Kindred Spirits

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Stirring from his slumber, Shinya catches a glimpse of Yayoi's gently arching spine and touches it, a fingertip lightly grazing ashen skin. Yayoi dislikes leaving the lights open, especially during the nights when Shinya opts to stay over and do a series of more or less entertaining things together. He chuckles faintly as he rolls to the side, waking Yayoi in the process.

She wrinkles her nose as she sweeps stray strands of hair from her face and then Shinya helps her, capturing her cheeks in his warm hands. Still rather groggy, she brushes him off and a faint ghost of a frown settles on his lips, prompting an apology from her part. She stretches a free arm while the other pins the blanket to her chest as she was still naked, no doubt from the playing they had done hours prior.

"Sugar or no sugar?" Shinya asks as he takes his pants from the floor and dresses himself while he makes his way into the kitchenette, Yayoi still in his earshot. Tying her long tresses to a ponytail, she follows suit after draping an over-sized T-shirt over her lithe frame. She revels in the mingling scent of Shinya's sweat and perfume as she enters the adjoining room in full strides.

While whisking a few eggs in a bowl, Shinya couldn't help but laugh as the sleeves seemingly eat Yayoi's arm like hungry gluttons. "What did I tell you about wearing others' clothes?" He resumes prepping the food as he chops some onion chives and then proceeds to the fridge to let a few pieces of meat thaw out. She huffs and crosses her legs in plain view, anger not entirely overwhelming the urge to be a tease.

"Don't laugh at me like that, alright?" Yayoi protests but the mischievous glint in her eyes reveal a far different agenda. A beauty in her full height, she strolls onto the hot stove and wraps Shinya in an embrace as she takes in the whiff of sizzling porkchops. "This smells good."

Shinya mutters a thanks as Yayoi withdraws, gaze still intent on the frying pan. "I got the recipe from the cookbook on top of your desk," he admits, and it is now her turn to throw in some punches.

"Hm, curiosity killed the cat." She smiles, one of those rarities that never cease to amaze Shinya.

"I am but a hound." Shinya jokes and she responds by lifting an elegant brow at him. "Statement overruled."

She strikes, kissing him by the crook of his neck. "So am I." She disappears and the soft buzz from the television set fills the atmosphere.

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