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Chapter 18 In search of Naruto

(Location: unknown region)

Naruto felt cold not to a point that it was very chili but it was still cold. The blond shinobi has opened his eyes feeling like he has been unconscious for a while the recent events before he lost conscious were still fresh in his mind. The Galf beast giving him paralysis because of its claws and getting captured by the creature leaving his friends, eventually he went unconscious shortly after. Now he had no idea where he was, but first he realized he was a bit tied up. He sweat dropped, he was completely tied up by hard steel cuffs lying on a bed with the same material. That would explain the coldness where it was coming from, he had no idea what was going on. Just when he was expecting to become lunch to the monster that took him away, he was still pretty much alive and breathing. The whiskered jinchurikki was now a prisoner making him wonder that the monster didn't had any intentions of killing him or eating him.

"Great, getting captured again though the first time Judith didn't really kidnap me, but it still annoying to be separated from everyone…."

A hissing sound caught the attention of the blond which it belonged to the door of the dark room. He knew it somebody has entered while hearing the small footsteps approaching him. Why did he had the sudden feeling he wasn't going to like what he was about to see from whoever kidnapped him? It was a bad feeling about it when he knew the Knights had nothing to do with this. Whoever captured him was probably only interested in him remembering the Galf beast was only attacking him and ignoring anyone from the party. He was the monster's target and his intuition told him this man was bad news along that he was probably the one who sent the creature after him. His face has finally emerged the poor light of the room and he took a good look at him. He was definitely an older man with bear and glasses his presence gave the Uzumaki the sudden urge that he was a creepy doctor, at least not in the same level as Orochimaru or Kabuto.

"You're finally awake" a smile spread over the older man's lips.

"If I ask you who you are, you won't tell me right….?"

"I certainly don't see a problem with introductions my boy. My name is Professor Maxwell I'm the one who sent you here you've been unconscious for quite some time."

"Thanks for the warm welcome" he frowned at the handcuffs that were keeping him prisoner, his body was weak and preventing him from using his strength to break out.

"I apologize but I'm just taking some safe precautions. You'll be fine, do not worry the paralysis of the Galf beast should be wearing off shortly. Such creature possessed the highest level of the status alignment."

"I'm going to take the guess you're the one that sent it after me."

"Correct my boy, the Galf beast is my loyal pet. He became quite special once I installed the Hermes blastia on him. I apologize for the rude treatment in sending it to retrieve you. You see you're quite special. I couldn't help but wanting to have you within my grasp."

"Okay this is starting to get creepy…."

"This is the part when I ask you" what are you planning to do with me?""

"Yes, well I supposed that question is unavoidable. After all, I sent a very dangerous monster to bring you back to me. Why go through all that trouble, isn't that right?"

"Is he planning to use me for a guinea pig? His face says so, please let me be wrong."

"I'm sure you must have a good reason for doing this, right?"

"That I am Naruto Uzumaki. Yes I already know who you are. But perhaps it's time I finally get to my point. I can tell you're dying of curiosity to know why I have brought you here."

"Where are we?"

"Now now, one question at a time I believe it's rather rude to skip questions when they haven't been given a straight answer. The reason why I have brought you here is rather simple, or then again maybe it's not as simple as one can imply it."

"This guy is creepy in his own way."

"You have perked my curiosity and my interest Naruto Uzumaki. You have a great gift and truly special power, something that I have strived to get the answers."

"My bad feeling is getting worse."

"And I have feeling it will be me the center of discussion."

"I think you're right."

"I must know more about you ever since I saw your performance I made a promise to myself of wanting to know more. My thirst for knowledge was never ending when you were brought into my life."

"Okay doc get to the point, what do you want with me?" the blond sweat dropped at his behavior.

"Perhaps it will be better if I show you what I mean my boy."

The whiskered blond watched the older man pressing a button to a screen like machine he knew it was a blastia model. The screen was activated and show an image that made him gasped from the surprise. It was showing a battle, to be exact the one from when he was fighting the red aer monster back at the fortress near Shisontania. One thing that worried him the professor has already seen him in his Bijuu mode transformation it didn't bothered him when Judith witnessed it, but this man was a different story. The way he was staring at the image was a little disturbing, his eyes showed a lot of interest. He wondered how he was able to record that fight. For a complete stranger to find out he wasn't quite normal with the kind of transformation he was seeing it meant nothing good, he still had a bad feeling about him.

"I always have a blastia planted to record the process of a Hermes blastia. But I never imagined I will get to see someone using abilities that surpass one who will be using a bohdi blastia. This is no over limit if I'm correct…."

"You're wrong doc I have a bohdi blastia equipped that was nothing but some arte I performed."

"Oh dear if there's one thing I can't tolerate are liars. Especially those who are terrible at it, do you have any idea how many times I have seen your fight against the aer monster?"

"A couple of times…."

"Hundreds of times, ever since I watched this image for the first time I have come up with different theories to explain how you can do such transformation. I pondered day and night of the possibilities until I can come up with the correct solution. Of course I was only able to come with a possible hypothesis that is until I can get my hands on you."

"Like right now?" the blond shinobi was getting more nervous by the minute.

"Indeed my boy. The fact you possessed abilities that can't be done by simply equipping a blastia, means you're not from around here. More importantly I believe your origin is in another world, well how am I doing so far?"

"I can't lie because you will know. So yeah, you're doing a pretty good job so far."

"Why thank you my boy years of experience I assure you. My point Naruto Uzumaki in your transformation you were covered in so much powerful aer. Such high volume of concentrated aer that will be enough to kill a human being, this is exactly why I believe you are a very gifted person. And here's the part where I reveal my hypothesis to you my boy. I believe the source of that strong aer comes from a powerful entity…."

"Powerful entity….?" the Uzumaki was shocked that he was able to figure it out so quickly.

"Yes, an entity…like perhaps an Entelexeia."

"No way how did he do it?!"

"You're saying I'm an Entelexeia. Looks like doing all that pondering has really friend your brain doc…."

"Incorrect, you're not one. I have spent years researching the Entelexeia and they don't have the power to take human forms. To clear my hypothesis is that Entelexeia is living inside of you, perhaps sealed in you."

"Even if this guy is freaking me out he's very good. I can't believe he was able to figure out so much just by meeting me."

"This Entelexeia inside you is the reason why you can go to such transformation and increased your strength above any normal person's levels. You can somehow channel the beings aer to your body and use its power to your own."

"Now I have to agree with you, he's very clever."

"However…." The professor walked closer to the blond.

"The one thing I still haven't figured out is how that is possible? How is that Entelexeia inside you? How was it sealed in you in the first place? Now you see my great dilemma? There are so many questions I'm pondering and the only way to gain the answers is if I have you. Thanks to my pet, here you are before me. Now I can finally start doing what I have been yearning for so long since I first saw you through the recording."

"Don't tell me this guy is some weird homo like Orochimaru? And he plans to do…ah I can't think about that it's too disturbing!"

"What are you planning to do with me?" the whiskered blond finally asked looking nervous from his previous thinking.

"My boy, I would do like any other researcher do when they have a subject to test. I'm going to study you I'm going to perform all kinds of tests in order to figure out the methods your people use to seal that being in you. You see it is vital that I know the process so I can carry out my research that will become the ultimate breakthrough in my entire career. I have plans that will save the empire and its people and you Naruto Uzumaki…are the key that will help me fulfill my goal."

"And what if I refuse?"

Professor Maxwell only chuckle as he went to clean his glasses.

"You don't have a choice. There is a reason why I have you under such conditions and I do apologize for it. But it isn't a matter of accepting or refusing, whether you like it or not you are my test subject as part of my ultimate research. I won't be letting you go for some time, so I suggest you get used to living here my boy."

"You can't do this! I'll break free! I won't be your little guinea pig!"

"Damn right we're getting out of here."

"Oh dear already getting inpatient and we haven't even begun. That is why I always reserve these kinds of measures" the older man has taken an injection from his coat pocket.

"Get that needle away from me Dr. Nightmare!" he glared as the red chakra was forming around him.

"Even if you used the power of your Entelexeia friend, you have forgotten you're still under my pet's paralysis. You won't be breaking free any time soon" a small grin was formed on his lips as he injected the needle in his left arm.

"Damn you I won't help you in your research. I won't let you use me or Kurama for your experiments, whatever you're up to its nothing good" his eyes were getting heavy.

"Kurama that is the being's name. We're starting to make some progress!"

"No I can't keep awake damn you…." He drifted off into conscious.

Yuri, Judith, Rita…."

"Sweet dreams my boy" the professor smiled looking forward to all the tests he will run to his new test subjects.

(Scene change)

(Location: The Port Town Capua Torim Tolbyccia continent Terca Lumireis)

The members of Brave Vesperia reached the port as their destination to take a ship and reach the Desier continent to search for the flying creature Phaeroh. But things have changed as the party walked the streets not looking happy, not after what happened before getting to town. No one had said a word ever since Naruto's kidnaping by the Galf beast, their silence pretty much described they were upset or maybe depressed. When Yuri woke up after being healed by Estelle he showed he was upset not wanting to look at anyone, he wasn't happy that his friend was taken away. The pink haired princess only looked worried for the whiskered blond, the same with Karol, Raven was in thought probably thinking about the monster that took the blond even Repede was worried whining constantly. As for Rita and Judith the two girls were worried sick and they didn't seem to be in the mood to talk. Who would talk when someone very important and precious to them was captured by an unknown enemy?

They were in front of the inn after a long and quiet journey. After this no doubt they were going to put on hold their plans to head for the sands of Kogorth. It was understandable when the group have gotten used to travel with everyone with the Uzumaki gone missing they couldn't continue their journey. To think it would have come to this they couldn't believe even with their numbers they seemed to be outmatch by the power the monster possessed and in the end, they failed to prevent their companion from getting taken away. They should have been strong enough to defeat it but it was too late to be thinking about that, the damage has been done. Some believed they failed when it comes to looking after their allies, mainly Yuri feeling like when he had to kill Labmbert or when Captain Nerin lost his life when there was nothing he could do. He killed the father of his dog and partner and felt useless because he couldn't save his superior from dying. Now it was felt like his past was haunting him again.

"Where should we start looking?" Karol finally broke the long silence.

"Beats me" replied the unhappy swordsman.

"I mean, we are going to look for him right?"

"Of course we are Naruto's our friend. We're not going to abandon him when he needs us the most" followed Estelle.

"Well that's easier said than done princess. It's not like that monster gave us any directions to where it was goin' to be" said Raven.

"Would you just shut the hell up old man!? We're not in the mood to be listening to your wisecracks!" snapped Rita shaking her fist her thoughts were only on her whiskered assistant.

"Come on calm down Miss Mage, I want to find the kid as much as any of ya."

"You certainty look to be in the fresh mood as always, like it's not bothering you in fact why the hell are you even traveling with us-"

"Rita that's enough, we're not happy that Naruto was captured. Trust me I've been in better moods than this" Judith was taking the blonds abduction probably worse than everyone.


"I know we all missed him, and it's hard to say this. But we should try and stay positive. Let's go look for him, I refuse to go to Desier without Naruto" said the pink haired princess.

"Estelle's right for all we know it couldn't have gone too far. From what I read about the Galf beast they liked to live in dark places, like a cave. Maybe if we search around the area where we fought it we can probably find one" said the guild leader.

"Except Captain that was no ordinary Galf beast" Yuri replied.

"That's right, it had a blastia equipped. The regular monsters roaming in the fields would never have one equip" said the Mordio.

"Unless someone attached one to it, that monster has a master" added the former knight.

"You mean someone sent it after us?" asked the youth.

"Not us, Naruto. Whoever sent that monster was only after him. Remember it was only focusing its attacks on him" said the krityan.

"It was ignoring us like we weren't worth the effort. I really don't know who would've done this" said the mage.

"Attaching blastia on monsters I have no idea who could be doing something like this. There's also something that's been bothering me about the blastia on that monster, like it was acting as it was its heart. Using blastia to replace human organs I never heard of such thing…."

"Well that's how it is. We have no idea where that monster went or where it took Naruto. We have no leads and that leave us in a big disadvantage" said the swordsman.

"We should search the place where we fought it, we might find some clues" said the youth.

"That's not a bad idea we have nothing to lose. Searching the cities is out of the question because of the barriers. Karol's suggestion is our only lead."

"We should try and contact Flynn maybe he can help us in the search. I just know he will fully agree to help us if we tell him about Naruto's kidnaping" said Estelle.

"I don't mind if we have the extra help since we don't have a clue where he could be. But knowing Flynn he's probably still busy with holding things over at Heliord" said the former knight.

"So we're on our own then?" asked Raven.

"That's how it is…."

"What are we waiting for let's go?!" said Rita.

(Skit title: Naruto Missing)

Everyone was present.

Karol: if we go to the spot where we fought the Galf beast we might get any clues to finding Naruto.

Rita: clues like what?

Karol: like the monster's footprints. They must be there we follow them it might take us to the place where it took Naruto.

Yuri: we have Repede he will sniff the monster's scent and he will track it down in no time, isn't that right partner?

Repede: *woof!* *woof!*

Estelle: everything will be all right Rita we'll find Naruto for sure. You can feel better now.

Rita: I won't feel better until we have found him.

Raven: we can stay positive, but you shouldn't count your eggs before they hatch.

Karol: huh? What does have to do with finding Naruto?

Judith: it means we shouldn't jump to conclusions yet. Not until we arrive to the place to make sure there are tracks there.

Karol: oh that, you're right.

Yuri: let's keep going we can't keep Naruto waiting.

Rita: R-right let's go!

(Time skip)

They reached the forest area where they encountered the Galf beast and they could clearly tell, this was the right place. The ground was shaken and demolished due when the creature cast stalagmite and they spotted the smashed tree that the monster hit when it was pushed by Naruto. The party immediately went to start looking for any kind of clues while Repede was sniffing the ground, Yuri and Karol followed the dog in search for any footprints left by the monster. So far they had no luck but the swordsman and the guild leader were only focusing on the blue dog which it was still sniffing all over the ground where the Galf beast stood fighting the whiskered blond. The dog sniffed faster finally getting something he barked getting the attention of the two, meaning one thing. They got closer seeing large footprints that weren't human, no doubt that belongs to the strong monster that took their whiskered companion.

"Repede has found the scent of the monster!" Yuri called everyone.

"Way to go Repede!" Estelle walked to the dog smiling.


"Well does he know where it went?" asked Rita.

"Sure he does, lead the way partner."


The blue dog dashed off taking the direction where the Galf beast left. Everyone else followed him running while Yuri took the lead. The long haired swordsman knew once his loyal dog sniffs a scent he will follow it no matter how far it is. Minutes later the Brave Vesperia gang arrived into the depths of a forest since they weren't really following directions just the dog member of the group. Repede has stopped his running and kept on sniffing the ground trying to continue finding the scent of the monster who took their whiskered companion. The sight has worried Yuri since this has never happened before to his partner he has always trusted his dog for everything and his nose was considered top notch. It didn't become good for the gang as the blue dog stopped his sniffing and got seated he has lowered its head looking ashamed. The swordsman knew what this meant never thought he would see the day while everyone else eagerly awaited including Rita.

"Well did pooch found anything?" asked the mage.

"It's not good guys" Yuri gave a sigh that he was starting to lose his patience.

"The scent ends here, Repede can't sniff it anymore. The scent becomes cold from this point on…."

"It can't be" Karol lowered his head feeling disappointed for getting his hopes high.

"Figures that monster isn't as stupid as it looks knowin' the one who sent it, he's clever enough to make sure no one follows his pet" thought Raven.

"Let's continue looking around here maybe Repede can sniff the monster scent again. We can't give up now that we have gotten this close" Estelle tried to cheer everyone keeping a positive attitude.

"It will be pointless to search here, we might get lost. I think we should head back to Torim Harbor" said the former knight.

"But we just got here I'm with Estelle that we should keep searching this place" said the young guild leader.

"That's right I'm not leaving until we have found a lead that will help us look for him!" followed Rita.

"Well what are you waiting for? You're the genius you figure it out!" the swordsman has snapped at her.

"…." everyone stood shock at Yuri's sudden change of behavior.

The Mordio was also shocked at the fact he has snapped at her she had no idea why he was acting like this towards her.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she slightly gave him a glare.

"We could've avoided losing Naruto, no thanks to you" his tone says it all he was upset.

The mage stood in shock she lowered her gaze feeling hurt and some guilt rising within her.

"Are you saying it's my fault he got taken away?"

"Why not, if we had attack the monster's blastia like I said then maybe we could've stop it. We could've prevented it from capturing him. But no, your love for blastia got in the way of your judgment."

"I….." she stood speechless remembering how she acted not wanting to see the blastia equipped on the Galf beast getting destroyed.

"Yuri please I don't think that's true. That monster was really strong not even all of us together were enough to beat it" said the pink haired healer.

"Stop defending her it's true! If the blastia was its source of strength then maybe taking it out would have weakened it enough for us to defeat it and Naruto wouldn't have gotten captured in the first place!"

"….." Rita was speechless her brain couldn't process any words to speak.

"Um I…maybe we should calm down" said the unsure Karol.

"Yuri I know you must be feeling frustrated with Naruto's capture. But we should think lightheaded and not hardheaded. Taking your anger on someone isn't going to be beneficial for us in finding any leads on his whereabouts" said Judith.

"It's not about been frustrated it's about proving a point here. That our genius mage cares more for blastia than the lives of her own companions!"

"That's not true!" shouted Rita in anger at his assumption.

"Is it?" the swordsman started to act calm.

"Can you really tell me right now that if you have to choose between saving Naruto and retrieving a blastia you will choose your assistant?"

"I…." she couldn't believe she was hesitating why in the world she would do that?

"This was a quick reply for the question. The fact it took you this long proves my point."

"I care about Naruto, I do!" she glared at him.

"Rita….?" whispered Estelle.

"You all agree with him?" she turned to everyone.

Everyone stood quiet while the mage felt disappointed they will actually agree with the former knight. Blastia means everything to her but the safety of her whiskered assistant was important too but she couldn't put the right words to it. During the fight with the Galf beast she didn't wanted the group to destroy the blastia the monster had on its chest because it goes against her character as a scholar and mage. She was taught that blastia were like living things, they were alive like humans and monsters and each were different in their own way. Destroying one will be like murdering someone to scholars' blastia was too important, each cherish them as individuals like any other living being. Not destroying the one the strong monster had on was probably a big mistake and now they were all facing the consequences, their friend has been kidnapped. Worst of all neither of them had a clue where he could be. She glared at the long haired swordsman feeling hurt for his harsh comment.

"You think I'm happy he got taken away?" she was using every bit of her strength not to shed any tears.

"We don't think that Rita" Estelle tried to comfort the teen.

"I'm talking to him!" she pointed to the swordsman.

"Well Yuri, you think I don't care about Naruto that I'm willing to choose blastia over him?"


"It's true that blastia is very important to me. But Naruto is important to me too I…I used to be alone in Aspio. Everyone saw me as a weird blastia freak until he came he…He accepted me for who I am. I would never abandon someone who has acknowledged me!"

"At least…he's the second person who has acknowledged me" there was someone else who appeared in her mind.

"Rita" the pink haired princess felt touched by her words.

"You know what ya'll need?" Raven finally broke the tension between the two.

"Some rest and space, why don't we return to Torim and rest at the inn we can continue searching for the kid after. We should cool our heads first. Like Judith dear said better to be lightheaded than hardheaded."

"That's what I said. We're only going to take a rest and just because we're returning to Torim it doesn't mean we're going to quit searching for Naruto" said Karol.

"That is the only option we have right Yuri?" Judith turned to swordsman.

The former knight gave a long sigh while rubbing his forehead he felt bad for acting like an idiot. Snapping at the mage like she didn't care for the whiskered blond of course cares like everyone else. He had no right to judge her for someone who was cold and would choose something like blastia as more important than the life of her assistant. It angered him that he knew the blond was very important to the Mordio he has seen their interactions since they started this journey. Both were very close and the behavior from the mage was quite obvious by anyone that she held feelings for him that goes beyond simple friendship. He gazed over the teen that was looked like she has been deeply hurt and he did such thing with his words he really felt bad. The last thing he wanted was to lose a member of this guild to get capture and the second that he creates internal discord within the group. This wasn't the behavior a guild should show and also it goes against the laws of the guild, he agreed with Raven and Karol's suggestions.

"Look Rita, sorry we're heading back to Torim. Right now I want to be alone" he gave another sight leaving the group and not even Repede followed him.

"Rita don't feel bad. Yuri is frustrated because of what happened to Naruto. He cares a lot for his friends and seeing one of them getting taken away in front of him makes him feel responsible. It's worst that he feels so useless because we don't have any leads to find him, I'm sure he didn't meant to say those means words to you" said Estelle.

"You can tell that much?" said the guild leader.

"I can tell" her emerald eyes were on the distance figure of the swordsman she could tell right away because she's very observant.

"It's okay I'm not in the best of moods either. I feel like taking a rest" replied the mage.

"Back to Torim!" said Raven.

They left following the path Yuri took. Judith stopped for a moment looking in deep thought. She wasn't feeling well with all of this Naruto's abduction has also affected her too. It was a miracle she has kept her calm and composure and hasn't snapped like the long haired swordsman at this point yet. She was among the mature of the group that will explain it and she also knew that getting angry and going at each other's throats was pointless. It wasn't going to help them find the blond they will rest and resume their search not caring how long it will take them to find him. The krityan gave a sigh missing the blond so much and with no idea where to look it made her feel worse. She was feeling the same way as Rita only difference she has a better control over her emotions than the mage. On the inside she felt like screaming at the top of her lungs and cry out how much she wanted to see him again. The krityan finally left following the group not giving up hope that they have a chance in finding you.

"Naruto dear, wherever you are we'll find you. Hold on and be strong."

(Time skip: two weeks later)

(Location: Research Facility unknown region)

Naruto stood shirtless he was strapped by a large blastia that was preventing him from moving a muscle. The whiskered blond stood in the same place he's been for the past weeks, in a laboratory room where he has been used for an experimental guinea pig. This was by far the worst thing that has happened to him sure he has suffered a lot in his life. From being hated by the villagers of Konoha for been a jinchurikki, to been betrayed by his best friend and going through the experience of losing Gaara for a brief moment as well as watching his village getting destroyed, and losing important people like Jiraiya. But what he was experiencing during his imprisonment by Professor Maxwell was truly torture, the worst pain he can feel. Becoming his test subject was horrible with all the pain and suffering he has went through the experience was truly frightening. His entire body was numb because of the tranquilizer shots he's been given while feeling scared not wanting to go through another research session with the mad professor.

What had him so worried was the fact that the older man has been checking and tempering with the seal in his stomach. The new seal he created to imprison the Kyuubi and keep the nine tails from breaking free. The fear in him was growing that whatever he was planning it was nothing good, another fear that he might damage the seal endangering himself and Kurama. How he wanted to fell unconscious but apparently the tranquilizers weren't doing their job properly. The blond shinobi was devastated aside for been a guinea pig against his own will he was worried thinking about Yuri and the gang. He missed his friends very much and after been trapped here for so long he only wanted to be with everyone and the first people that came to his mind were Rita and Judith. The Uzumaki growled because he had no strength to break free he has never felt so weak and helpless. Except that time he was trapped by Pain's chakra rods.

"Curses! The tranquilizers are affecting me too. I'm as helpless as you Naruto."

"It may look like it's hopeless for us but we'll find a way out of here. I haven't given up that they will come for us…."


"Yeah, Yuri and everyone they will save us. They're not going to give up looking for us."

"You have so much faith in your new friends. There's no single hint of doubt in you."

"I will never doubt them because if any of them were in my place I will be doing anything in my strength to find them…."

The door of the room hissed opened as Naruto glared at Professor Maxwell entering with a big smile on his face. The smile he didn't like it one bit, he knew something bad was going to happen. He hoped that there wasn't going to be another research session, he thought it was too soon. And here thought Orochimaru was beyond terrible he just met someone who can compete with the snake sanin. His cerulean eyes were on the older man while keeping his smile he went to activate the blastia next to him while typing something. The blond jinchurikki couldn't see a thing since he was too far from seeing what was been display on the large screen. It took the professor a few minutes to finish whatever he was checking on the machine he walked over to the blond shinobi, the smile never left his face. As for the Uzumaki he really wished he was free so he can ram a rasengan on his face he couldn't stand been someone's test subject that he had idea what for.

"I must admit you're quite strong. You're the first person I have witnessed to take five tranquilizers darts and managed to stay awake."

"What do you want with me Professor Looney? Why are you messing with my seal?"

"I believe I have correctly answered the first question. Now as for the second one perhaps I it is time that I reveal what I'm trying to accomplish. You've been such a cooperative test subject."

"Oh yeah very cooperative you don't have to keep me here against my will and using tranquilizers on me so I lose all my strength from trying to escape. The whole thing hurts too much."

"No need to use sarcasm I'm well aware the whole process has been a painful one. But this is necessary in order to achieve my goal. I have been amazed with your seal the one thing that is keeping your Entelexeia friend or more precise Kurama sealed in you. I want to know everything about it so I can unlock its secrets for my breakthrough discovery."

"Breakthrough discovery and what would that be?"

The professor gazed at him giving an enthusiastic smile like he couldn't take it anymore and just spill his goal to the blond.

"I want to create another you, Naruto my boy."

"A what?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Another you, but do no misunderstand me for creating a clone of you oh no. What I desire is the creation of another individual that will share your status."

"What do you mean?" the Uzumaki's eyes have widened there was fear in his heart.

The professor was now very excited no longer able to hide his intentions of what he wants to create thanks to the test subject he acquired.

"Imagine my boy. An army of knights each and every one of them having their own secret power the same as you, they will have a powerful monster sealed within them giving them additional power. It will be ten times more effective than having a bohdi blastia equip. They will all be their own containers of a creature with great strength."

"….." Naruto's eyes have widened in terror now understanding what this man has in mind.

"But that's not at all!" Maxwell added with so much enthusiasm.

"If I am successful in unlocking the secrets of your seal I will perform my research that will be the next step in my ultimate breakthrough. I will start with regular monsters of course but then I will take it to the next level. Can you imagine a normal person with an Entelexeia sealed within in him? Just like you my boy. Or perhaps a knight having the power of one any type of an Entelexeia. Or perhaps the one who commands them all the king of all Spiral Draco becoming a power source for an individual as he becomes its container this will be the future that will replace the bohdi blastia!"

"You…." Naruto was speechless at what he has in mind.

"With the Knights becoming human containers for the monsters they will become so strong that there won't be any need to keep using barriers. Blastia will become obsolete once the era of the containers arrives and once it reaches its peak of glory, human kind will no longer rely on the technology. My vision is that the Knights acquire this power so it will become more effective to defend cities from monsters. The blastia age is over and it must be put to rest for good. All of this will become a reality if this research is successful, and the only one I will have to thank is you my boy."

"You want…You want" the Uzumaki was shocked as he was starting to get angry.

"He wants to create jinchurikki. An army of jinchurikki typical human trying to use our power" Kurama scoffed not surprised though he admitted this was the first human from this world who wants such.

"No!" he shouted in rage as red chakra started pouring from his body his eyes has changed color to blood red.

"I will not let you! You hear me!"

"Security!" the professor cried.

"I won't let you condemned people like this! You have no right to take away their freedom and turn them into your own personal weapons against their will!"

The doors slid opened as two Knights arrived and Maxwell has already a couple of tranquilizers to calm down his guest. The Uzumaki started using his strength to try and break free from the blastia that was keeping him prisoner. It was a good thing the blastia that had him strapped shut was strong enough to keep him contain for now. The security knights hold the blond steady as the professor injected two shots of tranquilizers and was ready to inject the third one. The whiskered blond seemed to have calmed down but he was still looking upset while the older man didn't take any chances injecting the third needle. Eventually the blond finally calm as he finally close his eyes for having so many tranquilizers entering his system. As he became unconscious the professor calmed feeling relief as he called the knights to leave he was happy to be able to resume his research without the blond losing control.

"Yuri everyone…Rita, Judith someone…."

"I'm sorry Naruto those shots are affecting me as well. There's nothing I can do curse that human!"

(Scene change)

(Location: Torim Harbor Capua Torim Tolbicya continent)

Rita stood seated in one of the ports the mage's expression was filled with so much concern. It's been two weeks since Naruto was captured by the mysterious Galf beast and there was still no sign of the blond. Everyone from the Brave Vesperia gang has been looking non-stop for their companion they searched all over the Tolbicya continent and even the other continent. They returned to familiar cities like Halure, Aspio, the imperial capital Zaphias and still they couldn't find him. Now everyone was getting worried sick it looked like he vanished from their world they even returned to the place where they fought the monster that took him and still nothing. Repede has failed to locate the scent of the creature time and time again. It was becoming pretty much hopeless that they will find the whiskered blond. Even if they weren't giving up some of the members were staring to see the truth and chances that they will never find him.

Some of the members were upset and not in the mood to talk to others. Yuri was the prime example of this the former knight hasn't said a word to anyone from the guild since Naruto's abduction. It was no surprise someone who looks highly and cares for his friends will be in a bad mood because one of his friends was captured and they had no idea where he was, or if he was all right. Estelle and Karol were holding on and kept their hopes high that they'll be able to find the blond if they continue searching. Repede did nothing but stay by his master's side maybe he was feeling the same way as the swordsman. Raven it was unsure what the Altosk guild member thought with his go happy attitude though he hasn't smiled just been his usual shady self. Judith was trying hard to have some hope to find him but without any leads she was starting to feel frustrated with all of this. And then there was Rita the genius mage from the city of scholars her expression was enough to tell how she was feeling.

The Mordio gave another as the feeling to cry was the only thing she could do. She was starting to give up her whiskered assistant was missing and she had no clue where he was. Moreover she started to fully believed Yuri's words that it was her fault the blond was captured because of her caring side for blastia. With no progress she really wanted to destroy the blastia on the Galf beast's chest, but it was her that she was against the swordsman's plan to destroy it. If it meant any chance to stop it from taking the blond then she would've been the first to act. It was too late to feel any regret now that he was gone. Thinking about her assistant and the former knight's words hit her hard and before she realized tears have formed. The mage dried her tears while feeling hurt how much she missed him, this was worse when he left Aspio after she kicked him out of her hut. At least she was able to see him again after his departure but now, she feared she might never see him again.

"We could've avoided losing Naruto, no thanks to you"

"Your love for blastia got in the way of your judgment."

"That our genius mage cares more for blastia than the lives of her own companions!"

"Can you really tell me right now that if you have to choose between saving Naruto and retrieving a blastia you will choose your assistant?"

"It's not true I do care about him, I missed him. But why did I hesitated to answer Yuri's question, my answer was simple I would choose Naruto, right? Or maybe I really don't care about him and blastia is the only thing I care for, no no, no! That can't be! Argh all this thinking is annoying me!"

"You looked like you have a lot on your mind."

The mage turned to see Judith smiling at her. The krityan got seated next to her and she was able to read her mind it was obvious she will be on her own in deep thought. Everyone from the Brave Vesperia group was only thinking about their missing whiskered companion, she was any different. Just as herself she was worried sick and probably on the verge of freaking if they don't get any leads on his whereabouts.

"How're you feeling?"

"What do you think?" she gave a frown.

"Like everyone else. It's not easy we search everywhere and still nothing. Honestly I'm angry at these results, I mean what happen to the mere logic that if you search for something hard enough you will find it?"

"It's been weeks and we don't have a clue where he could be. Where that stupid monster did took him?! The blastia it has on it's obvious it belongs to someone but who?"

"I would like to keep calm and think clearly. But it's getting harder to do it when you haven't found anything that will give us a lead on him. I'm beginning to think that maybe we should start checking other continents we haven't visited yet."

"Didn't Estelle say she wasn't planning in resuming her search for Phaeroh until we have found Naruto? Also Yuri looks like he's not heading anywhere until we find him" the Mordio gave a sigh.

"It's better to head out now then regret it later we searched enough on this continent and Llyccia too. When Yuri and the others return from their search I will ask him to consider in traveling to other continents."

"Maybe if we do leave Tolbyccia I have a feeling we won't be successful if we go to other continents. I think it will be hopeless to search for him. It's like he has disappeared from this world."

"Hmm…Does this mean you're giving up looking for Naruto?" the krityan sounded disappointed.

"Maybe, I'm sick of all this searching and still no clue. It's pointless to search where we don't even know where to search. Our only lead was the place where we fought that monster that took him, and the trail became cold because that mutt Repede couldn't find the scent anymore. Nothing is working for us without any clues we should just quit while we're at it. By now who knows, maybe that idiot is…." She trailed off as tears were forming again.

"So this is how the famous mage Rita Mordio quits in searching for her assistant, I'm disappointed in you dear. I hope you were going to bear with it and resume searching for him like everyone else, but I never expected you will give up. It is a shame, but then again this makes things easier for me. With you out of the way I have won the competition."

"Huh? What competition? What are you talking about?"

The krityan gave her a grin while giving a slight chuckle.

"The competition of who will have Naruto. Since you quit searching for him that leads me as the winner, I'll make sure to find him and be there for him."

"What….? You" the mage glared tightening her fist.

"Don't get angry with me you made the choice to stop finding him on your own. When I find him I will tell him that you abandoned him in his time of need. Of course he will be heartbroken you turn your back on him but it won't matter because I'll be there for him. I will comfort him and make him mine" she kept her mischievous grin.

"You…How dare you!? How could you do that to him!?" the mage went ballistics.

"You're the one who quit not me" she got up keeping her grin.

"I'm off to search for him, goodbye Rita you were never a good rival to begin with."

"What the hell?! You think I'm going to let you go and tell him such lies!" she got up running to her and grabbed her arm turning Judith to her.

"Listen up! I will never give up searching for him I'll make sure to be there for him whenever he needs me, did you hear me!?" she was surprised to see the krityan smiling sweetly at her.

"You're finally back to normal."


"You're no longer depressed or feeling like you should quit right?"

"You…Wait were you just messing with me!?" she glared at the krityan.

"Sorry Rita dear but I think this was the only effective way to open your eyes. Nothing personal, okay?" she winked at her.

"I can't believe you! I was so angry with you. You had no idea how close I came to cast spiral flare on you!"

"It's a good thing you didn't. The important thing is you're not giving up searching for Naruto right?"

"Of course not! What the hell was I thinking quitting searching for him? Hmm…I guess I needed that rude wakeup call after all" she frowned while the krityan was smiling at her.

"You're welcome dear."

"But that doesn't mean I have to like it!" she pointed a finger at her.

"I wasn't expecting you will."

"Okay, so where do we resume searching for him next?"

"First we should wait for the others to get back from their search."

"Okay…." The Mordio stood in thought.

(Skit title: A rivalry reformed)

Rita: did everything you told me were all lies?

Judith: hmm…Most of them were but there are some things that have truth.

Rita: *frowning* like you liking Naruto?

Judith: yes I admit I do like him. I know how I feel about him. I think now is a good time for you to start asking yourself that question.

Rita: *blushing* what….?

Judith: you have to ask yourself" what are your feelings for him?" Do you like him or not?"

Rita: like him I *blushing* I know I like him because he's someone close to me and my friend. And he's my idiotic assistant, but I don't know.

Judith: can you really say you don't have any feelings for him?

Rita: I...I…Give me a break this is all so sudden!

Judith: you better hurry up and make up your mind before it gets too late.

Rita: too late?

Judith: the further you are from him, the closer I get to him. If you're not quick enough I might snatch him from you before you realize the truth of your feelings.

Rita: like I'm going to let you do that! Forget it!

Rita: my feelings for Naruto….

She leaves.

Judith: *smiling* I have a feeling the competition has gotten tougher. Better prepare myself.

On their way to the inn they saw Raven walking to them. They weren't surprised to see him since he chose to stay in the port town looking for information on any clues that will lead to the whereabouts of Naruto asking the people. Though like that won't be very helpful but with hoe desperate they have become it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. The Altosk member waved at them looking a little excited and both ladies thought he had some good news like a lead on the whiskered blond.

"Glad to see the both of ya."

"What is it old man?" Rita asked in her usual rude self.

"Well asking the people here wasn't doin' any good. But then I met a traveling merchant before you two. He told me he saw a large monster passing at incredible speed northwest of Tlobyccia."

"Was it the Galf beast?" asked Judith while the mage looked alarmed.

"The merchant managed to describe the monster briefly because of its speed. Sharp long claws and quite tall they might fit the description of the monster we fought. He also added that the monster looked like it was probably carrying something."

"Carrying something? Like…Naruto" the Mordio starting to believe that they have finally found a clue.

"Could be but I can't tell for sure. Sorry that's all the information I got from the merchant."

"We can only hope. At least we found a possible clue. You said northwest, Raven?" said the krityan.

"That's right. However I think I know where the kid might be."

"You do?" gasped the mage.

"It's the only possible place I have in mind. It won't hurt to check it out."

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"Shouldn't we wait for Yuri and the others to come back?" asked the shady man.

"I agree we should wait for everyone to return so we can all go together" followed Judith.

"I can't wait! If this place is where Naruto is that I can't wait another minute I want to find him now!"

"Rita you have to calm down. It will be better if everyone is here, going together as a team will be more effective."

"I can't old man let's go."

"You're not going to listen to me aren't you?" the krityan gave a smirk.

"If it's okay with you, you can stay here and wait for the others to return. But I know you're not going to stay, you want to find Naruto as much as I do" the Mordio has given her a small grin.

Judith chuckled while throwing her arms in the air.

"Oh well I give up. If you can't beat 'em join 'em."

"You heard her old man, she's coming too let's get going."

"Ya know not to want to rain on your happy parade. I have to warn ya both the place we're going is dangerous. I'm with Judith dear to go with Yuri and the rest."

"You heard the mage she's not going to wait another minute. I'm sure you understand Raven" the krityan winked using her charm to convince him and the older man blushed in return.

"Since ya put it that way, okay fine but I suggest we should find a way to tell the others where we're going like someone who's familiar with the location."

"Do you have someone in mind?" asked Rita sounding a little annoyed.

Raven stood in thought when he spotted a familiar person with long silver hair in the distance, he grinned gazing at the man.

"Perfect timing…."

"Hey Duke!" the Altosk guild member tan to him.

"It's that guy we met before" the mage recognized the silver haired stranger.

Both female saw the older man talking to the silver haired man while he didn't replied, he merely gave a nod. He didn't talk much as he was already back while the stranger left going to another area of the harbor town.

"Time to go!"

"What did you tell him?" asked the mage.

"Duke's going to be staying in Torim for a while. He will tell Yuri and the others where we're going."

"He's familiar with this place?" asked Judith.

"Yep, pretty much."


(Time skip)

(Location: Research facility unknown region)

Naruto was drifting into conscious and it couldn't be help after taking over five tranquilizer shots. He almost lost control completely after finding out Professor Maxwell's intentions what he was planning to do with him. It made him angry he was planning in using to create more jinchurikki people damned to carry a monster inside of them, though it will be different compared to him since he hosted one of the Bijuu. But clearly his intentions we're wrong even if he wished to protect the cities from monsters he didn't agree about blastia been replace by human containers or Knights as hosts for the creatures. He still wasn't sure if the professor will be successful in finding a way to create his own seal to be able to successfully make a jinchurikki but he didn't wanted to stay to find out. Finding a way to leave this place was mandatory after finding out his goal. The whiskered blond started hearing voices they were having a conversation even if he still had his eyes closed for the moment.

"I see you managed to capture him."

"That voice" the Uzumaki recognized the owner he has heard it before.

"I had to make the precaution in sending my pet the Galf beast to retrieve him. No other monster was suitable for the job" replied Maxwell.

"Now he's your little test subject?"

"He's very valuable to my research. I know you would want him to be rotting in a jail cell and I see it fairly since it is your duty to punish criminals with your justice Alexei."

"Alexei, the Commandant of the Knights" the blond jinchurikki opened his eyes slightly to see both man talking.

"It is not necessary anymore. Thanks to the efforts of the princess and Lord Ioder he's been pardoned of his crimes."

"Those are good news to hear I can't let him serve time in a cell when there's so much to do with him."

"Let's get right to business professor shall we? I came as soon as you contacted me."

"Of course we are gathered here to discuss business and you're also representing the council. It seems my theory was correct after all, Naruto Uzumaki possessed an Entelexeia in his body a powerful one."

"How is that even possible?" Alexei sounded very interested.

"After studying him carefully he has some sort of seal that keeps the entity sealed inside of his body. The location of the seal is in his stomach I'm still working on the type of the seal. If I can unlock the mystery behind it, I might somehow simulate such. If I'm successful you'll be witnessing the dawn of a new powerful breed of human being. The Knights will increase their power dramatically and they will be the only protectors of this world, and best of all no barrier or guilds will be needed."

"You have gotten my interest professor. So you're telling me you can create more people who are the same as Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Well this is a very delicate process but if I do succeed. I assure you it will be quite possible. I will start with regular monsters to see if the human can withstand it as his host before proceeding with the big ones" a smile spread over the older man's lips.

"The Enetelexeia, you will surely outdo yourself professor if you do manage to do this. I wouldn't mind having the power of one."

"All I can come up with are theories. However I am so close in unlocking the secrets of Naruto Uzumaki's seal that is the key to uncover the truth of my research."

"If that is all you're going to tell me, then I must be off. I have a busy schedule to attend. Report anything you discover to me. I do know the council will be please with your progress so far."

"Why thank you Commandant I am giving it my best to make sure this operation is a success. I do this for the sake of research and a future for our world. I am rather pleased the council chose me to be one in charge of this marvelous program, I have no regrets" his tone expressed his gratitude.

"I suppose it's to be expected for the so called" prodigy of scholars" your reputation succeeds you professor. The one considered to be the "genius of geniuses"."

"Titles are merely sophistry as long as you have a will anything is possible. As I always say" where there's a will there is a way"."

"I'm heading back" Alexei gave one last look at the strapped Naruto.

"Yuri Lowell and his group must be desperately searching for him. This will make my job easier" he left the room.

"Well, now I believe it's time for another session my boy" the professor smiled gazing at the blond.

"No…Not another one I don't think I'll be able to take it" the weakened Uzumaki groaned.

(Scene change)

Rita and Judith had no idea where Raven was taking them. They were currently in the deepest part of a forest northwest of the Tolbyccia continent. The same location he has told them where the merchant saw the monster that was probably the Galf beast. Both ladies didn't had much of a choice now but to trust the older man leading them since he was certain he knew the location of the whiskered blond. Right now he was the only one who might have a possible lead on the blonds location. Both didn't had a choice they were desperate and they just wanted to find him, at least the mage's expression was more obvious that wanted to see him badly. The krityan kept her composure and calm but on the inside she missed Naruto a lot two weeks without him was pure torture. If following the older man was the only way to find the blond then she wasn't going to hesitate to follow him. Though it made her a bit suspicious of him that he will suddenly know the location of his whereabouts just like that she had a feeling something was up.

"You better not be pulling our leg old man."

"Geez Miss Mage have some faith in ol' Raven, kay'?"

"How would you know about this place?" asked Judith.

"You see while been in Altosk. I've done a lot of information gathering for the Don, I'm the first to give him all information about many routes and places that haven't been discover yet. I found this place and its connection to the empire."

"The empire….? What kind of connection?" asked the mage?

"It's an underground research facility it's supposed to be top secret that only those with high ranks in the empire would know about."

"Is it a blastia research facility?" the Mordio got curious.

"It is dedicated to blastia research but a bit different from cities like Aspio."

"How it will be different?"

"Top secret research on using blastia on the human body…."

"What….?" Rita's eyes widened.

"You mean using blastia as a source to replace human organs?"

"Yep that's about it."

"Like the Galf beast. It had a blastia equipped on its chest replacing its heart" replied the krityan.

"I have a feeling they must be using a Hermes blastia since they're the only type of blastia powerful enough to be used for a heart."

"The research applied to monsters too" said Raven.

"So why would they take Naruto there? Are they planning to replace his heart with a blastia?" the Mordio got worried.

"Now that's a question I don't know the answer. I believe the kid is in that research facility since he got captured by a monster with a blastia for a heart. It's the only place to think."

"Wait a minute. If you knew about that place all along why did you tell us now? You could've told us sooner like before the two weeks we've been searching for him" Rita glared at him.

"Let's calm down Miss Mage I was saving it for last, in case we do come up with empty results like we have" said the older man.

"Just for telling us now, I should shove my foot all the way to you're a-"

"Rita dear let's just focus on the search okay?" Judith cut her off with a sweet smile.

"Fine but only because I want to find Naruto already…."

"Sure thing and here we are" Raven stopped his walking.

The girls stopped too were all they were saying was nothing but rocks, rocks and more rocks. It was a wall of many rocks formations but it wasn't exactly what they were looking for, or what they were expecting to see. Rita gazed at the wall, then back at him and the back at the wall. She glared at the Altosk guild member getting annoyed for various reasons. One they've been traveling for hours since they left Torim Harbor, they were probably in the middle of nowhere unfamiliar with the area, and now it looked like they were wasting their time instead of using it wisely to search for her whiskered assistant. She tried to control herself but it was hard to do so. If the older man was only messing with them and he really didn't had a clue where was the blond then she swear she will make him wish to have ever cross her path, especially since she has never trusted him. The Mordio resumed her annoyance while Judith stood calm noticing the mage wasn't in her best moods.

"This better not be one of your sick jokes old man or so help me I will pound you with stalagmite then roast you with fireball."

"Ya know I'm still askin' what does that kid sees in you" Raven sweat dropped at her impatience believing Naruto should receive a gold medal for putting up with the mage.

"Don't start with me" the mage looked like she was ready to cast a spell taking her scroll.

"Are you sure this is the place?" asked Judith.

"It's a secret research facility and it's underground. You were expectin' it was goin' to be right in the open so anyone can see it?"

"You do have a point" pointed the krityan.

"And this place is…." Rita trailed off still annoyed.

"There's a switch around here that is a secret passage that will take us to the facility. This is a secret entrance so the guards won't be suspectin' in the least of outsiders comin' through here."

"That is another point" followed the krityan.

"Let's see, the switch should be around here" the older was checking the many rocks.

"We'll give you a hand" Judith joined checking the rocks with Rita been the last one.

As the girls offered their help it will save them time to look. Each has taken different spots to check the rocks that it will be the switch top open the secret passage to the facility. Raven touched another and grinned realizing it was loose, he pushed it down and the girls were taken back hearing a loud noise. The entire wall has opened up revealing a dark corridor and at the end there was stood an elevator. The older man was smirking at the ladies showing them he was right all along thinking he deserves some credit for knowing this information. The mage ignored him and went ahead heading to the elevator while Judith smirked back at the guild member.

"Never doubted you except for Rita…."

"Miss Mage sure is acting more cheery than usual" his sarcastic comment made her chuckle.

"She's only focus in saving Naruto. It must be because she feels responsible for his capture."

"Hey come on! Let's go already!" shouted the inpatient Mordio standing next to the elevator.

"Let's not keep her waiting" Raven gave a sigh as they followed the mage the doors opened and they got on the elevator.

"I will warn you two again. This place is dangerous."

"I don't care I'll beat every one of them if it means saving Naruto!" Rita glared thinking what kind of twisted mind would dare kidnapped her whiskered assistant.

The doors closed as the elevator went down and it remained that way for a while. Pretty clear the research facility was really deep underground.

"We have to be careful once we get inside. There are blastia that are recordin' everything in each corner" said Raven.

"We'll be careful as we go" replied the krityan.

"I said the security is tight. Our only job is to get in, get the kid and leave this place. The three of us won't stand a chance against the many knights patrolling this facility."

"Fighting them isn't our best option, we can't attract too much attention" Rita stood in thought.

"Maybe we should have come here with the others after all" Judith felt worried knowing they have a big disadvantage coming here.

"Leave everythin' to ol' Raven I know where to go."

"Really….? I hope you don't get us capture" the mage gave a frown while the krityan gave a chuckle.

The older man chose to ignore her comment waiting for the elevator to reach its destination. It finally stopped and the double doors hissed opened the trio carefully gazed around. They were staring at a long hallway and they were lucky that so far there was no one around. Raven stared at the high tech area his eyes were focused on the corner checking for any recording blastia. Once they weren't he warned the two girls to start moving, however he got lost in thought. Been here once again brought him some painful memories remembering the last time he was on this facility. Memories he wished they would've been erased from his mind for good aside from the ones forged during his time in the war. The nostalgia he was feeling was quite unpleasant and wished to leave this place already. Staying one minute here was enough to bring him nightmares, this was the only place he would prefer avoid in coming. Though right now he was only here just to get the whiskered blond nothing else this was his way to aid his companions.

"Man this place hasn't change since last time…."

(Skit title: Suspicion and Guilt)

Raven: follow me and keep quiet okay ladies?

Rita: hope you know what you're doing.

Judith: hmm…you seem to know you're way around this place.

Raven: I told you I've done plenty of information gatherin' in many places. This facility is no different.

Judith: but it looks like you've been here before.


Rita: hey old man, are you listening?

Raven: I'm all right, let's keep goin'. Honestly this place gives me the creeps.

He leaves.

Rita: what was that all about?

Judith: nothing dear, I just find it a little suspicious he will know enough of this place that's all. I'm sure you notice too.

Rita: of course I know I've never trusted that old man. But as long as he takes us to Naruto I could care less. I have to save him….

Judith: Rita?

Rita: hmm….?

Judith: stop blaming yourself for what happened. Putting the blame on you won't help us find Naruto and even if you believe it was your fault I doubt he will put the blame on you, much less hate you.

Rita: you really think so?

Judith: Naruto never holds grudges with his friends he's not the kind of person. I'm sure he doesn't believe his capture was your fault.

Rita: that sounds just like that idiot all right. Even if I told him over again it was my fault he will tell me otherwise, sometimes it annoys me that he's so good hearted.

Judith: that's the best part of him. It's what makes him such a great person and adorable. I think that's his best trade.

Rita" Hmph…Have to agree with you. That's why I never mind his company.

Judith: I just like it whenever he flirts with me.

Rita: what? Flirt with you!

Judith: never mind dear, just talking to myself.

Rita: *frowning in jealousy*

"Uh oh not good" Raven spotted two knights walking a hallway, he stood watching from a corner.

"We should hide" Judith followed watching.

"It's only two of them, we can take them" Rita followed too.

"We can't bring attention Miss Mage we're here to get the kid and head back."

"If he's even here" the Mordio gave a small frown thinking they were wasting their time here.

"I think they're coming back" the krityan noticed the knights walking their direction.

"Nah, they're just talkin' so much for doin' their job right."

"I have to say he's such a genius" said one of the knights.

"I'll say there isn't anyone like him."

"No doubt that Professor Maxwell is the smartest scholar ever."

"Professor Maxwell…." Rita stood in deep shock her eyes went wide.

"It can't be him…."

(Scene change)

Naruto gave another cried as once more he was having another session where Professor Maxwell was investigating his seal. However the way he was doing it was quite painful the whiskered remained restrained in the same blastia while another one was currently hitting electric shockwaves to his stomach. The old man stood in the controls maneuvering the process there was a screen before him giving the professor the information on the seal of the blond. There was a lot of information concerning about it while the blond was still crying out even with tranquilizers the process was still very painful. The Uzumaki has reached his limit trying to gather enough to strength to break free while thinking about his friends. He has been the victim and prisoner for far too long and with hearing the professor's plans was the last straw. He focused his chakra and the fox's chakra gathering strength while the pain was hitting him hard.

"Kurama that's it! We're getting out of here and I don't care if I can't stand up!"

"About time…."




"What!?" Maxwell gasped


The blastia that held him prisoner was shattered to pieces while the professor stood wide eyed shock at the sight. He immediately pressed a button calling for assistance less than a minute the doors slid opened revealing a group of knights. When the smoke cleared everyone was shocked that the blond has changed in appearance. The Uzumaki glared at them in his Bijuu mode form killing them wasn't in his interest he only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. His crimson eyes were on the older man who experimented on him and has a goal of creating more jinchurikki like himself. Whether his intentions were good or not what he was doing was wrong, he didn't want to see another human being condemned with hosting a monster. The Knights didn't know what to do before them was a being obviously stronger than all of them combined even if they all had equipped a bohdi blastia. Maxwell got annoyed at the silence and that they haven't done a single thing since he has called for them.

"What are you waiting for!? Stop him!"

Before the knights could charge they were all thrown back by a mere wave from the blonds chakra. The Uzumaki stared back at the professor as he left room in a blur catching the older man off guard. He didn't waste time taking a small device from his lab coat.

"Attention! This is Professor Maxwell we have an emergency at our hands. The test subject has escaped sound the alarm and lock all entrances to the facility!"

(Scene change)

It wasn't any good for Rita, Judith and Raven the trio have been running for their lives. They have been discovered thanks to the security blastia that recorded their presence in the facility. Many of the Knights armed with swords, spears and axes were after them while things became worse. They were all hearing a loud alarm sound throughout the entire place followed by a voice of an older man. It shocked the Mordio a lot since she recognized the owner of the voice she put her thoughts aside and focused in trying to lose the guards while they still needed to look for Naruto. The Knights that got closer to them were eventually beat up by the trio while they remained running not knowing where to go. They heard another voice unfamiliar to the mage this time and it was telling that there were intruders in the area obviously he was taking about herself and the other two with her. The mage retaliate casting fire ball hoping it will slow them down for a bit.

"It's time we hit the tracks and leave this place!" said Raven.

"We're not leaving until we find Naruto!" shouted the stubborn mage.

"The first voice on the speaker said something about a test subject escaping. It's worth the shot to check it out, it could be him" said Judith.

"That's why we're not leaving this until we find him. Even if we have to run forever or beat every one of these jerks to do it!"

After what it looked like they have finally managed to lose the knights they reached a long corridor with many doors on both sides. Rita and Judith gasped going further ahead they spotted on the ground a much weakened whiskered blond who seemed he was about to collapse. Even if he was shirtless they will recognized the blond that was very close to them and has earned a special place in their hearts. The mage tried so hard not to shed tears after weeks of not seeing him and been so worried for his absence she has finally found him. The krityan was in the same boat and she wanted to release some tears but she knew a more emotional reunion will have to wait since they weren't safe here. The Uzumaki tried to get up but before he could fall Rita ran to him catching the blond before he could have a nasty fall. Judith was helping her because the blond was heavy and he couldn't be lifted by the teen mage on her own.

"Naruto are you okay?" the Mordio was concerned her tone was clearly enough.

"Rita Judith" he smiled happily to see them again.

"Ol' Raven is here too ya know."

"Haven't forgotten about you pops" the Uzumaki was been help getting back to his feet by both girls.

"What's wrong?" asked the krityan worried gazing at his state.

"My whole body is numb because of the many shots I was given. It's so hard to fight and to mold chakra too."

"We better go before-"

"Over here!" shouted a knight that has spotted them?

"Come on!"

Because both girls were carrying the blond they weren't moving as fast as before. Raven followed holding his bow he could see the many knights running to them, he cast wind blade to try and slow them down. They kept on going straight ahead and took the double doors from the rest of the other rooms. They gasped realizing they have picked the wrong place because it was a dead end. The place was filled with many types of blastia and Rita recognized most of them for research purposes there were also large tubes which got the mage's curiosity a bit. They didn't have the chance to go back as the door opened and soon they were all surrounded by many knights, they were trapped with nowhere to go. Fighting them was pretty much crazy three against fifty or maybe sixty knights were not good odds. Anew person entered the research room as the guards' step aside letting him meet up with the trio. Professor Maxwell stood gazing at them, he was no holding a golden colored rod obviously he was using the weapon to cast his magic.

The older man's eyes widened when he spotted a very familiar person in the group holding Naruto. The Mordio stood shocked as she was gazing at him with so much disbelief that he was really here.

"Rita my child, is that you?"

"P-Professor Maxwell" her lips trembled at the sight of the man.

"You know him?" Judith was confused it was clear they knew each other.

"Yes…." She answered softly.

"Oh joy look at you, how you've grown I supposed it's been so long since the last time I set foot in Aspio. How's everything going in the city?" he smiled happily looking like an eager kid.

"Everything is going well" the Mordio felt strange at their meeting.

"I'm sure we can catch up later for old time's sake. But first business" he smiled pointing his rod at the whiskered blond.

"I do believe you have something that belongs to me. That boy you're holding is very important to me he is the key in succeeding in my latest research."

"You were the one that sent the Galf beast after Naruto. You're the one who captured him, Professor Maxwell why?" the mage looked so disappointed and heartbroken at the revelation.

"As I said he's very important in my research. Believe it or not he's the future to a new era where full protection will be held in every single city of this world. Everyone will be safe from monsters Naruto is the key to that bright future."

"What do you mean? I don't understand!"

"I'm afraid I don't have the luxury to waste any more time giving details. Point is, give him back to me and I will let you and your friends leave this place unharmed. You should know this facility is very restricted to intruders, any break in from such are to be executed on the spot. So as you can see I'm merely been generous in forgiving your lives, all you have to do is hand him over to me."

"I won't" she glared at him her hands were trembling Judith noticed she was experiencing a lot of emotions.

"Rita…." She whispered.

"You won't? You don't have a choice if you value your lives it will be wise to accept my offer. Please my child do not make our first meeting after ten years be in vain just so I can watch you die. Hand over Naruto Uzumaki and I guarantee you will all leave this facility no harm done."

"I will not hand him over to you! He's my assistant and my friend I will never give him up."

"You're assistant Naruto works for you?" Maxwell stood surprised.

"That's right he works for me and he's been a great help in my research. Though he's a bit stupid sometimes he's still a good assistant.

"Rita don't be harsh" Naruto sweat dropped.

"I apologize to hear that my child if he's that precious to you. But I'm not letting you take him out of this facility. The success of my research depends on him."

"I told you I'm not handing him over to you!" she got up taking her scroll.

"Stay with him" she told Judith as the krityan gave a nod.

"We're in a tight spot" Raven was thinking of ways to escape but none were favorable, this is why he wanted to avoid from coming here.

The mage face the professor while the group of knights readied their weapons. But Maxwell stopped them from attacking he admired the mage's courage to stand up and fight. He readied his rod just in case but he will prefer to avoid combat at all cost not wishing to see any damage to the facility.

"Are you planning in fighting all of us? You have my compliments for your bravery you were always the courageous type. However you are making a big mistake that might cost you your life. You may have become quite skilled casting magic using a blastia, but next to me you have ways to go."

"We're about to find out won't we?" Rita prepared herself to cast her magic.

"If it means I get to save Naruto then I will fight you Professor Maxwell."

"We can easily avoid all of this conflict my child I have no intention in harming you. And besides the odds of you three escaping this facility alive is not even one percent."

"I would like to take on those odds" Judith finally joined in holding her spear while she was holding Naruto who was trying to get up and help them fight.

"Same goes for me, even if it's crazy" Raven followed holding his bow and quiver of arrows.

"We're ready to challenge those odds!" shouted the Mordio.

"Is that so my child?" Maxwell gave a grin.

The roof of the research room was destroyed as a new player arrived in the fight. The trio gasped looking at the Galf beast that has return for the second round. The large monster gave a loud growl facing its prey while the professor kept his grin adjusting his glasses.

"My apologies your chances of leaving this facility alive have decreased to zero percent."

"What are we going to do?" Rita was trying to keep calm she knew very well the three of them didn't stand a chance against the Galf beast, much less Maxwell and the group of knights surrounding them.

"This does not look good" Raven didn't like their odds one bit.

"Let me do this, I'll handle the monster" Naruto got off Judith trying to remain on his feet.

"Are you sure, you still looked like you could collapse?" said the krityan worried.

"I'm fine I'm not letting you guys fight on your own" the whiskered blond glared at the mean looking Galf beast.

"Be careful" said the mage worried.

"I'm ready for round two!"

"You shouldn't push yourself my boy. I don't want to hurt you, you're still important to my research."

"You can take your research and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I've been looking to settle the score with your pet."

"Have it your way then, I will not be held responsible for the injuries you will receive" the professor grinned as the Galf beast gave a low growl ready to fight.

"Kurama, you ready?"

"Ready I want to settle the score with that monster too" the fox stood in meditating position sending his chakra to his human container.

The blond jinchurikki has transformed back into Bijuu mode earning gasps from some of the audience in the room. Rita was the first to react in awe as she saw her whiskered assistant covered in red aer, his appearance completely different she couldn't believe he will be able to get engulf in so much concentrated aer for him to stay alive. The aer surrounding him was truly powerful out of this world she knew he had a lot of it but not to this crazy extent. Raven followed looking the same as the mage but he had to whistle the transformation made him looked very strong he was impressed. Judith didn't react because she has already seen the blond in his transformation state back when they were at Shizotania. The Uzumaki remained focus remembering the ability the blastia the creature has, increasing its strength every minute. This time he wasn't going to make the same mistake he will be ready for the beast.

Before the monster made the first attack Naruto has vanished and appeared in front of the creature. He has rammed an odama rasengan straight into the blastia placed on its chest. It was destroyed to pieces and just like that the Galf beast fell dead on the ground since it was acting as a replacement for its heart. The whole room stood silent when they released what just happened. Professor Maxwell stood shocked with his mouth wide open at the sight it only took the blond a few seconds to defeat his strongest monster. He wasn't the only one Rita and Raven stood in their places looking the same not believing what they saw. Everything happened so fast at the way he moved and managed to defeat the monster so easily. The shinobi has to changed back because of the many tranquilizer shots he received we're having an effect on him again, he remained on his feet.

"Amazing…This is Naruto's true strength" Rita stood in awe.

"I blinked and it was over" followed Raven.

"It's not possible…." the professor tried to remain calm.

"I took my chances that destroying the blastia was going to kill it, looks like Yuri was right after all" the blond gave a grin.

"You will pay for that" the angry Maxwell prepared casting a spell.

"Air thrust!"

"Naruto look out!" shouted the mage.

The blond was caught in the magic assault of the many sharp wind blades hitting his body. He fell on the ground as both girls went by his side checking on him. He was unconscious obviously still breathing it will take something stronger than that to bring him down.

"I suppose it's to be expected from someone like you my boy. Remembering the powerful creature in you…."

"Creature, what are you talking?" asked the Mordio.

"Hmm…I see he never told you the truth my child. What he is, what he carries?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about" she stood puzzle while Raven looked the same not having a clue either.

"I don't mind revealing the truth to you since you're my successor. Naruto Uzumaki is a human container for a powerful monster sealed inside of him. The creature known as Kurama is the source of the read aer covering his body as you all witnessed when he transformed."

"Human container…Monster inside of him I…." the mage stood in deep thought.

"Then back at Dahngrest when he was talking to that giant bird monster. His voice sounded so different could it be that was the creature in him…Kurama?"

"A human container for a monster…And just when I thought I had that kid all figure out" thought Raven.

"The only thing I am interested in the boy is the seal that keeps Kurama sealed in his body. I want to find a way to recreate or assimilate such seal in order for my research to truly succeed."

"Doc has lost interest in his old research for usin' blastia as replacement for a human heart" the Altosk guild member stood in thought.

"Whether you want to stay angry at him for not revealing the information to you or not, it does not concern me. Now Rita my child I'm going to give you one last chance to reconsider your choice. Hand him over and walk away."

"I already told you I'm not handing him to you!"

"Stubborn to the very end I see. You leave me no choice my child I will take him by force" the professor gave the command to the group of knights to attack them.

"You better start casting Rita dear, this is going to get unpleasant" said Judith.

"No kidding" the mage gave a sigh.

"Got a plan Miss Mage?" asked the older man.

"Attack with everything you got."

"That's more like a suicide plan we're pretty much outnumbered even without that monster."

"No more setbacks my patience has worn off, get them!" shouted Maxwell.


"Azure edge!"

"Demon fang!"

The trio gasped turning to there the group of knights were. Their eyes widened seeing that they were been beat up so quickly they smiled once they took a long look at the ones responsible. Yuri arrived along with Repede, Estelle, Karol and Flynn. If there was one time for any of the trio to be so relief to see the others it was right now because they were in a tight spot. Surrounded by knights and a powerful mage they weren't going to get out alive if their friends hadn't arrived. Rita took the unconscious Naruto along with Judith now they had the upper hand as Brave Vesperia has reunited. Professor Maxwell stood in thought now they had the advantage in numbers. Though he might be able to take them all on it will be pretty reckless to do so. Estelle smiled running to them noticing they helping the whiskered blond.

"Rita! Is everyone all right?"

"We are now" said the krityan with a smile.

"You guys really cut it close. Just when I thought we we're goners" followed Raven.

"Relax old man Duke told us where you were. You guys left on your own to have all the fun and leave us to miss out the show, I'm hurt" Yuri put on some humor.

"Estelle he could sure use some healing artes" said the mage wanting the blond to feel better.

"Right" the pink haired princess started casting she was surprised his body was already healing the small injuries he received.

"He'll be fine."

"We're really glad to finally find Naruto" said Karol.

"Who are you?" Flynn turned to the older man before them.

"I'm just a researcher lad not an enemy."

"He's Professor Maxwell" said the Mordio.

"Hm…I heard of you but I never thought you'll be running a place like this" said the blond knight.

"I work under the Empire. I was put in charge of this facility to resume my research."

"This is the first time I'm hearing this…."

"The Commandant has never mentioned this. Is this some kind of secret operation?"

"Let's leave formalities out of the way Flynn. You're the guy that sent that monster after Naruto, right?" Yuri pointed to the dead body of the creature.

"It seems you got me, that is true young man. I won't repeat my intentions again you have Naruto Uzumaki back with you. I will give you all the choice of leaving this facility and never return."

"What?" Rita was shocked at his sudden change of mind.

"I'm not foolish enough to fight all of you. I'm a researcher first then a mage."

"That's very generous of you doc but I have a problem with you" the long haired swordsman pointed his sword at the professor.

"I don't like people who mess with my friends. You kidnapped one of them so you can turn him into a lab rat, I don't think I'll be able to let this slip."

"Yuri let's head back for now. Naruto's all right that's what matters" said Estelle.

"Yeah that's the reason why we came here" followed Karol.

"I'm not complainin', if he's offerin' us a free ticket out of here that's fine by me" said Raven.

"Let's do as he says Yuri. Rescuing Naruto was our top priority" said the blond knight.

"….." the former knight kept his glare at the older man before sheathing back his weapon.

"Fine I was getting bore of this place anyway."

The group started walking off as Rita and Judith resumed taking the whiskered blond while Maxwell had to give a smile.

"I see now why you have grown so over protective of him. You have developed" feelings" for him."

"….." the mage turned to him.

"Maybe I have I know he's very important to me. And I'm not letting anyone hurt him, not even you professor."

"I apologize if our reunion had to be like this. I hope we can meet again some other time and catch up."

"No next time it will be different. If you try to lay a hand on him or go after him again you'll find out who Rita Mordio is" the mage left carrying the blond while Judith was grinning at her.

"Sir!" a knight came running to the professor.

"Is it all right to let them go?"

"I see nothing wrong with it" a grin has formed on his lips.

"I have gathered enough data concerning the seal of Naruto Uzumaki. Send word to the council, tell them they're going to be seeing some interesting results very soon."

(Time skip)

(Location: inn the port town Capua Torim)

Naruto woke up realizing he was lying in a warm comfy bed. He felt relief he was no longer at the research facility and he has never felt such joy. He has been saved, rescued by his friends the people that have become close to him in this world. Judging from the nice room he was probably in one of the inns recognizing the one in Torim harbor. The Uzumaki got up noticing his body was back to normal the effect from the tranquilizers has worn off which it was a big relief for the blond jinchurikki. He head the loud growling of his stomach telling him it was time to eat he was that hungry, especially when the food Professor Maxwell gave him wasn't that much edible. The door of the room opened and everyone from the group arrived to greet him the sight made him smiled. Because of them he was here and free without his friends he would've never escape from the facility. If it wasn't for these people he would still be prisoner been the professor's lab rat test subject.

"How're you feeling?" asked Yuri.

"Better now that you guys are here. My body no longer feels numb."

"We're just glad you're okay. We've been so worried about you" followed Estelle.

"I'm better fine believed me."

"Did that creepy professor did something to you?" asked Karol.

"Other than give me so many shots of tranquilizers and messing with my seal, that's all."

"What seal?" asked the pink haired healer puzzled.

"Um I…." he gulped not believing he let it slip.

"Naruto I think it's time you tell them about me."

"I guess you're right I mean they risked their lives to rescue me. I know they trust me enough."

"Hey you okay partner?" asked the long haired swordsman.

"I'm okay, so where's Flynn?" the Uzumaki noticed the blond knight was present.

"Where else….? He already left going back to do Knight Business stuff" replied the former knight.

"Oh, then I guess I will tell him the next time I see him."

"Tell him what?" said the youth.

"Listen everyone I…There's something I need to tell you. It's a secret that I chose to keep but I'm willing to tell you all because I trust you."

"Sounds like this secret of yours must be something very big" Raven noticed his tone.

"It is…."

"….." Judith kept her gaze at him as she was telling he was ready to tell the group about the existence of Kurama and his status as a jinchurikki.

"This has to do about the red aer emerging from your body right?" Rita didn't sounded shock since she found out from Professor Maxwell.

"It does" he took a deep breath ready to break the truth.

"Naruto let me tell them everything."

"You Kurama…o-okay takeover" the blond didn't saw a problem even if it will be the first time the fox will be speaking to the group.

For a second it looked like the Uzumaki has passed out but came back facing the guild. They realized something was really odd about the whiskered blond the color of his eyes have changed to crimson red and his whiskers looked more visible. They also saw fangs like he was no longer human they didn't know what to do or how to react. There was also the feeling that it might be dangerous attacking was an option but they still didn't know what was going on to be jumping to conclusions so soon.

"Naruto….?" Estelle walked a little closer to the blond.

(I am not Naruto….)

"Whoa what happened to your voice? It sounds so different?" said the panicked Karol.

"What's going on?" asked a confused Yuri.

"I knew it. It's the same voice from Dahngrest. Then it must be that monster Kurama talking" Rita watched with a lot interest and curiosity.

(Do not panic I won't harm any of you, listen well humans. My name is Kurama and I coexist within Naruto).

"Coexist….? What do you mean?" said the pink haired princess.

(It will be a long story but I will try to make it short in explaining everything. Do not make me repeat myself).

"All right Kurama tell us what you know" the Mordio walked closer she wasn't going to miss on listening to his story.

(Time skip)

Kurama was finally done with the story and he made sure not to miss any details. The fox told them about his attack on Naruto's village, that he was been controlled by a powerful enemy, the sacrificed on the blonds parents that eventually lead for his father to sealed him inside his newborn son. He also told them about Naruto's childhood during the leaf village how much the people hated and feared him and how eventually they change their opinion on the whiskered blond for all the good deeds he did for the village. Everything leads during his battle with the Uzumaki and how he slowly changed his opinion of him becoming his partner and friend. Once the fox stopped talking what followed next was a long eerie silence. Everyone from the Brave Vesperia gang stood quiet looking in deep thought maybe it was harder for them to believe everything the fox has told them. It was still hard for the group to believe the blond was from another world.

"Okay…." Yuri was the first to react.

"I don't know what to say" followed Raven.

"Me too" agreed Karol.

"This is something that will take some getting used to" added the long haired swordsman.

"So Kurama you're a Bijuu and you we're sealed in Naruto?" Rita sounded interested.

(That is correct).

"And you've been living in Naruto since he was a baby" followed Estelle.


"You're the source of that strong red aer. It's no wonder why Naruto can become so strong, he basically doesn't need a blastia to fight" said the mage.

(I didn't get along with him at first, I saw him as another human who wanted to abuse my power for his own selfish gain there were times I fooled him to let him use my power so I could take over him and wreck chaos by my own means. As the years went by I realized, my opinion of him was wrong. Once I saw what he was willing to do to protect others I soon realized he was different from the rest. He will do anything to protect those who are close to him. He never stopped believing you will come to save him and he was right yet again….)

Everyone smiled at his comment now they knew the creature living with the blond wasn't evil after all.

(I decided to aid Naruto in battle whenever he may need me. I form part of him so I will fight with him).

"Does Naruto hold any hatred towards you for what happened to his parents?" said Estelle looking worried.

(I thought he would when he found out the truth but I don't know. Though after knowing him better he would never hold hatred with anyone that has become his friend he probably sees me as one too).

"You said you called yourself a" Bijuu" are there more of you?" asked Rita.

(Once there were eight more but they didn't make it after been hunted because our large chakra source. That's all I will say. If any of you hold any grudges with me I don't care I will continue to aid Naruto).

"I don't hold anything against you. It's hard for me to swallow all this information" said Yuri.

"I feel the same way it's hard to believe Naruto has a monster living inside of him" followed Karol.

"Like you said it will take some getting used to" replied Judith remembering what the former knight said.

"None of us hate you Kurama, we're all glad that you're helping Naruto" said the pink haired princess.

(Hpmh….) he has given a small smile before leaving and the Uzumaki took over.

"Thanks Kurama" he smiled while gazing at the group.

"Enough with the sentimental crap it gets annoying."

"Whatever you say…."

"So you guys are okay with this? Me been a container for Kurama?"

"Oh you're back Naruto" Estelle was surprised thinking the fox was still in control.

"Do you guys still see me as your friend? I just need to know what you all think."

"That's a stupid question" Yuri gave a sigh before giving a smile.

"Naruto you're still my partner and friend. I'm not going to turn my back after finding you house a monster."

"Same goes for me" followed the pink haired healer.

"Me three" Karol added.

"Woof! Woof!"

"Repede feels the same way."

"I don't mind either ol' Raven still see you as a companion."

"You already know my answer" followed the krityan giving him a wink.

"Thanks everyone it means a lot. What about you Rita?"

The mage remained quiet as she walked to him giving the blond a frown. She proceeded with smacking him, a smile formed on her lips.

"It doesn't matter you know. I will always see you as my idiotic assistant" her cheeks have reddened.

"Thanks Rita I'm glad to be your idiotic assistant."

"But…I would like to know more about Kurama as we continue this journey."

"Sure I guess…."

"Looks like I have gained a fan."

Suddenly the entire room was filled with a loud growl that belonged to a stomach. The group sweat dropped gazing at the owner of the cranky stomach as the whiskered blond was scratching the back of his head blushing.

"Well looks like someone's hungry" Yuri gave a grin.

"Pretty much heh heh…."

"Why don't I make you some ramen?"

The gang was shocked to see that it was the mage who said that. The Mordio blushed at the attention she was been given and sudden embarrassed though she didn't minded cooking for the blond. Judith was smirking while she didn't mind either to make some for the blond who has pretty much captured her heart. The Uzumaki has blushed at her comment never thought he would ever heard that even if he has tasted her cooking and her ramen which he loves very much.

"What!? Is it wrong for me to cook for my assistant!?"

"No of course not, I think it's very sweet of you Rita" Estelle gave a giggle.


"Oh Rita you always make a great ramen!" Naruto's eyes were shinning.

"I'll make you some ramen too" Judith stepped forward smiling.

"Oh you too Judith thanks!" the whiskered blond was blushing at the generosity of both girls.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" the mage glared at the krityan.

"I am cooking for him not you!"

"I'm still cooking for him whether you like it or not Rita dear" she gave a grin.

"Don't call me dear and butt out this is none of your business!"

"Then I'll make it my business" she smiled while the mage was glaring at her.

"You grrrr…."

"I don't mind if both of you cook for me" Naruto blushed.

"Nobody asked you!" snapped the Mordio.

The rest of the group sweat dropped at the sight.

"You think by now he will get what's going on" said Yuri.

"He's dense like aer" laughed the pink haired healer.

"Dense like aer heh…That's a good one Estelle."

(Scene change)

(Location: somewhere in a field Llyccia continent)

Dozens of wild monsters were getting killed one by one. They were eventually attacking someone but had no idea their fate was going to death not having a clue how much of a disadvantage they had against this opponent. A single individual wearing a grey hooded cloak was the one taking down the creatures with so much ease he moved so fast and with each strike of his sword. There was something gleaming on his blade it was the element of lightning making his attacks more effective and stronger than regular sword base attacks. Eventually all of the monsters who attacked him have been defeated the stranger gazed around at the dead bodies of the creatures. He sheathed black his sword holding on his other hand a bag without staying another minute he resumed his walking heading east.

His destination was very much unknown.

To be continued

Now I'm aware I kind of made Naruto in this chapter weak but it was necessary for him to be like that. I wanted to focus more on his faith for Yuri and everyone and friendship basis. At least he defeated the Galg beast with one single attack that's good. Holy crap I realized the story has more than 300 reviews wow thank you very much please keep them coming and keep adding the story to favorites and follows. Hmm…what's that you want to know who the cloaked stranger is? Nope that will remain a secret until the time comes to reveal the information. That will be all until the next time farewell!

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