Young girl in the holocaust

Where innocent dreams meet nightmares

Bang goes our door

What is this for I wonder?

Then tall men wearing Uniforms

And boots come in

But they're not welcome here

I begin to fear that something isn't right

They tell us to pack our bags

But were not going on holiday

It's not summer it's winter

Maybe they will take us to

The Baltic's, which is where

We went one summer

Outside it is as cold as Ice Cream

And my baby brother Henio

Begins to scream

I tell him were going on holiday

He believes me and then he

Starts saying holidays at

The top of his voice

He has just learned to speak

For some reason the men in uniforms

Tell us to get in this big wooden van

For some reason father

Goes in a different one

Because it's called a cattle car

I wonder why there are no cows

So I start imagining them

And they're magic cows

Who grant people wishes

For some reason mother is crying

With a big frown on her face

She strokes my brown hair

I thought we were going on

Holiday to the Baltic's

I tell her however

She does not reply

The journey in the cattle car

Takes so long, so we all fall asleep

And I start dreaming about sheep

My favorite animals

In my dream it is a hot summers day

In a flowery field

Where the flowers are edible

There is chocolate, strawberry,

Vanilla and candyfloss flavors

I then see some sheep

Which then I ride on

While munching on edible flowers

I then get tired and they tuck me

Up inside a tree however

When I close my eyes

I wake up and I have arrived

At this place with a big

Smoking chimney

We get out the cattle car

And we're marched

To a block where

We are supposed to take a shower

But I had a bath last night

So why do I need a shower now

I hated showers anyway

Just as the shower turns on

I start choking for ages

I close my eyes

Then everything disappears