Death and Flowers—6

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The sky is different here. There is no sun, no brilliant Sun God in his chariot, bringing shining warmth to her. Instead, the sky is the color of blood-a different type of light shone, and she can feel the heat of the fires in which the long dead mortals burned. And yet, the Dread Lord's garden flourished, though she is certain it was Mother Hudson who took care of it, rather than him.

She did not know what brought her here. Here in the Gardens, here in the Land of the Dead. She just knew that when she heard that the King of the Underworld was missing and his faithful Dog had gone on a rampage, fueled by grief and anger because no one had searched for his King, leaving the Gates unguarded, she had to find him. She just had to.

Unsurprisingly, it had been difficult, but the answer, when it came to her, was as absurdly simple as it was terrifying.

He was abusing poppies. Her poppies. Some disgusting mortals had found a way to pervert her creation, turning them into drugs with destructive powers if used too much. Drugs powerful enough to put a drain on the Gods; drugs that could eat away their immortality.

She would have turned the whole lot of them into poppies if John hadn't bounded off without her.

She digs her toes into the soft grass as she hears someone approaching. Bracing herself for whatever the King would say, she turns but instead of the God in dark clothing, there stands a woman.

A woman of breathtaking beauty, she wonders for a moment if this was Aphrodite in one of her forms- or maybe Peitho, Aphrodite's close companion. But no, this woman did not have the fragile beauty of those goddesses, hers was a cold, cruel type of beauty, and Molly was certain her cunning could nearly match Athena's.


"Oh, so you do recognize me," Chaos smirks, tossing her ebony hair over her shoulder, "Tell me, is your mother still bearing a grudge against me?"

"You know me?" her throat is dry; this goddess intimidates her unlike any other. Like Chaos would not hesitate to rip her apart, and she is half certain she would do it.

"Your mother has spent most of her immortal life wanting me eradicated," Chaos says, white teeth gleaming against ruby lips. "But who doesn't know of the goddess who stole the Dread Lord's supposedly nonexistent heart?"

It was impossible to come up with a suitable answer to that. "I…I stole-what?"

Chaos laughs again, a sound that has the trees rustling, "You poor, sweet girl, will you stop playing with me? Now, tell me, what's the secret? I've been trying for sixteen million years and yet here you come along, a little slip of a goddess, and ruin all my hard work?"

Annoyance flickers within her. "I did no such thing." Her hands clench and all she suddenly wants to do is leave, or at the very least ensure Chaos' head had leaves growing on it.

"Oooh, fiery. The mouse can bite. I see what he sees in you, now," the goddess sits down and crosses her legs, the slip of a dress she was wearing rides up, revealing her shapely thighs. "Really, you need not get so jealous, darling. I'm not here to spread…chaos."

"Seeing as that's what most Gods call you, forgive me for the assumption."

Another twinkling laugh, and this time, Molly feels a shiver run through her skin. "Is that what you lot call me? Oh no, darling, my name is Irene. Being the personification of Chaos is just a…occupation."

Irene observes her for a moment, and she holds her cold gaze equally. "Now dear, what is your plan, hmmm? Do you stay? Or if you want to leave, how do you? You willingly walked back to the lion's den again, if I may say so."

This was a question she had been dreading and Molly has no answer to it. "I don't know. I…I…Mother…"

"Forget about that woman for a moment, she has no sense of fun," Irene makes a dismissive gesture, "Tell me, do you want to stay here? In this terrible land? You now owe the Gatekeeper a huge favor, but will the King let you leave?"

"I will…I will stay," Molly says, the words tumbling from her mouth, "as long as he wants me too."

Irene looks at her intensely and then throws her ebony head back and laughs the sound full of mirth. "Oh dear Kronos, after everything he's done to her, the girl's in love."

Molly flushes scarlet, and she can feel the grass growing beneath her feet, the trees rustling ominously. "That matter is none of your bloody business."

"He will break you," Irene says, getting up and towering over her, "He will break you. He'll get bored, he always does. He is not like the others, little girl, he even managed to burn me," she pressed a fruit into Molly's hand, "It is a fruit of the Underworld, you know what happens should you partake in one. But heed my warning, goddess-,"

"I think you have overstayed your welcome, Woman."

They both turn at the baritone, and sudden relief passes through the Spring Goddess.

He looks healthy and whole, she can feel the power he radiates.

"What, the mistress and the wife cannot even speak?" Irene snorts, sauntering towards him. Molly grits her jaw when the Goddess of Chaos reaches to kiss him, her slender hands gripping at his arms.

"Not when the mistress is you," Sherlock says as he pulls away, his eyes on Molly.

"Ha! Sixteen million years, and he finally admits it," Irene retorts, even as she nears the edge of the Garden. She gives Molly one last look. "I so do hope we can do this again. And remember what I said before, Molly."

With that she turns, and vanishes from sight.

"She knows what that idiotic boatman of mine likes," Sherlock answers before the question can leave Molly's lips. "She does not come here often, but she nearly always gets in because of him."

Molly does not know what to say to that, so she merely nods.

"I…I guess you'll be wanting to go back then," he says, voice nearly a whisper, and she unconsciously steps closer to him. "You should leave that fruit here."

"How long have you been standing here?" She does not know why she's whispering as well.

"Long enough." He looks broken.

She reaches a hand to cup his cheek, forcing him to look at her. She does not let go of the fruit in her other hand. "Then you will know my decision."

"Why?" The question falls from his lips like a child's, and she cannot help the laugh that escapes from her.

"I think I answered that question before, Sherlock. Because I'm an idiot." With a sudden courage she had no idea she had in her, she reaches up, his hands gripping her waist and aiding her slightly, and kisses him, moaning when he starts to kiss her back.

She missed this.

He pulls away just as quickly, and she bemoans the loss. "I…I'll break you," he pants, their foreheads pressed together, "I will hurt you, I can't-,"

"Do you want to hurt me? Do you want to break me?" Her fingers run through his curls, still not being able to believe that this was the cold God who had frightened her so that night three years ago.

"No," he sobs, and she kisses him again and again.

Anything to piece him together.

"Then you won't. This is my choice, Sherlock, and mine alone. And I think you are worthy to be my husband" and with that, she peels away the skin of the fruit and takes a bite. Six fleshy, delicious seeds explode in her mouth and before she can take another bite, he launches himself against her, taking her mouth possessively, tongue tasting the fruit on her lips before she granted him access.

The fruit falls from her and the world whirls around her. Then she feels her back hit his bed and she lets go of any inhibitions, kissing him just as possessively.

Because he was hers as well.

He is a gentle lover, even though his kisses are hard enough to bruise her lips. He takes her slowly, moving within her with tenderness and even though there is the lingering burn, pleasure soon overwhelms her, and she clutches at his hair, his arms, anywhere she can reach, her thighs gripping his hips, begging him to go faster, move faster over her, take her completely.

She lets him mark her, his scent covering hers, his teeth sinking down on the long column of her neck, the pleasure-pain making her world explode as he hits a spot deep inside her, and she screams his name as she convulses beneath him, her completion pushing him towards his. He reaches to touch her face as he nears his peak, his index finger digging into her temple, and he presses their forehead together, and Molly can feel the tendril of power reaching inside her mind, unlocking reserves of power she did not know she had. The power flows through her, and she clutches to him, afraid she would be swept away by it.

When he collapses over her, their heated bodies sweaty and panting, she turns her head and kisses his cheek, in awe of what he just did for her. The power still crackles at her finger tips; she is now truly the Queen of the Underworld. Her heart swells, and she whispers, "I think I'm in love with you."

He chuckles as he pulls out of her, turning their bodies so that he is curled protectively against her. He nips at her earlobe and whispers back, "And I think I love you."

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