A/N: This is my first Beelzebub fanfic which I came up with... It's about Oga and Hilda of course and it takes place during the time which Hilda lost her memories the first time around. Might be sligtly OOC in my own opinion. Please R&R. Tell me what you think ^^. No flames or I'll just delete them anyway.


Oga Tatsumi heard in the middle of the night. He was still asleep and hated to be woken up. He turned to face away from the source of the noise, hoping that it would stop and he would finally get his peaceful sleep back.

"Tatsumi..." He heard again. The vien on his temple started to throb. He grabbed the pillow from under his head and used it to cover his ear to shut out the noise.

"Tatsumi! Wake up!"

"THE HELL DO YOU WANT AT THIS TIME OF NIGHT?!" He sat up and faced the person who woke him up.

He saw Hilda in a pink button down type pajamas with pink long pants. Her golden blonde hair was let down from the usual bun. She looked surprised at his sudden outburst. Her green eye which wasn't hidden by her hair showed that she hidden the hurt. He felt sorry all of a sudden. But that was all before Baby Beel awoke from Tatsumi's outburst and started to electrocute him.

"Oi! I'm sorry! I don't like to be woken up either! Stop this now! A real man doesn't cry over small matters like this!" Tatsumi said in between the jolts of electricity. It was something which he had gotten used to by now. Baby Beel sniffed and fought back the tears which still glinted in his eyes with so much determination.

"And why am I the only one that gets shocked?" Tatsumi asked the green haired baby.

"Dah dabuu dabu dah..." The baby replied with his face sparkling as he held his small thumb up. It means that a real man will never hurt a woman and make her cry.

"That's great..." Tatsumi yawned. He couldn't pay much attention because he was still groggy.

He realized that Hilda seems to be sitting on the floor with the back of her head facing him now. He felt sorry for her. He felt like it was all his fault in the first place. If only he was stronger and faster, he could have prevented this whole memory lost thing. He looked down at the demon baby who happened to have fallen back to slumber again, and wondered if all this amnesia madness would end one day.

It didn't help when his family started giving her weird ideas about her being his wife and Baby Beel being their real child. It totally complicates things because who would actually believe the story that she was a demonic wet nurse while the baby was the Dai Maoh's youngest son?

And now to make matters worse, his sister had Hilda sleeping in his room, on the same bed as him. It was really awkward for him to share the bed with someone of the opposite gender, especially one he could never stand being in the same room with without wanting to rip each other's throats out. It was because deep down, he respected women too much to even think about all those perverted things, unlike Furuichi.

He is a normal guy after all with normal urges. He would say that he thinks Hilda is beautiful. But her behaviour is nowhere matching her looks. She looks like a beautiful flower though she is actually a poisonous flower covered in thorns. Those who were stupid enough to pluck her would be killed by her poisonous thorns in a second.

Tatsumi couldn't stand Hilda most of the time. She was always looking down on him, calling him trash and treating him like dirt. It pisses him off so badly but he now realized that he strives for the best when it comes to trying to protect her and Baby Beel. Yet he felt that it was really his fault for this to happen.

"Oi, Hilda..." He called out to her.

He wanted to apologize. It wasn't something he would usually do because Hilda and him were on really good terms. But he felt as if he owed her at least this much. She didn't budge from her spot. She stayed really still and that made him worry. He moved to the edge of his bed, right next to her, trying to figure out if she was alright.

"Hilda..." He called, looking at her.

He could finally see her for real. She sat on the floor, hugging her knees as she started to cry into them. Oh crap, he thought. He had done it this time... He made the Hilda cry. If she could remember, she would have skinned him alive by now. He was frantically searching for something, anything, which could comfort her.

He couldn't think straight. The sight of a woman crying was making him nervous. This was mainly the reason he couldn't fight a girl or even make them cry. He went by this philosophy his whole life. Never make a girl cry... He lived by that motto. It was also the reason he put up with so much of Hilda's abuse without so much as retorting her with empty threats. Now that he was finally sober enough, he thought of what Baby Beel said mere moments ago about not making a girl cry and he remember teaching him that not too long ago.

"Shit..." He mumbled to himself. He was still looking for something to comfort her. He found something under his pillow after the panicked search. He didn't know what it was but tugged on it and offered it to her as a peace offering. With a goofy smile on his face, he took whatever it was in his hand and put it in front of her.

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

It was Baby Beel's favourite toy. The color of his face instantly changed. He felt like a total idiot right then. What the hell... He thought to himself. She tilted her head up enough to see what the sound was. He could see the tears in her bright emerald eyes and felt like a worthless douchebag which was also the world's biggest idiot.

"Wh-what's that s-supposed to do?" Hilda asked through small sobs.

"I just grabbed the nearest thing I could find..." Tatsumi replied honestly.

She looked like she was smiling now and she let out a small chuckle. He instantly felt the relief rush over him and his muscle relaxed. She was finally smiling again. He didn't realize his lips had curled into a warm smile as well.

She is really beautiful when she smiles. She doesn't do it often though... He thought to himself.

"Sorry bout yelling at you..." He finally apologized as he rubbed his neck with his free hand and sighed. He couldn't look at her through his moment of weakness.

"I'm sorry I woke you up..." She apologized as well. She was still partially hiding her face in her knees. They sat in silence and he felt bad to see her sitting on the cold floor.

"Why don't you come back to bed?" He offered.

"I-I don't want to be a bother..." She stammered. She sounded like she was sulking.

"Tch, just get up here before you catch a cold, woman!" He got up and carried the surprised Hilda as he placed her gently on the bed right next to the sleeping demon baby.

"Tatsumi..." She said. She looked touched by his actions as he tucked her in his bed before going to his own side of the bed.

"Why did you wake me up anyway?" He suddenly recalled as he lay on the pillow with both his arms behind his head.

"Oh... I just wanted to know how we met..." She propped herself up on her elbow and stared at him expectantly.

"Ha? Why are you asking this all of a sudden?"

"No one seems to know. I was just curious..." She was still staring at him with her gentle eyes.

He felt sick. He didn't know what to say... This is what pain and suffering feels like. She is a horrible demon... He thought about this for a moment. Would this be the right time to start telling her the truth about everything? He wondered.

"Tatsumi?" She was waiting.

"Yeah..." He responded.

"Why is it so hard to answer?"

"Because you wouldn't believe me even if I told you the truth..." He thought.

"It's embarassing..." He lied.

"I want to know, please tell me..." She sat up excitedly like a little girl getting her favorite treats.

"Shit... What now? I know! I'll just use her favorite cheesy soap operas as an example. The one about forbidden love? No... What bout the doctor who dies after saving everyone? That doesn't relate! Think, Tatsumi, think!" He pestered himself.

"Um... You were at a park, riding a horse when I first met you." He started.

"You were actually bustin down the walls to Furuichi's room riding on Akubaba..."

"I can ride a horse?" She sounded excited.

"Uh... Sure."

"Then what happened?"

"Err... You rode up to me and claimed that I stole something from you."

"You demanded Baby Beel back but he refused to leave with you..." Tatsumi eyed the peacefully sleeping baby which was beside him.

"What did you steal?" She asked.

"I didn't steal anything. I am Oga Tatsumi, I never steal. But before I could clear my name, it started to rain with lightning and all that shit."

"You tried to pull this little rascal off me because I said he prefers me more than you. He cried and shocked Furuichi and me..."

"Ok... Then what happened?" He could see her rocking on the bed excitedly. He smiled at her and was secretly glad she couldn't see him in the dark. Smiling at Hilda doesn't seem right even though she isn't acting like much of a bitch now.

"We found shelter somewhere and you finally realized that I didn't steal anything from you. You then introduced yourself. I knew then that I wanted to be with you..."

It was partially true. He realized that there was something different about her compared to other girls. Sure, she may be a demon wet nurse but he didn't care about that anyway. He was more impressed by her strength and killing intent. He found that he respected her as a strong fighter.

"So what did you do after that?" She continued to ask.

"You moved in with me and convinced my entire family we had a kid... But I didn't do anything... I just sat around and watched you get hurt over and over again without being able to protect you..."

"Oi, you only asked about how we met. That was it. So let's go to sleep now." He started getting defensive. It was hard to lie to her. She was basically the only one who could understand his situation before her amnesia happened.

"Just one more question before we sleep, please?" She pleaded.

"Fine. What now?" He pretended to be irritated. Though he was enjoying this conversation with her more than he could admit. Talking to her soothed him. Even though he had fed her a load of bullshit just moments ago.

"How many dates did you take me on before you got me into bed and we had Beelze?" She asked.

"What the hell are you asking?" He was surprised by the sudden crossing of boundaries which she had done.

"What did it take to get into my pants?" She asked more bluntly, as if he couldn't understand the question.

"This is stupid. I'm tired. *fake yawn* good night!" He quickly said.

"Tatsumi, you promised!"

"You are such a pain, do you know that?" He retorted.

"But you put up with me because you love me, right?" She said innocently.

She didn't realize how heavy those words weighed on his heart. He kept silent, unable to reply. He hoped that she would think that he was asleep if he kept as quiet as he could. He could hear her rustling her side of the bed and all of a sudden she climbed over to his side of the bed. He closed his eyes tightly, so she wouldn't see he was awake.

Hilda snuggled in the tiny spot between Tatsumi and the wall under the window. There was a cool breeze blowing tonight but for some reason, he felt extremely hot. It was probably due to her body warmth, he reassured himself. She lay her head on his chest and he felt his muscles tighten underneath her touch.

His heart raced a million miles a second. It worried him that she would realize the erratic heartbeats. He tried taking in deeper breaths but it didn't work. He opened one eye to see the top of her golden hair, gleaming in the moonlight which came from the window.

I can't... He thought.

I can't touch her...

I... Want to...

I mustn't!


He freed his left arm from under his head. Hesistantly, he put his hand on her head and caressed it gently. He could smell her vanilla shampoo from here. It was intoxicating him. His breathing became as erratic as his heartbeats. He didn't understand why one simple action like this made him feel like his life was shorten by a few years. Yet he felt it was worth it.

"Tatsumi..." She looked up towards him. Her green eyes pierced into his, mesmerizing him.

"What now?" He could see her slowly getting up. They never lost eye contact.

Hilda started leaning up until her face was inches away from Tatsumi's. He was uncomfortable with the distance but he stayed put. Her eyes were calling him to stay as she came closer and closer. He could literally taste her breath on his own now and with every ounce of self control he had, he fought back his growing desire to just grab her in for a kiss.

He didn't have to do anything because she had taken the initiative to do what he fought so hard to resist. Their lips met and he felt the esctacy instantly. It felt like millions of tiny electric jolts were pulsing through his viens to every muscle in his body, making him feel hot. Her lips were soft. He couldn't imagine how such soft lips could abuse him every day before this.

She teased by nibbling on his lip. He struggled to try not to return the affection. It was the hardest thing he had to do. Even harder than going against Behemoth's 34th pillar squad (almost) single-handedly. All he wanted to do now was hold her tight and kiss her like there was no tomorrow. When she pulled away, he gripped the bedsheet under him hard to stop himself from pulling her back in for another kiss.

"I hope that remind you of our first kiss..." She said with a smile.

"It was our first kiss..." He mumbled quietly.

"I'm glad it did." She said. Apparently she thought she heard him agree with her.

"I'm really tired Hilda. Let's just go to sleep."

She nodded and snuggled back to her original position of laying her head on his chest and wrapping her arm around his waist. He gulped but decided not to push her away. Just then, the sleeping baby rolled over to Tatsumi's other side and snuggled up to his side as well.

"Tatsumi, I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble..." Hilda said before drifting off to sleep.

"Yeah... Stupid bitch! You keep causing me so much trouble..." He thought to himself.

He looked at both the demons sleeping comfortably next to him. He thought of how nuch his life changed once they both arrived. A smile formed on his face as he wrapped both his arms around them.

"But I wouldn't trade you for the world..."

Those were Oga Tatsumi's thoughts before he drifted off to sleep that night...