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Chapter 6

Dr. Eggman straightened some papers at his desk before standing. "Alright class," he announced, "As you probably already know, we have two new students."

Blaze groaned. She hated how every teacher felt the need to point out new students every class period. Ember and Flare, like her, disliked a lot of attention.

Dr. Eggman motioned at the two new cats sarcastically. "Please tell us your names and something about yourselves."

Flare stood up. "My name is Flare the Cat," she said, her voice soft, yet with a darkness to it. She flicked some of out of her eye. "And I'm quiet."

It reminded Blaze of herself before she met her friends. Flare was a loner. On top of that, she also had pyrokinesis like Blaze, further separating her from others. Blaze thought back to when she was in Silver's time. She had no trouble remembering the pain she endured from others for her flames. Neither Blaze nor Flare needed the other students to find out about their powers.

Ember stood up next. "I'm Ember," he said curtly.

Blaze gave her twin brother a small smile, which he noticed and returned. Sure, he was impatient and headstrong sometimes, but overall, she couldn't have asked for a better brother. Besides...

"As for something about me," Ember continued, "I'm great with a sword." As he said this, he unsheathed his sword, twirling it expertly, and scaring the crap out of the white fox sitting next to him.

Blaze looked towards her friends to see their reactions. Silver grinned at her and mouthed I think he's gotten better! Sonic leaned over his desk and whispered, "Cool brother!" In fact, the entire class (minus the white fox who nearly lost his head) was impressed by Ember's skill.

Well, almost everyone.

"Hand over the sword, Ember," Dr. Eggman demanded, "You wouldn't want to be expelled your first day would you?" He frowned. "Besides, if I'm not allowed to bring a weapon, you're definitely not!"

Ember snickered. Blaze smiled, knowing what was coming next. "What sword?" Ember asked innocently, pressing a small button on the its hilt.

There was a small series of metallic clanks as the sword changed appearance. Within seconds, instead of a sword, Ember held a sleek-looking guitar in his hands. He jumped onto his desk and played an impressive guitar solo, unable to resist showing off.

The class cheered Ember on as Eggman fought the urge to strangle the red cat.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shadow heard what sounded like a guitar coming from the hall of the biology room. Apparently he wasn't the only one; half the juniors in the classroom were looking at the door, some playing air guitar along with it.

Dawn, who was his lab partner because they'd both been late the first day of school, smiled and nodded her head to the music. She elbowed him playfully. "Lighten up a little," she laughed, making the edge of Shadow's mouth curl into his half-smile.

Whatever was causing the music, Shadow was sure Sonic was involved. And in the Dr.'s class, that would rarely go unpunished.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"I can't believe I got detention when Ember didn't!" Sonic shouted as the group walked home from school. Tails shook his head. He couldn't see how Sonic didn't realize Eggman was out to get him.

Ember shrugged. "I guess my guitar playing was so awesome, the teacher couldn't give me detention," he said modestly, drawing a few laughs.

Sonic gave him a thumbs-up. "We'll get along just fine," he laughed, then added, "As soon as I get you back for getting me stuck in detention."

"How did you even manage to get detention?" Rouge questioned the blue hedgehog.

Tails rolled his eyes. "You underestimate Sonic's abilities," he said flatly.

Sonic smirked at Tails. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could get Egghead to give me a detention for breathing wrong if I wanted," he bragged. Tails sighed. Sonic really had his priorities mixed up.

Silver shook his head. "Wasn't Eggman's reasoning that you encouraged Ember or something?"

Sonic nodded. "Something like that. And on top of it, he gave us another ton of homework to add to yesterday's, which I still haven't finished yet."

Knuckles nodded. "Yeah, I'm not even close to being done, either," he muttered.

"How can you guys not be done? That's really going to drop your grade," Tails cut in, not so surprised that his friends weren't done. Sonic, after all, jumps into spike pits without thinking, and everyone knows Knuckles rarely thinks at all.

Tails looked over his shoulder to see Cream, who was having a conversation with Flare, though Cream was the one doing most of the talking. Flare seemed a bit shy to Tails.

Cream looked up, seeing Tails looking at her. She smiled. Tails turned away quickly, hoping she hadn't noticed, even though he knew she did. Tails knew he was smart. So why did he feel so dumb around Cream?

Sonic put his arm around Blaze. "Well, it was nice talking, but I've gotta' run. I really don't need Egghead giving me detention all year." He kissed Blaze's cheek briefly. "Later!" he yelled as he took off.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blaze dropped her backpack next to the couch in her tidy living room. The whole house was neat and organized, much like the lavender cat herself.

Ember threw himself onto the couch, which was serving as his bed for the time they were staying. "I have to say, sis," he commented, "You have some pretty cool friends."

Blaze looked towards her cousin, who had sat down in a chair, nose buried in her algebra book. "What do you think about this world, Flare?" she asked.

Flare looked up thoughtfully. "It's not a whole lot different, in my opinion," she said, then returned her attention to her homework.

Ember sat up on the couch, eyes pointed towards Blaze. "So," he started, "What's going on between you and...uh...you know, the blue hedgehog?"

"Sonic?" Blaze asked.

"Yeah," Ember replied, "What's going on between you two?"

Blaze thought it was sweet how her older brother was looking out for her. "Well," she said, blushing, "Nothing serious yet. Just a few dates so far. I try to keep up with schoolwork, which Sonic doesn't care to do, plus I doubt he'll slow down for a serious relationship, anyway. He likes his freedom too much."

Blaze hoped Ember would drop the subject there, but of course he pushed it a little further. "What about Silver?" Ember inquired, "You two were always hanging around each other when you were little."

Blaze felt her face redden a bit more. "Silver..." she stated uncertainly. "He's kind, and is always watching out for me, just like always. He's still a bit naïve, but has a good heart. He's my true friend."

Ember cocked an eyebrow. "So do you like him or not?" he asked flatly.

Blaze didn't even have time to think about an answer before the algebra book hit Ember's head. He fell over the back of the couch, clutching his left temple. "Ow?" he said questioningly.

Blaze chuckled as Flare pretended to wipe dust from her hands. "A girl's business is a girl's business, even if she's your sister," Flare chided Ember.

With that, the two female cats headed upstairs to there rooms, while Ember tried to get his ears to stop ringing.

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