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Perhaps, what one could describe the world obsession with the Infinite Stratos as would be a child's favorite toy, played with the moment he get his hands on it. There is no thought that goes into how he plays with it, just the enjoyment matters. That could explain why in a world ruled by what is said to be the brainier sex, said brainier sex uses the one thing that elevated their status like men, throwing their toys at each other to show off who has the better one. The old saying is true, one must suppose, that violence is the privilege of young children and powerful adults.-Personal Notes by Traxus Operative Dutch Kotozaki

Kuril Islands

Traxus Airfield

Nicknamed Air strip one

The Kuril Islands.

Known as the Chishima Islands or even as the Kuriru islands by its former inhabitants, it served as a disputed zone in between the Rising Sun and the Russian Bear. Japan claimed the two largest southern islands, while the Russian government were determined to preserve it's hold on them, taken over during the final months of the second world war.

Both sides wouldn't budge from their position and diplomatic barbs were traded. As a result, both sides had their own respective detachments of IS arrayed along their borders, like a pair of peacocks ruffling their feathers at each other.

Perhaps, Dutch decided, that was why Dale decided to set one of the Traxus airfields in such a disputed zone. Lax Russian regulation aside, it's position meant that their Japan facilities were easily accessible and yet would be safe across the Russian border, far away from any industry spies their competitors could send them. The chance to observe IS deployment tactics was a bonus.

However, it did mean that when the winter period arrived, the airfield and it occupants were exposed to the intense cold. And it was cold, so much so that during the winter period, it was customary to light fires under the aircraft before doing anything else, at least for those not kept in the bunkers. Out in the freezing cold, only madmen would voluntarily go out in the cold.

Which was why Dutch was wondering why he and his two partner were outside in the cold, dressed in the bare minimum of clothing of shirt and pants. A thought he spoke out loud.

"What the hell is wrong with you Nora?"

Albeit moulded towards the person that dragged them out.

The brunette grinned, even as she shivered slightly in the cold. "Well, I haven't seen any actual action and I really need a workout. Why not bring you along while I was at it?"

"This one would like to note that since we are in the dead of winter, thus the temperature is very cold. Dangerously so." Aden intoned, his hand kept in his pants pockets to conserve heat.

"Come on guys, don't tell me all the heat and humidity in brazil hurt your brains. A lady is asking you for help here." His female partner whined.

"Said lady doesn't actually have any sense of sanity." Dutch shot back.

Their tormenter pouted cutely. "Please guys? I'll even give you a nice warm kiss for it."

"I rather have the nice warm kiss of a heater, if you don't mind."

Nora sighed dramatically. "I'm sorry but you left me no choice." She said before pulled out a small chocolate egg from behind her back.

"Hey, that's looks like..." Aden started.

"The last chocolate egg in the fridge in your room. The one you was preserving until we came back." Nora finished.


And with that sound, the chocolate egg was gone.

"COME BACK HERE WOMAN!" Aden yelled as he dashed off after his laughing tormenter, who stuck out her tongue defiantly before running away.

Dutch chuckled as he registered the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned around to spot a woman, clad in a green jacket, with long hair the hue of chocolate reaching down her back approaching him. Her sterling eyes regarded the scene with amusement with a light smile on her lips.

"Aren't you going to help her?" She asked.

"Nope, she asked for it." Dutch answered as he turned to face her. "Welcome back Mirabel." He said as he reached out with an open hand.

Mirabel grabbed her hand in his and shook, accepting the friendly gesture. "It feels good to be back."

"How's Moonlight?" Dutch questioned.

The long haired brunette smiled. "It's takes a while to get used to the new 3rd Generation tech but she's the same core as always. We'll be back before you know it." She proclaimed.

"Which means we can..." His question hung silently in the air.

Mirabel sighed. "Yes, you guys can start throwing wacky simulations at us again."


They turned back to the scene, where Nora, having spotted the IS pilot, made a mad dash for her.

"Mirabel! Save me from the big bad wolf!" She begged.

"You're gonna wish I am a wolf before I'm done with you woman!"

Mirabel chuckled before grabbing Nora on the shoulder. "You know, I never really got back at you for spraying Moonlight Pink before."

The woman paled as two wolfs closed in. "Eep." She squeaked.

Aircraft Bunker


"Okay, I'm sorry. Can you let me down now?" She begged as she swung around in the air, suspended from a crane that spanned the entirety of the massive aircraft bunker.

Dutch chuckled as he swiped at a touchscreen window, the technological device upheld only by a thin metal stand." Sorry is just one part. We still need some...incentive. Besides, all you need to do is wait until the both of them get back from the supply facilities."

"Oh man please. My arms are getting tired."

"Maybe that would teach you not to touch Aden's snacks. You know how protective he is." He returned as a chime brought his attention back to the touchscreen, where a mailbox symbol popped up on the screen. Tapping it brought out a document.

"Phantom Task? Who are these guys?" He whispered as he read the first few words.

"What was that? Didn't catch that." Nora asked.

"Look here." Dutch pointed as he manipulates the crane control via touchscreen, bringing Nora down to his height. "This is one of the intel we got back from the data miner at the brazilian facility. Read the first few sentences."

"...thus we expect more candidates for recruitment soon." His female partner read. "Dutch, these guys were looking for minors for piloting IS. They are hunting for them along the cities."

He nodded, pointing at a different paragraph of the document. " And this paragraph states about the shipment of weaponry. That meant that the base in the amazon wasn't a smugglers front, it was a receiving point for arms. Our nuke just so happened to stumble into their hands and they were thinking of shipping it elsewhere."

"So these guys aren't definitely local. But the tech we saw at the base suggests that they got state of the art tech, which means that they have massive resources. International?" Nora offered.

"Likely. It would link together with the world divided among the four big screens I saw when I entered the place. Still, it doesn't answer the main question. Who the hell are these guys?"

"Hmmm, what else did the intel give?" She asked.

Dutch tapped another part of the screen, bringing a window with a series of titles. "Everything related only to local and regional issues. Nothing outside south America. These guys were smart, keeping everything compartmentalized. But there are always gold in the dirt, I just needs a tool."

He pulled down the window and tapped a toolbar, typing into the keyboard that appeared. The touchscreen chimed as it did its orders, sifting through the data in its repository until it found the relevant items. With a beep, it displayed the data it selected.

"There. That should narrow down the choices. Alright, let's review what we know so far."

"First, these guys established a state of the art facility in the middle of the jungle, disguising it as a arms smugglers camp. Then they started looking for IS candidates in the cities." Nora recited.

"But then they got the daughter of the national IS pilot as one of their candidates. A highly promising candidate but one that would draw unwanted attention to them. Why?" Dutch questioned. Frowning, he tapped again at the keyboard , searching for something that would answer his question. The touchscreen answered his query with a file.

"Got it. They didn't know it was her, they only focused on the results of the IS tests that they obtained from the authorities via bribes. When they did, they took advantage of what they had and uses her to stop her mother from participating in any operation, thus shutting down the IS."

"So how's does the nuke factor into all this?" Nora asked.

Another series of tapping got them an answer. "Accidental delivery. Somehow it got mixed up in the cargo manifest for their shipment and no one had a radiation detector. At least that's what the intel say."

"I see. Dutch, focus down on their primary purpose. The pilots."

The man frowned as his fingers danced across the keyboard. "Nothing really informative. All these data are pretty much what you would expect from any medical facility. Health checks, body read outs, nothing indicative that these candidates were slated to be pilots."

"Supply Manifests? There are always arrows hidden in them." Nora questioned.

"Nada. All normal stuff relating to daily operations."

Despite her rather comical situation, Nora stared the screen seriously. "Cross-reference personnel files with those captured in the operation aftermath. Target high level personnel."

Dutch obeyed her order. "All killed in action. Some via poison. Whoever they work for covers their tracks very well."

"This is frustrating. Fine, compile what we know into a file and lock it down. We'll come back to it later when we have acquired more intel.

Dutch nodded as he opened a new window. Moving Phantom task to the top, he drew a line down to the information he had about the recruitment center in brazil and closed down the window. "This is going be some interesting bedtime reading."

"Now get me down from here! My legs are dead!"

Dutch laughed. "Alright then." He reached for the rope that held her to the crane and untied it, catching Nora as she fell free from her restraints.

"Steady now. Don't what our esteemed leader to hurt herself from falling backward." He cautioned as she grabbed onto him for support as feeling slowly returned to her legs. What he didn't expect was her next move, pulling herself up and kissing him.

They both lightly moaned as they indulged in the act. Nora was the first to let go, pulling herself away from him.

"I promised."

Dutch stared at her as she leaned against the touchscreen, the deceptive thin metal stand taking her weight easily.

"You know, why don't you ever do this with Aden? It's like I'm always the target of the affection." He complained.

Nora giggled. "Oh but I do. It's just that me and Aden tend to be more loggerheads."

She smiled as she walked up to Dutch, her eyes glinting."Both of you are Mine." She emphasized. "How I choose to show that is my choice."

"Even that?"

She answered his question with a peck on his lips. "Even that."

She turned away and walked up to one of the occupants of the aircraft bunker, a skyknight combat drone. The unmanned aerial vehicle, built just like the modern jets it was made to fight, lay at half its opponents size yet possessed firepower that was their equivalent. She brushed her hand across the metal skin.

"Such know,I always wondered. Why me? Why this fool of a woman."

Dutch crossed his arms. "You know why. You suffered the same as us."

Nora let out a short bark of ill laugh. "The past cannot be changed, the present can. Both of you let a fool of woman close to you, one who toys with both of you."

"Does not matter. We know you don't mean it." Aden answered her, leaning on the other side of the skyknight drone. "Plus, what would the mother hen do without her chicks."

"Probably act like a rooster." Dutch chuckled.

Nora smiled serenely. "Thanks guys. No really, thanks for everything."

"Well then. I managed to convince Mirabel to open up the simulator. I think it time for up the mother hen to take her chicks out for some exercise." Aden said as he stood up. Dutch followed him, falling in beside him as they made their way to the door of the bunker.

"Nora?" Dutch asked as he and Aden waited at the door.

The brunette wiped water out of her emerald eyes. "Of course." She answered as she followed them.

As they left, she gave both her companions hands a heartfelt squeeze.

The virtual reality room.

Called Dreamworld by pretty much everyone, it harnessed the rather vague power of lucid dreaming to induce the user into a virtual reality, one of which the person could do what ever he or she want.

Which proved to be a dangerous ability, as displayed by the numerous attempts by base personnel to hack into the system of the room and upload certain intimate choices. Everyday was a back and forth between the technicians who ran the systems and the people who tried to corrupt it.

All this was out of Dutch mind as he looked at the actual contents of the room. Four different machines, each looking like a a mechanical surgical machine with the amount of gizmos that surrounded it.

"Alright guys, you know the drill. Lie down on the table and close your eyes, just like Space Pocahontas. Mirabel, you will be interfacing with your IS core at the same time, so the core will still be gathering data from you, while the physical armour is still under calibration. Ready?" Aden asked as he lay down on one of the table. He got no disagreement as each of the room occupant picked their own table.

"Sweet dreams people." Dutch wished as he closed his eyes.

When he reopened it, he was standing in a room with the rest of them again, this time with certain differences. One certain large difference.

Their IS pilot friend now stood in her suit. The IS, colored silver with blue highlights, stood tall, it's smooth organic construction giving it a fluid look. It's right arm had a wrist mounted Minigun, it's three barrels humming with energy while the right hand was elongated into a claw, the tips of the five appendages wickedly sharp. Her left arm had a shield of energy that blazed over the arm in a kite form. A pair of thrusters pods were mounted on the back of the machine but instead of the customary single large exhaust that one would expect, each thruster had three smaller exhaust ports, placed in a inverted triangle formation. The observers of the machine knew that in a heart beat, the two thrusters could reconfigure themselves to fire either a barrage of energy missiles or a concentrated beam.

"I guess the technical specs were right. Moonlight Waltz definitely got a serious upgrade." Nora said as she looked up.

Mirabel smiled. "Na, she's still the same core as before. In fact, I would say the processing has made her antsy. She's definitely ready to go."

"Still got it?" Aden asked.

The IS pilot nodded, as she phased in a large sword, the hilt of the blade a pistol of equivalent size. "I wouldn't lose a gift. But with the wrist gun, I don't think it's going to useful."

"Hide the wrist gun and shield then. Should give you a advantage in surprise." Dutch suggested.

"Maybe. But not now. I need to test out these new toys."

Nora nodded,before turning to her partners. "Alright boys, grab your tools."

Her companions grinned. "Already done." Aden boasted as he carried a ultimax 100 light machine gun and a slung C-14 sniper rifle. His fellow equipped a M4 carbine, and a Black Arrow anti material sniper rifle along his back.

"Right then, seeing how you are all set for long range hunting, I do the same." Nora answered, as she phased in a M14 sniper rifle and a Socom-pistol.

Dutch grinned. "Aden, would you do the honors?"

His blond partner grinned as he tapped at a holographic panel that appeared in front of him. With the last tap, the panel disappeared in a musical chime and the world changed around them.

They were in a massive crater in the ground, the size of meteors impact zones. A series of buildings surrounded them, white huts made of plywood and plastic, with the occasional vehicle scattered around them.

"Single large target, unknown. Weapon caches scattered through the crater, with a mixture of explosives and ammunition." Mirabel read, the information of the artificial world fed to her IS display. "What exactly are we fighting Aden? Another IS?"

The addressed man grinned wider. "Oh you will hear it soon enough."

His words soon came through, as a massive primal roar echoed from behind. The four turned around, the resident IS pilot choking on air at what she saw.

"I should have expected something like this from you guys." Nora said exasperatedly.

"Wha-what the hell is that?!" Mirabel screamed.

"Our enemy. We figured that something like this would a good test of Moonlight's new abilities."

But...but that is a T-Rex! And what is mounted on its body!" The IS pilot shot back, a clawed finger pointed at the enemy watching them from the crater lip.

Dutch echoed his friend grin. "A T-Rex with a minigun mounted on either side of its face, with four rocket batteries along its back and cyborg half face. Oh and it comes with shields too."


"Why not? Besides, the female super-weapon should have no problem handling this thing. It can't even fly. In a way, it's like the ground version of you, with more firepower." Aden answered.

Their reptilian enemy roared again before unleashing a full barrage of missiles at the four gathered in the cluster of buildings in the bottom of the crater.

"It does have a lot of missiles though..." Dutch noted as they watched the projectiles arc across the sky before falling towards them.

"Take cover!"

The shout was obeyed by every single person, who all ran for cover in the building , except Mirabel, taking off in her IS to avoid the entirety of the barrage.

"Come to think about it, I should have gotten more dakka. This M4 carbine is going to be like a toothpick." Dutch noted, his voice transmitted to his partners with the help of the artificial world.

"Cry me a river!" Mirabel yelled as she fired back her own barrage in return, the thrusters morphing themselves into a pair of missiles batteries, sending off a spray of missiles that soared over its launcher's head before blazing off to the upgraded Dinosaur.

The T-Rex simply roared back at it's aerial opponent before firing it's dual miniguns, the weapons buzzing out 50 bullets per second, every single one a tracer, creating the illusion of a pair of lasers that speared across the sky, detonating energy missiles as they stabbed towards the IS.

Mirabel simply took off in a series of evasive maneuvers, the thrusters pods already back in their default flight state. The minigun tracked her, creating a crisscross of light as they searched for the mechanical weapon.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the trio were getting into cover, separated by their own respective direction. And just in time, as rockets slammed into the ground, creating a crescendo of destruction that blew apart vehicle and building alike.

"Better watch those miniguns. 50 bullets a second is going to hurt your shields, no matter what caliber they are." Aden muttered, casually sprawled under a stilted hut even as explosions continued around and above him.

"You think I don't know that?!" Mirabel yelled back.

The barrage soon ended quickly and the trio crawled out of whatever cover they chose. The landscape was wrecked, to put it lightly, as craters dotted the place, the different huts all showing signs of damage, some more severe then others.

Dutch quickly ran to one of the least damaged huts and unslung his Black Arrow Anti-material rifle, setting the bipod down on a window facing the T-Rex.

"Hey Aden, how much shields did we give this thing again?" He asked as he aimed the rifle.

"Approximately twice a standard IS shield strength, plus a bit extra. That should be about 950, if I can remember."

"We are definitely going to need a lot of dakka." Dutch said as he pulled the trigger.


The 12.7mm round streaked across the crater before slamming into the shield of the T-Rex, which was shaking its head drunkenly after receiving the hits from Mirabel's energy missiles.

The impact drew its attention to the humans in the cluster of huts at the crater floor, of to which it roared in defiance.

"It's just standing still. I say it's bark is worse then it's bite." Dutch said disappointedly,as he worked the bolt of his rifle, the shell casing popping out and rolling across the floor.

"You do realize that it's bark consists of miniguns and missiles right?" Nora complained as she set up her own weapon.

"Ah, that's a matter of opinion."


"Hey, Dutch, I call first dibs on killing blow." Aden said as he added his own fire to the mix.


"Bullshit. That rifle won't even pierce its skin. You might as well go kissy on its leg."


"Boys, can we please concentrate on the heavily armed lizard?" Nora added her own thoughts to the conversation as she fired her weapon.

"Oh but we are. Where is Mirabel anyways?" Dutch asked.

"Smashing into its face!" The IS pilot yelled out as she pushed her IS into a powerdive, using the distraction offered by her fellows to get into position above the T-Rex.

The IS screamed down towards its target, which only now was noticing the threat bearing down on it. It answered with its miniguns and missiles, sending out a storm of tracers and rockets at the IS.

Mirable simply dodged the attacks, her IS Hypersensor easily finding gaps into the attack. Weaving through them like a dancer, she retracted her claws in anticipation for the strike. The closer she got, the harder it was for her to dodge and missiles and bullets started to damage her shield. But she was too fast for the T-Rex to stop her and her claw smashed into the shield of the dinosaur.

The T-Rex responded by trying to chomp down on said claw but the IS and it's pilot was too fast for it. Quickly retracting her right arm, she slammed the blazing edge of her shield on her left arm at the offending head.

Despite it's own shield, the T-Rex was stunned by the hit and shook its head in an attempt to clear it. Mirabel took the chance for another swipe with her claw, the weapon tearing against the shield, before jetting away, peppering the shield of the T-Rex with her own minigun, the laser illusion this time formed by bolts of energy.

"Hmmm, seeing how she just handled that T-Rex, we might actually make it." Dutch quipped as he sent another shot down range.

Lear 45 Jet

Approaching Air Strip One

"Ma'am, we are approaching the airfield." The pilot informed his passenger as the plane tilted downwards in descent.

"Understood." Cleo answered as she looked out the window. Tapping a series of keys on the armrest to her chair, she awaited for the call she sent to connect. Normal procedure may deny her this privilege but she was the wife of the company CEO and powerful in hierarchy in her own right.

The call was routed to a certain phone in a pocket but due to the current state of the phone owner, it was further routed into the device that the owner was currently using.

"Good afternoon, Cleo. What made you call?" Dutch asked as he dodged a line of tracers from the T-Rex into a missile crater, reloading his Black Arrow at the same time.

"Ah, I called to congratulate on your success into Brazil as well as discussing certain issues with the Kingpin stratagem that the three of you have been working on. In fact, my plane is about to land on the airfield. Where are you at the current moment?"

Dutch chuckled. "Well, We definitely can't go meet you when you land. We're helping Mirabel in a punch fight with a T-Rex." He said as he aimed and fired another round at the T-Rex, which was chomping through the hut that Aden occupied.

"What big teeth you have..." It's target quipped as he backed away from the mouth that almost got him, before running out the open door behind him.

"I...what?" Cleo asked.

"Yea, you would need to see it to believe it. Just know that we can't go meet you and we will be occupied for a while. Sorry." Dutch finished before shutting off the call.

Cleo smiled exasperatedly. She always sighed at her charges strangeness but this took the cake. Only they would use dinosaurs as training.

Still, that meant that they were using the virtual reality room.

Her exasperated smile turned triumphal. Perhaps she could get something extra out of today.

"Who was that you was talking to?" Nora asked as she emptied her clip into the shield of the T-Rex.

"Cleo. She's landing here soon to discuss about Kingpin." Dutch returned as he hurriedly grabbed clips from a wrecked ammo cache, the supplies lying haphazardly about the ground, the result of the earlier missile barrage.

"Oh that. Hard to think that after 7 year of bashing our brains, we finally got it to work huh?"

He chuckled at his female partner words. "What can I say? Three heads are better then one. Also, how long have we been whaling away at the shields?"

"About 30 minutes. Man, this fight is taking forever." Aden noted as he reloaded his rifle.

"Well shoot faster!" Mirabel yelled as she ducked a roaring minigun and slashed her claw at the shield of the incessant dinosaur.

"The shield should be low by now, seeing that this thing has be taking pretty much constant damage from us. After all, it's one big fat target." Dutch noted as he proned down and set up his rifle, firing a shot at the dinosaur.

The shot struck the head of the dinosaur, bouncing off the shield as the T-Rex batted Mirabel and her IS away using its tail. It turn to the direction of the person who fired at it, an angry beady eye focusing on the upstart human who dared to attack it.

With a roar, it charged at him, the massive stomps slowly increasing in speed as the dinosaur honed in on Dutch.

"Target angry!" Dutch hurriedly yelled as he picked himself up and ran away as fast as he could.

As fast as he ran, the T-Rex's was faster. The ground started to tremble around Dutch as the massive carnivore closed in for the bite. A enormous mouth opened wide in anticipation for human flesh.

But as it drove in for a chomp, Moonlight Waltz smashed into its side. The impact brought the dinosaur onto its side, a thunderous thump as the weight of the dinosaur met the ground. Hidden under that sound was the crunch of metal, as the minigun mounted along the side of its face crumpled under its weight.

Mirabel followed the collisions with another barrage of missiles, the full complement of 6 energy projectiles exploding against the shield. The T-Rex roared in furious anger, already trying to get back up, even under attack. A red light gleamed in the cybernetic eye of the dinosaur.

"What does that mean?" Mirabel questioned.

Dutch racked his brain for the answer. "Ah yes. The red light means that it's shield is almost at breaking point. A high power attack should break it. For obvious reasons, the shield will not go into absolute defense as this is not an IS and adding that would completely make it broken. Your energy beam should do the trick."

Mirabel smiled. "And finally." She grinned as her thruster pods transformed, reconfiguring itself until a pair of wing-shaped amplifiers rose above her head. Energy whined as it was channeled in between the amplifiers, creating a sphere.

With a massive blast, Moonlight Waltz unleashed it's most powerful attack. Energy roared over Mirabel's head as she fired at the rising form of the T-Rex, the blue beam striking the shield in a clash of energy.


In a crackle of energy, the T-Rex shields failed, allowing the beam to burn away at its scales. Mirabel swept it over the back of the dinosaur, detonating the missiles batteries mounted on its back in a series of explosions.

Enraged by the burn of the energy beam and the pain of the exploding missiles, the T-Rex roared at it's IS attacking it. This time however, fire blazed out of its mouth, swallowing Moonlight in a torrent of flames.

Surprised by this new attack, Mirabel returned her thruster pod back to flight form and flew off.

"What the fuck was that!"She screamed.

"Oh I forgot. The red light means it can breathe fire too." Aden noted.


"...You know, I forgot. Why did we put that in again Dutch?"

The addressed man shrugged. "I assumed we put that in there for the heck of it. Besides, it doesn't have any shields anymore, so an extra weapon should balance it out somewhat."

"Gah! Whatever!" Mirabel hissed as she let loose with her wrist mounted minigun, the weapon buzzing out its shots. Her opponent simply roared as energy burst against its skin, the shots seeming doing nothing.

"Go for its head. With its shields down, you can rip out its brain with your claw." Nora informed the pilot.

Dutch chuckled." Let's see if I blast it first." He proclaimed as he aimed and pulled the trigger of his rifle.


The blast sent out a shockwave, causing the dust around him to kick up into the air. The 12.7mm round streaked across the ground before impacting into its eye with a squelch.

The T-Rex roared in pain, it's actions frenzied by the loss of it's eye. It constantly shook it's head as it stomped around aimlessly, fire spraying out in indiscriminately.

"Awwww, it didn't die." Dutch complained.

Mirabel landed in the berserk dinosaur back, using her left hand for support to hold on the the unsteady animal.

"Die already!" She yelled as she plunged her claw into the head of the T-Rex. Blood splattered her shields as her ride finally collapsed, landing in the ground with a small shockwave.

[Simulation end]

The IS pilot blinked as she was returned back to reality. Sitting up, she turned to watch her fellows getting off their own table.

"Let's not do that again." She said.

Dutch grinned. "Of course. We'll make one better." He boasted before receiving a slap on the back of his head by Nora.

"Idiot." She muttered.

A light laugh brought their attention to the door, where Cleo stood smiling.

"Unbelievable. I was watching the last parts on the world view and I must say, I never seen anything like it." She noted.

Aden nodded. "We aim to please."

Dutch rotated his arms with a groan. "So which parts of Kingpin are you here to talk about?"

"Truthfully, I was here to bring you back. They tightened security again for the IS summit so all of you must be back at Tokyo." Their superior informed.

"Surely we can't be that important for you to come here." Nora noted.

"Ah but this is a personal trip, not company business. I am allowed to make personal trips aren't I not?"

"Fine. I guess we'll be leaving soon? Should we go pack our bags or is it already done?" Aden questioned.

Cleo nodded. "Pack your bags. Bring also the intelligence you recovered from brazil. I have certain...information to help you."

"Yes Ma'am." Dutch answered for the rest of them, snapping off a sharp salute jokingly before leaving the room.

Cleo smiled at her charges actions before leaving the room, quietly walking to the one connected to it. Inside, a pair of technicians manage the systems of the room, the hum of electronics filling the air as the hardware sat in alcoves, doing their job.

They gave her a respectful nod as they did their work, processing the intense demands of the system.

"Did you record the data from the fight?" She questioned.

One of the technicians nodded. "Yes Ma'am. In fact, the data is already in Moonlight Waltz Core."

"What about the data of the others? Do you still have them?"

"Yes Ma'am. In fact, we were about to delete it from the system."

"Don't do that. Transfer the data to a hard drive and then delete it from the system." Cleo ordered.

The technician nodded slowly. "Y-yes Ma'am." She answered as she did just that, her fingers dancing across the keyboard. One of the machine beeped as it spat out a silver hard drive. The technician typed a bit further before taking the hard drive.

"Here you go Ma'am. The data has been erased from the system. What is it for?" She questioned.

Cleo smiled triumphally as she pocketed the storage device. "The future."