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Analicia looks in the mirror, as she's all ready.

She's wearing: ( wwwDOTpolyvoreDOTcom/cgi/set?id=58036408)

Kendall should be picking her up any minute. Today, her, Kendall, the guys, Camille, Jennifer, Brooke, Rosa, Jesus, Ariana, and just a whole bunch of people from the Palmwoods and more friends are going to the private beach. They're just gonna have a cook out and stuff, then at night they're gonna have a bonfire. Some people are gonna be staying the night there in tents, Kendall and Analicia are one of them, and the guys.

Beep! Beep!

She grabs her Victoria's Secret duffle bag, and her iPhone, then heads out. It's been about a month since she found out she had a miscarriage, and it's still been pretty hard on her and Kendall. This is her first time actually going out and doing something since it happened, so hopefully she can enjoy herself with her friends and boyfriend. They can always make her happy.

"Me and Ariana and Nina will be up there in a bit, alright?" Jesus says, as Analicia heads toward the door.

"Kaay," she replies, walking outside and to Kendall's car.

"Hi babe." he greets, leaning over and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Even though him and Analicia are still really devasted about what happened, but the guys said they shouldn't stay in all depressed, and should go out, do stuff, and just have fun, which is exactly what they're gonna do today.

"Hey," she smiles, as Kendall drives off. "Everyone is already up there, besides Jesus and Ariana."

"The guys are up there?" she asks.

Kendall nods. "They're the ones who set everything up."

"Oh," she replies, connecting her iPhone into Kendall's stereo, and scrolling through her music to pick a song out.

"Don't even put on the song I think you're gonna put on!" Kendall quickly says. He knows Analicia very well, so he knows that everytime she likes a song she's constantly playing it over and over again. He hates when she does that, he gets really bored of songs after listening to them for so many times. Somehow, she doesn't.

"What song do you think I'm gonna put on?" she asks, giggling a bit. She always puts her favorite song on because she loves it, but also to annoy Kendall. It's kind of funny. He annoys her too sometimes with his Hockey Games he watches on TV, and he made her sit through the whole SuperBowl and watch it with him. She ended up falling asleep in his lap, but it was still boring.

"Remember You." Kendall mutters, sighing as the song he just named begins playing. He use to like the song at first, now he hates it. But it's fine, he'll get payback. There's a hockey game tomarrow, he's gonna make her sit through the whole thing. "Of course you would."

"Sorry, I just love this song for some reason." she replies. "But it's not like you don't play songs you like!"

"I do, but not over and over and over and over!" he says. "How the hell do you not get bored of it?"

She shrugs. "I don't know, I just don't."


They finally arrive at the beach, and there's a decent amount of people. The beach isn't too big like regular ones are, it's little and perfect for gatherings like this. Anyway, there's a good amount of people here. It's not too crowded, yet it's not empty. It's great.

"Hey guys!" Carlos exclaims, approaching Kendall and Analicia with Jennifer. Ever since the miscarriage, Carlos and the guys are trying their best to make sure Analicia and Kendall are having fun and not being sad or depressed, so he hopes they'll have fun tonight. He's been having a pretty good time himself, so he's sure they will too.

"What's up," Kendall replies, taking Analicia's hand into his as they walk onto the beach.

"Hey, can you come with me to the bathroom so I can change into my bikinni?" Jennifer asks Analicia. Another thing Analicia likes about this beach, is that there's an actual bathroom instead of port-a-potty's. She hates those, and she refuses to pee in one of them. Luckily, they have regular public restrooms here.

"Yeah," Analicia replies, letting go of Kendall's hand before beginning to walk to the restroom with Jennifer. Suddenly, she feels a pair of hands grab her by her bare waist, since has a crop top on. She turns around, coming face to face with her boyfriend.

"Never walk away from me without giving me a kiss first." he tells her, leaning down and giving her a short passionate kiss.

"Okay," she giggles a bit, giving him one more peck on the lips before following Jennifer to the bathroom, while Kendall and Carlos head over to the other guys.

"So, where ya been? I haven't heard from you, or Kendall lately." Jennifer says. "And you haven't been replying to my texts."

"Me and Kendall have just been at my house. And sorry about that, I always forget to text people back." she replies. The only people who know about the pregnancy and miscarriage is Jesus, Ariana, Mama Knight, Analicia's mom, the guys, Rosa, and Kendall and Analicia of course. They plan to tell no one else. Like they said, it's a sensitive subject for them and they don't really like to talk about it.

"It's fine, it happens." Jennifer says, as they enter the girls public restroom. Jennifer goes into a stall to change, and Analicia just leans back on the wall, on her phone while she waits. She has her bikkini under her Hollister shorts and crop top, so whenever she gets into the water, if she gets into the water, which is probaby will because Kendall will force her in, she'll just take the shorts and shirt off.

After she's all finished changing into her bikkini, they head out of the restroom, and walk over to where the guys are. They're all shirtless, ready to go into the water. Analicia doesn't really wanna get in, but they're at the beach! Why would she come if she wasn't gonna go in? Plus, Kendall would force her in, like he always does when she doesn't want to.

When they approach them, she sneaks up behind Kendall and hugs him from the waist behind. He turns around, smiling and leaning down and kissing her forehead.

"Ready to get in the water?" he asks, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"I guess," she sighs, as they unwrap their arms from each other. She takes off her crop top, tossing it on top of Kendall's shirt, then slips off her shorts, tossing them with hers and Kendall's clothes as well.

"Don't you like fiiiine," he grins, setting his hands on her waist and pulling her close, leaning in and kissing her.

"Are you guys gonna make out the whole night, or are you guys getting in the water!?" James questions, causing them to pull away.

"We'll save this for later." he winks, taking her hand into his and leading her over to the water.

"Aah, it's gonna be cold." she says, as they get closer. She loves when she's use to the water, because it's all warm and stuff, but she hates when she first gets in and it's really cold. Which is another reason she doesn't wanna get in, she gets cold easily.

"You'll get use to it, but meanwhile I'll keep you warm." he says. "Get on my back."

Analicia lets go of his hand, and jumps on his back. Kendall sets his hands on her thighs, holding her up and walking into the water, which is cold, but it's kind of hot out so he doesn't really mind.

"Is it cold?" he asks, going in deeper.

"Hell yeah!" she replies. "How deep are you gonna go in?"

"Really deep." he says.

When he finally goes in deeper to where the water hits a little over his waist, he stops.

"I'm gonna put you down, okay?" he says, putting her hand.

"It's so cold!" she shivers. Since she's shorter then Kendall, the water is higher to her.

"It's not even that cold, shut up." he chuckles, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and hugging her.

"It is for me." she replies, setting her hands on Kendall's waist.

"You'll get use to it, then we're gonna have a water fight." he tells her. "And I'm gonna win."

"I don't think so, I think I'm gonna win." she replies. "Just like I won that snowball fight after you were certain you were gonna win, and just like I won Hockey, too."

"I let you win both of those times!"

"Sure ya did." she giggles.

"Let's go sit by the fire." Kendall says, leading Analicia over to where they have the fire going. There's no on sitting there right now, and he wants to be alone with Analicia for a bit, so why not? Plus, he has something to give her. He bought her a promise ring. A promise ring so that she knows through anything and everything, he's gonna be there for her. And a promise that they're gonna be together forever, get married, and start a family. He's already certain that this is the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

They're all done in the water, and since it's night and it's a little more cold, they're dressed warm. She has on some yoga pants, and Kendall's Obey sweatshirt, and Kendall has on grey sweats, and an Obey short sleeved graphic T, since he really isn't that cold.

Kendall sits on the sand on top of a blanket that's laid on the floor, and Analicia grabs her cheetah print blanket, wrapping it around her body before sitting in front of Kendall, resting her back on his stomach as he wraps his arms around her shoulders.

"Do you feel warm?" he asks.

She nods. "Only because of you."

He smiles, kissing the top of her head. "I have something to give you."

"What is it?" she asks.

Kendall reaches into his sweats' pocket, pulling out the little black velvet box with the ring in it. Analicia sits up, and turns around so she's facing him.

"This, is a promise ring." he tells her, taking her hand and slippng it onto her finger. "I promise to you that I'll be here for you no matter what, and that I'll always love you. I already know you're the girl I wanna be with forever, get married to, and have kids with. I promise to love you forever, baby."

She smiles, as a happy tear falls from her face. "Babe, you didn't need to buy me a ring to prove it.."

"I wanted to." he tells her. "I love you."

"I love you too." she smiles, leaning in to kiss him.

THE END D: :'(


Don't worry guys, there WILL be a sequel :D Okay, here's the game plan..

'More Than This' is gonna be my main focus now (if ya haven't read that, check it out please:D), soon I'm gonna start A New Journey sequel, it's gonna be called 'Without You''s the summary..

What if Allie doesn't survive the accident? What if she really dies? How will Carlos and the guys deal with it? How will Carlos raise two babies on his own? Will he ever find love again?

then ima do ANOTHER sequel where Allie DOES lose her memory, but doesn't get it back, and the guys have to do their best to make her remember things.

THEEEN, I'll do an Invisible's the summary:

Five years later, Kendall and Analicia are engaged, Analicia is pregnant, and Xavier is out of jail, angrier than ever.

:O :O :O :O Do you guys like the summary? :D

Alright, so now, thanks SOOOO much to all my beautiful READERS & REVIEWERS! When I first started this, I didn't think it'd be this popular! Seriously, over 300 reviews is a first and it's huge to me! Thank you soooo much, I LOVE YOU GUYYSSS.

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