Author's Note: Hello all! Queen here, for the moment. Welcome to another co-authored story! Each ficlet in this collection is the result of a story challenge. So though they all share the same theme, they're all a little different from each other.

Each ficlet is written by a different author. Check under the individual ficlet title to see which Star Wars: The Clone Wars author wrote that particular story.

The challenge was: Write a short story where there is a Separatist spy hiding in an upscale spa. The clones have to find the spy while receiving a spa treatment.



A Spa Story

The Mission

(by: LongLiveTheClones)

"Rex, are you clear on the assignment?" Anakin asked as the two walked down the halls of the Resolute.

"Infiltrate the Fobosi Elite Day Spa. Find the Separatist spy. Yes, sir," Rex nodded.

"Ahsoka, will be going with you as your backup. It's essential we identify this traitor."

"Understood, sir. I won't let you down."

"Good man, Rex. I know I can always count on you." Anakin nodded to the 501st Captain, and headed in the opposite direction down the corridor.

Rex headed into the hangar of the Resolute, where Ahsoka was waiting dressed in civilian garb.

"Ready, Commander?" he asked.

"Uh… gah… yes, Rex," she finally stammered out.

She was staring at…his trousers. When Fives had loaned him the tight-fitting blue pants, he'd assured him these were common civilian garb. Rex found the pants to be a bit odd, as they were almost tight like a bodysuit yet not quite as flexible. He wore them with a flowing white shirt.

"Is this appropriate?" he finally asked.

"Oh, it's perfect," the padawan said, in a voice not quite her own, refusing to meet his eyes.


But, Rex just gave a confident shrug and led the way toward the shuttle that would take them down to Corrie.

All confidence fled when they entered the Fobosi Elite Day Spa. As he gaped around at the unclad, well-oiled bodies of various species around the facility, all color fled from his face.

"No," he said, immediately, backing up toward the exit.

Ahsoka grabbed him by his broad shoulders, and shoved him back in.

"Mind on the mission, soldier," she hissed in his ear.

He turned toward her to voice his stringent objections, but before he could get any further, an overly cheerful Duros swept forward "How are we today, good citizens?"

"Just leaving," grumbled Rex.

"Checking in," corrected Ahsoka, "Full nails for me. Body works for the gentleman."

"Oh, the body works. Mmmmm…. " the Duros' eyes roved up and down Rex's form with a flirtatious eye. "Come come… if you'll just step into this booth and remove all your attire."

Ahsoka tried not to stare when Rex emerged in just a towel. Perhaps on a smaller man it might have covered more.

But, the 501st Captain was a large man and despite his efforts to stretch the thin pale almost transparent covering over his hips, it just didn't see to want to fit. He stared up at her helplessly, his eyes so wide and pleading that it took all of Ahsoka's self-control not to burst out laughing. So, instead she gave him her most encouraging smile.

The padawan decided right then that this was the best assignment ever.

"Ah, could I be re-seated? Closer to where the gentlemen are getting their day treatments?" Ahsoka could see that her nail specialist was about to protest, so she quickly dug into the funds provided by Master. "My… uh… partner gets nervous if we are too far apart," she quickly explained, gesturing toward where Rex was just getting settled by his 'Body Relaxation & Oiling Specialist.'

"Of course. We are here to please," her hostess' attitude immediately changed as she pocketed a generous handful of credits. She bowed, and gestured to Ahsoka, moving her to a prime position near the men's area.

The 501st Captain was face down, and she heard his squawk of protest as his towel was quickly ripped away with a flourish. She put a hand over her lips to keep from exclaiming outloud as she caught sight of a pair of perfectly rounded, muscular golden brown buttocks.

Force. And, I thought THAT looked good in armor, Ahsoka suddenly found it difficult to breathe. Seems a crime against the Republic now to keep it covered up.

"You're very tense, sir. Try to relax," coached Rex's Oiling Specialist.

"I am relaxed," grumbled Rex. Suddenly, his head cocked up and he looked across the spa on high alert. He immediately met Ahsoka's eyes.

The padawan realized he'd known she was there all along. He gestured with his eyes toward a Trandoshan at a far back table slipping a data chip to one of the employees as the reptile spoke to another in a low urgent voice. She was amazed Rex had been able to pick up on their conversation, but then again he had impressed her many times with his keen clone hearing. And, unlike her, Rex seemed to have kept his mind on the mission.

His eyes asked Ahsoka the question, 'Do we have a go?'

She nodded, and he burst up from the table, causing a shriek of alarm from his Oiling Specialist. He crossed the day spa in quick, ground-eating strides and threw his body on top of the startled Trandoshan. The two fell to the floor struggling, and the Captain's slightly oiled body slid off the reptile as he tried to pin him.

Rex cried out as the reptiles' vicious claws raked across the vulnerable skin of his naked and unprotected back. Rex emitted a deep feral growl and pulled back his muscular arm, swiftly striking the creature in the jaw and head with several perfectly timed and executed blows. Then, Rex flipped the Trandoshan onto his back and pinned him down with his knee to the middle of the creatures' spine.

"Commander, binders," Rex said, breathily heavily, reaching a hand back toward Ahsoka.

Ahsoka slid a hand into the attractive leather purse she'd borrowed from Padme and withdrew stun-cuffs. Rex easily slapped them onto the Trandoshan, and double-checked they were secure.

"In the name of the Galactic Republic, you are under arrest," Rex said, as he knelt over his cornered quarry, his chest still heaving.

Ahsoka tried not to stare at how primal Rex looked in that moment as his well-oiled and completely naked body hovered above his defeated prey, still dripping blood from the scratches on his back.

She reached a hand up and gently touched his back. "We should probably get a little bacta on that."

He started at her touch, and stared at her wide-eyed. He shook his head. "No."

A crowd from the spa had gathered around them at the excitement, and somebody pressed a medkit into Ahsoka's hands. "Thank you," she said. Then looked around the gathered crowd. She scowled, and closed her eyes focusing her thoughts, "There's nothing to see here. You all want to go about your business."

The crowd immediately dispersed and resumed their activities, ignoring them completely now.

"That's handy," Rex admitted, grudgingly.

The Trandoshan stirred slightly, and Rex slugged him hard again in the head.

"Stay," he said, firmly. He shook his hand a bit as if working the sting out. "That's easier with gauntlets on," he commented.

"I don't know, Rexster," Ahsoka said with a smile, opening up the medkit and perusing the contents. She moved behind him and found a sterilizing spray. "You were rather magnificent even without your armor."

Rex didn't flinch or react at all as she treated the long scratches. Ahsoka had to admit that perhaps she might have taken a bit longer than necessary, lingering over the honey-brown skin of his back.

"Are you done, Commander?" Rex prompted, looking over his shoulder. "We need to call for pick-up." He scowled, "I'd like to… get into more appropriate kit."

"Yes," Ahsoka said, trying to keep the tone of regret out of her voice.

Force. The best assignment ever was coming to an end.

She stared down at the unconscious Trandoshan spy. Maybe while Rex was changing she could let him go? They could catch him all over again….

She shook her head at her thoughts and then just sighed again.

Well, I'll always have the memories. Two perfect globes. Force, Rex. I'll never be able to walk behind you again. What were the Kaminoans thinking when they created such a genetically perfectly as-

"Ready, Commander?"

Ahsoka started at Rex's voice. He was fast.

"Ah, yes, of course."

The 501st Captain quirked up an eyebrow, and gave the Jedi a puzzled look. "Just what were you thinking about?"

"The mission, Rex. Always the mission. Let's go."