hope you like it first harry potter fic aria is going to be a common oc in my stories

Aria pov

I was in the the greenhouse with Professer Sprout helping her plant seeds . When the toad walks in"Professer Sprout time for your evaluation"Professer Sprout stares at her for a moment"I am quite busy with the seedlings"

Professer umbridge narrows her eyes before putting her fake smile back on"that will do just fine make them grow"Professer Sprout lookks outraged"it is not that simple" i have to help her i thought to myself

"dont' be modest Professer show her what you can do"I say as i place my hand on two of the pots she walks towards me and see the faint gree glow my hand left on the pots.

"As you wish"Professer Sprout looks to Umbridge then back to the plants with a wave of her hand bloom i commanded in my head i watched as the plants obeyed Umbridge watched curiously

"I suppose that will do" i watched as the toad turned heel and walked out Professer Sprot stares at the door for a

moment before looking at me"how did you do that" she ask still gawking at me"it helps is your mom is part nymph"i say smiling at her i lok back to the doorway and see draco goons following luna "i have to go Professer'I dash out of the room I usaully make sure the slytherins don't mess with her

they're about to fall into my trap i look to the plants i placed on one of the rafters yesterday they trip as thhe vines grab thier feet

luna turns to see the boys on the ground she skips towards me

"hello"i smile at her "are you part nymph"i nod"i see thats why you can control plants right"i nod agian she before turning back she goes skipping away iturn to walk back to the dorms when i come face to face with draco

"why if it isn't little Aria "draco smirks at me i roll my eyes"attacking fellow slytherins agian"i smirk at him

"only when they deserve it" i say walking away

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