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We all looked up at the sky as the two slowly took pieces of each other off. All of us remember how things use to be. We remembered the days that Naruto and Sasuke would fight in childish arguments and it would never get very serious, because the next day they would be over it and team seven would be off again. But things were no longer like that. I keep having memories of us as team seven rushing in my head and then the memories of Naruto and me chasing Sasuke down. I remember the day we finally caught up with him. I remember my heart pounding, I remember the shock of how much he had grown going through me, and then I remembered his cold look and demeanor. I could never forget it. I remembered the day I wanted to take his life with my own hands because I felt the need to and Naruto came in time to save the day like he always did.

This time though, I knew that Naruto would be lucky if he did save the day without dying. I remember Naruto saying that they were both at the same strength level and that if they fought it meant they would both die. I hope he had been bluffing. They were covered in blood and breathing hard but neither of them would stop. It was not like that day so many years ago when I was rushing to stop them and Kakashi was the one to do so. He wasn't strong enough to do that now. Naruto was the only one that could bring Sasuke back; he was the only one that could stop them. I felt the tears rolling down my face and I didn't want to see what would happen next.

"Nartuo is going to die if this keeps up!" Kiba yelled baring his teeth his hand resting on Akamaru's head.

I didn't turn my head from the battle, but I replied. "Naruto knows that. He knew that going into this battle. He doesn't care. If he has to kill Sasuke to bring him home he will, and if he has to die for that to happen he will. Naruto would give his life for any of us, but Sasuke is the one he would give his life for because he made a stupid choice. Sasuke is the only one that Naruto would have gone after like this. He is not blind." I felt my throat choke up. I heard Hinata crying beside me and I put my arm around her not really knowing what to say, but I understood how she felt. Naruto might have felt like my brother but Sasuke had never been that way for me, he had always been much more to me. I knew Hinata did not want to face a life without Naruto and I didn't want to face one without Sasuke.

"Who knew things would have turned out like this?" Kakashi asked

"No one." Gara said.

"I've never seen anything like this." Rock Lee followed every move the two made.

"There has been so many deaths…but this…this is just , somehow this is more painful than knowing they're dead. Its like Naruto is giving Sasuke his whole heart and fighting to show him what his friendship means but Sasuke is just wanting to kill. I don't understand how things could have gone so wrong. I don't understand how things could end like this. Someone has to stop them…" Ino's voice shook as tears rolled down her face.

"No one can stop them. This has to be done, and I would have to say that this time, Naruto would throw anyone out of his way." I said.

No one would have ever guessed that Naruto would have grown up to be the one to save the village so many times and no one would have guessed that he would have fought his heart out for anyone else. Naruto had come so far in so few years. Sasuke too. Sasuke had the power that no one but Naruto could take on. If Naruto did not stop him I knew that everyone in this village was going to die. No amount of pleading would stop him. Everyone else had known that for the longest time and had asked us why we kept on, but it was because even now we could see the old Sasuke in there somewhere. We know it. Naruto, Kakashi, and I know it.

My eyes open wide with shock as Naruto falls from the sky. Sage mode was gone and he was falling. My hear t fell. Everyone seemed to freeze. My eyes turned to Sasuke who had a smirk, a cold smirk on his face. I clamp my teeth together still looking at the man I loved, and I started to move.

"Cover me!" I barked as I start to move for Naruto's falling body. I caught him jumping as the others sounded me. Quickly I put my hands on Naruto's chest and healed. I knew he wasn't dead.

Sasuke started to laugh. "You think the rest of you can stop me? I have to admit Sakura that's pretty damn cute." It was the coldest comment coming from him.

I did not let fear, love, or sadness show in my eyes as I glared at him. "You will not win. You may have forgotten but once a team always a team, and team seven will stop you Sasuke." Naruto's breathing became normal again.

"Sa-Sakura?" I heard him say.

"Lay still, I need to heal you so you can get back up there." He didn't argue he laid still and I continued to heal.

"You won't get the chance." Sasuke said as he approached me and the group around me.

Kakashi stepped in front of us. Sasuke smirked again. "Oh this is just getting better."

"You're not the only one that has been training Sasuke. An old dog can be taught new tricks after all."

Naruto began to move as he saw our teacher putting his life in danger. "No." He managed to speak.

"Stay still. If you don't you can't fight, and right now we need you to fight Naruto. Let Kakashi take over for right now. Give me five minutes and you'll be fine again."

We turned our heads to watch Kakashi and Sasuke. I prayed that somehow Kakashi could hold him off long enough for me to heal Naruto. Five minutes, just five minutes.