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Bella and Edward have been really really close since the time they met . They've known each other for 5 yrs. Bella is an 18yr old who figured her feelings for Edward when she turned 16. Edward is 2yrs older than her. They both met through her sister Rosalie. Rosalie(20), Edward(20) and Rose's BF now Fiance Emmet(21) are a famous band. Bella is a quite a singer herself but she is following her dream to be a writer and she is a damn good one. Edward is also Bella's BFF Alice(18)'s older bother. Jasper(19) is Alice's Boyfriend.

Bella's POV:

I was sitting in the corner with my favourite book "Wuthering Heights" in my hand. I watched as my sister Rosalie the bride moved frantically with my BFF Alice for the preparations of the wedding. Poor Jazz and Em they're trying so hard to calm them down but no use. Ouch! Rose just hit Emmet on the head. Thats gonna hurt. I'm one of the bridesmaids. Thank god for that because the Maid of Honour's dress is so ruffly that I can choke on it. Its beautiful thats for sure. Anyone would say that the person who called the dress ugly is blind but Its just not my type.

I felt the chair next to me move. I smiled as the person I love the most sat beside me. Edward, just his name sent a warm feeling inside me. I didn't move an inch but he knew I noticed him. Its just how we are. People say that we're the most dangerous tag team who can understand each other without words. Yeah right dangerous tag team we are. I can't even tell him the fact I've been in love with him for 2yrs or more. I bet he just thought of me as a sister. I started to feel conscious of myself as I felt him gaze at me. Soon I heard that velvet voice I yearned for,

"Bella don't you get bored of that book. I mean you've read it like a 100 times already." I silently laughed. This was the question he always fired when he saw me reading Wuthering Heights. I gave him the same reply I give him everytime he asked me this question.

"Edward I can't help it I just love this book. You know that more than anyone." He smirked then started staring at the soon to be husband and wife who were bickering about something. He turned towards me again and poked me in the shoulder.

I huffed and asked him "What?"

He smirked at my expression and said, " Hey wanna escape from this noisy fluffy place?"

"Hmm what do you have in mind?" I asked him.

"How about we go to the amusement park for fun?"he said.

"I'd love to Edward." He face broke into the crooked smile he knows I love. I blushed then smiled back.

We were soon at the amusement park having a really good time. Every time we passed by some girls, they would swarm over Edward and ask him for autographs etc, etc. Then after some time i would push the crowd aside take Edward's hand pull him away from his fans. This always happens too.

Right now we were sitting on a bench eating our ice creams. We were watching the sunset from our favorite spot. I started a conversation,

"Edward I really had fun. Thanks."

"Anytime." that made me feel so important. No Bella you mustn't get your hopes up. You will always be a sister like person to him. then I heard him break my train of thought.

"Bella can you believe it. Its been 5 yrs since we both met. Boy you were so small."

"Hey don't act like you were very big. If you act like that I'll call you old man." I said and gained a chuckle in response he then continued.

"You know since the day I met you, life has been really fun. You knew how I used to flirt with all the girls. You're the one who brought me to my senses." Did he just say that? Oh my god I'm blushing.

"Stop it. I only used to drag you away from those girls because I found it disgusting."I said.

"Ouch Bella you hurt my feelings. Everyone fell and fall for me, even your sister(I was about to open my mouth but he cut me of) Don't misunderstand. I know she loves Emmet more than her life but admit it she did want my attention at least. But you, you were the first to ask what was so great about me." Oh Boy major blushing. I had to distract him before my heart jumps out of my chest. I just don't want to spoil my friendship with him. I mean it'll be awkward between us if he found out about my feelings and doesn't reciprocate. I'm sure he doesn't love me like that way 99%. Well 1% chance is still there. No No No don't start hoping for the impossible Bella, try to distract him.

"Oh stop flattering me Eddie." I knew he hated that nickname and as I thought he turned to glare at me but soon he smirked and said.

"You're one to call names Bellsie." Ugh I hate that name. Soon we started calling each other names. Then we looked at our now melted ice creams and then looked at each other and started laughing. After we calmed down a gentle breeze blew. Edward then gazed into my eyes, curled my hair to my ear and caressed my cheek. I blushed. He looked seriously into my eyes.

"Do you honestly think I'm just flattering you." he asked me. I blushed deeper, nodded and turned away covering my face with my hair. He then pushed my hair aside and gently tilted my chin and made me face towards him. He locked me with his emerald eyes.

"Then you thought wrong. I meant what I said. You're the only one who can see through me and who I feel happy around. The only one who knows and accepts me for who I am. Isabella Marie Swan I'd do anything to keep you safe and happy. Anything for you." I took a sharp breath . We then started leaning closer towards each other unconsciously. Our eyes started to close. Then I heard some one call Edward's looked startled and turned towards the speaker. He then whispered her name, shocked" Tanya"

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