Me: Yo guys I'm back.

Edward: Finally!

Me Eh what are you doing here?

Emmet: Hi!

Me: you too?

Jasper: Hi!

Me: Ok tell me where the girls are?

Edward: Well let's just say that a very irritating pixie dragged all the girls to shopping.


Jasper:God!Her emotion are killing me.

Edward: Her thoughts are killing me(at the same time holding the bridge of his nose.)

Emmet: Alright! I'm the only person who can save the world.(comes near and tickles me. I start laughing)

Me:Em let... me...ha ha ... go.

Emmet: No way.

Edward: Well as they're tickling each other, Here is the disclaimer.

Jasper: SapphiRubyCrys aka Alex doesn't own us.

Edward:Now, we finally leap into the present. Enjoy!.

I was so lost in my memories that I didn't notice that the car stopped and we reached home until Edward jerked me. I didn't get up instead I just turned to look at him. Edward was staring at the ceiling of the car. He didn't move a muscle. All I could hear was our even breathing. We sat like that for awhile but it was becoming very uncomfortable. So, I touched his shoulder and asked," Edward are you okay?"

He answered without looking," No. Even If I said yes you wouldn't believe me." I sighed and said," Edward look at me.". He said," No. You should just go." When he said that I felt so rejected but I didn't show it because I know he'll blame it on himself that he hurt me. So, I caressed his cheek hoping that it might somehow make him feel better and left without saying anything. with just one thought 'Oh Edward please be okay.'

I went to the studio where my sister,Em and Edward practiced their songs and you know all the stuff that has to do with being a pop star. Anyways I went there to see how Edward was doing because when I called him he didn't pick up, when I texted he didn't text back. Heck whatever I tried he just didn't respond to it. Two days passed but he just ignored That's why I am really really worried.

I walked into the room where they were taking a rest. Well Emmet was taking a rest, Sis well you know how brides are before their wedding. As for Edward he was sitting near his piano just staring at it lost on his own world.

I sat next to him and he didn't even move a muscle. As I noticed that he won't talk himself I asked " Edward you okay?". He just sighed and looked away. If he didn't do that people would think that he's actually a statue or something.

I took a deep breath and looked at Rose motioning her to give us some privacy. She nodded and woke Emmet up by smacking his head. They soon left the room. Rose dragging him while he protested like a child.

I again brought my attention to Edward and tried again with no luck. Things were getting heavy and I was losing my patience. So,I just grabbed his face and made him look into my eyes while saying," Edward what the hell is wrong with you?.You didn't answer my calls or text. Why are you enveloping yourself in grief. You know You can tell me. So please tell me what's wrong?"

He responded or yelled coldly, eyes dark in place of the twinkling emeralds.," Why ask the obvious?." I sighed again and said," You're right I know the answer and I also know how much you're suffering right now. I'm really scared. I don't want you to be like you were when she...". He cut me off, "Right so you know how I feel. Then that's great. Then I might ask why you're bothering me so much right now?" His tone hurt me so much. I answered him hopelessly," Because I'm scared you that you're might feeling very hurt right now."

He chuckled emotionlessly and said, "Might feel hurt well right now I'm definitely feeling hurt. And you know what YOU'RE CONSTANT NAGGING IS NOT HELPING ME IN ANY WAY. IT'S JUST BURDENING ME WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT." By this time he was standing up looking furiously at me. I looked into his eyes which were looking very alien to me. I've never seen them like this.

I could feel the tears forming in my eyes, afraid that they might spill I looked down and mumbled that I was sorry and quickly made my way out. I dashed into sis and Alice. Before I could even cover myself up Alice and Rose hugged and Alice whispered,"Silly Bella you can never hide anything from me and Rose. I'm your Best friend who has known you for 6 long don't you dare hide yourself from me.(She knew Alice before Edward)Just let them out Bella don't keep them inside. Just let them out." Then Rose whispered," Yeah sis we're here and you don't have to keep a strong front my baby sis.." I looked into their eyes and Then I broke into sobs in their arms. I couldn't help but cry like hell pouring all my feelings. while letting them soothe me. I was crying for many reasons but most if all:

Because this is the first time in my life I'm scared not of Edward but of how much he is hurting inside and that I can't help but feel that I can't do anything about it.

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