(hi guyz, ths is like my forth fanfic. i decided to take an intresting aproach and use a twist of my fav disney show. i lik history 2, so i try to make it seem acurate? j.j is based of my BFF frever3 she da bomb lik relly, talk shit and i tak shit. Kaawuii desu33! tel me how u like it thankz:

WARNING: It getz like rlly sad sumetimes so watch out))

Chapter 1: Livin lavida africka

Hi my name is Ravyn Black Cat Shyat Bangster and i live in the slums of afrikas wit my little bro simba n sis j. n im a psochyc. it was only an hour ago yesterday tht my babey fell out of my uturus (i think dats da part but im nt sur yet) i was so hapy but then a dingo come an ate it! i was very sad and went home to tel simba. sima was in his room eating koo-layed while playin his blac kops. 'my baby deid!' i screamed at the top of my esofagis. my broter stoped his video game and choced on hiz koo-layed. 'what happen?' he yell back. 'dingo came an ate it' i said sumberly while taking some of hiz koo-layed 'i wish my best freind n sis jhon johnson (AN Kawaii desu-chan desu desu-san dats u! xDDDDD ur mai bffffffffffff)waz here.' she side, when a familyer voice came behind her. 'im home' she turned a round surprized, 'j.j?! i thught meckican cartle got you hours go?' i seid wit my voice shaking may be she waz jst 1 of my vizions! 'or was i pushed?!' she cry back. i gased, 'wat?' simba stood up and peed in the indor bush (sins we poor we dnt hve toilet yet in history class my techer seid livin conditions r bad.) i gronaed, 'plz simba not nao!' i yell. simba cryed and ran out house. i sided again. 'j.j u have a scool projct due tomorow! remeber he seid he fail u if u dnt get ur act 2gether!' j.j roll her eyes 'i just sleep wit him or sumthing, its ok. lets go get dinner since mom and dad r dead and cn't cook nymore.' i hel back my flowering tears nd noded as we walked to taco bell. after ording a chalupa for simba and 4 qusadillas we gaped at price. 'we cant afford tht!' i yell at the guy working. he waz the boi in her social studies clas. n he was ugly. his name was frijole (kawuii, u feel me? ik im rollin myeyestoo) 'im sorry but price need to be given..' he responded irtatedly. 'plz my parents died.' i tryed. 'no you daddy rite here!' evryone in the room gaped, 'dad?' i said. 'yes its true' he said 'i wrap tacos now. i had to fake my dead so i could provide for th family. dus mom miss me?' he asked. 'mom got ran over by neighbers bike he was rushing 2 devierer the bred! no one savd hr an at nite the dingo came!' she yell angry. 'im going home' i yell and take tacos. we leave.

((Thats all 4 now guyz! thnx so much 4 reading. plz review, and this parts suspense ^ it not over))