Me: Hey guys I'm back! ^_^

Bella: Great!

Alice nodded.

Me: Ya know just yesterday I went to a movie called Epic and there those tiny people called ' Leaf Men ' reminded me of one pixie like friend of mine who's name is "Alice!"

Alice: I'm not a pixie!

Rosalie: Yeah Right!

Alice: I'm not a pixie! I'm not a pixie! I'm not a pixie

Me: She looks so cute like a pixie


Then Alice started chasing us as me and well me on Rose's back ran away from her while calling her a pixie all the way.

Bella: (Sigh) Alex doesn't own us. Enjoy!

Alice then hugged me tight," Please Bella don't leave us. Don't leave me. You're the Best Friend a girl could ever ask for you promised we both would go to the same college." Tears started streaming down both of our cheeks by the end and I hugged her back and kissed her spiky hair and whispered softly," I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I can't... I just.. I can't.. It's too much. I need...some time to get over...Edward. So please understand Alice. For me just let go. We'll see each other soon. No one can ever separate us. All three of us."I then turned to look at my sister. I could see her resolve breaking and soon enough she came and joined the group hug. We had a girl's night out. Hoping that every thing is gonna turn alright!

Edwards Pov:

I was soon at home. I was thinking about the date tomorrow Tanya asked me. Well I did want to give her a second chance but now it feels kinda wrong. Then, Alice suddenly went out saying she had to take care of something. I wonder what it is. I wonder if it involves Bella. Bella, when she asked me who does my heart beat for? I just felt like the answer was right in front of me but I couldn't reach it. I thought of the questions she asked me, the funny thing is all the questions she asked ,all of them just pointed out to her as the answer.

Just one look at her and my bad day just miraculously transforms into a good and happy day. When I'm lost and scared she was the who stood by my side without asking for anything in return. Just stood there comforting me, giving me courage. The only one to whom I can show my fears is Bella. Even when I am frustrated or angry she' s the only one who can manage to calm me down and bring me to my senses. I still wonder how she can do that. With just one smile she brightens my day and me. I feel relaxed around her and I know I'll be alright with her by my side.

Not only that her smile, her brown hair which gives red waves in the sun, her heart shaped face, her chocolate brown eyes and lastly her warm heart, just thinking about her makes my heart beat frantically for her. My cold heart which was broken by Tanya was healed by Bella's warm touch and then it all clicked. I love Bella. I always did. I was just blind to see it.

I started smiling because I felt like I can float in air. I love her. My Bella. I felt ecstatic just thinking about her. That's it I have to tell Bella tomorrow that I love her, I don't care if she thinks of me as her brother. I just have to tell her because I just can't think of my life without her. I made my way to my bed. I have to tell Tanya that I can't reciprocate her feelings because the one I truly love with all my heart is Bella. I took a deep breath filled with content and let the arms of sleep take me in.

The next day I was in such a hurry. I was soon ready and I noticed that Alice hasn't come back. Where is she? Oh well now's not the time I search for her. So, I climbed into my Volvo and was soon at the park where Tanya was waiting for me.

I walked towards her and greeted her."Hi Tanya. You look lovely." She smiled in response but it seemed like she was in a hurry or something. As I just wanted to give her a clean break, I got straight to the point," Look Tanya I can't..." She cut me off," I know. I understand. We don't... We're not meant to be together. I lost my chance and I'm not the lucky one you love." I took an intake of breath, as she stepped forward," Edward, The one you love, Bella. Edward she's leaving."

I widened my eyes in response. What! I asked her," What! What do you mean she's leaving!" She sighed and said," Her flight's in half an hour. You have to stop her. She doesn't wanna come between us, That's why she's leaving. Rosalie just texted me. Don't lose her." It was too much at once, I almost turned around but then I again glanced at Tanya and she said while smiling," Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just go get her."

I smiled and said," Thank You Tanya. I know some day some where there's a perfect match for you who'll always keep you happy." Then I climbed into my Volvo and drove as quickly as possible with just one, ' Please Wait for me Bella'

Tanya's pov:

After Edward left. I took my phone and texted Rose to stall Bella as best as she could. It's takes 25 minutes to the airport. He'll need all the time we can make. I know that Edward and Bella belong with each other. I was too late but it's alright now. I know I can move on.

Bella's pov:

After the girls night out, I was finally at the airport. My flight was in an another half an hour and were asking passengers to board the flight. I turned to look at my sending party, Emmet, Sis, Alice and Jazz and said," This is it. I'm gonna miss you guys.A lot! More than a lot! Goodbye." Then Alice pulled me into a tight hug and whispered," Do you have to go? I'll miss you so much and you're even leaving without telling Edward. You're rushing into it and making a big mistake. Trust me my brother really loves you." I shook my head and said," No, I'm not and anyways you told me that Edward has a date with Tanya. So, all the more reason I can't tell him. He finally got a second chance with Tanya. I can't spoil it."

I kissed her spiky hair and let go of her. I then hugged Emmet," Take care Brother Bear." He hugged me back and said back," Sure Clumsy Bells." Next I hugged Jasper and said my goodbyes to him while he said 'take care' with his Southern Accent.

And as I was about to hug my sis. She pulled me into a bone crushing hug and didn't let go for a long time I might add and now I was seriously choking," Rosalie let go. I'm gonna be late for my flight." She shook her head which crashed into my head making me dizzy for awhile," I won't! My little sister is going away from me and I..." And then her hold just tightened around me. I whispered hoarsely,"'re...cho...king me." She then exclaimed while looking at the watch I might add and then loosened her hold and I quickly slipped from her death strangle. I only had 10 minutes left to board.

And as I was about to leave. Jasper and Alice caught hold of my hand and said in an eerie tone which brought goosebumps in me," Bella I don't feel very good about you leaving us now. We feel weird about." I widened my eyes in astonishment. I again tried to leave when Emmet suddenly bawling and whining like a kid who didn't get his Christmas Present this year and tackled me while saying," No Bells if you leave who's gonna entertain me by falling and being the clumsy you. Don't leave your brother Bear alone. Please Clumsy Bells." Okay Now, I'm officially confused. What the hell is going on here! They all are acting absolutely crazy. I started to blush when I noticed that we've gotten a lot of attention.

My head is spinning from all this. I looked down to my watch oh no only 5 more minutes to board. I managed to get away from Em when suddenly Sis caught hold of her stomach and started yelling that she was in pain. They all are freaking me out! God what the hell... Is it me or suddenly I heard someone call my name.

I heard them call me again and this time I recognised that velvet and musical voice. I quickly turned to it's direction and saw Edward running towards me. I widened my eyes and then rubbed them, checking whether I was seeing a illusion or not. I shook my head and then Edward came to a stop before me. My mouth was hanging out and as I was to ask what was he doing here, he kept his hands on his knees panting heavily and pointed out his finger telling me to wait.

I shook my head again and started saying," What the hell do you think you're doing here Edward! Are you out your mind! What about your date with Tanya. Isn't she..." Before I could complete, Edward wrapped his arms around crushed me to his then said," Do you hear my heart Bella?" I knitted my eye brows and exclaimed," What! Of course I can here it!" He then replied," Then you can also hear for who it is beating?"

I was thoroughly confused and my voice came out muffled," Who! More like Why! Why did you run so quickly! I.." He then loosened his grip and left a little space between us so that he can see my face, he smiled my favourite crooked smile with a soft and Tender expression and said," For Who and why my hearts beats! Well she's standing right in front of me, in my arms." I took a sharp breath and then felt his warm lips on mine.

He kissed me hardly and then let me go. His face anxious with my response. I was staring into his Emerald eyes, tears falling out. He opened his mouth to apologise I guess but then I started to say," Tell me I'm not dreaming and that this is all true," His expression turned delightful and then he cupped my cheek with one hand and grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him with his other.

He brought his face to my ears and whispered the words I always yearned for," Bella I love you." One more happy tear escaped and then I brought my lips to his. He was shocked at first but then he started kissing me back. We were showing all the love we had in our kiss. I kissed him fiercely and he kissed me back with the same intensity.

He then briefly lifted me in air and twirled me without breaking the kiss and set me down. We broke the kiss to my dislike and for the need of air. He breathed out my name and then kissed me chastely and broke it. He smiled my favourite crooked smile with his face glowing and me mirroring his expression as my face broke into a smile and then I whispered softly to him, while being content in his arms," My heart beats for you too. I love you Edward ."

There finished with the final chapter. I so happy sniff that's they're finally together sniff ;_; . I can't say I'm sad though. I finally completed. Of course there is the EPILOGUE that's left.

So till then,