Title: Splintered

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Pairing: Jack/Jamie

Rating: M


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Jamie felt the wind whipping chaotically at his hair as he fluttered his eyes open, immediately turning his head inward as the cold wind sliced at his face. His cheek pressed up against something soft, his face instantly cooling. Jamie found himself cradled in Jack's arms, the boy's body pressed tightly against him. They were flying hundreds of feet above the ground, the forest long gone behind them.

"Hey sleepy head," Jack quietly greeted him, a smile forming along his lips. "Have any nice dreams?"

Despite feeling terribly lethargic, Jamie stiffened in Jack's hold. He could tell that Jack was teasing him just by his tone alone. The elder merely snickered at the human's reaction.

"Did I say anything weird?" Jamie asked tepidly, his voice slow and tired. He sounded exasperated, but his throat was just really, really sore. Jack only answered him with a feral grin. The rest of the flight remained silent between them, the sound of the wind keeping them company. Jamie eventually turned his head away from Jack's chest and stared ahead of them, reprieve flooding through his body when he saw the town coming into view. They flew over houses with frosted roofs and sailed over empty streets, the quietness between them relaxing and comfortable. Jamie looked down at the houses, their lights turned off. Everyone was at home snuggled in their beds and sleeping the night away. Jamie ached to be back in his bed warm under the covers. He felt so cold, and Jack wasn't making it any better.

Jamie didn't realize he had nodded until he heard Jack call his name again, the spirit's icy fingers prodding at his sides. Jamie cracked his eyes open and found himself staring up at Jack, who was looking down at him with a half-hearted grin. In that instant, Jamie realized just how old Jack really was. Sapphire eyes that usually looked so feisty and animated now looked ancient and jaded, burdened with the weight of living a life where your existence generally went unnoticed. Jack's arms were wrapped around his back and underneath his knees, like a prince carrying the princess who was stupid enough to go walking over a frozen pond alone. Jamie looked around him. They were in his room safe and warm, the lamp on his bedside drawer providing enough light for Jack to maneuver around in. Though the lamp was dim, it cast a warm glow about the room that looked all too tempting.

"Can you stand?" Jack asked in a lowered voice, jostling Jamie a bit when the teen merely yawned in response. Jamie didn't think he could stand on his own just yet, but he nodded anyway. Jack didn't buy it. "You little liar. Into the chair you go."

"Okay," Jamie sleepily responded. His eyes were still groggy, and though the water in his clothes irritated him and made him want to sink to the floor and curl into a little ball, he forced himself to remain awake. Jamie groggily watched as Jack raced about his room, plunging hands into drawers and closets and dressers. He realized Jack was preparing a set of warm clothes for him. He smiled at the thought.

"It's freezing," Jamie said before he could think. He wriggled his toes in his shoes, grimacing at the way his wet socks stuck to his skin. Jack flew over to him, a heap of clothing in his arms. He floated down until the tips of his bare toes touched the wooden floorboards.

"Need help getting changed?" Jack asked, just a little breathless. Even though Jamie was fine, a little cold and weak but fine nonetheless, he could tell that Jack was still worked up. Jack kept on hovering sporadically in the air even though he was well capable of standing on his feet; his eyes darted here and there and never seemed to focus on Jamie for more than a few seconds. He looked restless and Jamie had half the mind to tell him to go away and make a few rounds around the city until he calmed himself down. Instead of doing that though, because he was just a tad bit selfish, Jamie slumped in his seat and turned his head to the side, his face flushing. He nodded softly.

Jack didn't waste any time. He first started with Jamie's boots. Jack quickly worked at the mess of laces, finally untethering and pulling them off, tossing the shoes aside by the foot of the bed. His socks were then peeled off and thrown somewhere across the room, earning a protest from Jamie.

"At least put them in the hamper!" Jamie said with a gruff voice, his throat phlegmy. He sounded like he had a cold.

"I see you still have the energy to chew me out huh," Jack shook his head with a tsk.

Jamie sucked in his stomach when cold, deft fingers suddenly worked at the zipper of his jeans. He hadn't expected Jack to be this quick about it. He pressed himself into his seat, ignoring the way his stomach fluttered whenever Jack's knuckles would brush against his lower abdomen. His water-sodden pants were pulled down his legs and eventually shimmied off him completely, leaving his bottom half in nothing but soggy boxers. A pair of clean, dry boxers was thrown at his face, and Jamie scoffed.

"You may wanna' do this one yourself kid," Jack said with a smirk. He quickly whirled himself around, his back facing Jamie. The human removed the pair of clean boxers from his face, thankful that Jack couldn't see how red his face was. He slowly went about removing his wet boxers, his fingers shaking and twitching as he pulled the new ones on.

"All done!" Jamie called out. Jack turned around and hovered closer, holding out a pair of black cotton pajama pants. Jamie snatched them from his hands and wriggled into them, tying the drawstring tight. When Jamie looked up again, he found Jack smiling cheekily at him, holding out a bright green t-shirt with a cat's face on the front. Jamie blanched.

"No!" he whined, turning his head away. "Get it away from me, it's diseased." He tried pushing the shirt away from him, but Jack only grabbed at his wrist.

"Come on, your aunt would be so disappointed!" the Guardian teased, dangling the garment above the human's head.

"Is this how you treat someone who nearly drowned?" Jamie said with a withered huff, looking elsewhere. When he didn't get a response, he anchored his eyes on Jack once more and found that the grin he'd been sporting had entirely vanished. Jack's expression was solemn and grave, as if his features had been carved into solid stone. Jack made no move to acknowledge what Jamie said and instead motioned for the boy to pull of his coat and damp night shirt.

A little shaken, Jamie tried and failed in unhooking the front of his coat, his fingers trembling from both the cold and Jack's odd behavior. When he grew frustrated and started cursing under his breath, his fingers were gently pushed away. Jack was kneeling in front of him, carefully unhooking each and every strap until his coat was fully opened. The coat was then pushed away and shrugged off his shoulders, the wet thing pooling around his waist. Jack tugged at it and let it plop to the floor.

"I'm sorry."

Jack drew away, one fine brow arching in confusion.

"I said something weird, didn't I?" Jamie went on, slipping his fingers underneath the hem of his shirt and beginning to tug. "I shouldn't have said that." Jamie widened his eyes when Jack's fingers suddenly met his own, stopping the boy from his pulling his shirt any further. Jack's digits were icy cold, and with the wet shirt clinging to his skin, Jamie couldn't help the shivers that wracked his body. He could practically feel the frost emanating from Jack.

Shooing Jamie's hands away, Jack took the reins again and continued what the human started. He carefully peeled the rest of the garment off, his knuckles brushing Jamie's sides as his hands traveled upward. The younger boy sucked in a breath, wincing whenever Jack's hands managed to brush against his skin. His sides were especially sensitive and felt tingly all over. When Jack finally pulled the rest of the shirt off and tossed it away with the rest, both boys just sat and stared at one another. It was like they were having one of those staring contests they always used to have back in the day, when Jack would cheat and slap his hands centimeters away from Jamie's face just so he could lose. It was sort of unnerving, but Jamie kept at it.

Jamie was surprised when Jack was the one who broke the stare. Blue eyes were staring elsewhere, just a bit lower than his face. It took a while for Jamie to notice that Jack was staring at his bare chest, and on a lesser note, to realize that he still had no shirt on. Jamie tilted his head down and looked at his own chest, his lips parting when he took in the site of his skin. His skin was extremely pale and white, a color that he was only used to seeing on Jack. Spidery purple veins spun a web across his chest, showing through his skin like discolored scars.

He didn't move when Jack suddenly extended his hand, didn't flinch when cold digits pressed affectionately against his skin, fingers tracing the veiny patterns that bloomed across his chest. From his collar bone to his navel, Jack brushed every inch of his torso, leaving a cold trail across the expanse of Jamie's skin. The human trembled, the temperature in his body dropping as Jack continued to touch him, his stomach quivering when Jack circled his navel. Though his body felt frozen, his cheeks felt warm with blood. He didn't know why Jack was suddenly touching him like this, but his actions weren't unwelcome. Despite the cold, Jack's touch felt wonderful.

Jamie closed his eyes when Jack's fingers headed upwards still, cupping Jamie's cheek in the palm of his hand. Fingers gently stroked his eyelids, brushed away strands of damp hair from his forehead, and trailed across the bridge of nose.

Arms wrapped themselves around his naked torso, forcing a gasp to escape his mouth as his skin crackled against Jack's cold exterior. Jamie was pulled up into a tight embrace, his knees wobbly and unstable as Jack rested his chin in the groove of the boy's shoulder. Jamie could feel the Guardian's hands at his lower back.

"What are we doing?" Jamie whispered, his voice muffled against the elder's chest. He too found himself embracing back, his fingers gouging into the fabric of Jack's sweater. Their closeness was something he never knew he craved. It felt nice to have another body beside him besides his family. This was totally different from when Sophie hugged him when he poured her favorite sugary cereal for her, or when his mother hugged him before going to school. He'd never received intimacy from someone other than his family. He liked this. He really, really liked this and having Jack so close made his heart beat just a little bit faster.

"I don't really know myself," Jack whispered back, his breath tickling the nape of Jamie's neck. Jack pulled away, softly nudging the side of Jamie's face with his hand. "But is it okay?"

Jamie took a moment to think the question over, weighing it around in his mind. He liked this. He liked Jack touching him, he liked his uniquely cold hugs, and if there was anything he liked more than all that was that Jack was the one doing this all to him. Jack: his best friend, his bro, his Guardian.

"Of course," he responded breathily, resting his cheek against Jack's collar. "Yeah." His arms tightened around the taller boy's waist, fingers clasping together behind Jack's back. He bit back a tremble. "But I'm super cold."

"Hold up," Jack answered, pulling away from Jamie's hold. He had a warm smile on his face that seemed to ignite everything around him. Jack was radiantly happy and that only served to make Jamie a little bashful.

Jamie found himself being tugged slowly towards his bed, Jack depositing him on the sheets. Jack then went about rummaging through Jamie's far closet, pulling out a big old blue comforter. He threw the whole thing over Jamie, the thick blanket covering his entire body. The boy sputtered a bit as he tried to pull it off his head. In no time, the comforter trapped whatever remaining heat Jamie had in his body and engulfed him in warmth. His toes defrosted and his legs felt as if they had turned to jelly. He ran his fingers down his sides, letting out a tiny breath and a sigh of relief. He felt so good inside. He didn't notice Jack hovering by the side of the bed, looking down at him a little tentatively.

Jamie peered over at his Guardian, poking his head out from beneath the covers. He smiled lazily up at Jack, patting the space beside him. Jack looked as if he were about to protest, but Jamie only shook his head and patted the space again. Jack had saved him; he deserved a little cuddling as a reward.

Jack landed on the ground and slowly drew the covers up, sliding his body inside and letting the blanket fall over him. Jamie had ducked beneath the covers and wrapped himself around them, inhaling deeply when Jack's body nestled against him. Though they were under the blankets, Jamie could still feel a little bit of coldness radiating from Jack.

"You know, we never really did build a fort when you were smaller," Jack mentioned, turning his body so that he lay on his side facing Jamie. The human followed suit, both of the boys facing each other.

"I used to build them with dad before Sophie was born," Jamie replied in a hushed voice. "They're not all they're cracked up to be." He smiled a toothy smile. Jack scooted closer, closing the space between them. Jamie could see white puffs of breath escape from Jack's mouth as he parted his lips to speak.

"You scared me back there Jamie," Jack began, huddling closer. Jamie could feel Jack's knees press against his, the spirit's fingers seeking his own. They clasped their hands together, hot and cold melded into one.

"How did you know?" Jamie murmured, tightening his grip. If Jack hadn't been there, he would've been long gone by now. His parents would have called the police and a search and rescue party would have been deployed…and they would've found his frozen, lifeless body at the bottom of a dreary pond.

"I felt it," Jack responded strongly, rubbing the pad of his thumb over a knuckle. He stared at Jamie's fingers, turning over the boy's hand in his palm. "I've only ever had that feeling once. I knew something was up."

Jamie, of his own will, scooted closer and closed the remaining distance, snuggling against Jack's chest. He would often do this when he was little, usually after a bad nightmare. Jack would be off wandering off in Burgess, getting into trouble and causing mischief, but as soon as Jamie uttered his name, Jack would be there in a heartbeat. He would either draw on Jamie's frosty windows and make the drawings come to life around him, or he would stand watch by his bed until he fell asleep again, all the while stroking his hair.

"You saved me," Jamie mouthed against Jack. The elder tightened his old on Jamie's hand. "I remember letting go Jack. I remember swallowing all that water, and it hurt. It was the worst pain I've ever felt, and then I felt pressure inside me and I-."

He felt ice at his lips. His eyes widened as images of water and chunks of floating ice darted across his vision, but when he thought about it some more and realized it was just Jack, just his lips pressed against his own, he calmed down. He kissed back, their lips lazily moving together. He tried his best to keep from hissing when Jack's free hand gripped at his waist, pressing him closer. Jack's fingers danced along the soft skin of Jamie's hips, gripping tighter and tighter as the kiss grew more passionate. Jack nipped at the boy's mouth, pressing small kisses to the places his teeth had grazed. Jamie was being kissed over and over again, barely getting enough time to catch a breath as Jack's hands settled underneath him at his lower back. The human's breath hitched when a cold tongue licked along his bottom lip, the appendage slipping inside as he parted his lips welcomingly, Jack's tongue roaming through the warm wetness of his mouth. Jack immediately pulled back, breath heavy and eyes lidded.

"Woah, sorry," he breathed, brushing Jamie's hair back with his fingers. "I got a little carried away."

Jamie laughed weakly, his cheeks flushing pink as his chest heaved. "Does it look like I mind?"

Jack glanced him over. It certainly didn't look like he minded at all. Jamie's face was ringed with a messy halo of hair that stuck about in all directions, his cheeks red and lips a little swollen and bruised. For the most part, he looked blissed out, if a little out of breath. Jack raised himself on his arms, staring down at his charge. He whistled softly, cobalt eyes bright and vibrant as a stream of crystals and delicate snowflakes glittered down over Jamie's chest. The boy laughed.

"I wish you were around more often during the summer, we could use an air-conditioner," Jamie grinned, earning a weak glare from Jack. The winter spirit smirked, suddenly draping himself over the boy, planting his knees on either side of Jamie's waist.

"Pfft," Jack rolled his eyes, pressing his forehead against the teen's. He placed his lips against the boy's eyelids, kissing over his nose and down one cheek, hovering an inch above Jamie's mouth as he breathed. Jamie made to close the distance, but Jack merely pulled away and traveled his lips lower, tracing at the shell of the human's ear and down the nape of his neck.

He kissed along his Adam's apple, nicking the skin with his teeth and pressing open mouthed kisses along the raised flesh. Jack lapped at the skin there, pressing Jamie further into the bed, one hand tangled with Jamie's and the other cradling his face. The human turned his head to the side, gasping every once in a while at a particularly hard suck. Jack was leeching off him and it felt entirely too good.

"Ahh," Jamie whimpered, fingers clutching at the sheets beneath him. Jamie's toes were curling into the covers, Jack's body heavy against his own. Jack left a final tender peck at his neck, withdrawing from Jamie altogether. His grin was too wide for his face.

"What does this mean?" Jamie voiced, his tone a little bit eager. To be truthful, he was highly anticipating Jack's response. Whatever he said would make it or break it.

"Whatever you want it to mean," Jack supplied, waving his hand in the air for dramatic effect. He looked down at Jamie, face turning stern. "You call the shots here. Whatever you say, goes. But before you go asking me what I want, because I know you're gonna' do that." Jack pointed a finger at the other, and Jamie huffed. "I kinda' actually like you, kiddo. No lie. I really, really like you. The kind of like between two people who've known each other for a while and stuff builds up and…"

Jack trailed off into a smile, Jamie's infectious grin making it hard to focus on anything else.

"I love you," Jamie quipped, and Jack let out a puff of frost from his mouth. The Guardian shook his head, laughing through his nose. He leaned down and scooped Jamie into his arms, kissing him softly.

"Love you too," he mouthed against his lips.

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