Hey, everyone! I'm back! Chapter 1 to Chaos Emerald High School is finally here! I worked hard on this story, so I hope you like it! I have no idea how many chapters there will be, but it will be a lot. Also, this story is not related to my other story, a Sonic Howl-oween (if you haven't read it, you should). None of the things that happened in that story have happened in this one. But enough of that. Let's get to Chaos Emerald High!

Chapter 1

A lavender cat watched the sun as it set from the old wooden bench in the park. She sighed, knowing that the last day of summer was drawing to a close, and that high school would start tomarrow.

As she closed the book she'd been reading, a blue blur flashed past the path near the bench. The cat let out a small laugh as she saw a two-tailed fox follow shortly, yelling, "Come on, Sonic, wait up!"

The blue blur flashed back to reveal a blue hedgehog, with a grin plastered on his face. "Sorry Tails, sometimes I forget I'm the fastest thing alive!"

He looked off to his right, seeing the lavender cat on the bench. He waved and ran up to her. "Hey Blaze!"

"Hey, Sonic." Blaze greeted him as she gave him a small kiss.

Tails helicoptered over to the pair and asked sort of awkwardly, "So, you two are dating now?"

Blaze nodded. Sonic had asked her out a week or two ago, and they had officially started dating since then. Sure, they disagreed on some things, but they were close. Sonic had helped Blaze control her pyrokinesis awhile back, so they'd been allies since then, but recently it had grown into a close friendship.

"Mind if I walk you home?" Sonic asked.

"Of course not," Blaze replied.

As the trio began heading down the park path, Tails noticed Amy coming up the path towards them. Boy, this is going to be awkward, he thought. Amy still had a massive crush on Sonic, even though he technically had a girlfriend.

Tails decided this would be the perfect time to fly home and get ready for his freshman year at Chaos Emerald High School. "Hey, Sonic, I'm going to take off to get ready for school tomorrow," he said.

Sonic gave his best bud a smile. "Cool, see you tomarrow then?"

"You bet!" Tails said as he flew off.

Just in time, too, because Amy just came up to Sonic and Blaze just as Tails was out of hearing range.

"Hi Sonic!" she said cheerfully. Her voice took a slightly lower note as she added, "Hey, Blaze."

"Hey Amy. What's up?" Sonic asked.

"Oh, not much," Amy replied, her voice becoming cheerful again, "Just enjoying my last day of freedom before high school starts."

"Me, too." Sonic said. "When high school starts, it's like all of my freedom is taken away!"

"Me, too!" Amy exclaimed

Blaze frowned slightly. "It is getting late," she said to Sonic, "We'd better get going."

"Yeah..." he agreed.

"Oh," Amy said, "Well, see you at school tomorrow?"

"Of course, Amy," Sonic replied.

As Sonic and Blaze walked off, Amy continued on in the direction opposite of them, slower than before. Sonic... she thought wistfully.

As Sonic and Blaze walked out of the park and onto the sidewalk in the late summer heat, Blaze noticed two figures coming in their direction. She recognized one of them easily by the five "uniquely" styled quills on his head. "Hey, Silver!" she called out, waving.

The silver-white hedgehog smiled and waved back. The rabbit beside him also smiled and ran up to greet her. Silver followed at a more leisurely pace.

"Hi Miss Blaze!" Cream said, "Hello Mr. Sonic!"

"Hey Blaze," Silver greeted his friend.

"Why are you so cheerful, Cream?" Sonic inquired. With the first day of high school starting tomorrow, he sort of expected everyone to be as glum as Shadow was on a daily basis.

"I'm just so excited about school tomorrow!" Cream exclaimed, and started to go into a description of how great her freshman year would be. A very detailed description.

"Hey, Mr. Sonic?" Cream asked, interrupting her own rant, "Do you know where Tails is?"

Sonic replied, "Yeah, he said he was going home to get ready for school tomorrow."

"Could you take me to his house? I need some help getting ready for tomorrow, and he's the only other freshman I know." This was true. Cream and Tails were the only two freshman in their group. Everyone else was a sophomore, except for Shadow, who was a junior.

"Sure thing, Cream!" Sonic replied cheerfully. He turned to Blaze. "You don't mind waiting here a minute, do you?"

"Sure, I'll wait here. I can take care of myself," Blaze replied.

Sonic let Cream hop on his shoulders. "Hang on!" he shouted before taking off in the direction of Tails' house.

Silver returned his attention to Blaze. "So, how are things with you and Sonic?" he asked.

"Fine," she answered, "Why do you ask?"


Silver and Blaze had been through a lot together. They had become friends at a young age, when Silver had stood up to some jerks who called Blaze a freak because of her fire abilities. Since then, they have done a lot together, including taking down Iblis, the Cursed Flames of Disaster, in Silver's time, the future. After that, the two had decided to stay in Sonic's time, or in Blaze's case, dimension.

"Well, I just want you to be happy, Blaze," Silver said sincerely, "You're like a sister to me."

"Thanks Silver," Blaze said, giving him a small hug.

Blaze had never been one to make physical contact with anyone from the many times she'd been beaten in Silver's time from her powers. She'd learned to care for herself, and she and Sonic rarely touched besides a small kiss every now and then. This showed how much she trusted Silver.

"Sonic may be my boyfriend," Blaze said, pulling away, "But you are the best friend I could ask for."

And speaking of Sonic, he came zipping back from Tails' house, almost running into Silver, but stopping just in time.

"That was quick," Silver commented, brushing himself off.

Sonic smirked and cocked an eyebrow at the psychokinetic hedgehog. "Did you really expect any different?"

Silver chuckled, then noticed the sky was starting to turn purple. "Hey, guys, it's getting pretty late. And we do have school tomorrow."

"Don't remind me," Sonic said, as if not thinking about it ever made school go away.

Silver turned to leave, but Blaze stopped him. "Silver, do you know where Rouge is? She borrowed the book Eragon from me and I need it back."

Silver racked his brain. "Oh yeah, she went over to Knuckles' house for a 'not-date'!"

Sonic started cracking up at this while Silver and Blaze both chuckled. Laughter was contagious. Well, unless you're Shadow, of course.

After Silver caught his breathe, he said "I'll get her the message Blaze, don't worry about it."

"Thanks, Silver," the lavender cat replied, "See you at school tomorrow."

"'Night, Blaze," he responds as he levitates himself and takes off into the nearly night sky.

"Hey, Blaze, I have to get ready for you-know-what tomorrow," Sonic said, his voice showing his disappointment, "Can you make it the rest of the way to your house?"

"Of course, Sonic," Blaze replied.

"Great," Sonic said, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"You too," Blaze responded.

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