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It's not like she didn't have the courage to object. No, Courage was a quality that the mayor definitely did not lack. But, the look on Emma's face stopped her from making any selfish outburst. She looked happy. Happy even without the brunette and that fortified Regina's idea that this was right. Regina knew that if what she felt for the blonde was indeed love, the curse would break and nothing would come of that except heartbreak. She couldn't handle having an already mangled heart shattered once again after Emma learned the truth about her past and refused to put the sheriff through the same. She couldn't take that chance. Emma deserved someone who could make her happy without disappointment and pain.

Throughout the ceremony Regina's attention was torn between counting the rows of seats repeatedly and her son's sad gaze. His maturing face haunted her mind as she thought of what could have been. The family he could have had with her and the blonde woman, but Regina quickly pushed that notion out of her head. This was Emma's day and she wasn't going to muck it up with her self loathing. So, in a mayoral fashion, Regina stood there. She stood and listened as Granny spoke. As August said his vows. As Emma said hers. Trying hard not to imagine the declarations of love being directed towards her. Then came the "I do's." Two words that ripped the brunette's heart with each syllable.

Granny looked at the couple with smile. "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife."

She couldn't watch the kiss. It would just make the whole thing too absolute, too real. But, maybe that's what she needed. To know that even though she wanted the blonde, she couldn't have her- a security measure of sorts, but when she looked up it was over. The kiss had passed quickly and the audience was clapping a smiling. She made it through the wedding.

Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen

Today she was getting married. She couldn't help but be nervous; it was her wedding day for god's sake. Red, Marry Margret, and Ashley had finally left her alone since this thing was about to start soon and she was anxious. She was going to walk down the aisle and all eyes would be on her as she professed her love to a man that she was still unsure about. August was by no means a bad guy. He was one of Emma's closest friends after Graham's death. She could talk to him about pretty much anything and she felt comfortable around him. They had spent countless nights at Granny's talking about their misadventures among other things. They had a similar sense of humor and were both content in each other's company. Definite marriage material, but August was no Regina. He would never be. A notion the blonde had to shake out of her head in order to keep her from running out of her dressing room.

Over the past few years, the sheriff had found herself enamored with the testy mayor. She admired the Brunette's dry wit and ability to hold her own in any confrontation. She found that she enjoyed their arguments even when they became pointless quarrels. She love the way the Brunette interacted with their son, how soft Regina could be at times. A definite shift from the cold mask she puts on as "Storybrooke's Mayor." Emma had known she was smitten since that day in the shed (maybe a little before).

They sat in silence trying their best not to be found by Henry. "You're a really great mom, you know that?" Emma said honestly all while rubbing her newly exposed hands together. "Henry's such a great kid and it's because of you. You are truly amazing Regina." The blonde turned her head to face the mayor. Her brown hair fell right beneath her chin, looking ever so mayoral. It made Emma chuckle internally seeing the usually classy Mayor huddled behind a shelf in a shed, her cheeks slightly red from the fall wind, trying to best Henry in Hide and seek. Sincere green eyes met watering deep brown. Her words had moved Regina and Emma could tell the brunette was not use to showing such emotions because she quickly made to turn away, but the blonde placed her hands on Regina's cheeks and leaned in, her body instantly warming. She tasted delicious, of apples and spice.

A knock and creaking of a door interrupted the fond memory.

"You look beautiful." Mary Margret practically whispered in awe while approaching the blonde. "Just beautiful."

"Thanks, but save the tears for the ceremony." The blonde teased.

"I can't make any promises." The pixie-like woman said while putting away some of the makeup and things that were scattered about during the wedding preparation process. "I sent Henry to check on Regina and Ruby is putting some final touches on the reception area." The brunette continues as she moved about the room.

Emma's body stiffened at the mention of Regina's name. Apples and Spice.

"Emma? Hey, you ok?"

"Yeah, just a little tense. Nerves I guess."

Mary Margret approached the sheriff and put consoling hands on her shoulders. "You'll be fine. I'll be right there with you up until we reach the alter, then you've got August."

Emma gave a small somber smile "Yeah, I've got August."

Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen Swan Queen

This was finally it. She stood at the end of the aisle with Mary Margret on her arm. They walked. They walked. They walked. Then her eyes met Regina's. The brown eyes that were usually filled with such intensity almost looked defeated. Almost. Emma was probably seeing what she wanted to see. Wishful thinking. Hoping that Regina felt the same, but realizing that if she did the brunette would have affirmed it before her wedding day. Before saying yes to August. Emma smiled toward Regina, then at the rest of her bridesmaids.

Everything seemed to rush by. Granny welcoming everyone, the vows, the I do's, The kiss. Aftershave and mouthwash. She had made it through the wedding.

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