with the vampire's pieces while I replaced my shield around Tami and Alice, along with the others who were here.

The vampire took a little while to mend since we didn't have any blood to give him, but when he did, his eyes grew wide as he realized that he was done for. However, when his eyes locked on Jasper and I, they grew even wider with fear.

I looked to Jasper, and he nodded, giving me permission to take the lead on this one. Being male, and my mate, as well as who he was in general, the most dominant, I instinctively looked to him for guidance; the only one I would look to for orders above me.

Turning back to the spy, I began to question him.

"Who sent you?" I barked as I circled him, making sure that he knew who I was. My eyes were black, but Iz was yet to have taken over me. "And don't make me repeat the question."

I gave him several seconds to answer, and when he didn't, I snapped my fingers. Tami handed Alice to Rosalie as she darted over and grabbed the lighter from Edward's hands and lite a fire, leaning away from the flame. She took one of his dismembered arms and held it out, ready for me to give the order to drop it in the pit of yellow and red flames.

"If you don't give me the answer I want, I will have my Commander here burn each of your fingers before moving on to your hand. Then your forearm will be next before your upper arm." I smirked wider as his fear grew. "Now, if you would please..." I batted my eyes as him as I tilted my head to the side.

"Ethan, my name is Ethan." The vampire said in a calm tone before panic seemed to take over as he spotted the flames begin to jump for his arm. "Maria sent me to scout this part of the country to try and find where her runaway soldiers had went off to. That's all I know, please!" His eyes went to everyone around.

"He's telling the truth." Edward said as his eyes narrowed at the vampire. "I can barely hear his mind. From what I can hear, and see, Maria has teamed up with Enrique. That's all he has." Edward blinked a couple of times looking back over to me. "They must have not wanted him to know too much in case he was captured."

"If that's all you know then you are of no use." I flicked my hand and Tami tossed all his limbs in at once. "Since you were honest, I will give you a fast death." With that I tossed in his torso and head. I could not chance him going back to Maria and Enrique to give away our position.

The purple smoke began to float up towards the sky and I couldn't help but to shiver at the memories that it happened to reluctantly bring back.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, noticing that Tami stood at my side.

"Boss?" She tilted her head at me in question.

I couldn't help but to smile at my Second. "Go be with Alice." I whispered as I nudged her in her mate's direction. "I know you want to."

Tami nodded with a grateful smile before she darted back over to where Alice was standing, taking her from Rosalie. I smiled as I watched them, because I knew it was hard for Tami to show her feelings for Alice around many others.

Rosalie moved over to Emmett's side as Edward and Jasper rehashed about what had happened and what they had felt and heard with their abilities. I just continued to watch Tami, because it was the first time in a long time I had seen a genuine smile on her face.

When Jasper came up beside me, I turned and snuggled into his side.

"We need to head back to speak with the others about this." Jasper said out loud for everyone to hear.

"I agree." Alice whispered by Tami's side. "Carlisle, as well as the wolves, need to know what's going on." Tami had an arm protectively around Alice's shoulders.

"I'll race ya!" Emmett yelled to the group as he suddenly took off.

I chuckled and shook my head, looking over at Edward.

"Shall we race?" I raised a brow knowing he would love the challenge, what with him being so fast. "My speed hasn't waned since I was turned, but has in fact gotten better."

"Ladies first." Edward, being the gentlemen he was, said as he held out his hand, gesturing me to start.

I took off with Jasper chuckling as he began telling Edward that he shouldn't have given me a head start. I then heard the two of them begin to tail behind me. I couldn't help but laugh as I ran because of the fact they had yet to catch up. However, I knew that if Jasper let himself go, he could easily out run us all, revealing his true speed to the family.

(Jessica's POV: In her room; 6:00 PM)

Ever since the Cullen's came to town, I have begun to hear from my dad, who was a park ranger, that the deer population, along with several other animals have dwindled. Not to mention that at lunch, they never seem to eat at their food, but pick at it instead. It's like they are trying to act human.

I shook my head as I booted up my computer. It was time that I did a little research. I knew that Lauren would laugh at me, but I could swear that there was something different about those Cullen's and the Masen's. Also, that Isabella Masen happens to look almost identical to what I remember Isabella Swan used to look like when she would visit her dad. But Isabella Masen was… how could I put this…. prettier? Not that Isabella Swan wasn't pretty, but there was something about the way they all moved and talked.

Sometimes, it was like they already knew what the teachers were talking about, yet they never seemed to be paying attention and were still the smartest kids in class. I also remember how one day in history while we were studying the Civil War, Jasper have given the teacher one hell of a dirty look when he was talking badly about the South. I didn't know what all this meant, but it had to mean something. There was no way that this could all be just a coincidence. They had to be linked to something…but what?

When the computer finally booted up, I punched the internet and prayed that it worked. In this dingy little town, the internet was from the Stone Age, but it was the only thing the town could honestly afford; dial-up.

I only had to wait for a few minutes, which for me, that was lucky, but then again, Mom was gone, again, and dad was still at work.

I punched in Google's address and then waited. I decided that since I didn't know exactly what to look for, I just typed in 'Supernatural' and 'Forks, Washington.'It only took a couple of minutes when La Push legends suddenly popped up among the results.

Interesting, I couldn't help but think as I clicked the link.

I skimmed through the paragraphs, finding nothing consequential until I spotted something about what the Quileutes called the 'Cold Ones'. I shivered as I remembered that Alice and Edward's skin, during the few chances that I had happened to touch them, was always freezing, especially compared to anyone else's.

I pushed those thoughts aside, deciding that it didn't mean anything, as I read some of the legends of the giant wolves known as shape shifters or 'Spirit Warriors', and the Cold Ones. I frowned, because it never said what the Cold Ones actually were.

I mentally growled as I exited the site and punched up the Google screen again. As soon as the web site came back up, I punched in 'Cold Ones' and waited. What I found wasn't what I thought them to be at all.

I clicked on the first sight and had to suppress a shiver at what I saw. There was a man holding a woman drinking from her neck. I could see a thin line of blood running down to her collar bone. That's when I scrolled down to read what was written about these Cold Ones, also known as Vampires.

'..drink blood of humans to stay alive. They are immortal. They are faster, stronger and more beautiful than anything a human will lay eyes on. Vampires have red eyes because of the blood they drink. They are also cold as ice because they are dead. They have no heart beat and cannot stand in the light because it will reveal them for what they truly are.'

I shook my head as I read this.

The Cullen's have golden eyes. I thought to myself as I clicked off the computer. Maybe there are some books around that say something about the La Push legends. I'll head to the book store. It's not that far.

I pushed away from the desk, grabbed my coat and keys, and then headed out the door. I decided to walk since it was a nice night and there weren't any cloud in sight. I couldn't help but shiver, pulling my jacket in tighter around me as I headed towards the book store at the end of town. I could feel eyes on me as I walked but I just pushed it away. There was no one around, so I had nothing to worry about.

I quickly picked up my pace when I heard someone walking behind me. I didn't bother looking back as I hurried down the street. When a jogger passed me by, I relaxed, because I had thought it had been trouble.

'All this thought of vampires has me acting pretty paranoid,' I shook my head as I looked both ways, then crossed the street.

Running up the steps, I hurried into the book store to make my purchases. The owner of the store was giving me a weird look when I asked for the book I needed on Quileute Legends. I pushed it out of my mind, because there was no way that the giant wolves were real. I was just praying that vampires weren't real, too. There had to be a better explanations for all of this nonsense and coincidences happening around the Cullen's. I am probably just letting my mind run away with me.

As I walked out of the store, I could feel eyes on me once again. I sucked in a chattering breath, hugging my light coat tighter as I made my way back home. This time when I heard footsteps, I help my breath and turned to see four big guys walking up behind me. I could tell they were checking me out because of the way their eyes were glazed over me, roaming up and down my body. I whimpered slightly as I turned and quickened my pace. I knew that it had been a bad idea to go out at this time of night, but I needed the book and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to go and get it.

Stupid me.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I chimed over and over again in my head. I kept glancing behind me when one of them must have noticed.

"Come on, baby," He called walking a little faster. "I see ya checkin' us out. Wanna play?" He swiveled his hips and licked his lips at me.

"Go away, you creep." I snapped as I turned and started to almost jog.

"Don't be that way, baby." One of them called. "We just wanna good time." I could even smell the booze all the way up here.

'Oh God,' I couldn't help but think. 'Please, someone help me!' I mentally screamed inside my head as I started to hear their foot falls picking up behind me.

I took off, holding tight to my purchase as I rushed home. I could practically feel their breaths down the back of my neck even though I knew that they were still a little bit behind me.

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