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Chapter 1 The end that shouldn't be and the beginning that was meant to be

(Location: forest region somewhere in fire country territory)

The fourth shinobi war became worst and deadlier than the past wars. In just a few days there were so many casualties coming from the current shinobi allied forces. The four main hidden villages joined forces to face the threat of Uchiha Madara that was an even bigger threat than they ever realized. The masked Akatsuki member has allied himself with Kabuto Yakushi who has absorbed the snake sanin Orochimaru and was following in his footsteps surpassing him. He was the one that contributed in offering a powerful army that made him the ultimate threat to the entire shinobi world. He performed the forbidden jutsu Edo Tensei bringing back shinobi warriors from the death, the most dangerous. The former Akatsuki members that were killed, with six of the jinchurikki that were captured by them and had their Bijuu sealed to the Gedo Mazo along with other shinobi warriors who died during conflict.

The shinobi allied forces fought hard but they have lost so many people it looked like it was a war they couldn't win. In the climax of the conflict the jinchurikki of the nine tails fox Uzumaki Naruto arrived to face the terror that was threatening their world, it turned out to be worse than he thought. He was facing the masked Madara along with the seven edo tensei jinchurikki but he managed to defeat them with the help of Kakashi and Gai and the eight tails jinchurikki from hidden cloud Killer Bee aiding him in the fight. The blond got to know their names and through his words of his own wisdom he was able to earn their trust as they chose to give their own chakra to him. The battle against the masked Akatsuki got bad as soon as he was able to destroy his mask learning of his true identity and it was quite the shock, but more to the masked jounin and his team sensei. He felt angrier than ever once that mask was destroyed and his face revealed.

It turned out that the masked man who claimed he was the one and only Uchiha Madara, founder of the Uchiha clan was really Kakashi long time and best friend Uchiha Obito. His dear friend whom he believed was dead years ago during the end of the third shinobi war. It was a shock to everyone finding out the truth, including the masked jounin who was frozen in his place at the truth. Obito eventually told them his story to how he survived getting crushed by a boulder that supposedly took his life and how he took his steps in becoming Madara's henchmen. His story left everyone present breathless, word by word. Kakashi was still shocked after all this time he was truly alive, finding out he wants to change reality to his own liking. A world without failures after finding out his main drive is the loss of their teammate Rin. Things turned from bad to worse as the Edo Tensei Madara arrived cutting their chances in half, turning their situation from bad to worse.

Naruto was in his tail beast form as a result of fully controlling the Kyuubi's chakra and teaming up with the nine tails fox. He glared in pure hatred at his two opponents who were by far, the strongest ones he has ever faced. It wasn't good to the group when Madara summoned the Gedo Mazo which turned out to the ten tails body he has summoned the ten tails beast of destruction the Jyuubi. They tried their best but it wasn't enough to defeat the might heartless beast. Bee tried to using a Bijuu chakra bomb bit it never reached it, they didn't expected Madara will blocked it with his perfect Susanoo hitting it like a bat hitting a baseball sending it flying away. It seems their chances of winning were now below a hundred or a fifty as Bee was beaten by the combination of both strong forces. His Bijuu the eight tails was swallowed whole by the ten tails absorbing his chakra, as a result his host died. The Uzumaki couldn't be any angrier at the two for taking away a dear friend and comrade, a jinchurikki just like him.

Kakashi was panting heavily this was perhaps the toughest he has ever been in his entire shinobi career. Anyone could see it wasn't good and it looked like no reinforcements weren't coming for their aid due that they were obviously still fighting members of the Edo Tensei army, they were pretty much on their own. Gazing at his blond whiskered student there was still a lot of fighting left him, but he was so angry he will eventually fight in blind rage giving the enemy an advantage over him. If the Uzumaki wasn't careful, the same thing that happened to Bee will happen to him and he refused to let that happen. He turned to his friend Gai in the years he has known the taijutsu beast he has never seen him so exhausted from battle. Even with his high stamina it looked like he was reaching his limit and the same can be applied to him as well. Everything seemed to be resting in the shoulders of the whiskered blond looking the only person who can still fight.

His eyes were fixed on his former best friend and teammate Obito. The Uchiha was next to Madara on top of the incomplete Jyuubi never in his entire he will see him changed so much. Remembering the loud and determined boy he used to know. From someone who wanted to make his clan proud and protect his friends, he has fallen low to become a villain who wants to change the reality of things. He was disappointed in him but he was more disappointed in himself blaming himself for his change. The Uchiha before him was no longer the same Obito he used to know, someone who has embraced evil to fulfill his own selfish goals. If only Rin haven't die failing in his promise to protect her then maybe he would have joined the dark side and embrace Madara's ideals. His best friend was gone ironically the same way Sasuke was gone to Naruto, both best friends and teammates the irony of life indeed, fate was sure cruel.

"What can we do now?" he panted more trying to analyze the situation and come up with a possible plan.

"They already took Bee-sama, we can't let them have Naruto or it will be all over. I'm almost at my limit I still can't believe I have use Kamui so many times and I haven't lost conscious yet. Gai looks like he can fall down from exhaustion any minute, neither of us will be able to hold another battle. And Naruto he's…Lost in rage it's not good he won't be able to think straight. I hope the nine tails help him get through this."

"Shall we finish this then?" asked Madara as the incomplete ten tails gave a loud growl.

"Damn you bastards both of you will pay for this!" the Uzumaki glare at the two for killing Bee.

"Naruto calm down! You won't be able to fight filled with hatred. You're as good as dead if you let anger consume you. These two aren't ordinary opponents you know that, charging in with rage will only get you killed."

"I'll fight them with everything I have!"

"Kakashi what are we going to do?" asked Gai.

"We can only put our faith in Naruto neither of us won't be able to help him now, using Kamui too many times has taken a toll on me."

"It's too dangerous to let him fight on his own, I will not let him. But I, have I reached my limit too?"

"Don't beat yourself Gai, we're fighting Madara founder of the Uchiha clan. It should be understandable for us to be in this state, it's a miracle we're still alive."

"Is there anything we can do?" panted the taijutsu master.

"I think I can use Kamui one more time, but that will be all. I might lose consciousness after. What about you? Think you can still open one of the gates."

"Heh I'll be lucky if I can still open the third gate."

"Resistance is futile, just give up now and let us take the nine tails" said Obito.

"Obito how you changed there isn't any hope for you after all? I'm sorry my dear friend…."

"I will never give up!" shouted the Uzumaki preparing to fire a Bijuu bomb.

"Stop! Think Naruto! Remember what happened to the Hachibi when he fired his Bijuu bomb. Madara will only send it away with his Susanoo again. Curse him, even if he's nothing but a living corpse he's stronger than the original."

"I'm not losing to those two, I can't lose here!"

"Calm down Naruto, you won't win if you're not calm. This is a battle unlike any other we have fought. We have to think of a strategy that will be effective, for Bee-sama's sake."

"I-Okay I'll be calm I know this is a fight we can't risk to lose…."

"Yosh! Kakashi count me in! I'll fight with my very last breath" said Gai.

The masked jounin stood in deep thought staring at Obito, then at the Uzumaki. Now that he thinks about it they are both so much alike, back when the Uchiha was the young Obito he used to know. Both had the same personality and similar goals, along with the same love interest liking their female teammate. He saw Naruto in Obito and his change if the same thing has happened to the whiskered blond and he refused to acknowledge that his student will become this deluded if he experiences the same thing. Seeing the whiskered blond becoming someone evil who is willing to kill and sacrifice so many lives just to change the concept of reality, it was impossible that was the reason he was fighting right now. He wasn't everything Obito was fighting for he was fighting for the future of this world and for the sake of everyone living in it. A smiled spread over his mask thinking how proud he was of him, he has truly surpassed his father and his once teacher.

"It's not that I don't believe in you Naruto. It's that I think you deserve better than this. A world where you were never hated for being a jinchurikki, a life where you can live freely in peace according to your desires I don't want you defeating them with the possibility that you will die in the process. I know the lengths you were willing to go to save us all, you're no better than Minato-sensei. He gave us his life in order to stop the nine tails rampage and taking any more lives, he sacrificed himself to give the survivors another chance to live their lives. He did it for you too he wanted you to live by your own beliefs without the burden of being a jinchurikki getting to you….."

He strongly believed the Uzumaki can be victorious against two of the strongest shinobis in the world. However the outcome can be clear that he will most likely lose his life in such clash. If there was a way to save him from a fate where he will be hero to sacrifice himself for everyone and for the sake that there should be peace in this world this is not what he wants. As he panted he reached for his sharingan, it was still activated in its magenkyou state the longest he has kept it on. There was probably a way to save him from the danger of being taken away the same way Bee was taken. If the Jyuubi is completed then they will be doom and their world will be forever lost. Even if he might lose his life here and now or his comrade's he needed to try this because he has come to care for the Uzumaki more than his own life. After all what kind of teacher he will be if he can't save his own student's life? He already knew the answer to such question.

"I hope this works I've never tried it before. I will only be able to do it once."

"Time to end this, it's over Naruto!" said Obito.

"Look out!"

The Jyuubi charged as Naruto glared forming two Odama rasengan in each hand. He rammed them hard on the face of the giant beast but Obito appeared teleporting using Kamui punching the Uzumaki hard on his stomach. The blond was sent flying but Kakashi caught him in time before he could take a nasty fall to the solid rocky ground. The attack was strong it has knocked him unconscious as the masked jounin check he was all right just out cold. It wasn't a good time for him to be out in the middle of such an important fight, or maybe it was the perfect time. Obito and Madara didn't look like they were going to quit their assault not as long as they didn't have the blond shinobi. Without giving it another thought he used Kamui on the Uzumaki sending him away from sight. He dodged an attack from his former teammate as he landed next to Gai who looked frantic after he saw him using his technique on the whiskered blond.

"Kakashi what did you do to Naruto?!"

"He'll be fine Gai. Safe and sound I'm hoping."

"He used Kamui on him" Obito replied sounding unsure.

"Something was different" added Madara.

"The Kamui he used wasn't the regular one. It wasn't a normal Kamui, who would think a non-Uchiha will be able to pull such."

"What did you do Kakashi?" asked the former team Minato member.

"It's true I didn't use a regular Kamui on him. As expected from Madara himself to notice. You won't be seeing him anymore."


"What? What do you mean?" asked the taijutsu master.

"What I mean is. I sent him to another dimension not connected to ours. You will never see him again, none of us will…."

"It can't be" Gai was at a loss for words.

"Where did you sent him?" asked Obito.

"I don't know. And even if I would know, I would never tell you."

"What a desperate and foolish move."

"There are many dimensions that lies parallel to our own. The jinchurikki of the nine tails must've been sent to one of those dimensions however, there are dozens of them available. Using the same type of Kamui might bring him back, but pin pointing which dimension he was sent that will be difficult to achieve. It might take us years to search for him."

The masked jounin fell on one knee feeling his strength and energy leaving him, his magenkyou sharingan returned to normal.

"Well, that's it for me. That last Kamui drained all of my chakra I can't fight anymore. Even if you kill us it will do you no good. You don't have the nine tails you can't complete the ten tails now."

"As I said, a desperate and foolish move Kakashi" Obito scoffed arrogantly at him.

"Indeed, it was futile of you to send the jinchurikki away from us. You only saved him from the demise of this world. Everything and everyone will be consumed by the infinite tsukuyomi" said Madara.

"What….?" The masked jounin was shocked.

"What are you talking about? You don't have the Kyuubi you can't complete the ten tails without him."

Obito only chuckle as the founder of the Uchiha clan remained calm unfazed by the revelation that the Uzumaki was gone from this dimension.

"True but you see perhaps you don't know. We already have the nine tails chakra with the gold and silver brother's safely recovered. We also have the chakra gathered from the rest of the other jinchurikki. In other words we have all nine chakra to complete the Jyuubi. The end is at hand."

"No…." Kakashi was too shocked to say another word.

"It can't be. Then it was pointless to fight them in the first place if they already have all of the Bijuu gathered" said Gai equally as shocked as the masked jounin.

"We only needed the chakra from the Hachibi but that has been done" replied Obito.

"Then it's over for us. It's all over for this world, Naruto I'm sorry. Wherever you are forgive me" he felt like crying for putting the safety of his student over the fate of the entire world.

(Time skip)

Naruto has slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was darkness. As the whiskered blond got up he noticed he was in some kind of cave, at least that's what he thought. It did look like a cavern of the sort until he saw that there were buildings, his cerulean eyes widened. He realized it was an underground city in a cave he was completely clueless what was going on, no idea how he got here. No doubt this was an entire place from where he was, and then it hit him remembering the battle he was currently fighting. He was fighting with Kakashi and Gai against Obito and Madara as part of the fourth shinobi war, the fate of the shinobi world was at stake. But where was he? There was no sign of the two shinobi fighting with him or his two opponents, in fact he was in a large forest where he was fighting, nothing compared to this place. The Uzumaki turned to his hand and noticed he was no longer in Bijuu mode.

"Okaaayyyyy…What's going on? Where the heck am I? Kakashi-sense and thick brows sensei, Obito and Madara where are they?"

"Kurama can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear and we've been thrown in quite a mess."

"What do you mean? You know what happened?"

"I do I saw everything before you lost conscious and you're not going to like it one bit."

"Tell me what happened? And where the heck are we?"

"Listen Naruto I have some bad news. You better brace yourself for them."

"What is it? Don't keep me in suspense."

"We're no longer in the fire country."

Huh? What….?"

"We are no longer in our world. Just before the Jyuubi was about to attack you again, that blasted Kakashi used his magenkyou sharingan on you. He used that technique Kamui sending us to another dimension. A dimension different from where our world is located…."


"Are you listening?"

The whiskered blond started chuckling before he laughed out loud, making the demon fox annoyed.

"And just what the hell you find so amusing….?"

"Oh I get it. This is your idea of a joke isn't that right Kurama?"

"You idiot! Do I look like the kind of Bijuu who would make a joke?! I'm being serious!"

"Suuuure we're no longer in our world huh? Kakashi sensei used Kamui on us and we're now in a different dimension, another world right?"

"Stop mocking me! This is serious, you have to face the truth of our situation you brat!"

"You really want me to believe that we're in a different world, far away from our own. Far away from my home and my friends…."

"Why don't you take a look around and ask the people where you are? Maybe you will finally understand I'm telling the truth."

"Fine, but this place I've never seen it before."

Even if he didn't wanted to believe the demon fox, part of him felt like he was no longer home. That he was no longer in his world it happened when he first woke up here. The feeling was different from his home world and yet, he couldn't explain why that was? The air or the atmosphere and the explanation to why he ended up here when just moments ago he was fighting the biggest enemy in the shinobi world along with the most powerful Bijuu in existence. Not wanting argue with the fox he started walking exploring the underground city it was the first time he has seen something like it. Walking over to what it seems the center square of the city he actually saw people when he was wondering how it was possible for people to live down here. A lot of the people were wearing cloaks and the lamps caught his attention, the light emitting from them were producing a strange light different the electricity from his village.

"This place is really weird. These people don't look like their shinobi, just what is this place?"

"Don't keep wasting time and ask someone where you are."


The Uzumaki walked to a stair case leading to a pair of double doors. He entered only to see an area filled with many books it gave him the idea this was some sort of library. Now this was a boring sight for the blond even back at Konoha he has never bothered entering the library, and yet here he was entering one in an unknown city. Reading book and learning all kinds of things wasn't really his cup of tea. At the shinobi academy he barely read some if it wasn't for Iruka constantly scolding him to read books or he wasn't graduating any time soon. He already found his least favorite place of this city he still didn't understand why there will be people will waste their time reading rather than doing something like training or anything else that isn't related with reading. He spotted a young man with glasses and wearing the same type of cloak seated in one of the tables reading, no surprise there. The whiskered blond approached him giving a cordial smile.


"Yes how can I help you?" replied the sophisticated man.

"Yeah, I've been wondering um…Do you know where I am?"

The man with glasses blinked a few times before he gave a soft chuckle.

"Oh my, aren't you humorous?"

"I'm not joking I really don't know where I am" he sweat dropped.

"More like I don't have a clue where the heck am I?"

"Seriously you don't know? Apologies my good sir, you're in Aspio the city of scholars."

"Aspio….?" It was a word he has never heard before it didn't ring any bells.

"This city is called Aspio? What about this world?"

"That is correct and this world is called Terca Lumereis. This is the city where we dedicate ourselves in the name of blastia research. You're kind of lost aren't you?"

"Blastia Terca what….? Right okay now I'm more lost than before."

"Thanks for the info Mr…Well I better get going."

"Good day to you sir."

As Naruto left the library the thought was beginning to sink in that he was no longer in his home. It was sinking in bad as he realized that Kurama was right all along. Kakashi has used Kamui to send him to another world in another dimension and he began asking why he did it? It didn't make sense why he will do such thing? It got him upset that maybe he didn't believe he was strong enough to defeat Madara and Obito. The thoughts of his masked sensei, Gai and all of his friends and the shinobi that has put their faith in him believing he will be able to save them all came rushing in. He wasn't there anymore thinking the worst has happened to his world, that Madara has won and his home has been turned into one giant infinite tsukuyomi. He walked passing the square taking another path leading to further but he didn't care where he was going. Understanding his situation and now knowing if there was a way back he reached corner and got seated looking depressed.

"Kurama I'm not really dreaming aren't I?"

"I'm afraid not, we've arrived to this world because of your sensei's Kamui. I'm not fond of the idea I was looking forward to give that bastard Obito a piece of my mind for controlling me."

"I don't suppose you know of a way back to our world?"

"Beats me I'm as clueless as you."

"That guy told me we're in a world called Terca something-and he also said this city is called Aspio."

"Let's try and make the best of it while we're here. We still don't know how long we'll stay in this world, there is the possibility that we'll never return to our dimension. Also that human said this world is called Terca Lumireis truly a strange name indeed."

"Tell me about it. He also said something that this city has research on some blast something. I don't understand any of this."

"No choice but to continue looking around the city. This will take some getting used to."

"No kidding I don't think I'll be able to go on in this world. I don't think I can continue if I don't see Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan and everyone else again."

"Try to keep calm and don't do anything stupid like taking your life or you will hear me out."

"As if I would do something that stupid than commit suicide sheesh I'm not that brain dead."

The whiskered shinobi got up as he resumed walking a path that leads him to a small house. It looked more like hut it was very small and not that tall enough for one person to live in. From the look of things it didn't looked like anyone would house in such a small place it could be a good sign, if he was going to stay in this world might as well find a place to live to make his stay permanent. Something caught his eyes there was a sing attached on the door that says" Keep out. Seriously—Mordio" he sighed looks like someone does live in the small hut after all. His eyes were feeling well realizing he was tired especially after the fight with Obito and Madara, anyone would feel exhausted after such a battle. The whiskered blond walked over the door thinking the right thing to do will be to knock but as he slightly touched the door it opened. His eyes widened it was open all along he looked behind making sure no one was watching.

"Might as well let myself in…."

Now he knew what he was doing was very wrong, breaking into a house he felt like he was being a robber. But then again the door was opened after all so one won't to let themselves in as soon as he entered the hut, his cerulean eyes widened in shock. The entire place looked like a garbage bin everything around was a mess. There were many books scattered all around, other things he had no idea what they were, a chalkboard with some weird drawings, and a set of stairs that leads up. The place wasn't that bad in the Uzumaki's personal opinion since his apartment was a mess too but compared to this, it was an epic masterpiece. It looked like there was no one home right now but all he cared was having some shut eye. He found a good spot to lie down on a carpet, the blond shinobi was already resting when lie down drifting to sleep. It was really going to take some getting used to live in this world.

(Time skip)

"Hey! Wake up!"

Naruto opened his eyes waking up from his nice slumber startled by the loud yell. The first thing he saw was person glaring down at him looking like she wanted to beat him to death. The girl looked in her mid-teens with short brown hair, green eyes, a pair of goggles wrapped on her forehead. The teen girl was wearing a red attire with a yellow and black line on the middle, on her right pocket she had different kinds of pens, a small lens and a long yellow ribbon strapped on her left shoulder, red gloves. Her right foot had a red boot while her left foot had a longer booth colored black and the tip yellow, she was also wearing long pants in said foot only. Their eyes met for a moment even if the girl was glaring daggers at him and it gave the whiskered blond the idea, that maybe she was the owner of the hut with the way she had her eyes fixed on him. It meant he was in big trouble if she really owns the place anyone won't be happy to have a complete stranger sleeping in your home.

"Um hi…." He nervously replied her face didn't say she was the least happy.

"Who the hell are you?!" she tightened her fists shaking in anger.

"You must be the owner of this dump er-I mean place right?"

"Dump….? So my place is a dump but it's enough for you to sleep in it you damn thief!"

"What thief? No you got it all wrong I'm no thief! The door was opened so I let myself in."

"Shut up! Didn't you read the sign on the door?! It says keep out!"

"I'm sorry honest I didn't mean it but like I said the door was opened and…I was just looking for a place to stay. I not planning to steal anything-"

"Shut up! You have ten seconds to get yourself out of my place before I set you on fire!"

"Whoa! Isn't that a little extreme hehe?"

The Uzumaki gasped as the teen girl has taken what it looks like a scroll and suddenly her body started glowing with a strange energy. A strange circle with markings appeared on the floor looking like she was preparing to fire some kind of attack, it didn't looked good for the blond shinobi. The girl has released a fire ball as Naruto barely dodged it until he sniffed something was burning his eyes widened as his bottom has caught fire because of the attack. He screamed in agony running away from the hut, he tripped as he set foot outside rubbing his poor bottom. The girl stood at the door giving a nod of approval that she did the right thing kicking him out of her home.

"Ouch my butt! Hot hot hot!"

"Serves you right thief! Don't come here ever again!" she shut the door closed making sure she didn't left it open like she did before.

"Ouchie damn that burns" he managed to put the fire out and luckily his bottom wasn't that badly burned.

"Don't want to sound rude but you had it coming. You knew someone was living there, why bother taking a nap?"

"Well excuse me if I haven't taken a rest since I started my training with uncle Bee. I have to apologize to her, I don't want her thinking I'm a thief."

"She already sees you as a thief and talking to her is probably pointless. Her attitude screams leave me alone or I'll roast you."

"I have to try even if she had every right to act that way with me. I know I did wrong that's why I need to tell her how sorry I am."

"Acting like a goody goody again. She won't listen to you she's still angry with you."

"Let her be angry with me I'm not leaving until I say sorry."

The Uzumaki knocked on the door two times but now answer came from the teen girl. He knocked a third time before he heard a voice.

"If you're still out there I will roast your butt for real this time!"

The whiskered blond turned pale as he touched his abused bottom with a sweat dropped.

"On second thought, maybe I should give her some time to cool off until she has calmed down."

He sighed Kurama was a bit correct talking to her now will be pointless. If she's too angry she will not listen to reason, so talking to her will be pretty useless. The blond shinobi did the only thing he could do at the time, which it was resuming his sleep. He gave a soft sigh so far being in this new world wasn't going well he was having such a terrible experience in it. The whiskered shinobi leaned on the wall next to the door, getting seated looking for a way to close his eyes. Eventually he did drifted to sleep again because he was really exhausted, the training he went through with Bee, then the fight with Obito and Madara and now ending up in this world when he was still swallowing the idea he was no longer in his home. While he was resting he had a dream he was still in his world and there was peace among the shinobi nations.

(Time skip)

"Wake up!"

It felt like Naruto was re-living his meeting with the girl again. Once more the whiskered shinobi was startle by her loud yelling he could never take a break from everything. When he opened his eyes he was staring at her face, she was looking down at him with the same glare from their first encounter. Maybe it was his bad luck that he will always get himself in all sort of trouble and he acknowledged this time it was his fault for entering her home like he was breaking in. He was no thief but couldn't help the urge to enter a place when it the door was opened and a chance to sleep. This time he was hoping she doesn't set his bottom on fire, thought she had every right to be angry with him. The blond got up taking a step back from the glaring teen girl. He thought she didn't have to attack him because this time he was outside of her place.

"Hey…Um you're not going to roast my butt right?"

"How long are you planning to stay here?" surprised she didn't raised her voice.

"I was just waiting for you to calm down. I'm sorry for breaking into your home. But I mean it that the door was opened when I-"

"I know it was opened. I…Left it open before leaving" she mumble the last part.

"Oh so you were the one that left it opened, not a very bright thing to do."

"Shut up! Give me a one good reason why I shouldn't burn you to a crisp?!"

"I mean you no harm and I'm no thief. I told you I'm looking for a place to stay."

"You definitely don't look like a scholar to me. You looked too stupid to be one."

"Should I take that as a compliment or not?" he sweat dropped.

"So you're a scholar? Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" he happily offered his hand.

The teen girl stared at his open hand giving him a raised eyebrow not trusting him in the slightest.

"Mordio…Rita Mordio" she didn't took his hand thinking he was acting weird.

"Nice to meet you Rita" he took back his hand.

"Why are you looking for a place to stay?"

"I…um I'm new here in Aspio is it right?"

"You don't look like you're from around here. You want to look for a place to stay in this city ask someone else who will care. I could care less if you don't have one."

"She's very nice" thought the sarcastic Uzumaki.

"I thought you could help me."

"Well I won't now leave before I start casting spells again."

This time Naruto wasn't intimidated by her warning. He was able to read her judging from her expression he stood staring into her green eyes. There was something in them, a very familiar feeling it was right there. The blond shinobi could see the same feeling that he knew very well, it was the feeling of loneliness. It will be understandable why her attitude is rude and harsh for someone who probably lived her entire life all on her own without having anyone being there for her. He felt like he could understand her if she has never had any friends before, though it surprised him with the people he has met in this city. That was why he didn't have scared from her threat if she was only trying to push him away from her, from getting closer to her. Unlike him who once strived for attention to feed his loneliness Rita wanted to keep feeding it by pushing those around her aside.

"Hey Rita? If it's okay with you how about if you let me stay with you?"

"What?! Didn't you hear me?! Ask someone else who cares I won't repeat myself again now leave!" her cheeks have suddenly heat up at the way he said "to stay with her."

"Look I can help you on whatever you need. You're a scholar that means you're onto that blast research right?"

"Blast research….? Argh! You idiot! It's called blastia not blast you really are stupid."

"How about if I become your assistant on your research or something, I promise to do my best?"

"I am not interested in having an assistant now leave already!"

"Come on just give me a chance I really don't know a thing about this city. The least you could do is help me, I promise you I will repay you somehow."

"Or this world…."

"Why should I even help you?! I am not even interested in helping someone like you. You might even be planning to steal from me."

"I told you I'm not a thief! I'm new here and I would like to stay in your place. While I'm at it I can be your personal assistance in anything."

"You're really stubborn why can't you take a hint? I'm going to count to ten for you to leave or I will cast fire ball again, and this time I'm planning to burn you to a crisp. One…Two…."

"Rita I will clean your home and do all kinds of chores, anything to help you."


"I know you're a good person and you won't turn down my help."

"I already did dozens of times! Six…Seven…."

"Then give me a chance."


"Rita…." The Uzumaki gave a sigh.


"I'll be your friend…."

"…." She was still gazing at him annoyed.

To Rita Mordio the word friend meant nothing to her, when she didn't know the meaning of the word. Her only friends were her books and her blastia research there was no one in the city of Aspio that was her friend. Her entire life was all about her research it was the only thing that matters to her that was what her existence was all about. As she gazed over the whiskered blond who was smiling brightly at her she felt so annoyed, of all the scholars in the city it has to be her, the one he has to bother. Why should she care about him not having a place to stay? Why would even bother her to ask her to stay with her? Why would he even bother asking her to be her friend? So many questions ran to her head and instead she didn't found answer to either one. The teen girl remained quiet as she went back to her hut leaving the door opened while Naruto blinked not knowing what to do.

"Does that mean yes?"



"Just shut up, enter and close the door behind you!"

"Okay!" he smiled happily entering the hut happy that she might have accepted his offer.

"Rita where are you?" he looked around not seeing the young scholar.

"Up here idiot!"

The Uzumaki noticed she has taken the stairs up so he followed her. Arriving at the second floor he saw a desk with many books and documents. There was also a dresser which it obviously belongs to her. There was another area in the second floor that caught his attention there were many kinds of potions on a counter top along with some test tubes. A bed stood on the right corner it made him happy at least the place was bigger than his apartment. He didn't have a problem staying here, better something than nothing. Getting back to the teen girl she was checking some of the papers on her desk before turning her attention to him. The whiskered shinobi felt nervous at the way she was staring at him, there was still that hint in her green eyes that she didn't trusted him. He knew it was going to take time for her to trust him so he wasn't bothered by it.

"I swear you better not be thinking in stealing anything from me, especially my research that will be crossing the line with me."

"How many times do I have to tell you I am not a thief?!"

"Fine, I suppose you can stay here for a little while. But you better pull your own weight pal."

"Of course! I promise to do my best in helping you and that's what I'm going to do. I never go back on my word."

"We'll see how long that positive attitude will last. As long as you stay under this roof you will do anything I say. You first mentioned being my assistant I might hold on to that. I don't like sharing my research with no one even if you volunteered to be one."

"No problem I'm here to help you in anything you need. Even your blastia research…Um by the way what's blastia?"

"What….?" Her eyes widened in pure shock thinking she heard wrong.

"I told you I'm new here okay? I don't know much about it" he scratched the back of his head giving his usual fox grin.

"You don't know what blastia is? How can that be? It's inconsiderable that you haven't heard about it, for crying out loud this is the city of scholars who dedicate their lives to blastia research!"

"Hello newbie here, I've only being in this city for like a day" he sweat dropped.

"More like an hour or so" he mentally corrected.

"This is great, instead of going back to my work I have to waste my time explaining you the concepts of blastia. I suppose you don't know what aer is or a blastia core either?"

"Air of course I know what air is, we're breathing it right now."

"Not air with an "i" you idiot! Aer with an "e""

"Oh then I guess I don't know it, same goes with the blastia core thingy" he smiled in a silly way.

"I regret already letting you stay here. How can you expect to be my assistant when you don't even know the fundamentals?"

"I thought you said you don't want anyone helping you in your research."

"That doesn't mean I won't consider your idea. Okay now let's go down, you have a lot to learn" she climbed down the stairs giving a sigh as he followed her.

"He really is stupid me and my big mouth."

(Time skip)

Naruto stood seated on the ground while Rita was using her chalkboard teaching everything there is to know about aer and blastia. The young scholar wrote the words with their meaning and she explained them in her own words according to her knowledge of the terms. Now the Uzumaki was never the kind to pay attention when he was at the shinobi academy, but this time he will make an exception. He was determined to help the teen in anything in agreement that she will let him stay here so it was very important he does his best if he doesn't want her to kick him out. Not paying attention or falling asleep during her special class was out of the question, so he stood quiet and paid attention to every word she said. The information he was being taught was really interesting and it was the beginning that she was slowly showing interest to this new world. Maybe with some getting used to he might come to cherish this world as much as his home world.

(Skit title: Rita's test)

Rita: Naruto what is aer?

Naruto: it is a powerful energy that can be fatal to people and the environment if there's enough of it. It's also what fuels the blastia cores.

Rita: if there's a high concentration level of aer to put it precise but still your answer is acceptable and you're correct on the aer being fuel for a blastia core. Next question what are blastia cores?

Naruto: piece of cake, there are the source to power up any type of blastia they're the heart of the blastia.

Rita: correct now last question. What is blastia?"

Naruto: ancient technology that can work with a blastia core. It's a very resourceful technology that can provide us with heat, water, food, barriers among other things. Bodhi blastia it's a certain type of blastia can be used to enhance one's combat capabilities. Well how did I do?"

Rita: not bad, at least you now know the basics. I might name you my assistant someday. But still you're an idiot.

Naruto: Rita that's harsh!

"You did well you can be a quick learner" her tone was regular not like her usual rude tone.

"I have the best teacher" he smiled widely.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere I won't let you stay at my place for free from doing so."

"Not like I'm expecting you will."

"Let me set some rules before we move on. You know you will have to do some chores and help me on anything if you want food to be serve on you and if you want to continue being on this roof. Also if you tick me off or annoy me in some way I'll kick you out in a heartbeat, are we clear?"

"Yes mam'!"

"Just call me Rita, the "mam'" thing makes me sound old. I'm only fifteen" she got annoyed with her left eye twitching.

"No problem Rita!"

"He's really into it I wonder how long that excitement will last. I'm going to make him work until he can no longer stand up. Maybe that way he will change his mind and leave" she mentally grinned.

"How about if I clean your place….? It's really a mess."

"So sue me, I'm always busy with my blastia research to focus in cleaning my hut. You're going to exhaust yourself to death with all the mess."

"I'll do it in no time" the Uzumaki gave a grin making a cross shape hand seal.

"Shadow clone jutsu!"


"What the!" the teen scholar stood wide eyed in shock seeing so many of the whiskered blond, there were a total of ten shadow clones.

"All right everyone we have a job to do! We're going to clean this place from the ground up. We'll leave this place shinny and spotless!"

"Yes sir!"

"Wait! You break something you're out of here do you hear me?!"

"Don't worry we'll be careful" replied one of the clones.

In just a matter of thirty minutes the shadow clones teamwork has proven to be very effective. They have organized and cleaned the entire inside of the hut, the results it was truly a sight of wonder. Rita stood with wide eyes gazing around at how her place looked like. This was the first time she has ever seen her place so clean, she even rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things or that she was dreaming. The young scholar admitted everything she was seeing was pretty much real and she still couldn't believe it. Once the blond shinobi was done with the entire cleanup he called his clones back and they all disappeared shocking the teen girl. He smiled widely knowing she must be pleased with his work this kind of job will make his stay at her place permanent that was for sure. Slowly Rita walked over to him she suddenly grabbed him by his collar and started shaking him like a rag doll her eyes were filled with curiosity and wonder.


"Rita stop! You're making me dizzy!"

"How did you do that?! How did you make so many duplicates of yourself?! I've never seen an arte like it, or better yet what kind of blastia are you using?" she stopped shaking him leaving the poor Uzumaki all dizzy.

"Everything is spinning…."

"Come on show me your blastia, I need to study it."

"I-I'm not using one."

"What? How can that be? You must be using one for you to perform artes" she stood studying him getting a little too close for comfort.

"Um well I don't use those thing you called "artes" and I'm not using a blastia either" he blushed at her close proximity.

"It can't be…How? I must know how you can perform such thing without the use of a blastia? You must be using a bodhi blastia like mine see" she pointed to the gold colored accessory on her neck looking like a necklace.

"This is a bodhi blastia this amplifies my fighting capabilities allowing me to cast magic spells. And you say you're not using one."

"I think I can trust you. I can tell you but it will be a little long to explain."

"You'll have plenty of time to explain. I'm on my way to buy some groceries and you're coming with me."

"Sure thing I'm supposed to help you with anything, count me in!"

(Skit title: the beginning of friendship part 1)

Naruto: You know Rita, I'm glad you let me stay at your place.

Rita: you're starting to show some interesting points to why I should let you. Don't get me wrong I don't like you, I'm more interested in knowing why you can perform that technique without the use of blastia. It has perked my curiosity to a high level.

Naruto: I will tell you I promise. So does that mean you're no longer interested in blastia research?

Rita: argh! Don't be stupid I will always be loyal to blastia. But if there's something that catches my interest then I must study it.

Naruto: in other words...You mean me.

Rita suddenly turning red before glaring at him, she smacked his head.

Rita: not like that you idiot!

She ran off ahead of him.

Naruto: ouch…What did I said wrong?

(Time skip)

As they walked the streets of the city of Aspio Naruto told Rita everything he knows. About chakra and his ability to perform ninjutsu he saw nothing wrong with it, since he already saw the teen scholar as a friend. To think he believed she wasn't going to be interested in the topics, boy was he wrong big time. As soon as he explained her everything the genius mage was really interested, in fact she looked to be ecstatic. She listened to every one of his words only giving her full paying attention to the whiskered blond, her eyes widened while they were glowing truly captivated in the topic. She was already in deep thought thinking of the many possible theories, but mainly the blond next to her has brought her some interest. Now she thought he has captivated her in a research type of way and she was glad she chose to let him live with her.

"Looks like letting him live with me wasn't a mistake after all" she mentally smiled at the incoming research data she might unlock.

(Skit title: Naruto interesting research material)

Rita: this is truly amazing I never thought something as this" chakra" to exist. So you say all living beings have chakra?

Naruto: that's right chakra is colored blue and is part of our body system. Without it we can die.

Rita: it's that vital for our survival, this chakra really is very interesting. You say you use chakra to perform your techniques?

"Naruto: yeah that's what consists of doing jutsu. The stronger the jutsu is the more chakra it will consume. Lucky for me I have large amounts of chakra so I can perform many jutsu, my stamina also helps which I have plenty of it.

Rita: I see, Naruto you're truly interesting research material. I can't wait to study you!

Naruto: Um…Rita why are you looking at me like that?

Rita: you will be my personal experiment.

Naruto: what? Experiment?

Rita: don't worry it won't hurt…much

Naruto: *gulping nervously*

Naruto: Maybe it was a mistake to be living with her after all.

As they resumed walking with Rita taking the lead because she knew the city like the back of her hand she knew the way to the grocery shop. However things were different which Naruto has taken a noticed while walking the streets, it with the people passing them by. Every single person or scholar they passed they seemed to be keeping their distance from them, he had no idea what was wrong with those people. That was until he realized it wasn't at him they were trying to avoid but at the teen mage next to him. For some reason he didn't know they were keeping their distance from her, or maybe they were all rude. Now he knew Rita was a bit of mean and harsh but she was really a good person with a kind heart, it could be they were scare of her attitude and he didn't blame them. Once he took a glance at the teen girl he saw a glint in her green eyes, there was a hint of sadness and sorrow in them.

"Are they that scared of Rita? She did burned my butt but she's not that scary once you get know her."

They arrived at the grocery shop and as soon as the shop keeper saw the young mage he freaked out but tried to remain calm. Rita ignored him and told him the things she needed while the Uzumaki kept checking what the shop has to offer. There was quit of a nice selection of fruits, vegetable, dairy products and meat enough to fuel his appetite. The teen scholar chose some apples and bananas, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and some pork. She gave the shop keeper some golden coins he has never seen before they were definitely not ryou as the money he usually knows. Looks like it was another thing he needs to know from this world. After she was done paying the shopkeeper put all of the bought groceries in a couple of paper bags and soon both were off heading back to the hut. As they resumed their walking the people were doing the same behavior as when they were passing here the first time.


"What?" she sounded annoyed.

"The people are acting a bit weird around us."

"Just ignore them. It's not us, but me…."

"Are they scared of you?"

"Nothing liked that, they're just trying to avoid me" her green eyes softened slightly.

"Why would they do that?"

"Everyone in the city thinks I'm weird. It doesn't bother me I don't care what they think of me. I just think they're jealous of my high intellect."

"You're anything but weird. I think you're a cool person to hang out with."

"Tch didn't I tell you flattery won't get you anywhere, stop complimenting me" her cheeks have suddenly turned into a shade of pink.

"But I'm being honest I see no reason for the people to avoid you."

"Don't pay attention to them because I sure don't."

"….." the Uzumaki's cerulean eyes softened having an image when he was little being ignored by the villagers of Konoha reminding of the pain it caused him in his life.

"Doesn't it hurt?" he spoke softly.

"What?" she stopped walking not hearing him?

"I mean, doesn't it hurt that no one would bother talking to you?"

"Why bother asking?"

"It must hurt that no one will talk to you all of them avoiding you like you weren't there."

"…" her eyes softened but she scoffed resuming her walking.

"Come on I'm getting hungry!"

"It's just as I thought, she's lonely. She doesn't want to admit it but she's really begging for someone to acknowledge her. That's why she probably buries herself so much in her blastia research to ignore the pain and because it's the only thing she has in her life…Rita."

"Hey idiot!" she turned to him.

"Rita you can call me by my name you know? You already called me by it once" he sweat dropped.

"I will call you whatever I feel like. Just to let you know that you're cooking dinner…."

"Cooking…Um I don't…You see I'm not a very good cook" he scratched the back of his head.

"The only thing I can make is ramen" the Uzumaki mentally sighed mentioning his favorite food.

"Figures, you're not just an idiot but you're useless at cooking. You're supposed to help me with anything and so far you're not doing a good job" she got annoyed at his answer.

"Well maybe you can teach me to cook. You already taught me about blastia and aer."

"Don't you know anything? Now you want me to teach you too cook how useless you can be?"

"If you teach me a few recipes I promise I'll be the one to cook for you from now on."

"Fine, but if you're cooking is terrible I'll kick you out of my place got it?!"

"Got it!"

(Skit title: Naruto's origin part 1)

Naruto: what was that money you gave to the shop keeper?

Rita: huh? That was gald.

Naruto: oh right, I just…I never saw it before."

Rita: seriously? You got to be kidding me! You don't even know what gald is.

Naruto: I know now it's the money right right!

Rita: hey idiot

Naruto: Rita I would be happy if you call me by my name.

Rita: what kind of crazy place are you from anyway?

Naruto: place….?"

Rita: where's your home? What city you come from? I find it very strange that you would come from one of the cities of Terca Lumireis. You don't know about blastia, or aer you don't even know about gald. That gives me plenty of reason to think you're not from around here at all.

Naruto: *forcing a smile* my village is very far from here, and I don't think if I will ever return.

Rita: what's the name of your village?

Naruto: don't want to rush you but I'm feeling very hungry, I'll race you to the hut!

He ran off at fast speed.

Rita: hey wait! You haven't answered my question about your village! What an idiot.

(Time skip)

After arriving to the hut in which Naruto won the friendly race and Rita was yelling at him for making her run. They went to start with the cooking and as the young mage said she started with the cooking lessons to the Uzumaki. She carefully explained the procedure to make the food with the ingredients they bought and just like when she was teaching him about the basics of blastia and other stuff from her research the whiskered blond listened paying attention. After forty minutes the blond shinobi managed to make the dish which it was roasted pork he cut the fresh cooked meal serving a piece in a plate. He gave it to the young scholar seated in her desk she was going to be the official judge taster. She cut a small piece, blowing it a little before tasting it. The blond shinobi stood waiting patiently until she swallowed the piece ready to give her call on the dish.

"How is it?"

"It's good acceptable. The pork could use some more seasoning though you cooked the meat just about right. Not bad for your first time cooking."

"Does that mean I passed?" he smiled.

"In a way yes, but you better start cooking better. I can be very picky when it comes to food."

"Yes mam'-I mean Rita! Sorry about that."

"You can serve yourself if you like."


The whiskered blond happily served a nice portion of his own dish. And he was actually it was the first time he has cooked something that wasn't ramen, not that he was glad he wasn't eating ramen. It will always remain as his favorite food of all time he picked up the pork and enjoyed the taste while the genius mage resumed her eating too. Both teens stood quiet eating for a while there was nothing to say when they were focusing on their dish. Naruto's appetite was big for he has finished his food in a matter of minutes, it really hit the spot and since he wasn't that hungry he chose to only have one serving. His eyes turned to Rita as the teen was still eating, somehow he saw himself in her. Remembering how the people were avoiding her imagining it was always like this for her that she has gotten used to the treatment. The loneliness she must be feeling was probably worse than the one he used to feel and he wanted to break that barrier with the young scholar.

"What?" she replied annoyed noticing he was staring at her for a while?

"It's nothing, don't worry about it.

"Is there something you want to tell me just say it."

"It's nothing Rita-"

"Shut up and say it!"

"Um…Okay! I…I was just thinking about the people ignoring you."

"I told you not to worry about that. They're just jealous, they avoid me because they think I'm smarter than they which it's true by the way" she resumed her eating.

"But it doesn't hurt you?"

She stopped her eating gazing at the blond annoyed.

"Why do you keep bringing that up?! It doesn't hurt me at all!"

"I know it does…."

"It doesn't okay?! So drop it already!"

"You don't have to hide it anymore Rita I know it hurts to be ignore I know you feel lonely. I used to feel that way too when I was little, my parents were gone so I was on my own. There was a time in my village I used to be ignored by everyone they will do anything to avoid me. They didn't even want their kids to spend time with me or play with me. I remember how much it hurt it felt like my entire existence was empty, like I had no purpose in this world. The pain of being lonely is truly painful. I think you became obsessive to your blastia research because you wanted to hide the loneliness, it's the only thing you have for a purpose in your life."

"….." the genius mage stood with wide eyes as the blond Uzumaki smiled at her.

"Well you don't have to feel that way anymore. Because I'm here, I will be your friend. With me around you will never feel lonely again!"

Rita stood in thought with wide eyes his words have somehow moved her. Hearing them she felt like he means what he just said and she felt like she can put her whole trust in him. His experience with loneliness has really touched her and she felt the same way since she was orphan and she has been on her own for as long as she can remembers. The teen mage felt her cheeks heat up a little and she didn't understood why hearing his words has made her heart beat faster than usual. His smile was adorable and maybe all of her regrets of letting him stay at her hut were all erased for good. Deep inside she wanted him to stay and this time, it wasn't because he was important for her research material due to the new discovery of chakra. Getting back to her senses she resumed her eating while pretending she was annoyed avoiding eye contact with the whiskered blond, ignoring her fast heart beat and an unknown feeling.

(Skit title: beginning of friendship part 2)

Naruto: I'm glad we're friends Rita.

Rita: *chewing* *chewing*

Naruto: I will always be your friend, so if there's anything you need let me know okay?


Naruto: Rita you listening?

Rita: I can hear you just fine! And who says you're my friend? You're not my friend, you're my new research material got it?!"

Naruto: hehe whatever you say.

Rita: idiot. Now leave me alone! I would like to finish the pork in peace.

Naruto: okay! Guess I'm going to hit the sack then.

Rita: you will sleep in the first floor you will have to get used to sleeping on the floor.

Naruto: that's fine by me, I'll get used to it. Night Rita!

He leaves while she resumed her eating and her cheeks have heat up.

Rita: he's such an idiot. Who would see me as a friend? But then again, I guess despite being different we share something in common.

Naruto gave a happy sigh as he has climbed down the stairs looking for his spot to have a goodnight sleep. Maybe it wasn't the best spot staring at a corner with nothing but the cold floor to use for a bed he will have to make the best of it. What a day it has turned out to be for him, he has been sent through another world in another dimension by his teacher, he has no clue of this world whatsoever though his new friend has taught him a few things about it and there was a possibility he might never return to his home again leaving him with no choice but to get used to this world. As he lied down on the floor the many thoughts of his friends and precious people came rushing to him like a strong wave. It was too much for the Uzumaki the thoughts and memories were causing tears to form, he stood strong drying his eyes. Thinking about everyone will only hurt him so he remained strong and try to move on at least he had a place to call home and a friend.

"Not bad Naruto. You managed to convince that spit fire to let you stay with her. Though I pity you, she's worse than that pink hared kunoichi you like."

"Hehe I guess she has a more fiery temper than Sakura-chan and her attitude too. But I can tell she's really a good person. She probably acts that way because she lacks the socializing skills since she rarely speaks to anyone. I've seen how the people of this city avoids her thinking she's weird, if they could only see wonderful person Rita is."

"Not surprised you're going to act like a goody goody with her, despite her setting your butt on fire."

"I kind of had that coming for entering her home when she has out. But it was her fault for leaving the door opened."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I guess I will stay in Aspio for a little while longer. I'm planning in leaving to explore this new world, I want to see new places and meet more people. Of course I will convince Rita to accompany me no way I'm leaving her alone."

"I don't have a choice in the matter. I will support you but don't get any ideas that I care for you."

"Of course not Kurama you have to keep your reputation as the big bad nine tails fox" he chuckle.

"It comes with the job" the fox gave a grin.

"Goodnight…." He closed his eyes slowly drifting to sleep.

(Time skip)

Naruto was snoring softly managing to actually sleep in the floor not realizing he wasn't alone. Not too far from him Rita stood watching him looking in thought. Hearing his snoring annoyed her thinking it was rude and impolite. It was a mystery to the genius mage why she will ever agree to let someone she barely knows to sleep in her home. If the other scholars finds out there's a boy two years older than her living in the same roof they will go into a full panic hysteria, and she would prefer to avoid that. Yet there was something about him, something she didn't understand about his personality and the strong resolve his words seems to hold. The teen scholar shook those thoughts aside she was holding a blanket and she was looking unsure if it was the right thing to do. She was still not fond of the idea of sharing her place with someone. Then his words from earlier came to her head as she remember them clearly.

"I know you feel lonely…."

"How would he know?"

"I used to be ignored by everyone they will do anything to avoid me. They didn't even want their kids to spend time with me or play with me. I remember how much it hurt it felt like my entire existence was empty, like I had no purpose in this world. The pain of being lonely is truly painful."

"We do share something in common, I really do hate when they avoid me when they think I'm weird."

"You don't have to feel that way anymore. Because I'm here, I will be your friend. With me around you will never feel lonely again!"

"Friend…Yeah right" she sighed as she walked over to him and place the blanket around him.

She started walking heading to her bed as she reached for the stairs she was stopped by some mumbling coming from the whiskered blond.

"I'll have the ramen with the boil pork…." he was obviously talking in his sleep.

"He is so stupid."

(Time skip)

That night for reasons unknown Rita has had the best sleep she has ever had in her entire life. Maybe because she has never had a goodnight rest like right now, she also slept with a smile on her face.

To be continued

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