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"...a machine is but a means of waging war, a tool where by men seek to impose their will upon each other. Once that machine was a bow and arrow; today it is a rifle or machine gun carried on a mounting called man, tomorrow it may be an aeroplane or a tank. Yet, whatever it may be, it is the will and understanding of man which the machine forces man to adapt. Just as in a telephone the vibration of the voice are transmitted by an inaudible current of electricity , so also in war is the silent will of one nation transmitted to it's antagonist by means of roaring tools. Tools change, and though the soldier of the past has generally been no designer, in the future he must become one if he is to continue to impose his will on the enemy."-The Reformation of War by Colonel J.F.




Residential Area


21 December

"So today is the day we die." A young man said as he swilled his cup of tea. With short brown hair that formed into a well kept fringe and azure eyes that sparked with contradictory humour at his own morbid statement, his face cast a friendly image as he casually leaned back against the chair, his well toned body stretching out into the appropriate shape.

"What do you think it would be? Earthquake? Volcanoes that erupt out of the ground, bring armies of hell that would wipeout the face of the earth? A army of spaces potatoes avenging their earthen comrades? A horde of fan girls screaming Dutch Kotozaki perhaps?" His equally well toned counterpart questioned. With wavy blond hair and azure eyes laced with apparent seriousness, he leaned forward expectantly for any answer.

The owner of the name chuckled at the thought. " Space Potatoes? Are there Space Potatoes chips then, O Great prophet John Aden Darand?"

The blond man grinned as he too leaned back. "Of course. And the greatest of them all were the Rufflens." He described, voice turning mystically deep. His next statements was interrupted by a brunette woman, who set herself down on the remaining seat at the table, sighing miserably to herself.

"You know, I think the world will end because Nora Murray couldn't get jumped because her two companions are too gentlemanly to take advantage of her." She lamented as she sipped from her own cup. Her brown hair reached down onto her shoulders while her emerald eyes twinkled with honed intelligence. Her face, with striking patrician features, gave her an air of cunning leadership while her streamlined body shifted as she gave her company an accusing look.

Aden gasped as if shocked by her brazen statement. "But my lady, a maiden should remain pure until she get married." He protested, adopting a scandalised expression.

Nora glared back at him. "I see. So why are the two of you acting like constantly circling wolves every time a suitor appears? Are you trying to make me eternally pure?"

Dutch grinned. "Exactly!" He said, grinning .

The two men burst out into laughter as they fist bumped together. Nora simply sighed at the antics of her companions before giving both a light smack on the back of their heads.

"All jokes aside, seriously guys, you don't have to play splinter cell to make sure that all this suitors are okay. I can take care of myself." She said, giving both of them an exasperated loving look.

"But we want to." Dutch said. "Remember the first guy? How he almost jumped you to bed?"

"I remember two men bursting through the front door, guns drawn, screaming their heads off like neanderthals while I calmly tied that man's arms with his belt. See? I can take care of myself." She shot back.

"I remember he pissed himself in fear." Aden noted while grinning.

Dutch guffawed. "I remember he shat himself." His male counterpart joined in the laughter while Nora allowed herself a small smile at the recalled memory.

Just then, a ringtone chimed through the air. Nora dug into her pockets, pulling out a sleek black phone, the source of the sound. She flipped it open and got up, answering the person on the line.

"2000 yen says it's another suitor." Aden betted as they watched her disappear beyond the door.

"Pay up. That's Dale's ringtone." Dutch said as he gestured with his hand. Aden grumbled inaudibly as he handed over the money.

"Why would O great CEO Dale Fox call us? We are on leave, aren't we?" Aden asked.

"Hopefully great news like the world announcing that they are discarding all their nukes. That would make our jobs easier." Dutch offered.

Nora rushed through the door, her face a mask of concentration. "Someone just launched 2 thousand plus nukes at Japan. We have to get out now." She ordered.

Immediately the duo at the table got up and followed Nora out the door. They split up, heading to different areas of the apartment and grabbing a bag each. Rehearsed movements brought clothing, food and other items into the interior of the bags. Survival depended on speed and they worked as fast as they could.

"Who got the guns?" Aden shouted.

"Here." Dutch shouted back.

"Hide those. We don't need extra panic from them." Nora informed as she marched out of her room, a laptop case in hand.

"Well that's one way to discard nukes." Dutch noted as he hurried out of a room, duffel bags slung on his shoulder.

"Supplies packed and set to go!" Aden announced as he burst out of the room.

Just then, the same ringtone chimed again. Nora quickly grabbed and flipped her phone open, her plainly anxious movements an echo of her fellows.

"Yes?" She questioned hurriedly. As she listened to the words on the line, her eyebrows crinkled with confusion.

"Are you sure about this?" She returned and frowned at the answer.

"Right. Guys, you need to see this." She said to her companions as she open her laptop case. As the device lit into life, a voice came in over the speaker.

"Connected and done. Alright guys, I know this may get unexpected a bit but I... You know what? You should see it yourself." The voice said.

A window opened in the laptop, musical notes playing as it did. In the window itself, it showed a white dot streaking around in the background, which appeared to be the sky. Small flashes of light accompanied it as it flew, like twinkling stars in it's wake.

"That is real-time imagery from the eastern coastline. The flashes of light are destroyed nuclear missiles. It should be pretty obvious what is causing that to happen. What is what, is a more appropriate question." It continued.

The video paused and zoomed in on the white light. It was barely discernible due to the distance but it appeared to be what seemed to be some sort of humanoid being, with enlarged arms and legs and seemingly winglike objects behind it.

"Is that what I think I am seeing?" Aden asked as he squinted at it.

"That is some sort of powered exoskeleton. You may not see it but that thing is using a really big sword and energy weapons, if our imagery is correct. I can't even begin to describe how far advanced the technology on this thing is."

"Any reactions from the world powers?" Nora asked.

"Nothing at the current moment. I would like to note that someone apparently managed to hack into and launched the missiles themselves, they are not launched by the owner countries apparently. Also, current estimates is that at the rate that thing is whacking missiles out of the sky, none will actually hit the ground. I would say danger over but this thing changes a lot of things." The voice noted seriously.

"So what happens now?" Nora questioned further.

"Well,now I will have to cut your leave short. Sorry guys but by tomorrow there will be 2000 plus nuclear warheads littering this side of planet earth, that is if our new player has any accuracy. Tracking and recovering those is going to be a nightmare and the black market is going to be abuzz with orders for a 'lost' nuke. It's back to action for you three. A car will pick you up at eleven tomorrow morning. Enjoy your last day in Kyoto, for come tomorrow the world will be on your shoulders. Again." The voice finished apologetically.

Nora sighed. "It always is Dale, it always is." She said as she tapped a key. The trio was left in silence as they watched the white light fly off to another part of the coast on screen.

Aden stretched himself as he dumped the bags of supplies on the floor. "Well, I don't know about you but i'm getting something to eat. Like Dale said, danger over."

Nora took her eyes off screen as she looked at her companions. "Alright." She sighed. "Let's grab a bite. No sense watching our possible doom anyway."

As the trio left their associated stuff on the floor and head out, Dutch asked a question.

"I wonder if there is a word for powered exoskeleton on Mayan..."

3 months later

The trio looked down at the truck pulling into the loading bay, the vehicle surrounded by security personnel. The white washed transporter looked normal enough, a simple truck if not for the contents inside.

"So the IS core is in there." Stated Dutch as he watched the personnel go through the motions of unloading the precious cargo.

"Yes it is." Came a voice behind them. The three turn behind to see a woman with long glossy black hair, clothed in a blue business suit, walk up behind them. Her garnet eyes, complimented with an exquisite face, gave the truck a look of disapproval as she stood next to them.

"Cleo, how's it been?" Nora asked as she addressed the wife of their highest superior. With a tall visage, Cleo Fox cast a unsettlingly promiscuous aura to any person not used to her. Yet the trio knew that behind that exterior lay an equally strong maternal side, a fighter who would take care of her own.

Cleo sighed. "Hard. Dale had to travel to Alaska to negotiate for one of the cores and it was not pretty. Although I would say that I pretty much preferred to not have that core close to him. At all." She noted with an air of finality.

Nora grinned. "You don't like that only us females can pilot that thing?"

"Of course. That would mean that Dale would spend time with someone else. I guess I would have to work harder, hmmm?" Cleo muttered to herself.

"Don't overwork him too much. The company would be rudderless for too long." Dutch added in.

Cleo giggled. "Oh don't worry. He will be back by next morning."

A light laugh rose from the group.

Cleo grinned as she looked at the trio. "As usual, any data we get from this will be copied and sent to you. I know how much the three of you are raring to go to bring down this new IS a notch. Go and lasso this new tiger."

Nora smiled predatorily, the expression echoed by her companions. "Oh we will. Super-weapon that will make all other weapons obsolete? Yeah right." She scoffed.

"You seem rather confident about it."Cleo noted.

"Let's put it this way. They said the same thing about tanks when it appeared and look where we are now." Dutch answered, arms folded.

"So you would be getting right on it?" Cleo questioned.

Aden chuckled. "We would, if it wasn't for tracking the nukes." He quipped to collective winces from Dutch and Nora.

"Ah that, how goes saving the world?" Cleo asked as she regarded the three with a proud smile.

Dutch groaned. "The ones that landed on land were easy enough. But at least 1500 of the warheads landed in the sea and recovering them would take forever. Not to mention the rumours of a warhead popping into the black market are abound. Unconfirmed of course but I think we are seeing is the first of many. This new IS has really brought the ultimate intelligence nightmare along with it. I guess it's lucky that we aren't doing retrieval duty. Although everyone else say our job is worse."

"And yet the three of you would do it, irregardless of cost to yourself. The three of you have done do much good. That makes me truly proud of you, all of you." Cleo addressed the trio.

Nora waved it aside. "Some of it would have to go to you and Dale too. If it wasn't for you too, we won't be here now."

Her counterpart laughed sadly. "Please, don't confuse repentance with contribution. This is simply payback for what happened to you."

"Right..." Nora answered, her eyes unconvinced.

Just then a phone warbled. Dutch reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone, the device sounding out its alarm.

"We got new intel on the warheads. Back to work guys. Those nukes aren't going appear by themselves." He said.

Before any of them can move, Cleo swept all of them into a great hug. "I know that you three know this more than anyone else but please, try to be safe." She whispered.

"We will." Nora answered for the three of them. They broke the hug and left the room, waving their leave to Cleo.

As the door click shut, a portion of the wall slid open. Out stepped a bespectacled man, his onyx eyes surrounded by a weathered face, topped off by cropped copper hair.

"They're gone." He stated.

Cleo nodded sadly. "I don't like it Dale. I don't like that those three risk themselves for a world that will never know what they did. It's just not fair to them."

Dale sighed. "Its their choice and all we can do is honour it. But yeah, I agree with you. And it's all my bloody fault."

Cleo embraced her husband. "It's both our fault. We let that man conduct his experiments on them."

"Yea, I know, but it doesn't help them anyway." Dale answered as they both watch the personnel below wheel out the object that would change the future.

Six months later

Siberian Wilderness

Traxus Aeronautical Research and Development Facility

Nicknamed Birds Nest

The jet engines roared as they pushed the massive C-5 transport plane into the air, clawing for altitude.

Dale released his hand off his ears as he watched the forklift wheel off the large oblong shaped nuclear warhead to the hanger, where another jet, this time more sleek then the fat lumbering one taking off behind him, awaited for its cargo. A man saluted him as he prepared to take off, his legs on the ladder.

"My country thanks you for your services." He said before mounting the jet and moving to take off. Dale stepped aside as the jet wheeled out into the runway, the engines growling as they waited for the order to go.

"Alright guys, you can come out now." He sighed as he glanced askance at the deep end of the hanger. From the shadows cast by the afternoon sun, our trio emerged into the light. Each of them was a sight for sore eyes, with blackened faces and light wounds on their arms and legs.

"You know, for all that trouble, like fighting our way through an entire arms dealer base and chasing after that nuke while a whole desert of people tried to kill us, I would expect something else other than thanks for the services. Maybe like some sort of reward, like a rain of money. That would be nice." Aden quipped.

Dale chuckled. "Well, I do take 5 percent from the payment we get and transfer over to each of your accounts so there's that. Besides, what would you use the money for anyway?"

Nora smiled. "A house in the middle of nowhere, where these two will be trapped forever and ever.

"Until one of us find some explosives. Then your plans are pieces." Dutch warned jokingly.

"Oh don't worry. I got some...backups for that." She answered, giving Dutch a sly smile.

"As do we." Aden shot back.

The trio traded competitive grins at each other, Dale chuckling in the background. The interaction between these three were always strange, he noted, always hinting at something deeper yet causally joking at the same time.

"So have you heard? There's the new female protection system planned back in Japan. Rumors is that it's involves segregation between boys and girl."

The news made the three give the speaker a incredulous stare. "That's stupid. Amazing retardedly brainless stupid." Nora announced.

Dale gave her a curious glance. "You seem very disapproving of it."

"Of course. What, are they going to create some sort of super female race? Segregation will do jack shit, no, worse than jack shit. It deprives both sides of interaction, the number one thing that we need right now so that males and females don't do something stupid. I swear, this new female rise is making the world dumber."

"That's a rare sentiment, coming from one of our own." Cleo noted as she appeared behind them.

Nora folded her arms. "I'm a pragmatist. This isn't equality, it's goddamn flipping the status quo so fast everyones going crazy."

"I see."

Aden watched the back and forth good-naturedly. "So why are we here?"

Cleo sighed. "Because we still have to conform to the new status quo. As a result, Dale and I decided to appoint Nora here as Team leader for you. Nothing changes, it's just for appearance sake."

"So your partner become your official leader, basically. This is mainly for appearance, as my wife said, since Nora should have a better job of interacting with her same gender." Dale finished.

"Fine, since you explain it that way, you get no problems from me. Guys?" Nora asked, turning to her companions only to find them kneeling down.

"Oh great and mighty female, we present our humble selves to your power. Please forgive us for our past transgressions." Dutch intoned, submission in his voice.

Nora slapped her hand onto her face, to cover the light blush and exasperated smile on her face. "Idiots." She muttered, trying very hard to keep her composure as her body shook with soft laughs.

Dale smiled. "Well then, it seems that your partners have taken to their new place easily. There shouldn't have any problems then?"

"If our lady wishes not." Dutch continued.

It got a light slap for him as Nora gave up keeping her composure. "All right, that's enough guys. Please." She managed before returning to giggling uncontrollably.

Everyone shared in the humor, knowing that they had to savor it while they still could.