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Death is Only the Beginning

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Chapter 26:

(Bella's POV – In Jasper's Study)

I was Seething...

No, I was beyond seething...

I was in a rage at that little hussy, named Rosalie, did. Sure, I was disappointed with the others who spoke up, but Rosalie took it up and over the top. I didn't understand what her problem has been with Tami, Bree and I since we had arrived.

I was doing everything in my power to keep Enyo locked up because she wanted to rip that blond bitches head off and use it as a bowling ball. What right did she have to speak to Tami like that? What did any of them have the right to say? I could feel that Jasper was sitting in the chair leaning back just tilting his head to the side watching me. My barrier was up and he couldn't calm be down because of it bouncing off. I tried to lower it but I was so wound up that it didn't listen to me.

"Are ya goin' ta calm down?" Jasper stood and came over to me wrapping his arms around me pulling me to his chest. "Or do I hafta make ya?"

I snarled as I tried to break loose but it wasn't any good. I soon found myself on my back pinned to the bed with Jasper's teeth at my throat, snarling. I just growled back trying to move however he just sunk his teeth into my shoulder causing me to whimper and go limp. My head rolled to the side, showing my submission. I hated, but loved it, when he went dominant. It was kinda of a thrill. I felt Jasper release my neck and lick it healed. I whimpered and started a low rumble from my chest.

I smiled sadly as I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his neck. Jasper flipped us around where his back was towards the head of the bed and I was in his lap.

"Now, tell me what has ya so upset, Darlin." He told me gently as he raised my head that way he could look in my eyes.

"I cant believe they would automatically judge Tami like that." I whispered closing my eyes. "Her mother was very devout Catholic which was pushed onto Tami. I knew that Tami liked girls, but she never said anything and its hard for her to come to terms with things. That down there will no doubt wound their relationship. Tami would never purposely hurt Alice." I was shaking by the time I stopped speaking.

"Darlin', I am sorry for what they said, but they're just worried for Alice just like yer worried for Tami." He kissed my nose. "Now, come on down stairs. I think its time for Rosalie ta say what's been on her mind." He raised a brow as he got off of me.

I just pouted. "I would have rather stayed in here." I let my eyes rack over his form and I couldn't help myself from heating up at the thought of him naked.

"Later darlin'." He growled as he pulled me up to his chest capturing my lips with his.

I moaned into his mouth as my hands sought his curly blond hair to draw him closer. Jasper was purring as I wiggled against him but finally he pulled away and playfully snarled angrily at me but I just chuckled causing him to roll his as he grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs. I was rather shock to see that Edward, Bree and Seth were gone while Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were all sitting in the living room. I didn't see Tami or Alice which could only mean they were working things out.

Jasper lead me over to sit on the other love seat while the others were quiet. Rosalie looked rather pissed but her eyes were down and arms were crossed. I could tell that she had gotten into trouble. Carlisle and Esme were frowning as they looked at Rosalie but I wasn't going to get into their arguments. Emmett looked ashamed but I couldn't figure that one out other than the fact he was embarrassed by what his mate had done.

"We are waiting for Alice and Tami to get back before we speak to you." Carlisle broke the silence as he looked from Rosalie to me.

I just nodded as I glared at Rosalie. Enyo was in the back of my mind demanding that I make that blond bitch pay for what she said to my second in command. I just pushed her back and told her that we would have time for that, later. She grumbled, but agreed as she stayed in the back of my mind letting me deal with this.

It didn't take long before Alice and Tami came walking in. They were walking with Alice in front with Tami following her. I watched as Alice and Tami sat down on the other couch. They were sitting beside each other but I could tell that something was not right. I looked at Carlisle and nodded. Carlisle cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"I would like to apologize to you, Tami, for what some of us had said." His eyes were full of remorse. "It was not our place to say anything about your relationship between you and Alice."

Tami didn't say anything. I could tell that she was thinking. "The reason this is so hard for me is because my mother was devout Catholic and drilled into me that a person being romantically involved with the same sex was wrong." I could see her eyes shining with un-shed tears. "When I first realized that I liked girls, I spoke to my mother about it and she beat me until I told her that it was a demon that had possessed me."

I shivered, remembering what happened. I had heard rumors from the kids in her grade at school, but Tami never spoke about it.

"She took me to a church where the windows were blackened out. I was thrown into a room where there were four men. They stripped me and tied me to the bed naked."

I could see the wide shocked looks in everyone's eyes. I was about to move when Jasper tightened his grip on my hand, shaking his head. I sighed knowing what he meant. Alice needed to help her mate not me.

"You don't have to finish if you don't wish." Carlisle said in a soft tone. "I can only imagine what you had to endure." He shook his head. "I, too, was a man of God before I was changed. It was the only reason that I had tolerance to human blood and had only survived off animal." He looked proud for that fact.

Tami nodded and sighed clenching her eyes together. "They never touched me with their hands, but they used other things to rid me of the 'demon'." I watched as Alice moved over and took her hand, squeezing it. "It was a week before I was able to leave. Then, the only reason was because I told them the demon had left and I was free of its control. My mother then found a boy for me and told me I was to date him until I married. It didn't even last two weeks."

I felt sorry for Jasper at the moment, because of the swirling emotions that were within the room, but I knew that this story had to be told. No one knew what Tami had to go through when she lived with her mother, aside from the few occasional stories Tami had told me. My mother had told me of her mother, Susan's beliefs and I even got to witness one of her outbursts for myself. There was many times when my mother and I had almost called Social Services on her.

After the incident with her mother about her sexual preference, it was about a week later when Maria had shown up and took Tami, and then myself.

I shivered remembering the feeling of the change. It was nothing I had felt before. It was like my whole body was on fire with liquid lava that started from the inside out, the point of origin starting from my neck.

(Maria's POV: Monterrey Texas; Maria's old compound 0 which is now Enrique's)

I was watching as Enrique looked through his ranks for the perfect ones to go and scout the area where my Major and my Goddess were along with their seconds in command. Their mates, on the other hand, were going to be burned, because I couldn't afford them mated in an army. Mated couples were only concerned whether their mate was hurt, not if they needed to fight.

I snarled as I looked around and easily found a mated couple, but they were standing over to the side along with another. The mated couple were both white, but the other was a dark skinned male. I snapped my fingers to get Enrique's attention.

"Enrique?" I cooed. "Who are those three?" I batted my eyes at the man in front of me.

"That is James, his mate, and their friend." Enrique smiled as he walked up next to me. "Why do you ask?"

"They might just come in handy." I looked them over. "What is there gifts?" I looked over the two males then the female.

"The red head, Victoria, is what I call an Evader. She can get out of any situation." He nodded to her. "Her mate, James, is a very gifted tracker. He can track anything as long as he has the scent. Laurent a decent fighter. He chose this life in the South rather than being born into it."

I pursed my lips. "Call them over and let them know that they are to head north to find where exactly my missing soldiers are and how many of them there is." I told Enrique. "We need to know how many there are and what their gifts are, that way when we launch our militia to attack we will win against them. What they do not know is that a vampire must feed from humans or we become weaker." A sadistic spread across our faces as we realized that soon we would have eyes and ears up there. I knew that they went up north, but not where they settled exactly.

(3rd Person POV: Peter and Charlotte)

Peter and Charlotte were hiding in the treeline not to far from where Maria and Enrique were speaking. They were far enough away that they could not hear what was being said but they could see what was going on.

"Is that Maria speakin' to Enrique?" Charlotte pointed at the two as she whispered to her mate.

Peter nodded. "From what I know the three standin' off by themselves will be headin' up north ta find the Major and the Boss." He took his mates hand. "We'll be headin' home shortly after I find somethin' else out. Right now, I need ta call the Major." He told his mate as he let her hand go after one final reassuring squeeze then grabbed his cell phone.

It didn't take long before Jasper answered. "Hello?"

Peter cringed knowing that what ever was happening was not good. "Hey Major." Peter looked at Charlotte who was staring attentively onto the gathering below.

"What do you have for me?" Jasper asked his voice low and gruff.

"I see three from Enrique's group." Peter told him moving to get a better look. "Two males an' one female. The female has bright red hair. The two males are white and black, race wise. The white male looks like a tracker of some kind. The female has somethin' off about her. I don't know if the black male has any gifts as my 'knower' ain't tellin' me nothin', but I can tell that at least two a the three do. Charlotte an' I will also be joinin' ya soon."

"Thanks for the update." Jasper paused for a moment. "Also, be careful. You know how Maria get's when she is wantin' somethin'. Call when yer on yer way, but til then, be careful."

The phone was disconnected, so Peter closed his phone and slid it into his back pocket.

Moving up next to Charlotte, he grabbed her hand and lead her back to the ranch house. They would need to pack some things before they take off. Peter also had something he needed to make sure of. He had a feeling that he needed to check out at Tami's house for something. He knew that neither girl had anything that was from their lives before the change. Well, Lil' Bit might, but Tami wouldn't.


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