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Prologue: The End, The Beginning.

"Honey! Hurry up or we're going to be late!" mom shouted from downstairs.

"I'll be right there! I just have to finish packing up my laptop!"

"Aw~ Just leave it at home. We're going on a cruise to a tropical island you know."

"Okay! Okay! I'll leave it at home." I answered while pouting my face. I grabbed the black colored canvas bag on the floor of my room and rushed downstairs. "I'm done packing!"

"What took you so long? We have to hurry up or we're going to miss the cruise ship."

"Sorry~" I said apologetically while hurrying towards the car.

"*Sigh* Alright then Makoto hurry up and put your luggage inside the trunk." dad ordered while he starts the engine of the black colored Mercedes sedan.

The name's Mikoto, Tachibana Mikoto. I'm in 3rd grade of middle school but because of my father's work as a programmer, I kindda got influenced and am now a respectable (self-proclaimed) programmer/hacker. My mom's name is Tachibana Haruka while my dad's Tachibana Gen. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that even though I may look like a girl, but I assure you that I'm 100% male. Yes, I'm a BOY. With an almost transparent white skin tone, shoulder length black hair, long bangs that sweep sideways, big and black round eyes plus the fact that I'm quite short for boys my age (I'm VERY sensitive of my height), people often mistaken me for a girl. Mom said that I was the exact splitting image of her when she was younger, which is something that I'm not very proud of. It's even more depressing when mom forces me to wear girls' clothing.

Dad just got promoted and to celebrate it, we decided to go on a cruise to a tropical island during the six week long summer break.

"Honey, how come you're not wearing the dress that I left in your room?" mom asked in a sadden tone.

"Mom! I'm a boy you know! I'll get embarrassed if I wear something frilly like that!"

"Awww~ and I thought you would look sooo cuuuteee in it." "Right darling?" she asked while looking at dad and tilting her head sideways.

"Hahaha, well I guess so." a small sweat dropped down his forehead. "Well is everyone ready? Then get in the car or we're going to be late."

"Wow~ that's one BIG ship!" I exclaimed when I saw the cruise ship that we're about to board. Even though I've seen pictures of it, seeing it right in front of me sure makes a whole lot of difference.

"Alright Mikoto that's enough admiring, we to board now or else the ship's going to leave without us." dad said while passing our luggage to the valet. After that we went to the deck of the ship to enjoy the view.

"Hey dad. This ship's not gonna sink like the Titanic is it?" I asked dad jokingly.

"Don't worry. It's built a lot sturdier than the Titanic. Well…I hope it is. At least there's no iceberg on the route that we're going so that's one less thing to worry about" he said with a wide grin on his face.

But the thing that we should have really watched out for was something much more terrifying, something more…humane.

4 hours into the journey, and out of the blue a black silhouette appeared right in front of the ships' bow.

"Hey dad! What was that?!" I rushed to the bow side of the deck to check on the black figure that was hovering mid-air. Upon closer inspection I recognized the figure being an Infinite Stratos, or IS for short. The IS was jet black. The body had an armor-like design from medieval time, the head had a full face helmet, the arms were slim and elongated and had claw-like fingers while the legs had talons. It even had a red colored cape fluttering on its back making it look like a dark knight like in one of those fantasy medieval stories. Couple that with setting sunset behind the IS, it kindda looked cool. I rummaged through my memory and I've never seen this IS design before even in The Mondo Grosso. "Hey dad! Look! It's a new IS!" I shouted joyfully not knowing the nightmare that would happen next.

Suddenly the jet black IS shot a laser from its right hand. The bridge of the ship was shot and a huge explosion occurred. Panic started to spread like wildfire among the passengers.

"Mikoto! Come here! We're going to board the life boat!" dad shouted. Fear was clearly shown on his facial expression. I ran towards mom and dad as fast as I could while the jet black IS continued to assault the cruise ship with lasers.

Ironically, just like the Titanic, the cruise ship began to split in the middle. I was thrown overboard before I even manage to board the life boat.

Thrown overboard, I grabbed the nearest debris to stay afloat. I watched in horror of the situation around me. Screams everywhere…"I don't want to die!" "Someone save me!" "Help! I'm too young to die!"

There were life boats near the sinking cruise ship, but not for long. The jet black IS started to target the life boats now that the cruise ship is sunk. One by one, the life boats was shot.

Right in front of me, the life boat that mom and dad boarded was shot. Before the life boat exploded, they both looked at me, smiling and said something but I couldn't hear with all the noise.

"MOM! DAD! NOOO!" I screamed with all my strength. Tears ran down my cheeks like rivers.

When the life boat exploded, a steel pole struck me near the heart. "Haha…so this is it huh? This is how I'm going to die? Kindda pathetic if I may say so myself" I said to myself while coughing up blood. I couldn't even feel any pain from having a 5 foot steel pole impaled near my heart because of the freezing temperature of the water and the adrenaline pumping through my whole body. My vision started to get blurry and the last thing I saw a figure hovering in mid-air. However, instead of jet black, this one was white colored and looked like a knight.

"Haha…I hope that you both beat the shit out of each other" I said in a mocking tone before passing out.

(Chifuyu's POV)

I arrived at the place where the last signal from the cruise ship could be traced. …It was a nightmarish scene. The stagnant smell of death filled the air. In the middle of it all, a jet black IS was hovering in mid-air, looking around at the carnage that it caused. I scan through the IS trying to identify the core number. I was shocked when I found out that it was unregistered. It meant that someone, someone else besides Tabane managed to create an IS core. Something that every country's top scientist and researchers can't figure out. That person must be either a genius or crazy…probably both.

"I don't care who or what you are or wherever you came from…you won'tget away with this!" I shouted angrily at the jet black IS.

It turned towards me, watching me for a few seconds before flying away into the sunset. Tch! That was soo cliché.

I was about to chase it when suddenly Tabane called me out on the intercom. "Wait! Chi-chan! I'm picking up a life sign from the wreckages!" Tabane said while pointing her finger towards the wreckages.

"Someone…is still alive?" I quickly scan through the wreckages to find the location from where the life sign originated. I rummaged through the wreckage and found a very effeminate looking boy, a pole pierced his chest near the heart. "Oi! You hear me kid?! Wake up! Don't you dare die on me!"…I'm not gonna let any more people die in this bloodbath. "Tabane! I found a boy among the wreckages. Hurry up and bring the medic here! He's still breathing but its faint so hurry up and get your ass over here ASAP!"

"Chi-chan! I'm here! Bring the boy over here!" Tabane arrived on a military helicopter. I cut the steel pole to make it shorter since I might make it worse if I tried to remove it. I carried the boy in a princess-like style towards the helicopter.

"He's condition's bad. He bleeding profusely and if I tried to remove the pole it might make it worse since it's near the heart" I said to Tabane who's watching the boy with a serious face.

"Chi-chan. Get ready to pull out the pole in his chest" Tabane said with a serious face…which is quite rare, even for her.

"Wait…what?! Pull out the pole?! Are you crazy?! Oh wait you are crazy, but never mind that! If we pull the pole out he's going to bleed even more! He might even go into cardiac arrest!" I shouted while grabbing Tabane's collar. Dammit! I'm not letting him die on me!

"Calm down Chi-chan! Even though I'm not a doctor but even I know that in his state right now, he won't last long. Call it lady luck or divine intervention but I happened to have an IS core with me right now" she said while looking at me straight into my eyes.

"An IS Core? ...Wait don't tell me that you're gonna…" I asked her with my eyes widened.

"Yes that's right…I'm going to fuse his heart with the core. It's the only way to save him"

"Are you ready Chi-chan?" I just nodded at her question while I ready my hands to pull the pole.

"3! 2! 1! Pull!" and she plunged the IS core straight into his heart right after I pulled the pole off his chest.