Me: Heeeeeeeeeeeey I'm back

Alice: I'm not talking to you.

Bella: Yeah me too.

Rose: Me three.

Me: Waaaaah! Why T_T

Alice: Well, because you didn't come to see us.

Me: But..

Bella: Do you know how much we missed you?

Me: But..

Rose: Those two gave Jazz and Eddie a lot problems. Trust me. Jazz was sobbing and Eddie was clutching his head. If he wasn't a vampire by now he would've been bald.


Me: OH GOD! well what about you! you guys left me alone last ch and I haven't seen Bella from last two ch. How should I feel huh? (sniff).

Bella: oh sorry.(says gently while holding my hand)

Me: It's okay, I couldn't come because I was writing exams. Again I have them next month.

Rose: Oh that makes sense. Alright then let's apologise to the readers together.


Rose: Oh and Alex doesn't own us!

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Edwards POV:

Seeing...Her was really a shock to me. I was having the time of my life with Bella but it had to be ruined by ...Her. I really got angry when she practically begged me to take her back. How could she? Does she even understand how I feel? Does she even know how wrecked up I was? HELL NO! If it wasn't for my friends, especially Bella I would've been taking therapies or something. Why the hell did she come back when everything's going so well? Damn it!I can't even think her name without hurting myself.

I stopped in front of Bella's house. I turned to my side and noticing that Bella is in deep thoughts, I nudged her a bit. As she turned to look at me, I started staring at the ceiling of my car. We were very silent and I didn't want to break it. So, we sat like that for a while. My patience was really running thin, that's when I felt Bella's hand on my shoulder and then I braced myself for the question I know she'll ask," Edward are you okay?"

How can she even ask that ridiculous question when she already knows the answer. So, I responded without looking at her," No. Even If I said yes you wouldn't believe me." I heard her sigh. I guess my voice was really unfriendly. She said immediately," Edward look at me."

I can't, I don't want to. I don't think I wanna talk about this right now. I just wanted to be left alone so I said back in a final tone ," No. You should just go." I saw her grimace but she didn't voice it out. She just caressed my cheek and made her way to her house. The minute she got up, I started my car and sped off.

Two days passed and I kept denying Bella's calls and messages. I know that she is worried about me but i don't feel like talking to her. I sighed as I received a call from... her again. I rejected it. I keep getting calls from...her. GOD! I don't know how she got my number but she did and now she's bugging the HELL OUT OF ME! She doesn't give up at all. She keeps bugging me and my anger and frustration are growing minute by minute.

I looked at the time and then made my way to our studio. Rose and Em were already there. Rose asked where I was and why I didn't answer any calls or texts. I just shrugged and sat down before my piano. Em looked confused but just slumped back into the sofa. As for Rosalie, she glared at rather furiously and then got back to her bridish work. I know Bella told Rose but i don't think Emmet knows. All the same I started staring at my piano. Lost into my past, how... TANYA broke my heart to pieces.

I was still staring at it, when I noticed Bella come in and sitting next to me and waiting. Well, I don't want to respond AT ALL! So, I just continued what I am doing 'staring at my piano'.

Soon to my dislike she asked me," Edward you okay?". How could she even ask that. I sighed and looked away from and then I saw her signal Rose and Em to get out and then she tried to make me talk which is very disturbing me. I know I'm being stubborn but just deal with it. I kept looking away from her.

Then I thought she gave up but as usual I'm wrong about her and she grabbed my face and made me stare into those mesmerising chocolate brown eyes. In any other time I would love to continue to keep staring in those lovely eyes but right now, I don't think so. She held my face not letting me divert myself even an inch and said, " Edward what the hell is wrong with you?.You didn't answer my calls or text. Why are you enveloping yourself in grief. You know You can tell me. So please tell me what's wrong?"

God why should she be so persistent! Why can't she understand that I don't want to talk to her and why does she keeping asking the same question when she knows the answer already. So I answered coldly ," Why ask the obvious?." She sighed and starting talking again,"You're right I know the answer and I also know how much you're suffering right now. I'm really scared. I don't want you to be like you were when she..." When she brought that woman up again. I snapped at her,"Right so you know how I feel. Then that's great. Then I might ask why you're bothering me so much right now?"

Bella looked really taken back but recovered quickly and talked again, with no trace of hope,"Because I'm scared that you're might feeling very hurt right now." That officially pissed the hell out of me so I chuckled without any humour and answered in a very rude tone,"Might feel hurt well right now I'm definitely feeling hurt. And you know what YOU'RE CONSTANT NAGGING IS NOT HELPING ME IN ANY WAY. IT'S JUST BURDENING ME WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT."By this time I lost control over my self and just allowed my emotions to guide me.

I looked coldly at her and saw moisture forming in her eyes. She appologised quickly and ran away. I took deep breaths and when I realised what I said I went to the door quickly and when I saw Bella crying, the girl I always wanted to protect from sadness crying because of me. I felt so guilty. I really regretted what I said. How could I? She cared for me and came for me and I just took her for granted. I'm the worst I let all my frustration on Bella.

How will I set things right again? Oh Bella I'm so sorry, I hope you'll forgive. I really don't deserve you. (sigh) what a mess!.

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