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Somewhere below Hogwarts:

Black spots swam across Alyse Potter's vision as her head slammed against the cold stone floor of the chamber, blinding pain erupting from her arm. Flinching, Alyse yanked her arm to her side, instinctually clinging to the sword of Gryffindor. The steel made a wet rasping sound as she withdrew, a dull echoing boom sounded throughout the chamber as the basilisk fell dead, the crushing weight of its head landing heavily on her right leg.

Luck was running out, this was the end of the adventure, Alyse was dying. Blood was pooling at the back of her head from where she struck the stone floor. A stabbing pain lanced down Alyse's side with every breath she drew, three ribs were broken with suspected internal damage, one rib punctured her skin and robe at an odd angle. The right leg was broken in three places. Finally the fatal venom of the Basilisk was slowly seeping through her veins from where the tooth had punctured her arm, when the sword drove up through the snakes mouth into its brain. Alyse was as good as dead, and she knew it.

It was all for nothing Alyse reflected as her head rolled limply to right, tuning out the ghostly drawl of Tom Riddles voice, surely bragging his victory. Ginny was not far away, maybe eight feet still unmoving, doomed to die in the chamber, the diary siting in the middle between the two. Tom, squatting on the other side of Ginny smiling triumphantly at Alyse as he monologged. Alyse had failed her, the rescue mission had all spiralled down hill after Tom had gotten her wand. The snake emerged and Fawkes had given her a sword, a bloody sword she thought bitterly. Alyse had never used one and to only make things worse, she was naturally clumsy, the fight was over within seconds.

Alyse had managed to dodge its first strike, but the scaly tail had clipped her hard across stomach launching her through the air down the center of the chamber, only clinging to sword out of fear and instinct. The Basilisk had already rounded on her to strike again before she had hit the ground, luck killed the Basilisk. As she neared the ground, the basilisks own strike impaled its head on the sword in Alyse's outstretched arm, the momentum smashing her into the ground and driving the fang into her arm.

It was almost over, Alyse wished it eagerly as her broken body painfully clung to the last seconds of life. Soon she would be reunited with her parents. It might have been instinct, or the dopey effect the venom was having on her mind. In a fluid motion, Alyse flung her arm numbly with the sword, cutting the small leather diary like butter in half, thick black ink poured out of the cut. Tom screamed wordlessly, exploding, Alyse thought amused despite the seriousness of the situation. Turning her head back to the ceiling, Alyse closed her eyes briefly, praying with each painful, laboured breath that she didn't exist. She could feel it, death was close now. Eyes beginning to tear, Alyse opened her eyes slowly, Fawkes entered her vision above her, singing a sad calming lament, its flaps slowing, and suddenly Fawkes was suspended, frozen in mid air.

The chamber was silent, no more dripping of water, no more song from Fawkes, and Ginny's soft breathing had seised. Confused Alyse painfully turned her head to the left, and gasped painfully, her eyes widening in horror, she was truly dead. Death in the darkest of black robes stood not five feet away, leaning on his scythe, his skeletal hands cradling his ancient weapon.

" No, you are not dead Alyse." Death began dramatically, his voice drifting out from under the dark hood completely covering his face. "Yet. You are but one-second away from death, the world has paused you could say."

Alyse cringed as his voice rasped, unable to look away transfixed. " You never had a chance, you are too weak." Death's words seemed to laugh, each word landing a crushing blow to Alyse. "but you do not know what you were supposed to do, do you?"

Alyse weakly shook her head a fraction. "Dumbledore." Death continued bitterly at Alyse confirmation. "A prophecy was made not long before Voldemort fell, essentially naming you as the one destined to kill him. Asking much of one so young, perhaps if you had been male...nah that probably wouldn't have made a difference." Extending a skeletal hand, a blue orb no bigger than a thumb shot out of deaths hand, its erie blue glow lit the chamber brilliantly giving off aura of calm that allowed Alyse to relax for the first time since death had arrived. The pulsing the blue light floated to Alyse entering the hole where the Basilisk's fang had punctured her arm. Alyse hissed in pain as it entered her flesh, the venom felt alive again, searing as hot as it had before.

"You cannot die yet Alyse, you need to defeat Voldemort." Death began again kneeling next to Alyse's left side, his scythe loosely clasped in his hands in front of him. " Voldemort, or Tom Riddle as you learned this evening fears me. Tom fears Death. In his pursuit to escape me he has committed an atrocity of magic to tether his soul to your world." Death voice rose, struggling to contain the anger evident in his voice.

"Tom made Horcruxes, small peaces of his soul which he separated from the whole by murdering people. He boasted he mastered death, that he TOM RIDDLE conquered DEATH!" Death screamed outraged, his hands clenching his scythe. "How dare he a mortal, claim that title over me, no soul has ever escaped me."

" One foul piece of soul was attached to you accidentally the night he failed to kill you, thankfully that is gone, the Basilisk venom saw to its destruction." Alyse clenched her teeth trying not to scream from the pain the orb was causing, looking down at her arm she could see the venom seeping back out of the wound onto the floor, death was saving her? " The diary was another, but you saw to its end as well. To defeat Tom and truly kill him you must destroy all the horcruxes first, only then can I clam his soul and show that basterd what it means to cross death!" Death finished passionately, his voice dropping to a low whisper.

" However, you are clearly out matched...whats the point? There is no way for you to learn what you must in time to defeat him. All saving you now is doing is arranging us to meet again later, you are doomed to fail." Death said more to himself than Alyse looking down at his feet, allowing the conversation to drift into silence, answering Alyse's unspoken question.

Each sentence landed like a hammer blow, Alyse inwardly cringed learning what she must do, and Deaths own assessment that she was incapable of success. Fate it seemed had destined Alyse to fail, she had never had a chance to have a normal life, she was to die at the hands of a murderer. Never to know love, have a family, grow old with someone. It seemed so impossibly unfair that after all she went through loosing her parents, and winding up with the Dursleys that she never even got a chance at life. Fated to cross paths with a mad man and lose, Alyse couldn't help but curse her luck but, it was not over yet, she was still alive, and death was healing her! Alyse felt excitement building in her chest as she realized, that she may not be strong enough alone but knelling next to her was a being strong enough to help her fight him.

" Then help me." Alyse managed to choke out, finding strength as the last of the silvery venom flowed out of her arm, clean red blood washing the venom off her skin. Looking back at Death, who had looked up from the floor, Alyse began again, fighting to half sit up from the stone floor to better look into the depths of Death's hood, finding resolve she didn't know she had. Every inch Alyse struggled through pain, her broken ribs, and broken leg protested to her movement. The Basilisk's massive head that had crushed her leg was still laying on top of her. "I am willing to fight him, help me! We have a common enemy, I want him just as dead as you do for what he did to my family, we are allies in this fight, but as we saw tonight I cannot do this alone. Help me." Alyse finished begging, her green eyes boring into the seemingly empty hood of dead where she assumed his eyes would be.

For what seemed like minutes the two stared at each other, Death slowly fidgeting with his scythe, rotating the blade in slow consistent circles above his head. Final Death spoke again in a soft rasp, almost gentle. " I cannot help."

The three words crushed all the hope Alyse had left, her eyes began to tear again as she realized it was over, there would be no victory, the inevitable had only been delayed. How many friends would she have to watch die, how many would she loose before the end. " It is forbidden, I am only able to influence, and direct others to cause death. I cannot physically have a hand in their death, it against the rules of those who bestowed this responsibility to me so many years ago."

The conversation lapsed into silence, death kneeling like a statue, still staring at Alyse. Alyse eased back to the stone floor, looking back to the frozen Fawkes above her, she could feel her body healing, getting stronger again. It would be better to die now, Alyse thought morbidly, to go through all the pain again only to lose, the very thought tempted insanity. Panic crashed down on Alyse as she thought of someday fighting the faceless killer of her parents, knowing she would lose. A tingling in her arm drew Alyse from her dark thoughts, slowly the pulsing blue orb exited her arm again. The calming presence again radiated outwards from the orb, Alyse found herself unable to fret as it hovered above her arm.

Standing, death dramatically reached a skeletal hand to recollect the orb, the calming presence disappearing as the orb absorbed back into his bones." I cannot help you, but I can send one who can." His voice rich with determined excitement, pointing his scythe one handedly at Alyse. " Promise to help me end him, to fight till your last breath, and we will see the death of the fuck Voldemort! Your aid will be a mortal like yourself, not a god to any extent, but he will keep you alive. I've sent help from his world once before, oh so long ago."

Again, Alyse fought to half sit up, tears of relief brimmed in her eyes, help was coming. She didn't trust herself to speak, as the happy tears threatened to gush over. Simply nodding Alyse, propped herself on her left hand, reaching across her body right to sake hands with Death.

The gesture seemed to momentarily stun Death for a moment, shaking himself out of his trance Death chuckled darkly, " Its widely believed that my touch is instant death." His laughter increased as Alyse's eyes popped wide with fear at her mistake. Closing the gap Death grabbed her soft hand in his own skeletal hand in a firm shake. "Myth." He said dramatically after a pause releasing her hand.

"Rest Alyse, the world is about to begin again. Fawkes will take care of the rest of your injuries, and get you out of here. I have given you a strong natural ability in occlumency to keep Dumbledore from seeing in your mind our visit. It is not safe to tell anyone about meeting me until help arrives, they will suspect madness and you'll wind up in Saint Mungo's long term ward before the weeks out."

Standing straight Death slung his reaper over his right shoulder, like a solider would carry a musket. "This is a gift Alyse. Only the fifth gift I have ever given, not counting the saving your life, and the most honestly given out of all of them. The others were to bring their souls back to me, when they cheated me, unlike their gifts I give yours in hope you live, rather than to insure your death."

"In this battle we fight together Alyse, but this will be my only interference. If you die again I will accept your soul gladly and send you on the journey beyond. One should only die once, I have some remorse, I will only let you die twice, even if it means letting a mortal escape me. Any more risks madness, take care of yourself Alyse I hope to not see you for many years." Turning on his heel Death started to walk away, muttering as he slowly faded away and left.

Laying back down Alyse sighed with relief, as Fawkes wings started moving slowly, and in an exaggerated blink the world returned to motion. Still singing his sad song, Fawkes landed on the toothy head of the Basilisk, lifting it up off of Alyse's body. Dropping the head to the floor Fawkes landed near her arm, its healing tears splashing over the puncture holes. Alyse's arm itched as the holes healed and the pain subsided in her arm.

"Damm." Alyse muttered looking down at the rest of her body, her rib still protruded painfully from her chest, and her right leg was still lying at an awkward angle, its seems even Phoenix tear only did so much.

"A...Alyse?" Ginny's panicked voice startled Alyse from her musings, Ginny had snuck up while she had been watching Fawkes work. " Is...Is... it dead?" Ginny managed to shudder as she knelt next to Alyse, her eyes never leaving the Basilisk.

"Yes." Alyse replied, finally drawing Ginny's attention from the beast.

"Bloody merlin Alyse! Are you alright?" Ginny cursed, her small hands shaking as they hovered over Alyse's body. "Oh no this is all my fault, you shouldn't have come after me. I mean thank you, I would be dead now, but now your going to die, and I'm going to be expelled and ...and..." Ginny rattled off at impressive speed, her breathing become laboured as she began to hyperventilate.

"Gin. Gin!" Alyse interrupted her, giving her a warm smile, relieved Ginny was alive. "I'm going to live. Just a little banged up Gin." Alyse finished lamely.

"Just a little banged up!" Ginny repeated sarcastically, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder, fighting a grin at Alyse attempted humour.