A/N: Events from previous chapter, seen through Thor's perspective

Sif tilts her head as she stares at Thor. "I bet he will."

"I bet he won't," declares Thor immediately. He folds his arms and looks past her. "He's very sweet and good and he listens to me and won't let you."

"If I kiss him, he'll kiss me," argues Sif, and before Thor can stop her, she has walked up to Loki - little Loki, playing carefully with his chalks, drawing on the sidewalk a complicated pattern of ferns and boxes and cats - and she stoops and kisses him on the cheek.

Loki's eyes grow wide and he stares, and as Sif beams down at him to ask him for a kiss in return Thor sees the confusion set in on Loki's pretty white face. There is a slight wrinkle in Loki's nose, like he's about to cry or scream or- Thor realises he's running and hitting Sif before he even knows he's doing it, and Loki is screaming for real now for Mother. Mother comes out and pulls Thor off, sends him straight to his room and he goes, stomping angrily back.

Later he gets spanked, and it hurts, and he's hungry because he gets no dinner, but it's all worth it because afterwards, his favorite person in all the world in all the universe comes into his room with bread rolls and an apple. Loki is quiet and snuggles close; Thor knows that his brother is scared, and he doesn't like breaking rules that Father sets, and that loki is convinced that there's a huge snake under Loki's bed. He remembers how his brother had hidden behind him at the zoo when they studied the huge boa constrictor in the snake house. He remembers Loki shivering as the reptile slithered across the enclosure with silent, smooth purpose.

So Thor is very happy when Loki prefers to sleep in the same bed, head tucked under his, them holding each other in silent affirmation that yes, Thor has hit a girl but it was for Loki; yes, Thor is stronger; yes, Thor will always protect Loki from what he doesn't like; and yes, a kiss from a brother and a mother and also a father doesn't have cooties.

Charles Xavier is a notorious flirt in Thor's school; there are rumors of him having been with almost all the interested boys in the swim team, and apparently he is now working down the list of interested boys in the tennis team.

And now he is talking nineteen to the dozen with Loki.

Thor pays scant attention to the girl with him. He is more interested in Loki's smile and the way his hands move as he describes his latest discovery. Very probably Loki is sharing about his newfound love for Norse mythology, and by the way his fingers dance he is talking about Yggdrasil.

The girl finally gets that Thor is disinterested and wanders off. Thor turns to apologize, and by the time he looks back both Charles and Loki are gone.

Thor leaves the main room of the party - his father and Kurt are in the study, the kitchen is full of caterers, the lounge is already occupied with men bearing cigars and the silvery chime of young ladies - and Thor decides to try his luck upstairs. He finds the sliver of warm orange light coming from one of the rooms, so he heads over and peers in.

They are kissing, Loki awkwardly clutching Charles's shoulder and his face pink, but it is where Charles has placed his hand that makes Thor see red.

"Loki!" he calls out and pulls Charles away from his darling brother. Loki's wrist is almost too thin in Thor's hand; Thor didn't realise how much larger he has grown in comparison until now. Charles has been tossed aside and he turns innocent blue eyes up to Thor, as though he hasn't been trying to sneak a hand up Loki's shirt.

"Don't touch him," he warns Charles. Loki protests and Thor snaps at him, before warning Charles again, "If I see you touch him again, I will throw you down the stairs personally. Don't ever touch him again."

"I didn't mean-"

Thor sees the tumbler of amber liquid and he knows, he fucking knows what Charles was planning, what he almost managed to do, and he kicks the whisky into the wall. Thor actually aimed for Charles's face.

"You brought my brother here with whiskey." Thor is staring into frightened, wide blue eyes now, Charles's pale complexion practically white. If Thor isn't holding onto Loki, he would have been strangling Charles. He keeps his hand tightly gripping Loki's forearm and hisses, "You're lucky I didn't break your goddamn back, Xavier. Stay away from my brother, you freak."

He sends Loki home, and when he turns around to join the party he sees Charles studying him calculatively. Thor doesn't pay him any heed and waits in the foyer for his father to conclude his business.

The younger boy comes up to Thor, all lanky limbs and gangly grace. Charles whispers, "If you fuck me once, I'll never talk to him again, or seek him out, and if he looks for me I'll ignore him. How about that?"

"What are you talking about?"

"A trade, Thor. Let me have a taste of your... rage, and then you can rest assured that I won't hassle your younger brother." Charles Xavier smiles like an angel and extends a hand. "They'll be some time yet, Thor. And I do rather like you angry." He tilts his head with its mop of wavy hair and peers with his brilliant sapphire eyes from under dark lashes. "If you need, I can also be so very apologetic while you punish me."

Thor will hate himself afterwards, and he cannot bring himself to apologize to Loki even though he knows that Loki knows nothing about him and Charles. But Xavier keeps his word, and Thor doesn't hear from him again, especially after Kurt Marko's death.

Fandral is the one who alerts Thor that Tony Stark is back in town after California. Volstagg is the one who tells Thor that Tony is dating Loki. Hogun is the one whom Thor sends to keep an eye on the two to make sure neither of them (Tony) do anything rash (to Loki).

But it is Sif who informs Thor of the two of them sneaking into Tony's buddy's party, Loki obviously looking to get drunk, and Thor orders Hogun to drive them back and fuck all the traffic rules. They hurtle back home and Thor crashes through Loki's door just in the nick of time, because Loki is on his bed and they are naked-

Thor doesn't even register what he is doing until Loki is grabbing at his arm, keeping him from smashing Tony's head in.

"You'll kill him!" Loki screams at him, face blotchy and flushed with alcohol and adrenaline.

"That's the idea, yes," snarls Thor. He stares at Tony - not broken enough, not yet, he is still breathing - but his first rush of fury has passed and he is breathing now, calming breaths as his trainer tells him to take.

Thor is shocked when Loki sinks his fingers into Thor's muscles - Loki is trying to cause his brother pain? - and the younger man says quietly, "Leave, Thor. You've hurt him enough."

"No I haven't-" protests Thor, but Loki - Loki! - interrupts him.

"He's my boyfriend, fuck you! Get the hell away from him!" he yells and he lets go of Thor to check on Tony.

Thor releases the stool he is holding and grabs Loki before he can touch Tony again, before Tony's skin will even come into contact with Loki.

"You would threaten me over an outsider?" Thor asks in disbelief. He has difficulty understanding this and he holds Loki aside, trying desperately to see how his brother has changed, and suddenly Tony shifts with a groan. Thor releases Loki and shoves Tony up against the wall. Tony's eyes are wide with agony and that satisfies something deep inside Thor's heart. "Don't come here again. Get your clothes and get the fuck out of my house."

""He's hurt, he can't move," Loki says; he is crying for this waste of space, for this Tony Stark who has always been a waste of space. "Get out of my room, Thor, I'll get him to the hospital."

Thor yells for Volstagg to come and get Tony to their doctor. Volstagg will be discreet and then Thor can check on Loki. Loki who is so different from who he used to be - Loki who is in tears for another man, for someone who has tried to lay claim to Loki - Thor needs to check on Loki.

By the time Tony has been led out of the house, Loki is still shivering with conflicting emotions and he loses control. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he shrieks at Thor. "How could you have done that?"

"Because he was about to take you from me," Thor responds. This is a simple truth. Can't Loki see it? "I will not have anyone take you from me, Loki."

"I don't belong to you!" Loki yells. "You - you always do this! Ever since Charles you've always done this! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Thor has no answer. He knows that he's keeping Loki for himself. He knows this, but he doesn't understand it. He doesn't want Loki being touched by other men - it's okay for Loki to play with them, to touch them, but they cannot touch him. They mustn't touch what belongs to Thor, and Loki is Thor's.

"I wish I didn't have you as a brother," Loki suddenly whispers, his voice soft and raw, and hearing that pisses Thor off more than witnessing Tony going down on Loki did.

This is a different kind of anger, Thor realizes, a chilly, detached one. He asks, "Do you truly? If you were not my brother, do you think you'll be happy?"

Loki glares at him with tear-brightened eyes, glittering like emeralds. "Better than this! Better than having you poke and pry and interfere every single fucking time I fall in love, better than having you threaten or actually injuring those that I want to date!"

"They aren't good enough for you!" Thor bellows back, keenly aware that no one in the universe is good enough for his little brother.

"Then who is, Thor? Who is? We're not the model American family, in case you hadn't noticed!" Loki screams at Thor. He is beautiful like this, Thor thinks, all wild and uncontrolled and crazed and practically glowing with fury and madness and sorrow. "Who am I supposed to date, then, when you scare every single one of them off like this! Who am I supposed to love?"

Doesn't he know? Thor is surprised, and then he is determined. He shoves Loki back, because if Loki doesn't know by now whom he is to love, then Thor will show him. He barely uses all his strength to keep Loki pinned to the wall, devoted as he is to kissing the breath out of his younger brother.

Loki tastes like apples and cinnamon and mint and honey all rolled together, and Thor is instantly addicted. He is hard with desire and love, he knows, and he knows that Loki knows also, given the whine that escapes Loki's throat.

"No one can have you," Thor promises, and manhandles Loki to the bed, his weight pushing Loki down and their bodies meet, chests and abdomens and thighs, and Thor marvels at the perfection that is his brother. Loki's slender wrists are caged by one of Thor's hands and the younger male writhes, his lean muscles catching and displaying the light fantastically, and Thor wants to bury himself in his brother forever and never let go.

"I will not allow anyone to have you, Loki," breathes Thor, the promise turning into an avowal.

"Thor, brother, we can't- Brother, please, let go-" Loki's words fall like pearls and Thor drinks them in, sucks dark bruises into Loki's neck, roaming his free hand all over Loki's naked form and relishing every silky inch.

"No," Thor refuses to budge. His arousal is almost painful now; he wants Loki. He needs to claim his own, now. "Has anyone taken you?"

He has to repeat his question because Loki has been lost to his own desire, the mess of sensation that Thor knows he is causing making Loki nearly-delirious. "No, oh gods, no, no," Loki cries when Thor bites his shoulder.

There is a relief almost orgiastic that floods Thor, and he slicks up his fingers. He prepares Loki thoroughly with his hand, and finally Loki's shuddering frame relaxed and pulsed around his fingers. Thor can feel his own mind turning slightly dizzy with anticipation and he grins down at Loki, swearing, "Mine. You'll always be mine."

And the slow, careful thrust into Loki makes Thor close his eyes, it is so good and right and perfect; this is where he belongs, buried and deep inside Loki, joined as one, they are one, they are not two and have never been two. Thor pushes in more, hearing Loki's breath hitch, and then he begins to move, edging Loki towards completion. he buries his face into Loki's neck, to inhale the organic sweetness of Loki's hair and taste the delightfully erotic saltiness of his skin. His brother clings increasingly tightly to him in a wild cascade of dark hair and half-sobs and tears and kisses even as Thor strokes Loki with one hand, support him with the other. Loki clenches and pulls Thor closer, closer, and finally the younger man grabs Thor with all his might on a shrill cry, his voice giving out midway, and Thor thinks he hears Loki scream his name.

Thor loses himself in Loki, his body taking on the rhythm even as all he can fathom is Loki, Loki, brother, love, my love, forever, Loki, Loki, love, brother, love, mine, mine mine mine Loki and he comes, hard, spilling into Loki in a surfeit of bliss.

And later, as Loki curls into Thor's larger frame, Thor makes the decision to change schools to move closer, and to make love to Loki so much that his younger brother cannot even think of having another. Thor thinks he is the luckiest man in all the world in all the universe, and he kisses Loki's brow.

He'll make pancakes in the morning, with extra blueberries.