Me: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! My exams are finally over!

Alice: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Now we can play with each other.

Me : Yep!

Bella: You seem really hyper.

Me(jumping up and down): Of course my exams are over and I can update this story!

Alice: Yeaaaaaaaaaah! I missed you! Now start the story!

Me: you're really excited. okay I don't own any of these wonderful characters.

Bella: Enjoy!

Edward's pov:

I just watched Bella go home. Back at my home Alice totally blew off on me. She told every detail of how Bella blamed herself even though I shouted at her but my selfless Bella did I just call her my? anyways Bella didn't let Rose or my sister say anything bad about me. I really don't deserve her.

Three days have passed and I missed Bella every minute, every second of every minute. That is it I should just go to Bella's house and set things right.

I made my way to her house. I stopped my car in front of the house. I went up to the main door and politely knocked it. I was graced with a really pissed off Rosalie Swan. She didn't say anything but kept her deadly glare at me. Rose can be really scary and for a good reason. I cleared my throat and started to say, " Rose I know I messed up..." but she interrupted me, " Oh yeah! you messed up BIG time mister. Do you know how much my sis cried! How could you? She was worried about you so she came to talk to you and all you did was yell at her! Get out! Now! I don't want you anywhere near my sister."

Oh boy. I can't do that. I need my Bella, especially right now. I need to apologise to her, talk to her,laugh with her, touch her. wait why did I just think that? Anyways I have to convince Rose first. "Rose look I'm really sorry but I have to talk to her, apologise. So, please just let me. Please Rose just one more chance Please."

I was so desperate, I hope she listens. Rose sighed and gave me way, I knew I won the fight, now Bella. I went up to her room. I knocked her door, but she didn't answer so I gently opened the door I saw her sleeping on her table like an angel.

Third Pov:
(bear with me)

Edward went up to Bella and stroked her cheek. Bella mumbled softly"Edward". Edward chuckled lightly and then said," I'm so sorry Bella, you are always there for me but I just took you for granted. Bella I miss you so much.I really don't deserve but if I still have a chance then I wanna make it right. I'm sorry I'll just come back later, that is if Rosalie allows me. Bye."

Saying that he left her room and them Bella opened her eyes.

Bella's pov:

I heard everything he said. I woke up when I felt his hand on my cheek. He really did care about me. I can hear my heart beat fast. It's time I face him. I made my way down and told Rose that I'm going to visit Edward and got into my sturdy, red truck. I quickly, clumsily ran to his house's door and rang the door bell. His mother's heart shape face greeted me. " Oh Bella what are you doing here?". I quickly answered her that I wanted to see Edward then she said," But sweety I honestly don't know where he is?" I nodded feebly and said," Thanks Esme I'll just go look for him." I was about to climb my truck when Esme's voice interrupted me, " Bella, if this helps he said he wants to go to his special place." She smiled and waved good bye and went inside.

What special place? Edward where can you be? Then it struck me of course. I quickly drove to our special place despite my truck protests. I remember it like it was yesterday when he showed it to me our special place, our meadow.


It's been a week since I got my Edward back. I'm so happy he's back again. I was really worried when he didn't talk to any of us properly because of Tanya. I glad that we're back to normal. I was walking to my door when I heard my name being called. I instantly recognised that velvet voice. It sent shivers of pleasure in my body. I love Edward that's what I realised last week. The thought made me blush. so, I quickly covered my blush with my hair and answered without turning.

Then he grabbed my shoulders and made me face me, his face shining with excitement like that of a three year old who got his Christmas present and believed that Santa gave it. He started pulling me towards his car. I tried to resist but him being stronger made me hurt so I just stumbled after him.

He made me sit in the car, then climbed into his seat, started the car and we were off to who knows where! Whenever I asked him he just silenced me saying that' you'll know soon!' or 'Patience is a Virtue Bella'. I started to get really annoyed. Then he abruptly stopped and opened my door and held out his hand.

I refused to move even a muscle so I just responded with a hmph and turned my head away. Then he said," Bella I know you're annoyed but trust me you'll really enjoy this. Come on now don't be difficult." Then he showed those puppy dog eyes which he knows I can't resist . So, I held his hand and followed him, more like stumbled after him again. His impatience is driving me nuts.

After some time, I really felt like we were lost, So I started to say," Edward I swear If we're lost..." but stopped when I saw a beautiful meadow right before me. It was so mesmerising. Then I heard Edward's voice, " So, what do you think?". I answered," It's so beautiful.". He then said," I know,"

He dragged me to the middle of the meadow and held both my hands in his hands which really made my heart skip a beat and said," Bella Happy Anniversary." I just responded," What?" what is he talking about?

He chuckled lightly and said, "Silly Bella today is the day we first met, Remember." I took my breath and blushed. He remembered the day we first me.I felt like I could float right now. he then continued, " I want to make this our special place because in all of these people we two met and I believe it's fate. Bella Thank you for meeting me. Oh, and Bella before you ask which I know you won't , even if I was together with Tanya right now this meadow would still be ours. Edward's and Bella's Meadow." then he gently kissed my forehead and I just relished this touch and feeling to the fullest. We spent the entire day ourselves, lost in our own world, in our meadow.


I rushed through the forest and then saw the meadow, our meadow and in middle the most precious, important and wonderful person in my whole life, Edward.

There I'm done if I can I'll update today, mostly won't but tomorrow that's a yes because I'm free, free and free. So, till my next ch.