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Alyse gasped as Brigman drew a sword from the wooden shield, it was similar size to Eragon's with a shorter hilt, and advanced back towards him. It was hard to tell his facial expression from under his helm, wether Brigman was mad or Embarrassed. However, his hostile body language, slow calculated advance, and Eragon getting into a ready position for the first time since the demonstration started, quickly convinced Alyse that Brigman was not just embarrassed.

Alyse held her breath as Brigman got closer, Eragon raising his left hand to the head table, shield zooming across the hall to his outstretched arm, which he fastened quickly. At thirty feet, Brigman started to jog, Eragon mimicked, starting to jog as well towards Brigman. They closed the distance quickly, dodging left and right the last five feet. Brigman jumped thrusting his blade hard forwards and downward in a stab to Eragon's left shoulder. Eragon reacted faster than she thought humanly possible, bringing up his blue shield, deflecting the blow with a loud clang of metal striking metal. Retaliating immediately, Eragon thrust his own blade in a low stab towards Brigman's knee, which Brigman dodged by lifting his leg, bringing his own sword back and swinging it horizontal at Eragon's head forcing him to duck, withdrawing his own blade.

Alyse's blood ran cold as she watched Eragon duck the decapitating blow, the blade whistling mere inches above his head. Eragon allowed Brigman's momentum from the heavy swing carry him past his right side, stopping Brigman reversed viciously back toward him. His blade slashed towards Eragon's ribs, Eragon blocked with his sword, leaving Brigman twisted right side exposed.

Eragon jabbed the rim of his shield at Brigman's head, a blow that would have dazed Brigman had he not ducked at the last moment. Not hesitating, Brigman brought his sword around in an exaggerated swing above his head, putting all his weight in a heavy slash downwards at Eragon's shoulder. Seeing his opening, Eragon brought his shield up, tilting it to angle Brigman's sword to the outside. The blow glanced off the shield with a deafening clang of metal on metal. Moving quickly, Eragon brought his own sword around from the outside in a slash at Brigman's ribs, striking Brigman's shield, throwing him off balance. Following through as Brigman tried to recover, Eragon then thrust forward in a heavy stab striking Brigman's shield in the center causing him to fully stumble backwards.

Not letting Brigman regain his footing, Eragon leapt forward after him as he stumbled, his blue sword high above his head, bringing the sword down in a powerful blow. Not fully recovered, Brigman just barely got his shield up in time to intercept the blue steal. The blow knocked him down onto one knee, a heavy thud echoed from his shield, pieces of wood flying off as his shield's enchantment failed to hold. Pushing himself back to his feet, Brigman had just enough time to bring his shield up to block another blow from Eragon, his shield completely disintegrating in half as he was driven to one knee again.

A wordless scream of agony escaped Brigman's lips as Eragon's sword cut through the shield and mail like hot butter, breaking Brigman's arm underneath with a sickening crunch as the charm prevented Eragon's blade from cutting through his flesh. Red blood began to pour from the wound where the rent mail, and splinters had pierced his skin.

While the charm prevented his sword from cutting anything living, mainly flesh and bone. It did not prevent it from cutting through any dead material such as mail or wood. When the sword obliterated the shield and cut the mail, it sent fragments of wood and metal shooting into the arm. The blade did not cut Brigman, rather his exploding armor did as there was no charm to prevent it from cutting him, a rather large draw back of the spell.

Not pausing as Brigman sword slipped from his trembling fingers, Eragon spun around him to his back, kicking him hard in the fork of the leg, sending him down fully onto two knees. Stepping forward, Eragon brought up his sword in an exaggerated flourish, pressing the tip into the back of Brigman's neck. No one in the crowd breathed as Eragon held his position.

"Yield?" Eragon said softly, his voice low and dangerous. Easily heard in the silent hall, the only noise being Brigman's labored breathing. The tip of his iridescent blue sword pressed into the base of Brigman's neck.

"Yes." he gasped in obvious pain, cradling his broken arm with the remains of his mangled shield hanging from it. " Yes!"


Nodding to madam Pomfrey Eragon stepped away, sheathing his sword as he went.

Pausing a few steps away, Eragon half turned his head back to brigman, his voice low, barely above a whisper. " Professor Brigman, if you ever attack another student, without the blunt edge charm on your blade, and they get hurt..." Eragon trailed off, his voice promising pain. "It will be your last mistake."

Alyse POV

I couldn't breathe, when Eragon had stepped into the hall, he had looked elegant. His armor, dominantly ivory white, with blue mail and gold edging made him look more like a hero of old or royalty. A warrior of the gods, of good, the type of hero songs were sung about. The armor no doubt cost several fortunes, let alone the massive iridescent blue shield depicting an ivory white oak tree, and his sword of the same color. I had been so worried before Eragon had entered the hall, worried that Brigman would easily destroy him.

After seeing Eragon fight I only had one word I could use to describe him now, deadly. I have never seen something so beautiful and terrifying at the same time. In mere seconds Eragon had his opponent on his knees. Brigman's attacks were crude, ungraceful, and inefficient. Eragon was exactly opposite, he looked like the sword was born in his hands. He was graceful, his footwork perfect, and seemed in control of the fight even when defending Brigman's blows. It was like watching a master humor a poor student, and without a doubt, terrifying.

I have never been as afraid of one individual in my entire life besides Voldemort, then when I watched Eragon fight. Sure he was sent to protect me, and the fear was irrational, but under his laughing kind exterior is an able killer. A man capable of dealing death to any who oppose him. We all watched with bated breath as he held his pose with his sword at the back of Brigman's neck, asking him if he yielded. The scene looked more like the statue of a god, towering over a kneeling figure in barbaric armor, with his life in his hands. Beautiful, and terrifying.

Taking off from my shoulder Saphira flew out of the stunned crowd, landing on his armored shoulder, humming loudly, butting her snout against his helm affectionately. Oh, and he had a Dragon, I added mentally to the lethal figure in the center of the hall. Which one was more lethal of the two, I couldn't decide.

A single slow clap down and to my left broke the silence in the hall. Then again, this time others joining it, building as he stood in the center of the hall. Madam Pomfrey leading a broken Brigman into the room behind the head table.

Lifting his armored hand, Eragon saluted us before proceeding to the back of the hall, and out the entrance.

Rising from the opposite crowd, Albus rose walking calmly into the center of the hall. Why hadn't he broken the fight up? I couldn't help but wonder as he put up a hand to calm the crowd. "Yes, a spectacular demonstration, not all exactly what we had hoped to demonstrate but, a lesson can be learned from the actions of Professor Brigman." Albus said humor lacking from his usual cheery voice. Even Albus is rattled I thought amazed.

"The first being is that this is the type of sparing you can expect to learn in the near future. As you hone your skills and become more proficient with your weapons that you will receive shortly." Albus said in a matter of fact tone seeming uninterested with this point.

"More important, as demonstrated by Professor Brigman, is the importance of not letting anger taint your decisions when you are in possession of a weapon." Albus said seriously, his tone similar to the one he used when telling us we would die a most painful death if we went to the third floor corridor. " It was extremely disrespectful, and dangerous of Professor Brigman to attack Eragon without the charm on his sword. If Eragon was not as skilled as I knew him to be, I would have stopped the fight."

"Now the rules on not using the charm and fighting are very strict and inflexible, and the same for everyone. Professor Brigman, will be demonstrating this. Luckily no one was injured other than himself otherwise, he would be leaving the school this instant. Instead he has lost the privilege to carry a weapon outside of class for five months. Let this be a warning to all of you, these are not toys. Failure to follow the rules, and you will be leaving the school." Albus said firmly, the unveiled threat evident in his voice. "Now if you could organize with your head of house, we will begin."

Draco's deep scowl was the only noise he made as he moved quickly towards Snape, not even pausing to say goodbye. I would have to thank Eragon for that.


It was a different Great Hall the next morning at Breakfast, students excitedly chatted to one another, describing yesterdays fights, and showing each other again what Sword they now carried. Each student now carried a a wooden replica of a sword, they varied of all shapes and sizes. Some strapped theirs to their back like himself, or to their hip. The others had them sitting on the table or by their school bag awkwardly still unsure what to do with it.

"We should really be saving all these," Neville said through a mouthful of porridge. Flipping the Prophet so Eragon could see the front cover, a clear picture of him delivering a heavy blow onto the shield of Brigman, causing him to drop to one knee, splinters shooting off his shield in all directions. "I think they will be worth a lot of money someday...signed that is."

"I reckon Brigman's mangled shield will be worth more." Hannah reasoned, pointing a fork full of eggs at the paper. "Brigman's first defeat in almost ten years."

Saphira snorted in disbelief, tendrils of smoke plumed from her nostrils. Ten years? He could not have been that good here? He shouldn't even have helped the little ones pick out there weapons.

"Brigman is unfortunately one of the best in England. Although only those who truly loved it, or are purebloods even touch the things anymore. I imagine there are those out there who are skilled but couldn't be bothered to compete." Neville backed Hannah up, adding more brown sugar to his porridge, of which he had more of in his bowl could be argued.

"He did match some people up poorly tho." Eragon said looking down the table at Alyse.

What Brigman was thinking when he gave her the monstrous great sword, Eragon didn't know. Alyse had no chance, it wasn't fair sword for her to learn on. It was simply too big, any dual that lasted more that several minutes and she would be utterly exhausted. It was two handed with a wide blade and an almost blunt point. Alyse's sword was made for slashing and hacking, relying more on brutal force than elegance to defeat an opponent. It was a blade for someone much larger, and who had proven to have little skill beyond trying to smash their opponent with over powered blows. Not at all what Eragon would have picked for her.

"Too true," Neville agreed pushing his empty bowl away from himself. "I'm glad Gran sent me the sword she did. My dad learn't with this sword when he was sixteen as is required by my families bylaws. A Scottish Claymore, its nice, like a piece of him is with me." Neville finished, his ears reddening. Revealing more than he wanted too.

"Yes, you will do well with that sword." Eragon agreed honestly, nodding, leaving Neville's slip alone. The Claymore was a variant of an English longsword, a two handed monster of a weapon made for elegant attacks and overpowering blows. Unlike Alyse, Neville was already becoming a hulk of a man, unlike most the students his age he was already approaching 6 feet tall. While undeveloped, he had a lot of raw muscle and bulk. By the time Neville graduated he would be truly lethal with the Claymore.

"Do you think mine is right for me, Eragon?" Hannah asked timidly, holding her short sword in front of her with two hands awkwardly. It was only a single handed weapon about a half longer than her forearm.

" Yes, you will do good with that. The key with yours will be to become fast and precise. You won't be able to block most of the heavier blows from most of the weapons around the hall. Dodging and deflecting them instead of fully stopping their attacks will be crucial when fighting a more skilled opponent, let them tire, and when you see your opportunity strike hard and fast. It will complement a shield nicely." Eragon said kindly, happy to see her relax a little.

Yes, yes but no matter how pointy a stick you have you are still and always will be inferior to the dragon. Saphira said smugly shuffling her wings proudly, interrupting them, growing bored of pointy stick talk. What are we doing this morning?

"We are going to watch the Hogwarts Quidditch tryout, oh mighty Dragon." Neville said laughing, ducking his head in a bow. "We thought you'd enjoy to see how we fly."

See Eragon finally some respect, maybe I won't eat this one when I'm bigger. Saphira projected to them wiggling in a low crouch, preparing to pounce at Neville. But it does look tasty.

"Now Saphira," Eragon said chuckling, placing a hand on her side, as she softly growled. "There are plenty of Slytherins to eat. Besides remember the rules hmm..." Giving her a mock stern look.

Letting out a little puff of smoke in a huff and a mental sigh to the three, Saphira hung her head. We don't eat friends or toads.

"And?" Eragon said crossing his arms across his chest.

Sighing louder in their minds, Saphira tried again. All other pets, especially owls.

Glancing at Neville and Hannah's white faces at the seemingly serious conversation, Eragon lost it, laughing fiercely.

"Awe too easy Saphira," Eragon said after he calmed down, patting her side.

"Thats low guys." Neville said coldly shaking his head as he stood.

The group had nearly made it out of the Great Hall, Saphira hopping on Eragon's shoulder excitedly when they were intercepted by Professor Flitwick.

"Eragon and Saphira! Enjoy your first week?" Professor Flitwick asked sincerely, a short sword strapped to his back, which with his size was like a long sword.

Very much. Saphira Answered peering down at him from Eragon shoulder. The nests are ever so soft.

Smiling Eragon rubbed her chin. " Its been fun, we are just about to go watch Quidditch."

"Ah excellent, I do believe that many of our house are trying out today, they could use our support." Flitwick said warmly. "That is not however why I stopped you today, I was hoping I could take a look at your sheath. I have ideas that might improve it that I would like to run past you. I think I can make it better if you gave me the chance."

"That sounds perfect, after lunch then?" Eragon said.

"After lunch, I will meet you in my office. Do bring Neville and Hannah along with you if they wish." Professor flitwick responded, his face alit with excitement. Without waiting for a response he spun around, walking quickly out of the hall.

"Is he always so..." Eragon asked Hannah smiling, watching Professor Flitwick as he sped away.

"Excitable? Yes" Hannah finished with a giggle.

"Well, lets get going it should start soon." Neville said leading the company towards the door.

" Can we stop at the washroom quickly before we go?" Hannah asked Neville, making eyes at him.

"Yeah sure no problem." Neville said with a sigh, caving almost instantly.

Stopping at a girls washroom Neville, and Eragon leaned against the wall outside by the door, Saphira looking around curiously from Eragon's shoulder.

"Whats that?" Eragon asked pointing to a plaque on the wall beside the door.

Neville's face turned white, his hands trembling slightly. " Its...its to remember a girl who died in that washroom in my first year. Halloween night, she was in there crying because Ron Weasley had made fun of her."

Eragon just looked at him, confusion on his face. "But you said..."

"Yes, Eragon she died. That night, a troll got loose in the castle, and wandered into the girls washroom. Not much a first year could do against a fully grown troll. It wasn't pretty. Her name was Hermione Granger."

Eragon was silent there wasn't much he could say, although he did wonder what the hell a troll was doing in a school. Neville just stared stonily at the floor, a single tear drifting down his cheek, remembering.

Saphira hopped from Eragon's shoulder to Neville's, humming softly. You were close little one?

"No," Neville said quietly, looking up into her eyes as he answered. "I didn't know her long enough. She did help me find my toad once tho." Neville said, giving Saphira a sad smile.


Pleeeease, I see it right there. Saphira pleaded mentally to Eragon, bouncing on his shoulder, jostling him.

"No," Eragon said firmly. "You'd interfere with the tryout."

But there not even looking the right way.

"Still no." Eragon said unbudgingly.

But the treaty says I can do whatever I want. Saphira reasoned smartly, now butting her head into Eragon's ear impatiently. Much to the amusement of Neville and Hannah. I want the snitch.

"No, the treaty said you are not bound to the laws of the dragons in this world. Not that you could interrupt quidditch so you can catch the shiny ball." Eragon said rolling his eyes.

Well I'm a dragon, I can do what I want, who'd dare stop the deadliest predator. With a final wiggle Saphira jumped off Eragon's shoulder intending to take off into the air.

"Nu uh!" Eragon shouted, grabbing her out of the air just behind the wings, before she could get out of arms reach.

Uhh ...Noo, let...go... shinny...ball...Mine. Saphira struggled futilely, pumping her wings in vain.

"I don't think so," Eragon said firmly, ignoring bemused laughter from Neville and Hannah. Saphira must be projecting to everyone. "Now, be good or I won't let you go see Alyse for a ride after."

Saphira stopped beating her wings, and allowed Eragon to place her on his lap.

When I am big again, I am pinning you to the ground and not letting you up for a day.

"Love you too." Eragon said, scratching her under the chin making her growl.

No, Saphira was not an instant fan of Quidditch. Nor did Eragon think she even paid attention to Neville when he explained the rules, or was even watching the students zoom around on brooms-which was bizarre-at breakneck pace. Saphira merely wanted to catch the golden ball, the snitch. Not because it was shinny, but because it reminded her of chasing small birds, which Saphira enjoyed immensely. A hormone and steroid pumped bird, finally a challenge even for a mighty dragon like herself.

From there it escalated quickly. At first Saphira saw it as just a small challenge, something easily caught to determine who was master of the sky. Which made her think, how dare it even think itself master of the sky with her around. Turning an inanimate object into a being of great insult, and then into a full on rival.

Saphira softly growled from his lap, as her Sapphire blue eyes followed the offending golden ball.

Shaking his head at her Eragon turned to Neville. "This is Amazing. What are they doing now?"

"Its seeker tryout, head to head, first one to catch the snitch." Neville said, looking through a set of binoculars at two figures mounting their brooms in the center of the pitch. " I believe thats seeker Cedric Diggory and he's versing...Malfoy!"

Eragon looked down at Draco disgustedly. "Does he always have his nose turned up like that?"

"Most of the time." Hannah nodded, "But he's no match for Cedric. Cedric is best in the school. Although, there is a rumor that Alyse beat him in mixed house pick up game on a weekend last year."

"What position does Alyse play?" Eragon asked curious, not taking his eyes of the two fliers who seemed to be circling.

"Chaser, like her dad. Better if Professor McGonagall word is anything to go by." Hannah said stealing Neville's binoculars.

"She's a bloody weapon Alyse," Neville added, crossing his arms and glaring at Hannah. "Only Gryffindor really has a chaser that can compare to her, and even then Alyse is still..."

"Ah they've spotted it!" Hannah squealed, holding a hand out preventing Neville from stealing the binoculars back. The two blurs were streaking straight down at the ground without showing signs of slowing, hands outstretched.

Just when it seemed they both were going to die, the yellow blur detached pulling up from the dive. The green blur smashing into the ground with a solid thud. The crowd gasped at the crash, before breaking out into a cheer as Cedric lifted the snitch above his head with a whoop!

Eragon couldn't help but smile as he watched Madam Pomfrey rush out to Draco who was amazingly trying to sit up shakily.

The ground must be somewhat padded. Saphira said to Eragon. Beside Eragon, Neville's smile was ear to ear.

"That...was...Awesome!" Neville shouted, fist pumping.

"Wait till his father hears about this!" Hannah giggled beside him, sending them both into hysterics.

"I do believe," A cold emotionless voice said behind them, causing Neville and Hannah's laughter to cut off abruptly. "That he will be most displeased."

Walking around from behind them, a blonde girl from Slytherin took a seat beside Eragon. It was odd she still wore her school robes, most students had elected a more muggle look today. She was very Beautiful Eragon thought as she rolled her dark blue-grey eyes at Neville and Hannah, who had taken on twin expressions of horror.

"Peace puffs, I'm not her to cause trouble." she said smiling, causing Neville just to cock his head at her.

"Hannah is Daphne Greengrass smiling?" Neville muttered dumbly.

"Its scary," Hannah said quietly from beside him, looking over his shoulder, half hiding behind him.

"Funny," Daphne said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'm Daphne." She said offering Eragon a hand.

"Pleasure, aren't you friends with Draco?" Eragon said bluntly, remembering seeing her sitting with him in potions.

"Snape's made it my job to make sure he doesn't fail, I wouldn't call us friends." Daphne responded matter of factually, her smile slipping a little at Eragon's tone. "Saphira, its a pleasure to meet you as well."

Well met little one. Saphira projected back to her, bringing back her smile.

"That is too cool, can everyone hear that or just me." Daphne asked curiously as Saphira pressed her head into her hand.

"Only who she chooses to let hear." Eragon said, marveling at how friendly Saphira was being. Alright what gives, Eragon asked her curiously.

She has a beautiful mind. Saphira answered simply humming contentedly as Daphne scratched her head.

It was one of the benefits of the way Saphira communicated, it requires her to touch minds with people. Just like there are some people nicer to be around than others, there are minds that are easier to be in close contact with. Talking with minds is a very intimate thing, you don't just talk, you can feel them. Their emotions, desires, no illusions. Your consciousness, everything that you are and makes you you physically touch in your mind. Generally foul mind foul person, needless to say Saphira was a good judge of people. Saphira was pretty selective who she talked to regularly because of this, usually just letting Eragon talk for her in large crowds.

Why do you help someone who your not friends with? Saphira asked Daphne, projecting to everyone again.

"Its... its not that simple." Daphne said frowning. " It's a Slytherin thing."

"So why are you here then? Neville and myself aren't exactly good for Slytherin image," Hannah asked honestly not trying to be mean.

"Two things actually," Daphne said looking only at Eragon now. "Draco is going to make a scene today at lunch. He was boasting in the common room that he would challenge you and defeat you."

Sighing Eragon covered his face with his hands. " Is he always such a pain in the ass? He doesn't even have a real sword yet."

"Unfortunately yes, he will ask in the hall in front of everyone he still hasn't forgiven you for embarrassing him." Daphne said.

"It wouldn't even be a fight." Neville said bluntly.

"Regardless in his mind he will try."

Where is your weapon little one? Saphira asked, looking around her for a hilt to some sort of weapon.

"That is partly why I am here. My dad has seen you fight, and fight well. I showed him the memory, of Professor Brigman's demonstration. I would like to become your apprentice, and learn swordsmanship from a true master." Daphne said seriously.

"Won't you still have to take class with Brigman?" Eragon asked.

"Not if you agree to teach me. While is mandatory for us to learn swordsmanship, its not uncommon if a family to request a different teacher if they feel the current is inadequate. Its rare, but not an unheard of request." Daphne said calmly, her answer sounded well rehearsed, she must have expected the question.

"Thats why you don't have a sword." Neville stated, nodding in understanding.

"Yes, it is customary that the teacher picks the first blade for the pupil." Giving Neville a warm smile, causing him to blush.

Eragon didn't reply immediately, he stared into her blue-grey eyes looking for something. " May I have the weekend to think about it? I have to ask Dumbledore and see if it could work, and if I am aloud. I'll let you know Monday at breakfast at the latest."

"That is fair," Daphne said standing, straightening her skirt. "Well met Saphira, I hope we can be friends. Eragon, Neville, Hannah." Daphne said smiling, nodding to them.

Of course little one. Thank you for warning us about Draco. Saphira replied, Earning a large smile from Daphne before she left.

Eragon couldn't help but watch Daphne's swaying hips as she walked away, earning a mental smack from Saphira, causing him to wince. dang what gives Saphira.

She just ignored him, humming on his lap, her blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

"So the ice queen of Slytherin can smile." Hannah said, resting her head fully on Neville's shoulder as she watched Daphne go.

Neville chuckled, " Yeah...she wants to study...er... study 'under' Eragon." Neville said suggestively winking at her, causing Hannah to laugh and Eragon's face to redden.

"Alone time with Eragon himself." Hannah added smirking.

"I haven't agreed to anything yet," Eragon quickly, his face reddening. "What are her loyalties? What did she mean a Slytherin thing."

"Daphne's family has always been neutral. They managed to escape the last war without choosing a side." Hannah said still leaning on Neville.

"That being said, there was rumors that they supported You know Who, but it was never proven." Neville said thoughtfully scratching his chin.

"What did she mean by a Slytherin thing?" Eragon asked again still confused.

"Slytherin has been run by a simple set of rules sense its founding. He with the most power is in charge." Neville said crossing his arms.

"And the family in charge right now, unfortunately, is Malfoy." Hannah finished, snaking her arms around Neville's waist. Which didn't faze him, much to Saphira's amusement.

Nest mates by Christmas. Saphira thought to Eragon.

No way they won't make Halloween. Eragon shot back. Whats the bet?

One snitch. Saphira said immediately.

No deal. Next. Eragon said mentally rolling his eyes at her.

A cow. Saphira said after some thought.

But you can't even eat a whole cow right now.

I still want one. Saphira said firmly.



No! What am I going to do with a cow when I win. Eragon asked frustrated.

Give it to your Dragon of course. Saphira replied innocently. As any good rider would.

This seems like a lopsided deal.


Eragon sighed tiredly. Fine.

Saphira let out a little happy roar in victory, causing Neville to cock an eyebrow at her.

Eragon just promised me a cow. Saphira said to Neville, and Hannah as if that explained everything.

Sighing, Eragon ran a tired hand over his face. "Anyways, so why does powerful Draco explain Slytherin."

"A cow?" Neville asked amused, making Hannah giggle, ignoring his question.

"Yes!" Eragon said rather forcefully loosing his patience. "A Cow, now Slytherin."

"Well, as most powerful, no one dare contests them openly. All families seek to be allies with him, there is a lot of political maneuvering and backstabbing within the house." Neville said smartly, his pureblood roots showing.

"Its why Daphne hasn't protested openly about being Draco potions partner. She may hate it, but somewhere down the line it may gain her favor from house Malfoy and keep Draco off her back." Hannah finished.

"So why ask me to teach her swordplay, I've been pretty open about my distaste for Draco." Eragon asked confused.

Neville was silent for a couple seconds before he answered. "To the students its obvious, but to the wizarding world the Prophet made you and Lucius Malfoy sound pretty buddy buddy, bringing back a dying pureblood tradition. I reckon this had a lot to do with her dad trying to get closer to Lucius."

Wouldn't Daphne have told her dad about the tension between Draco and us. Saphira interjected.

Neville nodded smiling, "And thats the question. Why didn't Daphne pass that information along to her dad. I reckon she is wants to learn from you, more importantly than becoming allies with the Malfoys."

"So the question is, what makes being Allies with you and Saphira so important that she is willing to cross her family and the Malfoys." Hannah said closing the gaps.

Sighing Eragon looked down into Saphira's eyes. "I have to teach her don't I."

"Yes," said Neville immediately. "Until we know her motives we cannot risk pushing her away. Daphne is choosing a side Eragon, and she is wants to be on your side regardless of her dads wishes. I'd rather not give Malfoy's another ally."

Saphira? Eragon asked.

Yes, I like her. Saphira said immediately.

Eragon was quiet for some time, before he answered, sitting quietly stroking the back of Saphira's head. "Your right, best head and right your families a letter, you just got yourselves a tutor as well. I'll talk to Dumbledore tonight."


Eragon laughed from where he sat on the ground as Saphira's excitement and happiness bubbled into his mind through their link. She was getting her broom ride from Alyse, having been a good girl and sat through the whole tryout. Alyse truly was a demon on the broom. It was amazing Saphira could hold on with all the looping and turning they were doing at those speeds. Although Saphira was quite the demon in the air as well.

"Why Gred is that our-" a voice whispered behind Eragon.

"Why forge me thinks it is our-"

"Favorite Dragon ridder!"

Turning on the spot Eragon identified the two red headed twins behind him who were making all the noise. They were odd to say the least, they each were wearing an eye patch, had a pirate cutlass attached to their hip, and believe it or not pirate hats.

"True Forge, but to be honest I'm yet to see him ride his Dragon." The one on the right said.

"Too right Gred, but me thinks he would break poor Saphira if he indeed tired to ride her." The one on the left responded.

"Um-" Eragon began unsure how to answer the two.

"Oh Gred!" The right one interrupted, smacking his brother across the face quite roughly. " Where be your manners. I be George."

"No I be George and you be Fred." The one to the left said with a wink. Or at least Eragon thought it was a wink, how do you tell with a pirate wearing a patch.

"We just wanted to thank you for beating Brigman so thoroughly. We made good coin on that fight." George or Fred said, dropping the pirate act.

"It was nothing really, it was just a practice fight." Eragon said honestly.

"Nonsense, you thrashed him." Fred said refusing Eragon' modesty. "What do you think of our cutlasses?"

"Awesome right?" George answered for him, pulling his out with a flourish.

"We always fancied ourselves pirates-" George started.

"Always told mom that we would quit school to become pirates." Fred said proudly pulling out his own sword.

"It seems even Hogwarts has made it our destiny to become pirates." George said to more to his sword than the Eragon.

"But where is your dragon?" Fred asked looking around.

"Aye she be up in the sky with the fairest of maiden." George said pointing his sword at Alyse back in pirate mode.

Eragon's head whipped back and forth as he tried to keep up with the two.

" Or the future of the Hogwarts triwizard quidditch team." Fred proudly, clapping a hand over his heart.

"Too right Freddie, she all but demolished everyone else today at tryouts." George said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Makes us just the proudest older brothers don't she?" Fred said slinging an arm across his brothers shoulders.

"Aye she does. Alas we must be off, a feast is to be had, till we meet again rider!" George near shouted at the end, before they went skipping away swords pointed out in front of them.

Eragon just stared after the pair as they went, it was by far the weirdest conversation he had since he got here, and that included Luna. Shaking his head Eragon turned back around to watch Saphira and Alyse fly. It would still be two more years until Eragon and Saphira could fly together again, once she started to grow. It was a day that couldn't come soon enough for Eragon.


Saphira and Eragon had ended up walking up too the castle alone, Alyse had stayed out on the pitch flying by herself. Alyse hadn't even flown over to say hello to Eragon which disappointed him, and put him in a generally sour mood. When They had finally made it to the great hall they were a little early, and Eragon picked an empty spot at the Ravenclaw table as far away from anyone as he could. The hall was maybe a quarter full, the only teachers at the head table being Snape and Mad Eye Moody. Unclipping his sword, Eragon placed it on the bench beside him. He had just reached for the roast chicken when Saphira spotted Draco and his two body guards approaching over his shoulder.

"Well if it isn't our school Dragon Rider eating alone. I told you not to become friends with Neville and Hannah." Draco said loudly, making the hall go silent while he and his stooges laughed.

Sighing audibly, Eragon dished out some roast chicken onto his plate, not even turning around to acknowledge him. " Is that why your here Draco? You didn't want me to eat alone?"

Draco's ear's reddened as a smatter of laughter broke out throughout the hall. " I don't sit with scum like you." Draco shot back hotly.

"Then why are you here Draco? Surely you should still be in the hospital from your crash earlier." Eragon said harshly, smashing mashed potatoes onto his plate, Draco not helping improve his mood.

"It was hardly a crash!" Draco practically screamed at Eragon, his face red with embarrassment as the hall was full out laughing at him now. "I was pulling up when cedric kicked my broom, the snitch was mine until that puff cheated. When my Fath-"

"He'll what?" Eragon cut him off, turning around. " Get you a rematch so you can lose again."

Thats what Daphne meant. Eragon projected to Saphira as he looked at the broad sword that Draco now swords hilt protruded from over his shoulder, it was heavily jeweled with a gold hilt of carved snakes that elegantly wrapped around the base of the blade, and pommel. It was a beautiful show piece but too heavily decorated to be an effective weapon. I should have guessed he would have his sword rights by now.

The hatchlings father bought for him no doubt. Saphira thought back, growling slightly from his shoulder. Thankfully his two sheep behind him still have wooden swords.

English long swords, good fits for them. Eragon begrudgingly admitted, looking amused at Goyle who was trying to appear intimidating with his bulky arms crossed.

Draco ignored Eragon's last jab, seeing Eragon look at his new sword. " Thats right Eragon, not so tough now that your not the only one walking around with a sword."

Taking a step back Draco drew the sword from over his shoulder holding it up in front of himself proudly. "This Eragon is a goblin made sword that has been in my family for generations. A priceless family heirloom that has bathed in the blood of battle before. It takes a true master to wield a blade like this. Its got all the top of the line enchantments, speed, and strength runes are layered up the blade, making it harder and faster than regular blades. I earned my full sword rights this morning, not only did I show my proficiency I also defeated him. Brigman was no challenge for someone of my skill."

"I thought Brigman had a broken arm?" Eragon asked condescendingly. "Seems like you had an unfair advantage."

"He was released this morning, fit to fight." Draco spit pointing the sword at Eragon as the hall openly laughed at him. Saphira growled loudly, teeth bared at Draco as he held his sword pointed at Eragon. "You would do well to show your respect to your betters."

Eragon rolled his eyes and leaned back against the table crossing his arms across his chest, looking bored. "I show respect as people earn it, so called blood rights mean nothing to me."

"Then you should at least show respect when speaking to a superior swordsman." Draco boasted confidently, smiling. "Especially when your sword is sitting on the bench in its sheath and a true master has his sword out and pointing at you."

Eragon rolled his eyes, turning back around to his food. "I only pull out my sword when I need too." Saphira stayed turned to Draco and his goons on his shoulder, Eragon using her as his eyes to warn him should they try something. "Now piss off, I have a dragon to feed."

"You...you would dare turn your back on me!" Draco roared struggling to form words in his anger. The hall was rapidly filling and was now about half full. Thankfully Eragon noted Professor flitwick amongst the throng, climbing onto a bench to see. "Your life is in my hands! Your at the point of my sword."

Eragon sighed and turned back around, the idiot had moved the sword within a foot of his head.

"Thats what I thought not so tough now that your not the only one with a sword." Draco said smugly.

"No Draco. Your more likely to hurt yourself with that then me."

"Care to prove it scum."

"Your not worth it, the fight won't even last a single swing." Eragon said condescendingly, turning back around to his food again.

"Words," Hissed Draco. "You talk tough, but your actions betray you coward. If your so good, fight me next Saturday night in front of the whole school!"

Sighing, Eragon put his face in his hand. We just can't get a normal day here can we. I'm really getting tired of this shit.

Teach this hatchling pain, make him fear the bite. Saphira projected back hoping off his shoulder.

"Put the charm on your blade Draco, and step back." Eragon said standing, looking to the front of the hall at Snape daring him to interfere. Snape's black eyes watched Eragon intently, a creepy smile etched on his face.

"but I said next Saturday." Draco said upset that Eragon ignored his terms. "Not everyone is here to see your defeat."

"No Draco, we will fight right here, right now." Eragon said walking ten paces away in between the two house tables, leaving his sword on the bench. "There is more than enough people here to tell the others of your foolishness. Unless you no longer wish to fight."

"But theres not enough room." Draco said, confused as Eragon walked away from his sword.

"The fight will not last long enough to require it, I'm not paid by your father to humor you." Eragon said crossing his arms behind his back in a relaxed stance. "Now put your charm on your blade and attack me."

Draco's face colored with anger as the hall laughed at him. Pulling out his wand he put the blunt edge charm on his blade. "Why aren't you preparing your sword?"

"I told you I don't need it." Eragon said calmly, causing the crowd to whisper disbelievingly as people rushed to get better seats, the hall about three quarters full.

Draco looked at Eragon as if he had gone insane. "How are we to sword fight if you don't have your sword?"

"I don't need one to defeat you. Now attack me or go sit down." Eragon taunted.

Bellowing with Rage Draco ran forward raising his sword high above his head in his right hand. Draco swung the sword down from over his head throwing all his weight into the blow, stepping forward, Eragon caught Draco's right hand with his left hand at head height before he could follow through with the swing. While punching Draco in the face with his right simultaneously. Blood streamed from Draco's nose as he staggered back a step from the punch. Moving quickly, Eragon brought his right hand up hard as his left hand pulled the right arm down, smashing Draco's right elbow with his palm, breaking the elbow with a sickening crunch. A curdled scream escaped Draco's lips as his face went white in pain. He released the sword in his right hand as his arm went limp. Catching the sword with his left, Eragon crouched and kicked Draco flat footed in the knee, hyperextending the knee breaking his knee cap. Draco screamed as he fell onto his face and injured arm. He barely lifted his head and shoulders half off the ground with his left arm trying to flip over when Eragon foot hit him hard in the face. Draco's head snapped back from the impact and flipped onto his back unconscious. Eragon straightened slowly in the silent hall, Draco's showpiece sword held loosely in his left hand.

Pointing Draco's sword at Crabbe and Goyle Eragon said low and dangerously, "We are done." The pair just nodded dumbly. Flipping the sword in the air Eragon caught it by the blade, the charm protecting his hand, and handed it to Crabbe. "Good, take this piece of shit to the infirmary."

Eragon sat back on the bench, not waiting for them to comply. He had barely sat down before Saphira was back on his shoulder, watching the goons over his shoulder who were yet to move. Her soft growling was the only sound in the hall until a single cheer from the Gryffindor table broke the silence of the hall. It wasn't until the cheering became deafening did Goyle finally move, stooping down and picking up the broken and bleeding Draco like a child in his arms. Saphira watched the two carefully as they left the hall, Crabbe turned at the door turning back to look at Eragon once more before they disappeared, Draco's sword clutched tightly in his hand.

Snape is coming. Saphira said, looking back to the front of the hall in concern.

Perfect. Eragon thought bitterly as Saphira continued to growl softly from his shoulder.

"SILENCE!" Snape bellowed as he marched down the isle, cowing the students into silence.

"You have gone to far this time. You will follow me." Snape snarled, his wand was drawn and by his side.

Eragon stood angrily, picking up his sword from the bench harshly in his left hand by the sheath. His right twitched to draw the sword as he locked eyes with Snape's cold black eyes, each daring the other to make a move.

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