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Final Days of Thundera

Chapter 1:


A deafening silence enveloped him, accompanied by the darkness of the night. The nose on his long snout twitched, along with his wiry whiskers. His circular ears moved forward along the curvature of his head as he kept his eyes closed to better survey the surroundings. His senses were telling him that the Thunderian Guards were nowhere in sight. His eyes opened after a few minutes, revealing beady red eyes that could make anyone shiver with fright. His lips curled back, revealing row upon row of jagged and crooked teeth. Ratilla gripped the middle of his weapon, which was comprised of two curved blades with jagged edges. Both ends of the sword of Plun-Darr would glow a bright fiery yellow if trouble was nearby or if he tapped into its evil powers.

Being the rat that he is at heart, Ratilla quickly scurried across length of the stone hallway, sticking to the shadows. Despite his weight, Ratilla was quite good at sneaking around without making a single sound. His large tail twitched as he made it into the inner heart of the Palace. The guards were really slacking this time around.

There before him was a door engraved with the symbol of the Thundercats. Seeing this symbol would often send the Mutants of Plun-Darr running away in terror with their tails between their legs, but Ratilla was not just some Mutant. He was a Mutant Warlord – No! The Mutant Warlord! – He practically ruled over the planet of Plun-Darr.

He let out another toothy smirk. Switching the Sword of Plun-Darr to his other hand, the Rat Mutant reached up and pushed a button on the control panel beside the door. At first, the door would not open, but after a few minutes of using his cunning to crack the code, the steel doors opened with a swishing sound, granting him entry. Ratilla felt quite satisfied with himself. Now all that is standing between him and the Treasure of Thundera was this now open door. His heart jumped with excitement and the rat quiet slipped inside to the treasure chamber.

His eyes flew open at hearing the warning growl of the Sword of Omens. Shifting out of his bed, Jaga quickly threw the covers off, but not before making sure his beloved wife and daughter remained in the safety and warmth of the blanket. Hearing some movement from behind him, Lord Jaga looked down at the two other occupants in his bed, and the Jaguar saw a woman – a human – holding a Thunderian cub – no older than three years old – against her own body. Both of them had light blonde hair and the same elegant form. Seeing his wife and daughter fast asleep made his heart swell with pride.

Little Lina came into their room, scared of some monster that her little imagination created and Lenna, giving into her love for their daughter, allowed the little girl to sleep with them. Jaga knew it was all just a ruse – that Lenna wanted an excuse to keep their beloved Lina nearby. Ever since they learned she was pregnant last month, Lenna poured all of her attention and love onto Lina, refusing to let the girl out of her sight. She claimed it was to make sure that Catlina would not feel less loved or was not lacking attention from either her or Jaga.

Jaga leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips gently before brushing his lips over his daughter's forehead. Lenna did not stir while Lina snuggled more into her mother's body, her tiny hands gripping the front of his wife's nightdress. Jaga offered them one last smile before rising off the double bed. He walked across the threshold, making his way through the darkness to the rack on the wall where his cape and helmet hung on their hooks, waiting to grace his shoulders and head once more – to accompany him into battle should one ever occur. He grabbed his cape hanging on the wall, slipped it on, and grabbed his helmet before placing it onto his head and walked out of the room with his cape swishing behind him.

He quickly ran to the sword chamber to retrieve the Sword of Omens. Once the powerful Sword of Omens was in his hands, the Eye of Thundera – the red stone set into the sword's hilt – winked, waking up at sensing Jaga's fingertips brushing against metal bottom, the clawed fingers wrapping around the sword's base as he lifted it off its resting place on the pedestal. Another soft growl rumbled from within the stone as the cross bars curled upwards, beginning to glow a faint red.

"Eye of Thundera, Sword of Omens, give me Sight Beyond Sight." Jaga ordered in his gentle but deep voice, holding the Sword at level with his eyes light brown eyes. "Show me what trouble lurks on this night."

Another growl later and an image burned in the cat man's mind, showing him the image of a Rat Mutant dressed in what looks like red, black, and yellow battle armor. He knew from the long gnarled snout, the toothy snarl, and the long bare tail that it was Ratilla, the War Lord of the Planet Plun-Darr. His heart leapt at the sight of the said rat lurking around in the Treasure Room. No! The treasure of Thundera! He saw Ratilla coming upon a small red box lined with a golden yellow color around the edges. The symbol of the Thundercats served as a lock in the middle of the treasure box. His heart leapt with fright. If anyone were to unlock the chest, then the secrets of Thundera would be revealed. All hell could break loose.

The sword shrank back to its original size and he sheathed it before running out of the Sword Chamber. He has to stop Ratilla before it is too late.

Ratilla felt his heart beating furiously in his chest. It was pumping his pudgy body full of excitement; the adrenaline was giving him some kind of high as he stood there in the middle of the treasure chamber. All this treasure – all the Thunderian gold, jewels, and heirlooms – lay all around him. Sparkling, shining, and glimmering under the pale light of the moon that peaked through the slats of the nearby windows.

Beautiful! Gorgeous! It was a well-known facts that Rats – like Cats and Crows – were attracted to shiny objects. If something glitters or sparkles, the rats will take it for themselves, becoming mesmerized –hypnotized - with the beauty in the process. But he wasn't here to steal the treasures. His sole mission right now was to steal the Treasure of Thundera. Planet Plun-Darr needs to find the secret of the Thundercats so that they can be rid of all the Cats for the last time.

Ratilla's long pink tongue licked his lips as he rubbed the palms of his clawed hands together, a greedy glint gracing the red depths of his beady eyes. He slowly made his way over to the Treasure Chest containing the Treasures of Thundera when the double sword tied to his hip flared to life with the fire flames licking the soul of the sword.

"Trouble?" Ratilla hissed in disapproval. His ears twitched as he heard footsteps in the outside corridor. He pulled the Sword of Plun-Darr out of its covering and turned around in time to see a Jaguar Cat Warrior entering the Treasure Chamber with a sword in hand. He sneered, flashing his pointed white teeth at the newcomer. "Why if it is not Jaga the Wise." He cackled.

"Come to stop me from stealing the Treasure of Thundera have you?" Ratilla's sarcastic tone made Jaga fill sick on the inside. The Lord pointed the blade of the Sword of Omens at the conniving Mutant, his dark brown eyes glittering with great disdain.

"Ratilla! You shall not have the Treasure of Thundera." Jaga said lowly in a dangerous tone. His eyes narrowed. "I swear by the Code of Thundera!" Jaga's tone grew louder as he now held the Sword of Omens with both hands now. He heard the Eye of Thundera growl softly at him, beginning to glow a bright red while the blade of the Sword began to glow a faint electric blue.

Ratilla growled, the Sword of Plun-Darr glowing a brighter yellow now. He lifted the double bladed sword high into the air and started twirling it in the air, making the ghostly fire enveloping the blade seem to come to life. The fire soon became a large vortex of fire within seconds and it did not take long for the Mutant General to throw the spinning whirlpool of fire at the other warrior, surrounding him in a pillar of fire. "Take that, you miserable Cat!"

Jaga's heart leapt with fear at seeing the wall of fire surrounding him. Despite the fear gripping him, Lord Jaga gripped the Sword of Omens tightly in his hands, willing himself to overcome the panic rising to the surface. "Sword of Omens, don't fail me now!" He raised the Sword above his head and with a loud Ho!, a cold gust of snow appeared in its own whirling vortex, making the temperature drop rapidly around him. The magically summoned snowstorm encased everything – except Jaga – in a solid case of ice, the vast coolness smiting the dark flames of Ratilla's weapon.

Ratilla began to panic at this point and the General quickly made a mad dash for the red and yellow treasure chest sitting on a nearby pedestal, but he soon found himself encased in a frozen block of ice as Jaga swung the Sword of Omens with another loud yell, summoning yet another snowstorm within the room. His red eyes narrowed, glaring daggers at Jaga as his enemy picked up his precious Sword of Plun-Darr.

Jaga shivered at feeling the intense build up of evil coursing through the double bladed sword he now held within his hand. It felt sickening. He could feel the evil spirits trapped within the sword calling out to him, beckoning to him. He has to get rid of the accursed sword! Now! Before it is too late! The warrior felt his insides grow cold at hearing the cruel laughter of the frozen Ratilla.

"Why don't you just destroy me now and be done with it, Cat?" Ratilla's words made the nauseous feeling in the pit of Jaga's stomach grew tenfold, but he kept his composure and glared darkly at the Rat Warrior.

Jaga resheathed the Sword of Omens and gripped the middle section of the Sword of Plun-Darr all the more tightly with renewed determination. "The Code of Thundera forbids me from taking your life from you, Ratilla. Instead I will cast this evil sword into the deepest depths of Thundera so that you may never again use this foul thing to terrorize my people ever again!"

It was then the Palace Guards came into the Treasure Chamber. "Jaga?" Said a loud voice. Jaga, hearing his name, turned his head to where he could see both the captured Ratilla and the Palace Guards, all standing in the doorway, their weapons drawn. One guard, actually a General, a Sabertoothed Tiger Thunderian with dark brown fur, took step towards him. The Sabertooth held an electric battle club in his hand. His brown eyes flickered to the frozen Ratilla before resting on Jaga's tense figure.

All the tension left Jaga's body as he recognized his old friend and smiled. "Grune. Thank the Stars." He smiled softly.

Grune, being the complete opposite of Jaga, just nodded. His red eyes scanned the treasure room, as if expecting some of Ratilla's mutant cronies to be lurking in the shadows.

"Do not worry, Grune, no one is here, but me and Ratilla." Jaga said in hopes of calming his friend's fears and his own anxiety. He could feel the evil spirits of the Sword of Plun-Dar beginning to stir. They were calling to him. He ignored them for the time being and gestured for the Palace Guards take Ratilla away to stand trial for his crimes.

"So, I see, old friend." Grune's deep voice penetrated the room. He placed his club back onto his belt, letting it hang at his hip before walking to Jaga's side. He watched as the Guards quickly moved in, there were six in all. They managed to break the ice and free Ratilla from his icy prison, placing a pair of electric powered cuffs around his wrists. They then led him away. Ratilla just hissed, trying to break free of the cuffs and the guards but he couldn't. He then glared at Jaga, still holding onto his precious sword.

"You'll rue the day you messed with Ratilla, the Mutant Warlord, Jaga!" The Rat growled in passing before finally being led out of room. "Thundera will be destroyed! Everything you love will taken away from you!"

Jaga shivered a bit, his hand unknowningly clenching more tightly onto the Sword of Plun-Darr.

Grune noticed his friend flinching and when he looked him over, he noticed the double bladed sword. He quirked his eye brow at the ominous sword. "What's this, Jaga?"

Jaga nearly jumped at hearing Grune's voice. He then looked down at what Grune was looking at and frowned. The Sword of Plun-Darr was glowing faintly. He almost forgot he was holding this accursed weapon. "This? It's-Ratilla had it on him. I'm going to get rid off it." The Jaguar started to walk off but Grune quickly stopped him with an outstretched arm.

"Why don't you let me confiscate the weapon for you? Go back to the lady Lenna and little Lina and-!" Grune frowned at Jaga brushing his hand away.

"I'm sorry, Grune, but this task falls upon me alone. No one else." Jaga said quietly before leaving the room. Grune just growled, anger bubbling within his soul.

"You're just too good for your own good, old friend." The Sabetooth hissed in Jaga's wake.

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